10 Profit Pulling Ways for Marketing your Business on Facebook

What is Facebook Marketing?

With a whopping user base of 1.7 billion people, Facebook is not just an excellent social media platform, but it is also one of the best platforms for marketing your business. Facebook marketing simply refers to the process of actively using this platform to connect with potential customers and attract more people to check out your products and services. Whether you own physical store or an ecommerce venture- Facebook can be an excellent medium to let people know about the products and services that you offer. Irrespective of the size of your business, you can always use this platform for creating a business page for your organization or brand. This in turn, will help you in developing an active customer base for your brand.

Facebook marketing

You can use this page for telling your business’ story and inspiring more action. All you need to do is create a page for your organization and share posts from time to time. You can also use Facebook for advertising about your store or services. In this way, more people can find out about your services and connect with you. According to a study, about one in every five people in the US, spend about twenty minutes of their day browsing Facebook. So by using the right tools, you can increase the reach of your business and connect with people who are truly looking for your services.

Currently, Facebook has more than 60 million active business profiles. So if you join the hub, you actually take a step ahead to make your business more visible and accessible to people. Whether you are a brand, a local business, a personality or a non-profit organization- Facebook can be an incredibly effective medium for promoting the services you offer. The natural sharing capabilities of this platform will help you in this regard.

So create your Facebook page or post an advert right away to connect with more people and create an active fan base for your business.

How to use Facebook To Market Your business?

Do you own a business or run an organization? Are you looking for new ways to promote your brand? Easy  Ways to Make Money Online? Well, in either case, Facebook marketing can be a perfect option. With a user base of more than one billion people and an ability to affordably target your potential customers based on their location, age group, income level, marital status and interests-both Facebook ads and Facebook pages can effectively drive your business’ sales.

[1] Facebook ads:

Facebook ads

When someone logs on to their Facebook account and checks their newsfeed, they will automatically find your sponsored posts that are cleverly interspersed with the posts and shared feeds from their Facebook buddies. These ads will seamlessly blend in their newsfeed and make it easier for you to reach out. While viewing the ads from a desktop, there will be an additional column on the right hand side of the page with more ads. So in either case, you get to reach out to your target group of audience with the Facebook ads.

[2] Facebook Page:

You can also come up with a page that gives a detailed insight on your business. You can talk about the products and services you offer and share posts from time to time. When you sponsor these posts, there will be a higher possibility of more people coming across them. Once you create this page, it can be used as an excellent medium to connect with more customers and let the world know about promotional offers, deals and everything else about your organization.

Facebook fan page is more like a friend’s profile that helps you to create a public image on the platform. If you are a public figure, own a business or run an organization- you can always opt for a page to strengthen your public image. The page will help you to create an authentic presence on the platform. Unlike your profile, which can be hidden, a Facebook page will be automatically visible to everyone who searches for you. You and every other person on this platform can stay connected with these pages by simply liking’ them. Right after that, you will receive updates from the page on your news feed and also get an opportunity to connect and interact with the page owner.

Just like you have your timeline when you create a profile on Facebook, a Facebook page will turn out to be a timeline for several businesses, brands and organizations. Just like a profile, the owner of a Facebook page will be able to post their stories, add a cover photograph, host meets and so on.

Although anyone can actually create a Facebook page, it is highly recommended for official representatives to do so. If you are the official representative of a business/ brand or are a public figure, you can always come up with your own page and manage it from time to time. All that you need to create a Facebook page is your Facebook profile.

Once you have your own profile, you can handle multiple pages and add content to it according to your discretion. The creator of a page can also give the permission to other trusted individuals to take the role of an admin and manage the page. If you are a celebrity or the owner of a brand or business, then a Facebook page is ideal to promote your brand or identity. You can host events and keep people updated about everything you want them to know.

[3] Facebook Groups:

While pages and ads are one of the primary marketing tools that most business owners use, groups can be an equally effective medium. When you use them correctly, the groups will turn out to be an excellent source of traffic that will eventually lead to more engagement and authority for your brand. As you participate in other members’ niche based groups, you can end up establishing your business as an authority in your niche. By offering helpful guidelines and tips, you can also promote your brand and make it more visible.

[4] Facebook Messenger Ads:

Facebook messenger ads, is an excellent way to target potential customers and reach out to them. Facebook has recently come up with a feature that rolls out ads in the News Feed. These ads, eventually drive people for chatting with the business’ bot through the Messenger. Advertisers can select Messenger as a destination under the objective of website clicks. Right after that, they can choose any call-to-action in their advertisement to get it linked to Messenger. Learn Here How To create Profitable Facebook Messenger ads campaigns

With this feature, every click on a newsfeed ad will automatically redirect to a messenger thread that has a copy of the ad or a structured and well-configured message. This is quite similar to the current Facebook ads. With this feature, both the developers and businesses will get an added option of choosing their target audience and the delivery time of the messages.

Mobile websites can be accessed via Messenger:

Messenger comes with an excellent mobile website that lets people seamlessly enjoy and connect with a brand’s mobile website, within messenger itself. Developers and brand owners can always adjust the height of their website that will be displayed within messenger. They can also use partial heights for creating better interactions within the threads without losing any context. Likewise, the payment and checkout options of the websites will also be simplified via Messenger. People can now check out even faster by using their payment information that is already stored on Facebook or Messenger. Brands can always apply for the payments option via the developer webpage of messenger.

Welcome message:

When an individual starts a new thread with your brand’s bot via the Messenger app, they will be greeted with a welcome screen that provides more insights on the bot. They will get to know the category of the page associated with the bot, its response time and the kind of services it offers. People can also access the information of the specific brand’s page from the thread itself.

[5] Facebook Interests & Find profitable untapped Facebook interests:

Facebook Interests is a feature that lets you refine the target audience of your ad according to what they have included in their profile. This feature connects you with the audience whose social interactions, liked pages, groups and other relevant things sync with the kind of services you offer. Sections like interests, page activities, TV shows, favorite movies, education, job title and music are thoroughly analyzed for refining your target audience. For instance, if you are an online retailer selling dog food and dog accessories, you can use this feature for connecting with people who have liked the pages of different dog breeds.  Discover How you can Find the best interests and most engaged audiences & interests.

This is an excellent way to define your ideal audience. At the same time, it also gives you an opportunity to sponsor ads only for the targeted group of people who have a high possibility of availing the kind of services you offer.

This feature can be easily accessed by listing the services you offer under the interests section. This in turn will easily connect with your prospective customers. You can also find profitable and un-trapped Faceboook interests with this feature. As you use this tweak, you get a chance to apply your results to those specific interests that can provide a greater return on investment opportunity. Likewise, you can also estimate the interests that are working best. As you integrate this feature with your ads, they also get to perform at the highest level thereby saving you both money and time.

When you use the Facebook interest feature, you also get a chance of prequalifying the interests which are extremely relevant for the keywords you have provided. You will also get to see the immediate performance metrics of the interest. So with the help of Facebook, you can now target your ads better without any conjectures or a complex process of split testing.

[6] FB Live Video Streaming:

You can now Broadcast live on Facebook, from any possible device. Yes. With the growing demand for online videos, more people are using live and real-time video to market their posts, page, and services. Using live streaming services is tad easier with Facebook’s new live feature. By coming up with live broadcasts, not only do you get to build a better interaction with your existing and potential audience, but you also get to generate new ideas for the future content. It boosts your sales, improves your profit and broadens your reach. See how to Schedule Facebook Live Videos

Have engaging conversations with your audience:

Facebook’s live helps your audience grab a better insight on who you are and how exactly you can help them. Whether you own a blog, have a page, or any business- the live feature can be of great help. You can come up with “ask me anything” sessions where your audience can ask you anything about your business. As they interact with you and understand you better, they also get to know how your services are relevant to them. This humanizes your brand and it also helps you have a better impact on the audience.

Boost the sales and leads of your brand:

What’s cooler than more sales and more profit on a single go? The Facebook live feature helps you with this. The idea is simple. All you have to do is mention a couple of your products during the live chat session. If you do not sell products and have a specific page or blog post, talk about it. Try to familiarize people with your brand, tell them how it helps them. Once you do this, people will be more curious and interested about your services. This in turn will boost your sales and profits.

The live feature will also help you connect with new audience, retain a good relationship with the existing ones and connect- instantly.

[7] Facebook Instant articles:

Facebook instant articles are focused towards every kind of publisher across the globe. It helps in delivering incredibly fast, immersive and compelling reading experience for everyone who’s browsing the social media platform. All you need to do is sign up for the instant articles, create and submit your samples and finally publish it.

The instant articles feature is extremely fast and responsive as it uses the same technology that is used for displaying the photos and videos in the Facebook app. The articles load quickly in the Newsfeed and the readers too are particularly fond of the speed. The feature is 10 times faster than the conventional mobile articles. It has also been observed that about 20% of the instant articles are read on Facebook and 70% of the people are less likely to abandon an article midway. See A powerful tools that will help you to Instantly publish Facebook Instant Articles In minutes

This new tweak also uses creative tools that truly bring your stories to life. When readers stumble upon your page, they will realize that it is a living and breathing page that renders an entirely different experience. These articles offer a transformative experience of storytelling with the autoplay video, tilt to explore photos, tap to expand photos and the interactive maps features.

As mentioned earlier, the reading experience of these instant articles is completely immersive which further gives an opportunity for sharing the articles more often. It has also been observed that these instant articles are shared 30% more than the conventional web articles on a user’s newsfeed.

The instant articles use a flexible feature of monetization that supports the way you are growing and expanding your publishing business. You will also have the discretion to choose what exactly works best for your brand. You can also understand how people are reading and engaging with your articles with Facebook’s in-house analytics tool.

So expand the reach of your stories with the instant articles feature.

Market your Business on Facebook

[8] Find Facebook Viral content:

If you are really looking out to promote your content, you can easily do so by finding Facebook viral content. This will give you an opportunity to analyze what content performs exceptionally well for any of your chosen topic. Likewise, you will also get to trace the key influencers that can promote your content and check out what posts your competitors are sharing.

If you are really looking out to ensure that your posts are viral on Facebook, you will first have to understand how these viral posts work. And what can be a better way than checking out similar viral content to analyze the features that make them viral and popular?

You can now take content discovery to the very next level with the help of social search. There is no dearth of content on Facebook. All you need to do is filter the content that resonates with your potential audience, the content which currently viral and the content which is likely to be viral anytime soon. When you search and trace such content, you will end up finding the content which is extensively shared by most Facebook users. This in turn, will give you an idea about what you can incorporate and use in your own content.

The backbone to an effective content marketing strategy is proper research and planning. With the right search tool, you can research faster and easier. At the same time, you will also get to access the data and the evidence that will help you in focusing on the content that truly engages your audience.

Finding the viral contents on Facebook is a part of content curation which further strengthens your content marketing strategy. As you discover, collect and share more viral content, it helps you to market your content better and also lets you extend the reach of your business by coming up with more stuff that is likely to trend on the users’ newsfeeds.

[9] FB video ads:

Facebook video ads are designed for those businesses that are looking out to reach a large base of audience with exceptional picture quality, solid sound and interactive motion. Each of the 15 second video ads from Facebook will start playing without any sound as it appears on a user’s newsfeed. It will immediately stop if the user scrolls past it. Again, when a user taps the video, it will expand into a full screen view and start right away with the sound. Run video behavioral retargeting campaigns on Facebook

These Video adverts from Facebook are used and measured in a way which is somehow similar to way advertisers buy and measure the ads on television. These advertisements are bought according to the Targeted Gross Rating points which further help in reaching out to a specific group of audience over a relatively short period of time.

With about 50% growth in the video views of Facebook, several brands like yours are now using this medium to drive awareness and sales. These ads are one of the best ways to make your business the focal point of all daily discoveries. It has been observed that most users check their Newsfeed about 14 times a day. So when you post a video advert, there is a high possibility of reaching out to more people. You can also use these video ads to give people a glimpse of your products and services. Here, you can always target people according to their interest, activities, behavioral patterns, gender, age and location. In other words, you get to target only those people who truly matter to you.

These ads are also an excellent way to reach out to more people across multiple devices. The video advertisements work flawlessly on both desktop and mobile devices. So by posting a good and relevant video add, you get to connect with more people and expand your reach like never before.

[10] FB Retargeting:

Facebook retargeting is an excellent way to market your business and expand the reach and visibility of your brand. In case you’re wondering what retargeting is all about- here’s a simple example:

Have you ever checked a product on an e-commerce store and then found it on Facebook later? Well, that is exactly how retargeting works.

Facebook knows that you had visited that e-commerce store, because that store had placed a small part of facebook’s code on their website. This in turn, gives them an opportunity to automatically show you an advertisement according to the page you had visited or the category you had searched for.

So although you didn’t really invest in that product, that e-commerce store will still have the opportunity to turn you into a potential customer, even after you’ve logged out of their site. Discover How You can run behavioral retargeting campaigns on Facebook

The strategy can be incorporated by any and every business, irrespective of the size or the amount of traffic. So whether you have millions of visitors or just 100 visitors every month- this strategy will work equally well for your business.

Why use the Facebook retargeting feature?

Being the owner of a brand or business, we know how difficult it is for you to struggle and get the maximum people to check out your site. The entire process is challenging and requires a lot of effort, time and patience.

But by using the retargeting feature, you get another opportunity to create an impression.

At times, it might always happen that your potential audience left your site without buying any product or subscribing for your service.

The retargeting feature gives you a chance to bring them back. With this feature, you can always turn a visitor to a potential subscriber or even customer. On top of that, as they have already visited your site once, you now know that interests them and can therefore create ads that are relevant to them. You can now create ads targeting them and speaking to their needs. This leads to greater engagement, maximum likes and higher rates of conversion.


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