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SproutAudience Review

SproutAudience Overview:

Creators: Brad Stephens & Andrew Darius
Date Of Launch: 2016-08-23
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Niche: General
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Official site: https://www.sproutaudience.com/
Bonuses: Yes, Special $4872 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Are The Creators Of SproutAudience?

SproutAudience Bonus

Brad Stephens and Andrew Darius are the men behind SproutAudience.

They are well known names in the field of internet marketing who are the masterminds behind a lot of successful software and training courses such as AdSense Cash Revolution, The Secret Facebook Files, FB Cash Engine, EasyRetarget, Social Suite, Broad Targeting Formula 2.0 and others.

What Is The Main Idea Behind SproutAudience?

FB Is Greedy – And For Us, That’s A VERY Good Thing

=> Consider the facts:

  • FB now has over 1.65 BILLION users.
  • Over 3 MILLION people advertise on its platform.
  • FB currently has a 10.7% share of the GLOBAL digital advertising market, But THIS is where it gets scary:

Between 2014 And 2015, Per-Unit FB Ad Costs INCREASED 122%

Bottom line? If you don’t know what you’re doing, Mark Zuckerberg will GLADLY separate you from as much of your money as possible.

I’m about to fix that for you! By showing you how to turn FB’s greed into YOUR advantage.

Let others pay the crazy costs, let FB keep growing its user base, and follow along as we grab WAY more than our fair share for pennies on the dollar…

The “Backdoor” Into The MASSIVE FB Profit Pool:

These days, FB may as well have banners on buildings that say “We Want To Take Down YouTube!”

Because that’s exactly what it’s trying to do. Dominate video marketing. Knowing this, we can get WAY more organic reach (as in, free traffic) AS WELL AS get the most bang for our buck when we advertise.

As popular as video is … marketers everywhere agree that even though video is SUPPOSED to convert like crazy … it’s not the same as it once was.

Massive competition and an audience with short attention spans are to blame … but I’m going to show you how to fix that too. All by giving FB EXACTLY what it wants.

The Secret Sauce: UNFAIR Profits & Conversions On EVERY Campaign

=> Retargeting Done RIGHT – YOUR Weapon For Maximum ROI:

It’s no secret retargeting works. 49% of the world’s top brands have specific budgets to re-connect with visitors that check out their sites but don’t convert on the first try.

By the numbers:

  • Retargeted traffic is 70% more likely to convert than 1st time website visitors.
  • Retargeting can increase ad response up to 400%.
  • Consumers that abandon shopping carts are 3X MORE likely to complete a purchase if served a retargeting ad.

* as reported by digitalinformationworld

BUT: Old School Retargeting ISN’T Working Like It Used To!

Why? Plenty of reasons.

  • FB has changed the game – again – so marketing posts don’t get the same organic reach they used to.
  • Your competition is growing fast – and is literally STEALING your custom audiences away.
  • Consumers are getting more “ad blind” by the second, so your ads aren’t getting the same conversions they once were.
In the group of people you are retargeting are people who might have been on your website for 5 minutes, but ALSO people who left within 3 seconds and people who bounced completely

Great Brad – You’ve Shared THREE Top Conversion Methods And Just Told Me They’re NOT Working Anymore:

Now hang on just a second! I said they’re not working AS WELL these days, that’s all. There’s NO QUESTION each of these methods CAN work …

  • Advertise the RIGHT way on FB, and you’re gold.
  • Leverage video the RIGHT way, and you WILL increase conversions.
  • Use UPDATED retargeting methods and your ROI will go through the roof!

Get ANY of these methods right, and your results will increase. Imagine what will happen when you dial in ALL THREE methods at the same time … with a revolutionary software that does ALL the heavy lifting for you.

Combine The CONVERSION Power Of FB, Video & Retargeting All Inside ONE Simple Dashboard For EXPLOSIVE Profits

Here comes SproutAudience…

So, What Is SproutAudience?

SproutAudience is the allows you to run video behavioral retargeting campaigns on Facebook, for the first time ever.

It works for Facebook native video (yes, you can run ads to these videos) as well as embedded videos on your website! The software actually allows the user running the campaign to set time milestones for custom audiences to be created.

For example, if a user creates a campaign inside of SproutAudience, they can select “5 seconds”, “30 seconds” and “45 seconds” (or as many custom time milestones as they want) and when a viewer hits that milestone, they will be added to the respective custom audience.

This allows users to market to/retarget viewers who have seen certain parts of their sales videos/marketing videos. For example, if I only wanted to retarget users who had seen my sales pitch, I could do so by setting a milestone for exactly when my pitch starts. SproutAudience then allows me to run ads only to people who have seen my pitch.

=> See The Power Of SproutAudience<=

How Does SproutAudience Work?

See EXACTLY How SproutAudience Is Going To Increase YOUR Profits And Conversions Starting RIGHT NOW

==> SproutAudience Demo WalkThrough Video<==

100% Newbie Friendly – Super Simple! Using SproutAudience is as EASY as 1-2-3:

Step #1:

  • Login to the secure cloud-based dashboard

Step #2:

  • Pick a campaign type and select your target audience parameters

Step #3:

  • Watch the software AUTOMATICALLY create targeted custom audiences you can SELL to again & again

Everything You Need To Triple Your Conversions:

[+] Facebook Video or Embed Videos on Your Website:

  • Choose whether you want to create custom audiences from videos on Facebook or on your website.

[+] Create Your Facebook Post and Preview It:

  • Enter your post/ad details and upload your video file to be posted to Facebook. A live preview is available on the right.

[+] Or Create Your Campaign to Embed on Your Website:

  • If you decide to rather run your campaign from your website, instead of creating a Facebook video, you enter your campaign name, along with a 3rd party video such as a YouTube video.

[+] Custom Audience Video Milestones:

  • Select how far into a video a viewer must watch (in seconds) in order for a custom audience to be created.
  • For example, on the left, a new custom audience will be created and populated with audiences who watch 5, 10, 30, 120 and 500 seconds of the video. If you only want to run ads to people who view 30 seconds into your video, you now can!

[+] Custom Audiences Automatically Grow into Targeted Audiences:

  • Watch your automatically created custom audiences (based on your selected time milestones) grow as viewers reach your time milestones.
  • In the example on the right, every time someone watches 10 seconds of your video campaign, they are added to that custom audience. The same happens when they watch 60 seconds.

[+] Monetize These Highly Targeted Audiences:

  • Monetize these extremely laser-targeted custom audiences based on how far into your video campaign they watched.
  • Someone who watched up until 60 seconds may have heard your sales pitch where as someone who only viewed 10 seconds may not have. Or someone who views 300 seconds is WAY more interested that someone who views only 20 seconds.

Does SproutAudience Work? You Be The Judge:

SproutAudience Results


SproutAudience lets you build laser-targeted audiences in TWO ways:

1. Using video FB posts:

  • The software pre-selects FB’s native video player so you get MAXIMUM reach- you won’t believe how FAST your audiences grow.
  • choose one or more of Facebook’s “time milestones” to easily create ultra targeted audiences

2. Embed videos on your own websites or eCom stores:

  • Use ANY YouTube or Amazon s3 video link – no upload required.
  • Select your own “time milestones” down to the second to pinpoint EXACTLY the type of audience you want.
  • Use 1 of 3 stunning included video skins to highlight your video.
  • BOTH options work perfectly – the software integrates directly with your FB ads account. Your audiences are literally created AUTOMATICALLY for you.
  • And you won’t need to create and paste pixels or know a thing about coding.

That’s Just For Starters: You’re ALWAYS In Control With SproutAudience:

  • Connect unlimited ad accounts with direct API access – avoid the nightmare of connecting different audiences to different accounts.
  • Kickstart your targeted audiences – run ads to your FB video posts or drive more traffic to your own sites for even faster results.
  • Completely customize your ad campaigns: target viewers who watched your sales pitch, or stopped watching after any point of your video.
  • Include working links in any of your FB video posts – no more dead links in your posts.
  • Live preview your FB post – inside the dash you can perfect your post BEFORE publishing for maximum results.
  • Post to ANY of your fan pages and INCLUDE video descriptions.
  • Set your embedded videos to autoplay and / or force hide controls so viewers can’t see how long your video is (proven to increase conversions).
  • Secure MORE sales & leads by marketing to people based on their EXACT behaviour.

[+] Create. Convert. Monetize.

  • With The Easiest, Most Profitable Solution To IMMEDIATELY Increasing Conversions.
  • SproutAudience literally automates the entire retargeting process for you.
  • Pushes you WAY AHEAD of the competition. All while REDUCING your expenses at the same time.
  • With a revolutionary combination of a massive FB base, the conversion power of video, and brand new behaviour-based retargeting technology.

Retargeting FOR PROFIT Made Easier Than EVER Before With SproutAudience:

SproutAudience OTO

Who is SproutAudience Aimed At?

=> Social Media Marketers:

  • get MAXIMUM organic reach with your FB video posts to build your audience on autopilot.

=> Video Marketers:

  • turn your videos into CONVERSION machines by pinpointing precise audiences based on REAL viewer behaviour.

=> List Builders:

  • re-engage your most engaged prospects to stuff your list full of subscribers hungry to hear more from you.

=> Current Retargeters:

  • maximize your ROI by both decreasing your ad spend and increasing your conversion rate.

=> Affiliate & CPA Marketers:

  • make effortless commissions by connecting with your most interested site visitors and serving them laser targeted ads they can’t say no to.

=> Product Vendors:

  • watch your sales go through the roof as soon as you market to ultra targeted audiences interested in what you have on offer.

=> eCom Vendors:

  • create targeted BUYER audiences from within your own eCom store as well as on FB, all while reducing your advertising costs.

=> Freelancers & Consultants:

  • imagine the rates you can charge when you start generating positive ROI campaigns for all of your clients.

=> And especially:

  • anyone NEW to retargeting – because this method is so much more powerful and EASY than traditional retargeting. Get incredible results regardless of past experience.

Here’s Everything You’re Getting When You Access SproutAudience Today:

[+] The complete cloud-based SproutAudience software for exploding your conversions.

[+] Full training knowledge base – step by step videos that show you exactly how to get setup TODAY and take full advantage of the software.

[+] 3 premium video skins to use for videos you embed on your own sites.

[+] Unlimited integration with ANY website platform or site builder: use on any type of site you build, including your Shopify and eCom stores.

[+] Use with unlimited ad accounts.

[+] Platform optimized for both mobile and desktop visitors.

[+] Industry leading support and lifetime updates to the software.

See What People Posted On Facebook About SproutAudience & Jeremy’s Products:

=>Special SproutAudience Fast Action Bonuses<=

Act NOW During This Limited Launch And You’ll Also Get These Exclusive Bonuses:

FAB#1: LIVE SproutAudience Training Webinar:

  • Brad will personally host this training to show you how to get the most out of your new software. You’ll see how easy, fast and fun it is to create campaigns that convert like crazy.

FAB#2: The 2K PER DAY With SproutAudience Case Study Training:

Obviously Brad has had great personal results with the software, so in this case study he will show you step by step how he have used SproutAudience to generate 2K per day:

  • Complete walk-through and the exact setup Brad used inside SproutAudience.
  • Brad’s FULL traffic strategy to get to 2K per day.
  • The SECRET retargeting sequence specifically for SproutAudience users.

SproutAudience Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q1: Will this work on my Mac?

  • Answer: Yes! SproutAudience is a fully cloud-based solution and will work on any operating system. All you need is an internet connection and you’re good to go.

Q2: Do I need any previous retargeting experience?

  • Answer: Not at all. In fact this solution makes retargeting incredibly simple. You won’t need to know a thing about pixels, creating audiences or coding as the software does it all for you.

Q3: How does SproutAudience increase my ROI?

  • Answer: In two very important ways. First, it creates you ultra-targeted audiences based on REAL user behaviour (for the first time ever). This means you’re only marketing to people that have expressed a certain level of interest in your sites and posts.
  • Retargeting in this manner is proven to drastically increase conversion rates. Secondly, your FB posts will get more organic reach, and your per-unit ad costs will decrease. Instead of marketing to ‘anyone and everyone’ that saw a post or checked out your site, you’ll only be targeting the most engaged users.

Q4: What else do I need to make SproutAudience work for me?

  • Answer: You’ll need a FB ads account (free and easy to setup), plus a FB page or pages if you want to use the FB posting feature.

Q5: Is training included?

  • Answer: Absolutely – a complete video knowledge base is included to walk you through every step of setting up and operating the software.
  • Plus if you get your license during the launch special, you’ll receive 2 exclusive bonuses that include both live training and a complete case study walk-through.

SproutAudience OTO:

OTO#1: SproutAudience PRO: Onetime Payment of $47:

This 1 Small Thing Is All You Need to Drive 80% More Traffic & 3x Your Sales With SproutAudience for FREE

How To Make 3X More Sales & Drive 80% More Traffic With SproutAudience This Month …While Spending LESS Money?

[+] Special PRO “SproutLinks”:

  • Exclusively with SproutAudience Pro, get access to “SproutLinks” which will allow you to use special links in your retargeting ads.
  • When a user clicks on your ad, it will resume your video EXACTLY where they last left your video.
  • Yes, this works on ANY of your landing pages and no, you don’t have to edit any code at all!

[+] Agency License & Developer Rights:

  • You will get access to your own Agency portal where you can add, delete, and edit clients/employees.
  • With your Agency License & Developer Rights you can automate Facebook video marketing and retargeting for your clients’ Facebook accounts.
  • You can charge clients monthly fees & build yourself a new recurring income stream!

[+] Connect Unlimited Facebook Ad Accounts:

  • Have multiple ad accounts for different brands, clients or businesses? No problem!
  • Upgrade to SproutAudience PRO in order to be able to connect and manage UNLIMITED Facebook ad accounts. Never be limited again:


  • Unlike in the standard version, get the PRO version to gain instant access to advanced analytics about your campaigns!
  • Run unlimited campaign reports based on your selections to get detailed data on how, why and when people are watching your videos!


  • Even run comparison reports on up to 5 campaigns at once, all displayed in a beautiful seamless table, in order to split-test and see which campaigns are performing the best!
  • It’s never been easier to increase conversions VISIBLY from one report.


  • Step-by-step video training and the best customer support staff in the world will guarantee you master the SproutAudience software.


  • 24/7 world class customer support to answer your every question.


  • Always have the latest version of SproutAudience PRO with unlimited future upgrades.

OTO#2: SproutEngage: Onetime Payment of $37:

Want to Know The ONE Thing I Do To Boost Conversions & Get Viewers to Watch My Entire Video Every Single Time?

=> What’s the point in making a video if people only watch 10 seconds of it?

  • This is our new video engagement and conversion software, SproutEngage.
  • In order to make the most money from your videos, you need to deliver video content in a way so that the user remains engaged and will want to stay until the end of the video.
  • What’s the point in making a video if people only watch 10 seconds of it?
  • Do you know the most powerful way broadcast television keeps audiences engaged and glued to the TV to watch longer?
  • It is the “coming next” content teaser, which makes you want to watch the next show.

=> Give More Content to Get More Conversions:

  • The very same tactics are used by top marketers in online infomercials to sell high-ticket information and software products with longer videos.
  • These marketers add a “Coming Next” content teaser at the bottom of their videos and it is displayed throughout with information about what content is coming in the next section.
  • The single purpose of the “Coming Next” teaser appearing in certain spots in the video is to make a viewer want to continue watching for more content.
  • That way, these top marketers manage to keep prospects watching long infomercials and then convert them for higher priced products.
  • While it is possible to add these coming next messages one-by-one in most good video creation software, it is extremely time consuming and can take 3 hours of work to properly add “Coming Next” content teasers to a 10 minute video.
  • We often paid freelancers to add content teasers to videos only to find out that the same teasers were added in the wrong places because of freelancers’ insufficient fluency in English.
  • One day after getting another bill and having to deal with incorrectly placed content teasers again, we thought that there has got to be a better way, and SproutEngage was born.
  • The SproutEngage software allows you to place “coming up next” content teasers really fast, and includes real-time live preview to fine-tune them easily.
  • We have also added additional engagement boosters like the ability to place animated GIFs, images, or even draw with your mouse on the video.
  • Coming up next content teasers, animated GIFs, images and mouse drawings are added directly into the video file so you can use these videos directly on Facebook too.
  • This is so important, not only to ensure that people are engaged throughout your videos and you sell thousands of dollars worth of product, but also when people share your content from your website and Facebook. This extra traffic is also going to be hyper-engaged throughout your videos.
  • SproutEngage is the most powerful time saving and viewer engagement booster software, which every video marketer should have in their toolbox.
  • This along with SproutAudience form the perfect pair and don’t worry, there is full training on how to use it so that every single one of your viewers is incredibly engaged throughout your videos.

OTO#3: Social Scaling Spy Software: Onetime Payment of $67:

Automate the entire FB targeting and scaling process with 5-in-1 custom software.

Social Scaling Spy Software Is:

  • The premium all-in-one Facebook market research tool, which grants you the ability to uncover hidden premium hot audiences and unlimited ways to run your winning campaigns
  • An in-depth specific keyword search tool to find the best performing products and ads in every single niche.
  • A proprietary algorithm based Shopify store finder tool, which will give you endless inspiration to add to your e-commerce empire.
  • A Facebook Targeting Research Toolbelt jam packed with 6 modules that will cover everything you need to uncover the secrets of your respective market.
  • 100% proven and risk-free for 30 days.
  • The only true software that covers every facet of FB marketing.

How To Make 500% More Sales With Social Scaling Formula This Month, While Barely Lifting A Finger

The fact of the matter is, far too many people do not get the results they want out of the products they
invest in.

Ever wonder why that is?

Because no matter how incredible the information you receive might be, it takes time and energy to learn the info, and put it to work for you.

And with the world of constant information out there, sometimes plans don’t get fully implemented… projects don’t get finished.

That means money wasted and frustration high.

with The creator’s Social Scaling Spy Software working for them:

  • Instantly drill down to the best-selling products across FB and Instagram.
  • Pinpoint more golden targeting interests, demographics.
  • Create buyer-hungry audiences in even the most competitive niches.
  • Survive and thrive when bumps and dips cripple my competition.
  • Scale winners quickly and with laser precision.

=> Stunning, Simple Dashboard

  • A simple and easy to navigate dashboard where you can view your Shopify store and best-selling products and other search results.
  • All your hard-work in researching your keywords is saved safely for your viewing.
  • Having your favorite products saved and ready for your viewing frees up your time to do what matters most, like building your strategy.

=> In Depth, Instant Product Search:

  • Search keywords or key-phrases along with predefined terms to quickly and effectively find the best-selling products across FB and Instagram!
  • Simply enter your keyword, add pre defined terms and set constraints of the search.
  • Then hit enter and dive into the world of your market. You will be able to see first-hand which products are getting the most attention across social media!
  • You’ll be able to apply what you learn and start selling the only the HOTTESTproducts and even tap into niches that are underused and have potential.

=> Ethical, Powerful Store Spying:

  • Easily look for the best performing Shopify store in any niche using our proprietary search algorithm.
  • You can see what the best stores are doing by searching them and then looking at their products, themes, layouts or even checkout processes.
  • You will never again struggle to find new products to add to your store with an endless search result of high-performing stores to get inspiration from.

=> Targeting Research Tool Belt

  • This is a tool belt that has 6 individual modules. In combination it is the ultimate tool for Facebook targeting research.
  • You can really get down and dirty in terms of research and be on the top, leaving your competition in the dust. What you can uncover with this tool belt is ENDLESS and you will have it unlocked with Social Scaling Spy Software.

Inside this jam-packed tool belt:

[+] Facebook Page Search

  • This module allows you to search for Facebook Pages using specific keywords. You can even add numerous filters to really narrow down your result to find pages in your super-niche.
  • You can see the various pages in your specific niche and how they are marketing.You can even replicate the successful strategies and improve the state of your business with what you uncover.

=> Media Kit Search:

  • Media Kits are kits of demographic research that is already complete. This research has been done by external sources and is a fantastic source of information pertaining to any niche.
  • With this module, you will be able to search for Dzmedia kitsdz that relate to your specific niche. The kits have wonderful information about demographics that you can simple copy and paste into your ads. No need to waste time and money researching your demographic.

=> Similar Sites Search:

  • Find similar websites to any website you want. Be it your own website, yourcompetitors or any website in the niche you want. You will get results for all the similar websites that are available for targeting within your ads.
  • Targeting your ads using websites as interest is often the best type of interest to target, making this a very powerful tool.

=> Interest Search:

  • This intuitive module allows you to search for all Facebook interests and shows you their exact audience size. Save time by using the modules intuitive copy/paste function.
  • With ease, copy and paste multiple interests from your search results directly to your Facebook ad; all with a click of one button! The entire process is automated for you.

=> Post Search:

  • This module allows you to search posts by a specific website + keyword. You will get a list of all the Facebook posts using the website and the keyword together.
  • A great way to research different niches and designs to help give you the inspiration you need to continue building your e-commerce empire. You can also use this module to search for the best performing amazon products, CPA offers, affiliate offers and more.

=> Graph Search:

  • Eliminate user error with Facebook Graph search by using this module. Graph Search will give you easy to input templates that will yield precise and accurate niche research results within Facebook.
  • Easily set numerous extended search strings to narrow down your results to giveyou what you really want. It erases the fuss from doing it on Facebook as typing in the wrong thing can yield poor, to no, results.

SproutAudience Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of SproutAudience?

If you are searching for all-In-one tool that will increase your conversions by over 300% while halving your ad costs, then SproutAudience will be your highly recommended choice.

SproutAudience bridges the gap between FB ads, video and finally retargeting and is responsible for 4 figures per day in sales.

In fact, they’ve included a bonus case study for you.
It drills down to 100% TARGETED traffic and completely cuts out people who never buy anything (wasted traffic and money).

SproutAudience builds laser-targeted audiences for you in two ways:

=> Using FB video posts

  • The software pre-selects FB’s native video player so you get MAXIMUM reach. Watch your audience grow faster than ever before.
  • Choose one or more of FB’s time milestones to easily create ultra targeted audiences.
  • Yes, you can advertise these posts!

=> Embed videos on your website/ecom stores

  • Use ANY YouTube/s3 link (no upload required).
  • Select your own time milestone down to the second to pinpoint EXACTLY the type of audience you want.
  • Select one of our beautiful video skins.

It works in 4 easy-to-follow steps:

  • Select either the FB video or Embed video campaign type.
  • Select how far into a video a viewer must watch (in seconds) in order for a custom audience to be created. For example, if you only want to run ads to people who view 30 seconds into your video, you now can.
  • Watch your audiences AUTOMATICALLY grow into laser-targeted audiences.
  • Monetize these highly-targeted audiences that boost conversions by over 300% and halve your ad costs.

SproutAudience Discount


2- Get Your Copy Now of SproutAudience Through This Special Bonus Link
3- Verify you see 214267 at the bottom of the checkout page

4- After completing your order , send [Your name, JVZoo receipt id and date of purchase] in message to my FB Account at: https://www.facebook.com/JohnnZakaria or  Leave Me A message here in My Contact Page or Send message to Johnmason188@gmail.com
5- You will receive all theses bonuses within 24 hours.

First, What Customers Are Saying About My Bonuses And My Support From Previous Reviews?

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How to Claim My SproutAudience Bonuses?

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2- Get Your Copy Now of SproutAudience Through This Special Bonus Link
3- Verify you see 214267 at the bottom of the checkout page

4- After completing your order , send [Your name, JVZoo receipt id and date of purchase] in message to my FB Account at: https://www.facebook.com/JohnnZakaria or Leave Me A message here in My Contact Page or Send message to Johnmason188@gmail.com
5- You will receive all theses bonuses within 24 hours.

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