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ConnectRetarget Review

ConnectRetarget Overview:

Creator: Wilco de Kreij
Date Of Launch: 2016-07-07
Time Of Launch: 10:00 EDT
Niche: Facebook Marketing
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Official site:
Bonuses: Yes, Special $4872 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Is The Creator Of ConnectRetarget?

The Creator Of ConnectRetarget

Wilco de is the man behind ConnectRetarget. He made his big success being an affiliate marketer which he has been doing full time since 2006.

For five years, he has been selected as one of the top affiliates in Netherlands. He is behind many successful internet marketing software and programs such as ZoSocial, VideoSkin, Viral Optins, UpViral, ChatLinks and others.

What Is The Main Idea Behind ConnectRetarget?

Retargeting – connecting with people who visit your sites and leave without taking action, has just become easier & more powerful than ever…

Why It’s Getting Tougher to Profit From FB Advertising lately:

There’s no disputing FB ads are a great way to targeted traffic to your offers.

However, more and more businesses are running FB ads these days.

It’s getting more difficult to make your ads stand and people to take action…in fact, some days, it seems like the FB Newsfeed is nothing but ads!

With all this fierce competition for ad space. FB is charging more for ads. The ‘penny click’ glory days from FB ads a few years ago are long gone.

In fact, it’s becoming harder to get a good ROI from FB ads these days.

Here’s why:

[+] More people than ever are LOSING money with paid advertising.

[+] Unless you target perfectly, you’re leaving a LOT of money on the table while losing leads, customers and sales.

[+] Consumers are becoming more “blind” to retargeting ads and often your campaigns just get ignored.

[+] Making more sales and profits online seems like an exercise in frustration.

These reasons are why Retargeting Is:

The Easy Way to “Take Back” Your Traffic For a Massive Increase In Profits!

Basic retargeting flat out works for major brands, 49% of the world’s biggest brands and 68% of marketing agencies devote SPECIFIC budgets to retargeting.

Why? It’s powerfully effective. Retargeted visitors are 70% more likely to convert than one-time visitors to a site. Huge companies with unlimited budgets and high priced ad designers only convert 2% of 1st time visitors with paid advertising … so without retargeting, what chance do us little guys have?

Major brands are using retargeting to:

What Is ConnectRetarget

For FAR Less Than “Traditional” Advertising Costs….

Retargeting must be a part of your marketing toolkit. . . because it takes advantage of a key psychological fact…

FACT: Most Customers Need To See Your Message SEVERAL Times Before They Buy From You:

The “Rule Of 7” states prospective buyers need to come across an advertiser’s message at least seven times before they take action.

Retargeting is the easiest, most cost effective way to get your message across. It gives you another chance to get in front of your visitors and stand out from your competition.

What makes retargeting even more powerful is consumer response: 89% of people seeing retargeting ads have either a positive or neutral reaction to them … meaning most consumers don’t find retargeting disruptive. . . unlike pop-ups or sliders which most visitors find seriously annoying.

Retargeting is just a better way to get noticed and get your sales message seen again.

The Retargeting Numbers Don’t Lie:

=> 4X More:

Retargeted customers are 4 TIMES more likely to convert than 1st time site visitors.

=> 400% More:

Retargeting boosts ad response up to 400%.

=> 3X More:

Consumers “abandoning carts” before purchase are over 3x more likely to return and complete purchase if they’re served retargeting ads.

“Kleenex” Maker Gets A 50-60% INCREASE In Conversions With Retargeting:

Kimberly-Clark, the company behind Kleenex, Huggies and Cottonelle, is a big believer in social marketing and retargeting.

VP of Digital Marketing, Jeff Jarret, says the company retargets because “it is clearly an opportunity to target an interested consumer.” And with over 18 BILLION in global sales in 2015. Kimberly-Clark is obviously on to something…

Many other household brands get incredible results with retargeting as well. We all know Amazon is a major retargeter, but here’s a few other examples:

=> Body Glove:

BodyGlove, specialized eCommerce vendor, turned a $114 FB retargeting campaign into over 18 THOUSAND dollars in sales.

=> AppSumo:

AppSumo gets up to 200% ROI with retargeting campaigns.

=> Udemy:

Online education course provider Udemy increased conversion rates by 38% with retargeting.

The Competition’s Heating Up… Can the Average Marketer STILL Gain A Big ROI with Retargeting?

So you can…

IF you’re setting up retargeting properly to begin with… IF you’re welling to pay designers and copywriters to create multiple sets of images and ad copy to test against each other… IF you’re willing to lose money just to get data… and IF you have the patience and the bank account to setup, test and monitor campaigns which may NEVER gain any traction…

Then the answer is “yes.”

Still, it’s much tougher to gain traction with retargetng than it was a year ago.

There are 2 developments which are working against even the most successful retargeters:

FB ads are getting more expensive – in Mark Zuckerberg’s most recent corporate address, he made very clear increasing ad revenues is one FB’s biggest priorities.

With increased competition, it’s becoming more of a challenge for FB retargeters to create unique audiences.

With these challenges in mind. I thought up a way to give you dramatically BETTER way to retarget your visitors…

How to Stay Ahead Of The Curve For LONG TERM Results With Retargeting?

Thanks to tens of thousands of students using Wilco’s other successful products – including UpViral, ConnectLeads and ConnectAudience – his methods have been featured on:

ConnectRetarget Software

For the past 6 years, Wilco has been focusing HEAVILY on FB marketing. he has been around since the early days of retargeting.

After seeing the trends in the market and examining his own results, he discovered:

Copying Big Brands’ Retargeting Campaigns Isn’t Working For Most Businesses:

  • Copying what GLOBAL brands are doing and expecting the same results isn’t working anymore. After all, most of us don’t have Amazon’s budget to run unlimited tests, or have full-time designers and copywriters on staff to crank out ad creatives.

Meanwhile, Wilco noticed his ad costs slowly increasing. It was taking more time, testing and effort to create custom audiences while keeping his expenses under control.

He went back to the drawing board and broke down every FB campaign he had ever run, over 5 years worth. And discovered…

The SIMPLEST Retargeting HACK To Explode Your Leads, Sales & Profits:

It all comes down to the proven principle of sending the right message at the right time.

With standard retargeting, every person who lands on your site is added to your custom audience… regardless whether or not they bounced off your page in .05 seconds or stayed on your site for 5 minutes.

There’s a significant difference in how interested these two visitors are in your products and services . . . and they needed to be treated accordingly.

Wilco knew there had to be a better way. After a lot of experimenting and intensive sessions with his development team, he came up with the answer:


He has created a platform to tap into SUPER ENGAGED and targeted audiences which makes retargeting SO MUCH easier AND more effective.

Even complete beginners can start seeing positive results on their VERY 1ST campaigns. Experienced retargeters can significantly reduce their ad costs and get more leads and sales almost immediately.

Why “Risk” Your Ad Budget On An Untargeted Audience?

Now you don’t have to. With Wilco’s new retargeting platform, your ad costs DROP while your ROI goes through the roof.

Here comes ConnectRetarget…

So, What Is ConnectRetarget?

ConnectRetarget is The first ever platform to allow you to run behavioral retargeting campaigns on Facebook?

Want to retarget those who scrolled all the way to the bottom of your sales page? Easy. Only those who visited your site 5+ times or at least 10 minutes? No problem.

Wilco’s goal was to create a retargeting platform so powerful and easy to use nothing else on the market could touch it. It had to have these features:

Let complete BEGINNERS to FB retargeting set up profitable campaigns in minutes.

Allow experienced retargeters to dramatically increase their ROI.

Work with ANY platform: WordPress, Shopify, ClickFunnels, LeadPages or ANY other site builder.

100% comply with FB’s terms of service so users will have zero risk of having their accounts banned.

This is exactly what Wilco has created…

=> See The Power Of ConnectRetarget <=

=>See ConnectRetarget $35k Case Study<=

While the normal retargeting audience resulted in 31 sales after spending €219, the ConnectRetarget audiences resulted in 85 sales (= $25,245 revenue) for only €124 – because we were only spending our money on our most engaged visitors.

That’s a 384% immediate improvement – without changing any of the ads or landing pages.

Here’s What ConnectRetarget Beta-Testers Are Saying:

ConnectRetarget Testimonials

Login to the dashboard. Create ultra targeted audiences in minutes. Retarget with ease for a huge boost in leads and sales.

ConnectRetarget Lets Anyone Exploit The Full Potential Of Behavioral Retargeting – Regardless Of Experience:

=> See Exactly How In This Quick Demo Video <=

[+] Send The Right Message To The Right Person At The Right Time For More Leads, Sales And Profits:

People hitting your site by accident? Forget ‘em.

Instead, connect with your most ENGAGED users with our advanced BEHAVIOUR and ACTION – BASED retargeting.

[+] Connect With Your HOTTEST Prospects To Maximize Your ROI With Behaviour-Based Retargeting:

The ConnectRetarget Platform INCLUDES Multiple Pre-Made Audience Templates – Just Select Any Template And Your Target Audience Is Automatically Created For You:

=> Google Search:

Creates audiences from traffic referred directly by Google – the ‘holy grail’ of profitable organic traffic.

=> All Search Traffic:

Visitors referred by Google, Bing and / or Yahoo are specifically looking for solutions to their problems, which makes them a lucrative audience for retargeting.

=> Social Media Traffic:

Match your ads to the social network referring your your visitors (FB, Twitter, Instagram, G+, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn or YouTube) for better conversions.

=> Most Engaged:

Focus campaigns on visitors who have spent more than 2 minutes on your site or have viewed more than 2 pages of your website.

=> Highly engaged:

Tap into this KEEN audience of visitors who spend over 3 minutes on your site or view more than 3 pages of your content.

=> Mobile visitors:

Laser target the 50% of users who visit from a mobile device, and serve them ads when they’re on a desktop device.

=> Direct traffic only:

Creates a custom audience of users who come to your site without a referrer – people ACTIVELY looking for your product & services.

=> Scrolled content percentage:

Target a select group who has scrolled through at least 25% of your site’s home page.

(and many more)

[+] Or Create Your Very Own Custom Audiences With Our Intuitive Drop-Down Interface:

=> Time On Site:

Lets you target specific users who spend a specified amount of time on your website or offer page.

=> Engagement:

Creates an audience of visitors based on how far they scrolled through your page.

=> Browser Language:

Perfect for selecting audiences by country or native language for niche campaigns and geotargeting

=> Referral Source:

Easily craft campaigns based on specific traffic … serve video ads to visitors from YouTube, and image-intensive ads to visitors from Pinterest, for example.

=> Number of Visits:

Easily create audiences based on the number of times users visited your sites.

=> Date(s) of Visit:

Perfect for running scarcity and time sensitive campaigns

=> Device specific:

Custom audiences for users coming from mobile, desktop or tablet

=> Campaign:

Run targeted ads maximizing conversions for people coming from specific campaigns you’ve run, such as FB ads, solo ads or private deals

Not only can you choose these audience targeting options individually, you can also COMBINE them in any way you choose. This gives you a unique advantage over your competitors, because you can dial in your audiences with such precision and ease with ConnectRetarget.

[+] Create An Unlimited Number Of Custom Audiences So You Can Run Laser Targeted Campaigns Which Convert Like Never Before!

Hyper Selective Retargeting Boosts YOUR ROI In 2 Ways:

=> You reduce your ad spend. The tighter your target audience, the less you’ll spend on ads.

=> Your conversions, sales and leads SKYROCKET. Now you’re engaging visitors with messages which make sense to them.

Let’s Take A Quick Look At What’s Included Inside Of ConnectRetarget:

=> Maximize Your FB Campaign Profits In 3 Simple Steps:

User friendly dashboard makes it child’s play to set up highly profitable campaigns in any niche.

WITHOUT any previous skill or FB marketing experience.

=> Software Laser Targets Your Marketing For Position ROI Every Time:

ConnectRetarget OTO

Get more traffic, increase engagement and boost conversions – there are MULTIPLE audience templates for you to plug in and use to engage your target audience.

Simple integration with your FB ads account – our platform makes it easy to target your pre-selected audiences and set up powerful ad campaigns.

Make Your Own custom audiences – with our intuitive drop-down filters, you can create your own targeted user groups based on specific behaviours.

Save your favourite templates – to use over and over again on new sites and new campaigns to save time and make profits even faster.

Retarget users from SPECIFIC campaigns – want to customize an ad for visitors from FB, solo ads or private promotions? No problem … it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

=> Plus Our Exclusive FB Retargeting Training:

Beginner, intermediate or advanced – EVERYONE will see immediate benefits from this step by step, video-based training on how to use FB retargeting for MAXIMUM profits. We’ll walk you through how to setup your campaigns efficiently and effectively.

Insider strategies based on over 5 years of running FB ads, with case studies and more to ensure you get the most out of every single campaign you set up.

And if you’re new to retargeting, no worries – we’ve got you covered. We’re including a complete “Beginner’s Guide to Retargeting” PDF so you can get up to speed on how retargeting can significantly increase your bottom line.

This training could be a course all by itself … there are a lot products out there charging more than this ENTIRE training package for just a tiny portion of what’s covered here … And now you have reassurance you’ll be able to get the most out of ConnectRetarget – no matter what your current level of retargeting experience is.

Here’s why retargeting with our platform can significantly increase your conversions. . . no matter what your niche is.

Advanced Retargeting – How to Recover The 98% Of Site Visitors Who Leave WITHOUT Taking Action….

Without retargeting, you’re throwing away 98% of your traffic. We’re here to change this for you.

NOT with some flash-in-the-pan gimmick that’s here today, gone tomorrow. But with advanced technology PROVEN to convert more site visitors into leads, customers and profits.

Window Shoppers Are Nice. BUYERS Pay The Bills:

Quite simply, ConnectRetarget turns MORE of your window shoppers into buyers. With an effective strategy to convert previous site visitors into long term, loyal customers.

This platform is based on the PROVEN concept of ad retargeting, but takes it to an entirely new level. Meaning an explosive increase in leads, conversions and sales.

Who is ConnectRetarget Aimed At?

Current retargeters who want to maintain their competitive edge and increase conversion results on every campaign.

eCommerce vendors who want to turn tire kickers into buyers and MAXIMIZE profits.

Product sellers looking to give prospects multiple chances to pick up what’s on offer.

Affiliate and CPA marketers promoting quality products who need to maximize ROI on their campaigns.

List builders and bloggers who need to convert site visitors into profitable leads.

Social Media Marketers looking to increase their following and viral traffic.

Anyone NEW to retargeting wanting the easiest way to exploit this powerful form of marketing.

ConnectRetarget Pricing:

You can choose from 3 plans the plan that suits you:

[+]  Monthly Plan: $37/Month

[+] Yearly Plan: $147/Year

[+] Lifetime Plan: Onetime Payment Of $197

=> Important Note: (This lifetime option is only available for 4 days)

Create Unlimited Behavioral Retargeting Audiences.

Pre-Made Audience templates.

Exclusive Launch Bonus Package.

Premium Email Support.

30 Day Refund Guarantee.

=>Special ConnectRetarget Fast Action Bonus<=

FAB #1: Our Own ‘Insider’ Retargeting Strategies Revealed ($227 value):

An in-depth retargeting video course where we share advanced (yet easy to implement) strategies proven to work very well for us… and can be applied to any niche!

Gain access to our most effective strategies, including:

=> The “hidden survey” strategy.

=> The “never-ever” strategy.

=> The “content extortion” strategy.

=> The “webinar maximizer” strategy.

=> The “funnel flow” strategy.

=> The “triple-proof” strategy.

=> And much more.

Our retargeting strategies have never been revealed before. . . and you’re about to be one of the first to gain access.

FAB #2: Ad Copy Tool ($197 value):

You’ll never struggle again with what to say in your FB ads. . . because we’re giving you a copy of our tool which writes your FB Ads copy for you. Simply enter the keywords you want to use in your ad… and we’ll do the rest. Creating ads has NEVER been this easy!

FAB #3: Retargeting Ad Swipe File ($77 value):

The best FB retargeters don’t create ads from scratch . . . they borrow from what’s already working! It’s why we’re giving you our Facebook Retargeting Swipe file with 100+ examples of proven retargeting ads to be used for your ad creation inspiration.

FAB #4: Definitive Guide on Facebook Retargeting (Value $97):

We’ve put together an extensive guide on everything there is to know about Facebook retargeting. This 24-paged ebook will make everyone who’s planning to get started with retargeting, an immediate expert!

ConnectRetarget Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q1: How does the software increase my conversions and profits?

Answer: It uses state-of-the-art behaviour based segmentation … so you can create specific audiences based on the exact actions your site visitors take.

This means you can serve highly targeted ads which speak DIRECTLY to certain people. Which means a drastically higher conversion rate, while also lowering your ad expenses.

Q2: I’ve never retargeted before … will this work for me?

Answer: Definitely! As powerful as the software is, it’s also the easiest way to take advantage of retargeting. The included training shows anyone – even complete beginners – step by step how to use the software and create powerful campaigns.

Q3: Any risk of having my FB ads account shut down?

Answer: Not by using the software – we’ve worked directly with the FB development team and the software is 100% compliant. Of course you’ll still have to make sure your ads are compliant but this is all covered inside your FB ads manager account.

Q4: Will this work on my Mac?

Answer: Absolutely – the software is cloud-based so it runs perfectly on any operating system. As long as you’ve got an internet connection, you’re good to go.

Q5: I already run retargeting campaigns. How is this different?

Answer: Conventional retargeting is very limited – basically, it treats every person who visited your site and left exactly the same. Meaning you deliver the same ads to a wide range of users. This translates into lower conversions and a lot more money spent on testing and ad creation.

With ConnectRetarget, you get hyper-targeted audiences based on specific actions. So you can create highly specific ads based on the type of user you’re targeting. You save money by not chasing tire kickers, and explode your conversions by reconnecting with your most engaged traffic.

Q6: I don’t have my own products but promote affiliate offers. Will this work for me?

Answer: Yes, because you have full control over what link you send to your target audiences. Many affiliates have used retargeting successfully to increase sales … ConnectRetarget puts these results on steroids.

Q7: How can I contact you?

Answer: You can email us at – we’ll be happy to help you out!

ConnectRetarget OTO:

OTO#1: Connect Audience:

You can choose from 2 plans the plan that suits you:

[+] Yearly Plan: $197/Year

[+]  Lifetime Plan: Onetime Payment Of $297

Connect Audience Changes the Way You Manage Your
Lists, Facebook Ads and Re-targeting… Forever.

It is a Revolutionary Autoresponder and Facebook Re-targeting System that will to Get Your Subscriber Lists and Facebook Ads Working Together Seamlessly Giving You Powerful New Ways to Leverage Facebook So You Can Easily Double or Triple Your Sales!

[+] Sync Your Subscriber Lists and FB Custom Audiences:

Manage your custom audiences directly between your Autoresponders and FB ads manager. ConnectAudience handles everything automatically!

[+] Build Laser-Targeted and/or Segmented Audiences:

Now it’s easier than ever to create unique audiences from your autoresponder lists based on criteria or preferences that you set depending on your subscribers’ actions… with virtually endless possibilities!

[+] Increase Your Revenue Per Subscriber By 156% to 243%:

Easily multiply sales generated from your subscriber lists. Best of all, without sending more emails!

[+] Create FB Ad Campaigns That Deliver Insane ROI:

By creating super-profitable campaigns that will target exactly the subscribers you want… it doesn’t get any easier!

[+] Integrates With Your FB Account and Autoresponders For Seamless Efficiency:

No more time wasted exporting, downloading CSV files, filtering subscribers, and (re)building custom audiences manually, etc. ConnectAudience manages everything for you!

[+] Cloud-based Software:

Nothing to download or install. Use via any web browser! Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and even tablets or mobile devices!

ConnectAudience takes your marketing to the next level:

What if you can get Facebook ads to display only to selected list subscribers who have purchased from you before?

What if you can get Facebook ads to display only to subscribers who open your emails but don’t click?

What if you can segment your subscriber lists into ultra-targeted custom audiences based on specific preferences and criteria?

What if your Facebook custom audiences and campaigns got automatically updated with new subscribers based on your settings and desires… without manually uploading or exporting csv files?

What do you think having these capabilities and more can do for your business?

It’s been proven again and again…By effectively getting your lists and Facebook re-targeting working together,
you can dramatically increase revenues per subscriber.

ConnectAudience makes that easy to do!

With an easy interface that manages both your autoresponder lists (works with virtually all the major autoresponder services), as well as your Facebook custom audiences… automatically and with laser-precision!

No matter who you are, ConnectAudience will help you take your marketing to exciting new heights:

Are you just starting out in marketing online?

ConnectAudience will help you get the most out of your subscribers, even if your lists are fairly small! By running intelligent, well-targeted campaigns on Facebook, you will get more clicks and see more profits than just emailing alone.

Increase your earnings per subscriber and build your revenues, so you can do more promotion and grow your lists even more!

Are you a seasoned internet marketer?

You may be frustrated by dwindling earnings per subscriber, seeing dismal click or open rates and so on. With ConnectAudience, you can make more money from your lists by doing smart targeting to segments of your lists (see the pet niche example above, which is just the tip of the iceberg for what you can do!), set up super-efficient campaigns to your warm market, and more.

You’ll get higher levels of engagement from your subscribers, far less spam complaints (since you won’t need to email them more to get better results), better open/click rates, and much more!

Are you a small business owner?

Get more activity from your customer database and FB fan page. Run ultra-targeted ads to your customers for promotions, upcoming events, and other incentives. This will increase leads, goodwill, brand awareness, and of course… sales!

A few more reasons why ConnectAudience is so revolutionary:

You get unlimited options to laser-target your ad campaigns using the highly innovative and/or interface (check out the demo to see this in action!)

Fully automatic updating of your custom audiences – if you have fast-growing lists, this feature alone will save you several hours a week!

Regular updating of audiences intervals are pre-set by you or can be done anytime, on demand!

Easily build and manage new audiences by fully utilizing Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences feature – build larger audiences on Facebook based on the demographics/data of your subscribers!

Supports unlimited audiences and subscriber lists!

Intuitive, user-friendly dashboard that will have you building super-targeted custom audiences in minutes. With no learning curve!

Here are just a few ways that you can maximize profits with Connect Audience’s superior targeting capabilities:

=> Target an overlapping segment of subscribers who are on two or more of your lists.

=> Great if you have buyers lists for multiple products!

=> Target your list to exclude previous buyers of a product.

=> Also keeps your audiences automatically updated to weed out future buyers, so your audiences always stay super-targeted!

=> Target people who received but didn’t open a particular email(s).

=> Great way to try to get more exposures to an offer without sending more emails!

=> Target people who opened your email, but didn’t click on any links.

=> Great way to increase click rates and increase earnings per subscriber!

=> Target people who opened an email AND clicked on a link.

=> Great way to get people re-exposed to any offer to increase conversions. And you’re always in control, even with affiliate links!

=> Build audiences based on segmenting data and/or selected emails sent.

=> Great way to follow up with highly-targeted/qualified repeat buyers on good-selling promotions!

=> Custom tailor ads to keep up with your follow-up sequences.

=> Increase exposures to high-ticket offers using Facebook ads, while helping your subscribers along your email sequence to get maximum conversions! (NOTE: there is tremendous potential with this capability, we’ll show you during the trainings!)

=> Create lookalike audiences for your lists.

=> Target Facebook users not on your list but match similar preferences, demographics and interests of your subscribers. Another powerful capability that can exponentially increase your sales and profits!

=> There are countless other possibilities!

OTO#2: Connect Leads:

You can choose from 2 plans the plan that suits you:

[+] Monthly Plan: $47/Month

[+] Lifetime Plan:Onetime Payment Of $197

Connect Leads automatically submits all leads real-time into any autoresponder – making this the tool every Facebook advertiser & business owner is waiting for.

Connect Leads:

=> It collects email subscribers from WITHIN the Facebook newsfeed, straight into your autoresponder!

=> People only have to click on your message… there’s NO TYPING required!

=> Facebook will then automatically pre-fill all their data (their name, email, relationship status, etc etc)

=> They DON’T have to go through any “Facebook app authorization” or any of that stuff.

=> It works perfectly inside all the Facebook mobile apps (iOS, Android, etc). What this software does is unthinkable.

=> You can start collecting leads and promoting products right inside Facebooks newsfeed, this is taking social marketing to the very next level.

=> And best of all… it’s 100% Facebook approved (Facebook manually vetted the whole application before going live).

Taking Lead Generation on Facebook To Entirely New Levels:

Add new subscribers to your email lists – automatically and dynamically – directly from inside Facebook using Lead Ads!

Your subscriber list grows in real-time as Facebook users click to subscribe. They don’t even have to type in their email address!

Feed new subscribers into your autoresponder and funnel instantly, with no additional work needed – via Facebook!

Fully integrates your Facebook ad account and autoresponders for maximum efficiency – No wasting time downloading CSV files, uploading them to your autoresponder, etc. ConnectLeads handles it all!

Cloud-based Software – Nothing to download or install. Use via any web browser on Windows, Mac, Linux and even tablets or mobile devices!

And more!

Why is Connect Leads such a game-changer?

Your leads go directly (in real-time) into your autoresponder/CRM account upon action!

Easy setup – simply select the desired Lead Ads and set up your list with just a couple of clicks!

Most major autoresponders and CRM platforms are natively supported (new ones are being added all the time!)

Will work on virtually all other platforms by pasting in some simple HTML code!

Prospects can even sign up for your webinars within FB with a couple of taps!

Highly customizable field mapping capabilities!

Add extra fields or questions via lead ads, all data feeds right to your list – perfect for segmenting!

Real-time data and analytics – see exactly how many new leads you are netting on a daily basis and more!

Super-easy and intuitive dashboard that will have your ConnectLeads fully setup in a matter of minutes!

ConnectLeads is natively compatible with the following autoresponders/CRM platforms, and other apps:

Here are just a few different ways that you can immediately put Connect Leads to action:

=> Use it to get new subscribers to your newsletter!

=> Use it to promote your ebook or special report as a lead magnet from within Facebook (NO squeeze or landing page needed!)

=> Offer instant deals, coupons and other incentives in exchange for instant opt-in!

=> Marketing B2B? Use Lead Ads to conduct surveys to develop qualified leads!

=> Run contests and giveaway promotions – People enter by subscribing with a simple tap!

=> Planning a webinar? Use FB Lead Ads and ConnectLeads to promote your webinar – users can instantly register via two taps!

=> There are countless other possibilities!

Let Connect Leads take your marketing to bold new levels:

[+] If you are just starting out in marketing online:

ConnectLeads will help you get the most out of your Facebook ad campaigns. Maximize mobile traffic to help you build a solid list of qualified subscribers, at the lowest possible cost.

In fact, with one of the exclusive bonuses we’re providing, we’ll show you how to slash your lead costs dramatically (See Bonus #1 below). And with another bonus, we’ll show you how to leverage it for FREE (See Bonus #6 below)!

[+] If you are an experienced internet marketer:

You may find yourself getting frustrated by diminishing returns, poor click/open rates and so on.

With ConnectLeads, you will find yourself getting more subscribers for lower cost, thus helping you grow your lists far quicker than other methods! And remember, with our incredible bonuses, we’ll show you how to slash your lead costs even more!

[+] If you are a small business owner:

You will find yourself getting more potential customers and clients, for far less than you have been paying for standard Facebook clicks, Adwords and even media buys!

Run online promotions, introduce upcoming events and provide other incentives to get customers to engage with you. You’ll see your business getting more leads, referral business, goodwill and sales!

ConnectRetarget Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of ConnectRetarget?

On average, over 9 out of every 10 first time visitors to your sites will leave WITHOUT making a purchase or signing up to your list. So if you’re not following up with these visitors, you’re leaving money on the table. And if you PAID to drive these people to your site, you’re actually throwing money away.

This is why retargeting has become so popular. It gives you a chance to follow up with people that hit your site and left without converting.

Retargeting does work, but not nearly as well as it could.


It treats everyone the same. Any visitor that leaves without converting is treated EXACTLY the same with “traditional” retargeting.

You can do better. In fact, you can actually increase your sales by up to 384% with one simple “tweak” to basic retargeting.

ConnectRetarget lets you SEGMENT your website users by behavior and action. For example, it’ll tell you who closed your site after 5 seconds, and who stayed on for several minutes or longer.

Obviously, there’s no point in targeting someone who hit your site by accident.

But users that spent minutes on your page and scrolled through a lot of your content? These are people you have a MUCH stronger chance of converting
into customers.

Created by a conversion expert who’s been using retargeting since it first came out. His behavior-based model lets you create ultra targeted audiences of truly engaged site visitors. And turn “no” into “yes” as often as possible.

So your conversion rates go through the roof, and your ad costs decrease.

There are many FB tools in the market outthere, but nothing comes close to ConnectRetarget’s unqiue features including:

=> Retargeting made easy for beginners.

=> Allows experienced retargeters to maximize ROI.

=> Works with ANY platform or page builder.

=> 100% FB compliant.

=> Exploit the full potential of retargeting.

=> Send the right message to the right person at the right time.

=> Advanced behaviour and action-based retargeting.

=> Pre-made audience creation templates.

=> Fully customisable audiences on demand.

=> Maximize traffic, increase engagement & conversions.

=> Simple integration with your FB ads account.

=> Exclusive FB retargeting training included.

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2- Get Your Copy Now of ConnectRetarget Through This Special Bonus Link

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