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OneSoci 2.0 Review

OneSoci 2.0 Overview:

Creators: Lee Pennington & Martin Crumlish
Date Of Launch: 2015-09-26
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Niche: General
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Official site:
Bonuses: Yes, Special $4872 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Are The Creators Of OneSoci 2.0?

Lee Pennington and Martin Crumlish are the men behind OneSoci 2.0. They are well known names in the field of online marketing who are the masterminds behind Icon Lead, FB Profit Funnel, Wunder Banner, Local Traffic Collision, Youzign 2.0, InfoBar 2.0, DealVid, SocialSurveys and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind OneSoci 2.0?

Did you know that Facebook has 1.7 billion users, with over 1.13 billion people logging on and using their app every single day?

  • That’s a lot of people….and because of the powerful platform Facebook gives us, a huge audience for marketers to advertise to.
  • Marketers spent over $17 billion in ads last year, generating billions in revenue from Facebook.
  • Factor in the non-paid advertising sales, social media marketing, viral content and more, and you will quickly realise that Facebook is WHERE IT IS AT to reach your customers at will, when you need to.

The problem is:

  • To make use of this amazing platform you need to be ready to invest a LOT of time and a LOT of money, buying lots of different tools and mastering many different skills.
  • You’ll probably need to hire expensive designers and developers to help you really make the most of this.
  • Think of even the most basic Facebook marketing task – the humble post. For maximum engagement, you need to use an image or video so right away, where are you going to get this image or video?
  • You need to create it, and to do that you need software, templates or the skills of an outsourcer. It also costs you time. You craft your image, upload it to Facebook and set up your post. Even doing this requires you to log into Facebook, dig into the page you want to manage, and create everything.

Surely something this simple shouldn’t be this much hassle, right?

How about trying to actually find good content to syndicate on your pages and groups?

You better get a lot of browser tabs open and start searching youtube, google, facebook itself…and then try to order the results and work out what suits your audience and what is actually important. This is more of your precious time wasted.

Now, maybe you want to simply manage your FB pages and groups, doing stuff like updating the cover image or monitoring how well your posts are doing.

Again, this is going to need you to open a load of different browser tabs and wade through lots of tedious admin pages and manually order things to get the data you need. I could go on.

The point here is: even basic marketing tasks on platforms like Facebook become a HUGE drain on your time, money and resources, once you try to do the sort of things we, as marketers, need to do.

And Here Comes OneSoci 2.0….

Forget about tedious time sucking admin tasks and hiring expensive outsourcers.

It’s time to take control of your social media marketing with the our innovative all-in-one management platform.

Get ready to save hours of your time, and countless bills, as this tools blazes through tasks that eat into your day, and puts you back in control of what you need to be doing in your business.

No need to buy loads of different, expensive apps.

No need to hire expensive outsourcers.

OneSoci takes the pain out of social media marketing with an unrivalled feature-set. Once you try it, you will wonder how you managed before.

So, What Is OneSoci 2.0?

OneSoci 2.0 is a brand new app that lets you carry out practically every task you need to market on Facebook – everything from finding content to creating ads, right inside one powerful dashboard!

OneSoci 2.0 is so much more than just another Facebook management app.

Rival apps do some of what we do….but nothing does everything OneSoci 2.0 does.

We even let you manage Pinterest and Twitter too, right from the same dashboard!

Don’t worry about having to create content and images from scratch because OneSoci is loaded with “done for you” templates.

Not only does our app take the hassle out of marketing on social media, it also puts the right creatives in your hands, and integrates directly with amazing design tools like Youzign.

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How Does OneSoci 2.0 Work?

=>OneSoci 2.0 Walk Through Demo Video<=


OneSoci 2.0 Turns Your Social media Marketing Into A Simple Process:

Step #1: Find

  • Use our built-in research tools to find the most viral, compelling, active content that you can freely use in your own updates.
  • This will literally save you hours of your time, and the results can be immediately tailored to your needs, and posted where you want them.

Step #2: Engage

  • Having Facebook likes, Twitter follower or Pinterst pins is no good unless you know how to get these users engaging with your marketing.
  • OneSoci lets you do just that with our huge range of interactive apps. Everything from one-click optin posts to viral content is handled in our app, including the powerful analytics to measure your engagement to see what is working.

Step #3: Profit

  • Use our fully integrated, API approved, FB ads app to design, write, target and publish ad campaigns, all without leaving OneSoci 2.0
  • It has never been easier to publish a winning ad, thanks to our app

OneSoci 2.0 is absolutely packed with amazing features:

[+] 1 Click Timeline Optin:

  • This amazing new feature lets you post to the FB timeline and when users click “ok”, it caputres their email, name and more. Nothing else does this right from the timeline, it’s a truly innovative new feature.

[+] Content Finder:

  • Find endless video, image and text content using your chosen keyword, and leverage that in your own social media profiles by posting it with OneSoci 2.0

[+] Social Media Poster:

  • Post & share content to Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest automatically, immediately or scheduled in the future.

[+] Post Designer:

  • Design your posts with the in-house image editor and post directly to your social media accounts. Choose from 100’s of background images and 10 ready to go post templates.

[+] Facebook Cover Photo Designer:

  • Design your cover photo and post it directly to your page from the app, also see how it would look on your page even before you post it. Choose from 100’s of background images or use our “ready to edit” templates.

[+] Facebook Ads API Approval and Integration:

  • Design, target & publish your FB ad campaign directly from the app, with advanced targeting through flexible specs! This has been fully approved by Facebook so has full ads API access. Customers will love having all their FB marketing in 1 dashboard, including for the first time ever, FB ads!

[+] Social Scheduler:

  • ‘Set and Forget’ your contest posting with a detailed social scheduling, for all your social media accounts. You can set when your posts appear

[+] Ad Designer:

  • Design ads with the built-in image editor, or use external integrated apps like Youzign. You can even choose from our ready made ad templates which are preloaded in your account.

[+] Post Analytics:

  • If you don’t measure the results of your social media marketing, you are ‘flying blind’. You need to see what is working, so you can make the best choice for your business. OneSoci 2.0 lets you see it all in 1 place.

[+] Cover Photo Preview:

  • Check out what cover photo is displayed on any of your pages, edit it, change it…whatever you need! You never have to leave OneSoci. This is a massive timesaver!

[+] Active Ads Reporting:

  • Keep track of your active ads, how they are performing and more all from within OneSoci 2.0.

[+] Youzign:

  • Integration with Youzign, the leading cloud based design app.

[+] Templates:

  • With your OneSoci 2.0 account you get 100’s of background images and 30 “ready to edit” templates right inside the app.

[+] Powerful Usage Rights:

  • Powerful Usage Rights that let you manage 50 pages and 50 groups right inside your OneSoci dashboard.

[+] Image Library: 500+ Images:

  • OneSoci 2.0’s design functions are loaded with background images so you can rapidly create your own post images, cover images and ads.

Check out some of the templates you get with your purchase today:

OneSoci 2.0 Reviews

OneSoci takes the hassle out of social media marketing, saves you time and money, and puts creative tools and templates in your hands, in one powerful dashboard.
Nothing else comes close.

Here’s everything you get with this amazing deal:

[+] Social Media Poster

[+] Content Finder

[+] Content Scheduler

[+] Post Designer

[+] Ads Designer

[+] Cover Image Designer

[+] 30 Templates

[+] 1 Click Timeline Optin

[+] Ads Manager

[+] Analytics Dashboard

Who Is OneSoci 2.0 For?

  • AFFILIATE Marketers
  • NETWORK Marketers
  • CPA Marketers
  • VIDEO Marketers
  • Amazon Marketers
  • Email Marketers
  • FACEBOOK Marketers
  • Beginners
  • Bloggers
  • Product Reviewers
  • Online Marketers
  • Offline Marketers

Check out what real people are saying about OneSoci!

OneSoci 2.0 Reviews

OneSoci 2.0 Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


Q1: Can I plan my posts to be published at a later date?

  • Answer: Absolutely. You decide what appears on your Facebook page, when it appears and for how long. You get complete control over everything. That kind of control is quite hard to get even if you hire a personal social media consultant.

Q2: Do I still need to hire a designer to help me with my designs?

  • Answer: We understand that you would not want to waste your time or hard earned money to pay someone to design your cover photos, posts & Ads for you. So we have taken care of it for you with our FB Ad, FB Post & FB Cover photo designer tool.

Q3: Will I be able to track progress of my posts?

  • Answer: Yes, every audience is different, so a successful Facebook strategy requires testing and analysis. We’ll show you how your posts performed, and let you easily re-use your creative assets to test different posts and cover photos.

Q4: Is there a money back guarantee?

  • Answer: Although we know the only mail I will be getting from you, would be a “Thank You” Mail, for which I am grateful in advance. But in a ‘rare event’ of you wanting a refund within 30-days of your purchase, we will be happy to oblige and refund your investment without asking you even a single question.

Q5: Why can I not use this on unlimited fan pages/groups?

  • Answer: After much research we realized that API calls to Facebook are heavy and we cannot possibly support unlimited usage. We would love to, but just can’t. So just to make sure we don’t go bankrupt, and the software doesn’t break – we’ve instituted a fair policy. In future, you will be able to buy access rights to more fan pages + groups within the software.

OneSoci 2.0 OTO (Upsells):

OTO#1: OneSoci 2.0 PRO:

Put OneSoci 2.0 into overdrive with our Special Pro Edition, loaded with more templates, extra advanced features and an Agency License!

With OneSoci 2.0, you have an amazing piece of software that will revolutionize your Facebook marketing.

For those of you who want to save even more time, and tap into some extra powerful features, we have added our Pro version, with a special upgrade price.

OneSoci 2.0 Pro includes:

[+] Developer Rights & Agency License:

  • Use OneSoci 2.0 to manage unlimited FB Pages and Groups for yourself and for clients. All account number limits are removed and you can now turn your OneSoci 2.0 account in the engine for your agency business, serving as many clients as you want.

[+] Custom Page Tab System:

  • Ever since Facebook changed their Page layout, Page tabs have taken on a new lease off life. Tap into this powerful new piece of Facebook ‘real estate’ using our Tab Page creation functions. This used to be complex – we make it simple!

[+] Unlimited Fan Pages and Groups:

  • Now you can manage cover images, content and more for an unlimited number of pages and groups. This opens up everything you do with OneSoci 2.0 to make it a full agency ready system. You can offer all sorts of social media services to clients and simply use our powerful dashboard to manage it all easily. Even 1 client would cover for the cost of OneSoci 2.0 and the Pro upgrade.

[+] 30 Cover Images:

  • Branding for your own pages and profile is vitally important, and it’s no different for potential clients. With this upgrade you get loads of ready-to-edit templates for multiple niches that you can edit right away to use with clients.

[+] 30 Post Templates:

  • Create high converting posts with proven images using our professionally designed templates.
  • You get 30 templates now and 10 more every single month.

[+] 30 Facebook Ad Templates:

  • Use these ready to go Facebook Ad templates in your campaign to get off to a high converting start with your campaigns, saving countless hours and avoiding the need to hire a designer and get fresh templates each month.
  • You get all of the above right inside your dashboard, with a huge launch discount over our normal price.

OneSoci 2.0 Pro includes everything you need to get started providing these same powerful social media services to your clients.

Here is a recap of everything you get:

  • Developer Rights& Agency License
  • Page Tab System
  • Unlimited Fan Page and Group Management
  • 30 Post Templates
  • 30 Cover Images
  • 30 Ad Templates
  • 30 New Templates Every Month

OTO#2: OneSoci 2.0 Contest Edition: Onetime Payment Of $87:

How Would You Like To Turn OneSoci 2.0 Into A Viral List Building Machine?

Now You Can, With OneSoci 2.0 Contest Edition!

For our customers who want to:

– Create viral lists
– Build their email list on autopilot
– Run contests and competitions for clients
– Run “1 click entry” contests and opt-in contests
– Create multiple and single choice survey and
quiz contests

….we have created OneSoci 2.0 Contest Edition.

This powerful upgrade adds to the already amazing suite of tools within OneSoci 2.0, and would normally require another external app. We’ve made it simple, built it right inside OneSoci and included not 1 but THREE different contest functions within the app.

Nothing gets action like a viral, incentivised contest on Facebook, and nothing gets you results like our cutting edge 3 in 1 contest technology. The “1 click entry” system is a huge development, and dramatically cuts down any barriers to a visitor entering a contest.

Here’s everything you get right now with your OneSoci 2.0 Contest Edition upgrade:

[+] One Click Entry Contests:

  • With our powerful “one click” technology, users simply click “ok” to the apps request that they enter the contest, and their name, email and demographic info are captured directly into your OneSoci 2.0 dashboard.
  • This can dramatically increase contest entries, engagement and results and is the 1st contest technology of its kind.

[+] Opt-in Contests:

  • If you choose the traditional “opt in” contest type you can set up a manual form where users type their info to enter the contest, which is then entered into the system and can be viewed, exported, and managed from your dashboard easily.

[+] Quiz/Survey Contests:

  • Contests where users are drawn in by answering a question get huge engagement and sign up rates. This is down to the principal of “micro commitments”.
  • If someone clicks to answer a multiple choice question, they are much more likely to complete their entry. To capitalise on ths, we have our 3rd contest type: quiz/survey contests.
  • Creating successful viral contests that explode your list growth and results is simple with OneSoci 2.0 Contest Edition.


=> STEP 1:

  • Choose the page you want to run your contest on.

=> STEP 2:

  • Choose your contest type and add your details.

=> STEP 3:

  • Publish and your contest is live!

It really is THAT simple!

…and you get powerful contest management options:
With the ultimate level of control for each contest, you can manage everything from entrants to choosing winners and exporting entry data, right inside your OneSoci dashboard.

With OneSoci, you are in complete control and can be running an unlimited number of contests in your account as soon as you upgrade!

To make this offer even more unbeatable, we have included 20 contest templates, ready to use ‘as is’ or edit for your own campaigns. To create these yourself would take hours if not days, and to hire a designer to make them would cost $100+. You get all 20 as soon as you sign up.

This means not only can you get started right now with 3 different types of contest, but you can cut out the need for a designer and immediately put this to use for yourself and your clients.

We could have built this contest function as a completely separate app from OneSoci 2.0, with it’s own brand name and a whole other product launch….

….but we decided we want to give the maximum value and functionality to our loyal OneSoci customers, and have made Contest Edition available today for a simple, low upgrade price.

There is NO monthly or annual fee for Contest Edition. What you pay today is all you will ever pay for this, plus it is backed up 100% by our 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

You have NOTHING to lose by adding Contest Edition to your OneSoci account, and everything to gain. Just 1 new client or 1 campaign can cover the cost of this upgrade for you. Trying it for 30 days is an unbeatable offer, and all the risk is on us.

Here is a recap of everything you get:

  • One-Click Contest System
  • Optin Contests
  • Quiz and Survey Contests
  • Full management dashboard
  • Detailed statistics
  • Automated winner choice system
  • Contest data exporter
  • 20 “ready to go” template to use in your contests
  • Remember, all of this could easily have been an entirely new app and launch, but we are making it available now as a OneSoci 2.0 upgrade.

OneSoci 2.0 Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of OneSoci 2.0?

If you are searching for all-in-one tool that will handle all of your: content generation, research, post scheduling, page management, group management, image creation, ads management, FB analytics in 1 single dashboard, then One Soci 2.0 will be your best choice.

OneSoci is the new “all in one” Facebook marketing suite from Martin Crumlish and Lee Pennington.

This amazing app lets you carry out every marketing task you can think of, right inside the app. There is no need to have a load of different apps and dashboards all over the place, as you struggle to try to manage your pages, groups and ad campaigns.

OneSoci 2.0 has it all in 1 place.

it even has “1 click optins” direct from the FB timeline. This is huge, and great for list building.

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