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ConnectExplore Review

ConnectExplore Overview:

Creator: Wilco de Kreij
Date Of Launch: 2017-01-04
Time Of Launch: 10:00 EDT
Niche: Facebook Marketing
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Official site: http://
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6214 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Is The Creator Of ConnectExplore?

Wilco de is the man behind ConnectExplore. He made his big success being an affiliate marketer which he has been doing full time since 2006. For five years, he has been selected as one of the top affiliates in Netherlands. He is behind many successful internet marketing software and programs such as ZoSocial, VideoSkin, Viral Optins, UpViral, ChatLinks, ConnectAudience, ConnectRetarget and others.

What Is The Main Idea Behind ConnectExplore?

The New Facebook Opportunity Business Owners Like YOU Have Been Waiting For

A set of circumstances which makes it possible to do something. Thats what an opportunity is.

Its the moment in time when the impossible becomes possible.

Until today, marketers have never had an opportunity like this.

Imagine if you could:

  • Find profitable untapped Facebook interests other marketers and business owners didnt already know about effectively leapfrogging your competition.
  • Know ahead of time the exact interests to target in your advertising with pre-analyzed interests so theres no guesswork involved.
  • See which interests in your ad sets were generating clicks and making conversions . . . so scaling multiple interests becomes a no-brainer.
  • Eliminate the need for complicated split testing to find lucrative interests.
  • Effortlessly filter your audiences to drill down to the hungriest groups of leads and buyers.

Here comes ConnectExplore…..

Even though Wilco’s team created some cutting edge tools for Facebook marketers

They were still missing a huge piece of the puzzle to help business owners marketing on Facebook.

Business owners still needed help to find the right interests to target (because its the foundation of making money with Facebook ads.)

Here’s why so many business owners need help:

  • Thousands Of Business Owners Like YOU Are Competing For The SAME Audiences.
  • In most niches, advertisers target the exact same interest groups.
  • They might try to find untapped interests . . . however, they end up failing. Its because Facebooks Ad Manager and Audience Insights tool shows a limited number of interests to target. Usually 20 or 30 per keyword, tops.

So its NO WONDER click-thru rates start dropping . . .and audiences become ad blind.


Not only is the competition heating up, ad costs are also rising.

Many authorities tell you to split test interests to keep ad costs down.

However, to get the data from split testing, you need to set up one adset for every interest you want to target.

Setting up all those different ad sets for a split-test takes time

And keeping track of those results eats up even more of your precious time.

Another issue is every adset also needs to have its own minimum daily budget.

So, if you need to test 50 different adsets youll need to have a big testing budget.

Even if you budget only $5 per ad set, youd spend $250 per day to test just 50 interests. As you probably know, you need to run tests for several days to get accurate results.

That adds up to a LOT of money just on testing.

This means many marketers skip testing altogether, or dont get any real benefits from it.

The bottom line?

Poor Interest Targeting Means Youll Pay MORE Than You Should For Facebook Ads….

When your interest targeting is off, fewer people click on your ads. This gives you a low click-through-rate.

Low click-through-rates make Facebook think youre providing a bad user experience . . . something it wants to avoid at all costs.

In other words . . .

Facebook charges you much more for your ads if you don’t get your interest targeting right.

Seeing these trends, we figured there had to be a better way to find profitable interests to target.

We decided to test some of the available targeting and analytics tools already on the market. We wanted to see why they werent giving business owners the help they needed to get their interests right.

Why Most Targeting Tools On The Market Aren’t The Answer..Its simple.

  • Most companies don’t have rights to access Facebooks Ads API. (This bit about the API can be a bit confusing, so let me explain.)

While everyone who wants it has access to Facebooks general API, the Ads API is a different animal altogether.

Facebook is very picky about which companies they let access the Ads API. You have to pass a lot of tests and jump through hoops to get permission.

Were 100% Facebook Approved:

Our company, Connectio, has passed Facebooks most stringent requirements in order to use their Ads API inside our products.

Because of this, youll get Facebook verified results with our tools and our tools integrate directly with your Facebook ad account (where other tools dont.)

The Massive Facebook Ads API Advantage:

Many targeting tools cant access data directly from your Facebook Ads account because they can only access Facebooks regular API.

Instead, these tools rely on Facebooks regular API. The regular API doesnt have access to Interests. Other tools only guess which interests can be targeted. They have no way to find and verify all the interests actually available.


So its no wonder marketers dont get good results from them.

As many as 50% of the interests these tools return cant actually be targeted on Facebook. In other words, they can be a big waste of time and money.

In contrast, our company has passed all Facebooks tests with flying colors. . . we have Facebooks blessing to use their Ads API in our tools.

Because we can access Facebooks Ads API (where others cant) . . .


It let us create the Ultimate Facebook Interest Finding & Analytics Tool….

The Interest Targeting Tool Facebook Marketers Need Right Now:

We built an interest gathering and analytics tool for Facebook unlike ANY other on the market.

This advanced (yet simple-to-use) tool:

=> Pre-qualifies every interest:

  • as highly relevant for the keywords a user enters.

=> Shows instant performance metrics of each & every interest:

  • without any guesswork or complicated split testing.

=> Finds untapped interests other tools cant access:

  • giving you a one-sided advantage over your competition.

=> Adds interests directly to your ad manager in a single click:

  • without any cutting and pasting (massive time savings).

=> Includes interest layering in your targeting options:

  • (more on how layering significantly increases your conversions soon).

=> Doesn’t need any outside tracking tools to measure results:

  • (which are a pain to set up).

In short, this tool FINDS targeted audiences that are hidden from your competition, RATES those audiences for profitability, & helps you serve PRECISE ads for maximum ROI. At last, our new targeting and analytics tool was ready to be put to the test.

=> See The Power Of ConnectExplore<=

How Does ConnectExplore Work?

ConnectExplore is our brand new tool to uncover the most profitable Facebook interests to target..

It works its magic in 4 simple steps:

Step #1: Discovery

  • Find interests to target, many of which are simply unavailable to your competition.

Step #2: Filter

  • Find the best interests and most engaged audiences, keenly engaged in your offers.

Step #3: Target

  • Apply results to specific interests for the highest possible ROI.

Step #4: Analyze & Scale

  • Measure which interests are working best. Your ads perform at the highest level, putting money back into your pocket

Watch The Demo Video Below To Discover How ConnectExplore Effortlessly Maximizes YOUR Conversions

=>ConnectExplore Full Demo Video<=

Even if they do open and click on your mails, research show that buyers need seven exposures to an offer before purchasing. That means sending more mails, which only further compounds the problem of declining open rates!

Case Studies: Access To Untapped Interests Brings Unreal Results:

Our new tool drilled down deep to find tons of fresh interests other tools couldnt find. And it was a breeze to optimize our campaigns, because:

  • Our interests were pre-analyzed for us. This way, we knew they would be relevant to our campaigns before we spent any time creating ads . . . with absolutely no guesswork needed.
  • No split testing was required. We could view in-depth analytics on how each one of our interests in an ad set was performing. It saved us so much time and hassle.
  • Underperforming interests could be removed with a single click. This allowed us to continually optimize our campaigns . . . which meant we got more clicks to our offers, yet spent less money on traffic.

However, before we could release it to the public, we had to prove we could get phenomenal results with it ourselves.

=> Case Study #1: Turning a LOSING Campaign into a 214% ROI WINNER Using ConnectExplore <=

To put ConnectExplore to the ultimate test, we set up a split-test to see the true power of our Layering Feature. We created one ad with no layering, and another with layering enabled.

The result? By enabling layering the campaign was immediately profitable with a whopping 214% ROI (turning every $1 into more than $3).

=> Case Study #2: Turning a COLD audience into $4074 in PROFIT in a Highly Competitive Market <=

The Internet Marketing world is known as one of the most competitive markets out there, making it very hard to make profits on interest-based campaigns to cold audiences.

Using ConnectExplore, we were able to pinpoint the less common interests and were able to quickly remove non-performing interests, making our campaign better and better over time.

The result? We turned 2799 into 6697 (a $4074 profit).

We were very excited by the test results.

The software obviously had huge potential to help businesses target the right interests (and get the analytics they need to optimize their ad sets.)

However, our own results werent enough. We asked a small group of beta testers to try it out and report back.

We had to make sure both new AND experienced marketers found the tool easy-to-use . . . and produced the same kind of amazing results we were seeing in our own campaigns.

The results blew our entire development team away.

=>Case Study #3: Beta Tester Makes $9,633 Net Profit From Just One Campaign<=

Our beta-tester Luuk recently started a brand new Shopify store in a niche he has never entered before.

Instead of spending hours on research, he decided to give ConnectExplore a go.

The result?

He spent $2,153 on ads, resulting in a whopping $19,508 in sales within just a few weeks!

Taking his product costs into account, this campaign resulted in a $9,633 NET PROFIT.

That’s right – a 347% ROI without searching for any interests!

Watch the case study video below for all the details:

How To Tap Into Hidden Markets For An UNFAIR Profit Advantage:

Until now, targeting by interest on Facebook was too complicated and ineffective. It was difficult to drill down to find hot interests which werent already being targeted to death by other marketers.

ConnectExplore changes EVERYTHING about interest targeting with its powerful filtering options:

Here are just some of the targeting options available inside ConnectExplore. Use them to find lucrative niche markets other marketers dont even know exist.

ConnectExplores Advanced Targeting Features:

ConnectExplore finds you the lucrative interests your competitors miss out on . . . dominate your niche for skyrocketing ROI on your ad dollars!

[+] User Friendly Layout / Dashboard find and filter interests with ease:

  • get the interests you need to dominate your competition, when you need them.
  • save all interests as projects you can build on and add to over time.

[+] Powerful Interest Search Engine finds the motivated audiences you NEVER uncover on your own:

  • search MULTIPLE keywords at once.
  • auto-suggest feature finds you all related keywords as you search.
  • uncover even more highly related interests to your keywords by enabling search extensions.
  • For example, if you typed in nursing as your keyword, the extension feature would search for nursing association nursing institution, nursing school etc. as well.
  • analyzes which Facebook pages can be used as an interest for your Ads.
  • cruise past your competitors with interests theyll NEVER find on their own.

[+] Explore Pages (no other tool on the market does this):

  • ConnectExplore finds Facebook Pages which have liked similar Pages to theirs then allows you to target these liked pages. This way, you can piggyback on the work of work of others you wont be limited to your own creativity to find interests.

[+] Automated Suggestions:

  • Once you get an initial list of interests, ConnectExplore suggests an additional list of highly-related suggestions to target.

[+] Filtering results you can actually USE:

  • powerful, smart filters easily find the best interests for your search strings.
  • because ConnectExplore is directly integrated with your Facebook ads account, youll only see targetable results.

[+] Foreign language targeting option tap into under exploited local markets:

  • target by foreign languages to find hidden markets other marketers are ignoring.
  • 43 languages supported more options than ever to target underserved markets for huge profits.

[+] Advanced Targeting ad costs go down while performance goes up for the ultimate in ROI:

  • drill down to the most motivated audiences with layering (e.g. people interested in 2,3 or 4 of your interest sets).
  • add interest lists to FB ad sets in 1 click (without leaving the ConnectExplore dashboard . . . or any copy & pasting).

[+] Analyse the best of split testing without the time, hassle or expense:

  • Get a detailed breakdown of the status of EVERY ad you serve PER interest group.
  • Impressions, clicks, CTR, unique clicks, unique CTR, spend, cost per click.
  • Works with all of your ad sets not just those created with interests you discovered with ConnectExplore.
  • Drop under-performing ad sets in a single click (enables you to constantly optimize your campaigns for a MASSIVE return-on-investment of your ad dollars).

Who Can Benefit From ConnectExplore?

=> CPA Marketers:

  • get more targeted traffic to your offers for less ad spend and bigger profits.

=> Affiliate Marketers:

  • target buyers your competition is ignoring for an unfair advantage. Adding layering uncovers raging niche fans . . . scale up your offers fast.

=> List Builders:

  • get more leads for less money by optimizing your ad sets with ConnectExplore.

=> Local marketing consultants:

  • each local businesses owners like never before. Perfect for those wanting to enter lucrative foreign markets as well.

=> eCommerce Marketers :

  • get more sales with less ad spend. Find interests you never knew your customers had . . . gives you tons of ideas for new hot selling products to stock in your stores

=> Social Media Marketers:

  • your competition will never know how you are getting so many leads and sales. Theyll wonder what the secret weapon in your marketing arsenal is!

=>Special ConnectExplore Fast Action Bonus<=

With all the advanced features stacked inside ConnectExplore, youd expect to pay much more than well be asking for such a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use targeting tool.

But because we are rolling out ConnectExplore for its initial public launch, were offering up special lifetime pricing at a steep discount. (More on this soon.)

And as a way of welcoming you into the Connectio family, we have a very special bonus offer for you.

You’ll receive 30-days of free access to our award-winning Facebook marketing suite of software called ConnectSuite…

Why are we doing this?

Its simple.

We think once youve tried ConnectSuite for 30 days, youll become one of our Suite customers for life.

These Aren’t Lite Versions Of My Best Tools
Sometimes, software developers allow prospective customers access to watered-down lite versions of their products.

This is not the case with your 30-day free trial.

Youll get to experience ConnectSuites full-featured power to boost your Facebook conversions.

Get ready to score all the leads and sales you can handle!

An Overview Of The Potent Tools Inside ConnectSuite
Here are the ConnectSuite tools youll get exclusive access to for the next 30-days with your purchase of ConnectExplore:

Tool #1: Connectretarget (Value $47/Month)

  • Your advertising dollars are wasted on prospects that show little-to-no engagement with your content. You need to focus your ad spend on your most highly motivated prospects . . . and ConnectRetarget allows you to do exactly that.
  • Segments your visitors based on how they interact with your website.
  • Targets only your most highly motivated prospects (for more leads and sales faster than you dreamed possible)
  • Weeds out tire kickers unlikely to buy or subscribe (keeps your ad costs low) and more.

=> See The Power Of Connectretarget <=

Tool #2: ConnectLeads (Value $47/Month)

  • ConnectLeads eliminates the need to manually export data from FB lead ads into your autoresponder. Mobile visitors can add themselves to your list with just a few taps.
  • Fully integrates your Facebook ad account and autoresponders for maximum efficiency no wasted time downloading CSV files, uploading them to your autoresponder, etc.
  • Facebook users on mobile get added to your email lists with just a few taps leads are automatically imported to your autoresponder/CRM instantly
  • Real-time data and analytics all the data you need to make important business decisions at your fingertips
  • Most major autoresponders and CRM platforms are supported by ConnectLeads and more.

=> See The Power Of ConnectLeads <=

Tool #3: Connectaudience (Value $47/Month)

  • Reach your subscribers like never before with a powerful combination of email and Facebook Custom Audiences. Gain Custom Audience targeting options never available before now. Maximize your conversions for massive ROI and profits.
  • Custom tailor Facebook ads to keep up with your email follow-up sequences increase your subscribers exposure to high-ticket offers using Facebook ads. Maximize your conversions and put more money in your bank.
  • Segment FB Custom Audiences target past product buyers, subscribers who opened/clicked on emails, didnt open emails/click links and much, much more
  • Create lookalike audiences based on your subscriber lists target Facebook users who match similar preferences, demographics and interests of your subscribers. Expands your reach without any extra effort
  • Compatible With Most Popular Autoresponders almost any autoresponder can be supported with a simple cut and paste of HTML code and more.

=> See The Power Of Connectaudience <=

Test all the tools inside the ConnectSuite over the next 30 days without risk or additional cost.

Use this suite of advanced (yet simple to use) tools without any restrictions during the trial period. Enjoy taking your Facebook marketing to new levels of profitability over the next month.

And we are constantly developing new tools to add to the Suite. Our subscribers will get access to more advanced Facebook marketing tools like these at no extra charge. Yours Free For 30 Days With Your Investment In ConnectExplore Today

=> Complete Video Training Provided:

  • It goes without saying you’ll be provided with full video-based training on how to make the most of ConnectExplore and the entire Suite. You’ll be able to get profitable Facebook campaigns up in no time flat without any guesswork.
  • If you get stuck, help is as close by as our friendly, helpful support desk. (You can access the support desk from directly inside your ConnectExplore dashboard.)

Your Gift Of A Free Trial For ConnectSuite Sounds Great, Wilco!

But What Happens When My 30 Days Are Up?

Its very simple.

If you decide to keep ConnectSuite past the initial 30 day trial period, you’ll be billed $97 per month starting the month following your initial purchase.

This amounts to yearly savings of $528 over what youd pay to subscribe to all of the individual products in the Suite.

In the unlikely event you find during your 30 day trial you find you’re not:

  • Making more and spending less on ads
  • Adding more leads to your autoresponder with less friction (especially from mobile visitors)
  • Getting better ROI on your retargeting campaigns
  • Saving time finding profitable interests to target

Then simply cancel the Suite. Youre not locked into a contract in any way.

As long as you cancel with the first 30 days of purchasing ConnectExplore, you wont be charged an extra penny. Cancelling is as easy as contacting our support desk.

If you cancel, well part as friends no hassles or hard feelings.

Youll still have full access to ConnectExplore if you decide to cancel your ConnectSuite trial.*(*Unless you refund your purchase of ConnectExplore.)

Please be aware. . . the free 30-day ConnectSuite trial is a time-sensitive offer, available only during the initial public launch of ConnectExplore.

See What Users Are Saying About ConnectExplore:

ConnectExplore Discount

ConnectExplore Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q1: Is ConnectExplore (and the ConnectSuite) compatible with my Mac?

  • Answer: All the products in the ConnectSuite (including ConnectExplore) are 100% cloud-based. There are no compatibility issues with any operating system, and nothing to download. Simply login, and get started right away.

Q2: I already have some ad sets set up. Will I be able to optimize them with ConnectExplore?

  • Answer: Absolutely! You can optimize any of your ad sets with ConnectExplore, even if you created them previously.

Q3: Which languages are supported by ConnectExplore?

  • Answer: Currently, ConnectExplore supports 43 languages. Just a few of the major languages supported are: English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese (China, Taiwan & Hong Kong dialects all supported), Portuguese and Japanese . . . along with many other Asian, European and African languages.

Q4: What makes ConnectExplore different from other targeting tools on the market?

  • Answer: The biggest difference is that ConnectExplore integrates fully with Facebooks Ad API. Only a handful of companies are extended this privilege by Facebook after passing stringent requirements. This means we are able to access data others cant. It allows us to perform deeper searches than our competitors and access in-depth analytics.
  • In addition, it means ConnectExplore can connect directly with your ad manager. (You’ll be able to add your ConnectExplore interests to your ad manager without any cutting and pasting saving you tons of time & effort.)

Q5: Im skeptical about getting a free trial for ConnectSuite. Will my credit card be automatically charged?

  • Answer: As long as you let us know you’d like to cancel before the 30 day trial period has passed, you wont be charged a thing. There’s no contract cancel at any time without penalty. If we don’t hear from you, in 30 days you’ll be charged $97 per month. This is big savings over paying for the tools inside ConnectSuite individually.

Q6: What if I decide I dont want the Suite? Will I lose access to ConnectExplore?

  • Answer: You’ll keep lifetime access to ConnectExplore, even if you cancel your ConnectSuite trial. The only time you would lose access to both ConnectExplore and the ConnectSuite would be in the event you ask for a refund on ConnectExplore.

Q7: If I decide I dont want ConnectExplore, can I still keep my 30-day free access to the ConnectSuite trial?

  • Answer: Sorry. The trial is only for purchasers of ConnectExplore. If you refund your purchase, you will lose access to ConnectSuite.

Q8: Is there any kind of guarantee?

  • Answer: ConnectExplore has a risk-free, 30 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Q9: I’m not very technical. Will I still be able to use ConnectExplore and the tools in the Suite?

  • Answer: Even if youre brand-new to Facebook marketing, theres a comprehensive video training library which will walk you through setting up each and every tool inside the ConnectSuite. And if you get stuck at any point, our support desk will be happy to assist you at any time.

ConnectExplore OTO:

OTO#1: ConnectSuite (Annual Discount): $697/Year

  • Save 40% immediately.
  • No more annoying monthly payments.
  • Get new Connectio tools included at NO extra cost
  • 100% Facebook Approved
  • Full video training on each and every tool provided
  • 30-day, full money-back satisfaction guarantee
  • You’re grandfathered in at this amazing price for life

Save $467 Annually On ConnectSuite

Today you have an opportunity to save some serious money on ConnectSuite.

[+] Stunning Case Studies Reveal The Combined Power Of ConnectSuite:

  • Each and every tool inside the Suite is a potent conversion force on its own to be reckoned with. Combining the tools together brings the tremendous earning potential of Facebook ads within reach for everyone . . . not just to those with massive ad budgets.

Case Study #1: Turning $128 into $25,245

  • Using ConnectRetarget were getting a 19,600% ROI on our retargeting ads.

Case Study #2: 2021% ROI ($84 into $1782)

  • We did the ultimate test to confirm the effectiveness of running Facebook Ads in parallel to an email promotion using ConnectAudience.

While promoting UpViral to a segment of our email list, we randomly split them into two equal groups.

Group A: Control group who received only emails.
Group B: Test group who received emails + got exposed to Facebook Ads.

When someone from group B opened any of the emails, they were automatically added to a custom audience using ConnectAudience.

In total, we spent $84 on Facebook Ads.

The results? Heres a screenshot straight from our Google Analytics account:

(Thats a 2021% ROI thanks to ConnectAudience)

Case Study #3: 100% more conversions, 60% lower CPL

One of our customers (Joakim Hansson) split-tested how well ConnectLeads was working compared to his previous lead generation ads.

Lead Ads using ConnectLeads gave 100% more conversions at 60% lower cost per lead!

YOUR Facebook Ads Power Suite For Ultimate
Time Savings & Profitability

The Connectio Team is proud to help business owners get better results from their Facebook advertising regardless of your budgets or level of experience with Facebook Ads.

Its why we have carefully crafted the cutting-edge tools in ConnectSuite to bring YOU outstanding results while spending less on your ad campaigns.

Heres a deeper look inside how each of these tools can take YOUR Facebook campaigns to new levels of time saving & profitability!

ConnectSuite has something for EVERY Facebook marketer.

[+] ConnectAudience:

Theres a goldmine of information hiding inside your autoresponders.

Its just waiting to be exploited in FB retargeting campaigns by smart marketers like YOU

Before ConnectAudience, if you wanted to build Facebook Custom Audiences from your email subscriber data, it involved a huge hassle exporting and uploading data.

  • And your Custom Audiences needed to be manually updated every time you got a new subscriber (which could be dozens of times per day!)
  • Now, you can seamlessly integrate email segments based on subscriber behavior directly into your FB Custom Audiences without any mind-numbing exporting/importing/uploading data.
  • With ConnectAudiences customizable and/or options interface, your targeting possibilities are virtually endless!
  • ConnectAudience retargets your email subscribers based on actions
  • For instance, whether or not theyve opened your latest email. This way you can immediately boost the ROI of your email list using profitable retargeting campaigns.
  • Multiplies sales generated from your subscriber lists without sending more emails (by retargeting subscribers who havent yet acted on your offers).
  • Creates super-profitable campaigns by precision targeting subscribers who are the best fit for your offers (gives you insane ROI on your ad dollars).
  • No more wasting time exporting, downloading CSV files, filtering subscribers, or building custom audiences manually seamlessly create FB Custom Audiences based on buyer behavior, email opens/unopens/clicks and more!
  • Cloud-based nothing to download or install Works with Windows, Mac & Linux even on tablets and smartphones (manage your campaigns from anywhere with an internet connection).

[+] ConnectLeads:

Sends Fresh, Motivated Facebook Leads Directly Into Your Autoresponder Campaigns For Overnight Sales..

When Facebook created Lead Ads, they seemed like the answer to many business owners prayers. Now getting leads in any niche directly from Facebook would be easy . . . or so many marketers thought.

Only it wasn’t.

The problem was youd get the leads, then have to export them from Facebook in a CSV file. Next youd need to upload them into your autoresponder. It was time-consuming but that wasnt the worst.

Because often, you cant import the leads straight into your autoresponder. You have to jump through hoops waiting for approval from your autoresponder in order to add these leads to your list.

Which wastes too much time when you have time-sensitive offers to send out!

  • ConnectLeads makes Facebook Lead Ads campaigns far simpler AND profitable!
  • Adds new subscribers to your email lists from your FB Lead Ad campaigns automatically and dynamically.
  • Your subscriber list grows in real-time every lead gets added to your list as soon as they subscribe. No waiting to upload a list.
  • Mobile users add themselves to your list with a tap on their device (no typing required!).
  • Fully integrates your Facebook ad account and autoresponders for maximum efficiency no wasting time downloading CSV files, uploading them to your autoresponder, etc.
  • Cloud-based software nothing to download, install or update ever. We take care of everything so you can focus on your campaigns.

[+] ConnectRetarget:

Your Website Visitors ARENT All The Same . . . So Why Retarget Them Like They Are? Its a fact.

Some of your visitors are FAR more likely to take action on your offers than others are.

If a visitor bounces off your site within seconds, its unlikely theyre interested in what you have to offer. So retargeting them is a serious waste of your time, money and efforts.

On the other hand, someone who has visited your site several times and read through multiple pages of your content is ripe for retargeting.

So why not take this knowledge and run with it?

  • Create your very own custom audiences with our intuitive drop-down interface:
  • Get more leads . . . and eager buyers for your offers with ConnectRetarget.
  • Complete BEGINNERS can set up profitable FB retargeting campaigns in minutes without guesswork.
  • Allows experienced retargeters to DRAMATICALLY increase their ROI.
  • Work with ANY website platform: WordPress, Shopify, ClickFunnels, LeadPages or ANY other site builder.
  • 100% compliant with FBs terms of service users have zero risk of having their accounts banned.

[+] ConnectAutomate:

  • Scale Up, Scale Back And Schedule Out Your Facebook Ad Campaigns.
  • ConnectAutomate will be added to your ConnectSuite dashboard very soon.
  • Its going to be a complete game-changer for how you run your FB ad campaigns.

Here’s why:

Its easy to get busy and forget to check on the status of your FB ad campaigns.

And that means you end up spending more than you should. . . because lets face it, not every campaign is a winner. Maybe your ad copy or image isnt right for your audience. Maybe your offer is a bit off.

Or, your campaign may be doing extremely well, and should be scaled up. However, life gets in the way. By the time you remember to scale up your campaign, your target audience is already getting ad fatigue.

Now, you can protect yourself from overspending . . . and make sure your ads get scaled up when they should.

ConnectAutomate has NEVER been released to the public before now.

You’ll be one of the first to receive its advantages:

  • Set up rules to completely automate your Facebook ads manage your campaigns hands-free
  • Automatically pause ads kill unprofitable campaigns before you bleed red ink
  • Schedule campaigns plan your campaigns in advance, then schedule them out at your leisure
  • Create ads from organic posts a simple way to get more mileage out of your FanPage post content
  • Increase or decrease your budget set up rules in advance to automatically scale up or dial back campaigns to keep your budget in check
  • Send yourself email notifications about your campaign status and much, much more!

The ConnectSuite Family Is Growing . . .
And YOULL Benefit From It Without Paying An Extra Penny

Well be releasing more tools to make Facebook marketing easier, smarter and less expensive in 2017. As Facebook rolls out new ad features, you can bet the Connectio team will be on top of them.

And well be creating simple-to-use tools to work hand-in-hand with anything Facebook dreams up.

Tools to make Facebook marketing more efficient and cost-effective for ALL business owners no matter what their size or budget is.

ConnectSuite Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q1: So let me get this straight – I can save $467 per year by choosing to skip the trial offer?

  • Answer: Yes. For those who elect to give up their trial offer, theyll pay $697 today. This amounts to savings of $467 over what a monthly subscription of $97 works out to over a year.
  • You will still keep your 30-day refund guarantee though, so there’s no risk giving this a try!

Q2: Will I still be charged $97 per month for ConnectSuite over-and-above the $697?

  • Answer: No. When you prepay $697 for today for an annual license for the Suite, you will not be charged any additional monthly fees. Pay once, and youve fully covered your subscription for the next 12 months . . . you wont pay a penny more even when new tools are added to the Suite.
  • Plus, youre grandfathered in at the same $697 annual subscription renewal for life. You wont ever get any unpleasant surprises in the form of an subscription increase.

Q3: Can I still get this offer after my 30-day free trial runs out?

  • Answer: Sorry! This is your only shot to pick up the Suite for $697. We are not planning on offering annual licenses at such a steep discount.

Q4: Is there a payment plan available?

  • Answer: No. We’ve decided to offer up these significant savings only to those who prepay for a year.

Q5: If I pass now, and decide to get an annual subscription to ConnectSuite a year from now, will you honor the $697 annual fee?

  • Answer: Unfortunately, we are only offering up this pricing for those who act immediately. If you choose to wait a year, expect to pay at least double.

Q6: If you add more tools to the Suite, will I need to pay extra to access them?

  • Answer: No, you wont need to pay anything extra. All ConnectSuite tools will be automatically added to your dashboard at no extra cost.

Q7: How many extra tools will I get included with my Suite membership?

  • Answer: The Connectio Team rolls out new Facebook marketing tools as we see gaps in the market. Facebook is always coming out with new types of ads. As they do, you can be reassured well be on top of new advertising products and producing the tools you need to take full advantage.
  • For this reason, we cant tell you an exact number of tools well be rolling out
  • In 2017. We can tell you we have something very special in the works for video marketers coming up.

OTO#2: UpViral: $297/Year

  • Unlimited Viral Giveaways
  • Unlimited Viral Contests
  • Unlimited Email Subscribers
  • Unlimited Autoresponder Integrations
  • Unlimited Custom Domains
  • Advanced Fraud Detection
  • Email Automation & Notifications
  • Retargeting Pixel Support
  • One-Click Signup/Share Links
  • A/B Split-Testing
  • Autoresponder Tagging
  • Export CSV
  • Premium Email Support

UpViral is a complete, dynamic web-based solution and referral formula that handles every aspect of viral marketing.

Making it cheap and easy to build highly profitable marketing campaigns that leverage your visitors so your traffic compounds over time!

  • No need to be a social marketing expert!
  • No need to hire, train, and manage staff!
  • No need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on complicated marketing tools and apps!

Now anyone can launch a professional and effective campaign from any computer, tablet or mobile device in just five minutes!

Get All the Tools You Need to Build Compounding Viral Campaigns:

=> Easily Run Viral Giveaways:

  • Get your visitors to bring you even more visitors by enticing them with a cool giveaway or reward if they invite their friends!

=> Easily Run Viral Contests & Sweepstakes:

  • Put on a contest to promote your site, service or product via all social media channels in as little as 5 minutes!

=> Easily Run Viral Product Launches:

  • Create a promotional campaign that will bring you massive numbers of qualified leads with little or no advertising needed!

=> Easily Integrates With Your Existing Funnels and Tools:

  • Just insert a snippet of code and UpViral integrates with your existing autoresponder, landing pages, templates and more!

=> Run Campaigns From Any Location:

  • Nothing to download or install, use via any web browser! Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and even tablets or mobile devices!

=> Manage All Campaigns Via One Easy-to-Use Dashboard!

  • Intuitive, user-friendly design that will have you creating campaigns in minutes.
  • Best of all, with no learning curve!

=> Pre-Made, Professional Templates:

  • Dozens of customizable landing pages, graphics and more are ready to use for virtually any market or niche. Just point and click to build winning landing pages and pop-ups effortlessly!

=> Easy Integration Into Your Existing Websites and Tools:

  • No need to overhaul your existing sites, landing pages and other tools to use UpViral.
  • Just paste in a few snippets of code and youre ready to rock!

=> Fully-Customizable Referral Link System:

  • Use points-based system (example: reward visitors based on number of referrals)
  • Generates unique referral invite links
  • Full control over type and number of points given per action (visits, leads or shares)
  • Offer extra incentives for sharing (regardless of other actions)

=> Highly Customizable Rewards System:

  • Provide automatic goal-based rewards (example: reward visitors for sharing on FB)
  • Provide multiple rewards based on points accumulated or goals met
  • Provide download-able files, links, even instant discount coupons as incentives/rewards
  • All points, rewards and incentives are fully-automated per desired settings (No admin required!)

=> Easy Setup/Administration For Contest Promotions:

  • Manual or automatic winner selection
  • Easy scheduling to manage multiple contests
  • Automated prize notification and awarding
  • Additional custom sharing opportunities for contestants

=> Powerful, Fully Customizable Social Sharing Features:

  • Easily customize and control how people share their links
  • FB newsfeed optimization to increase referral tracking
  • Rich-tweet capabilities built-in
  • Complete control over appearance and display of posts
  • User-selected options that make sharing easy!

=> Easy Integration With All Major Autoresponders:

  • UpViral works natively with all the major services!
  • Send personalized follow-up mails with referral links directly via the autoresponder
  • Real-time analytics to track click rates, open rates as well as number of referrals!
  • NEW: Deep integration with advanced tagging & segmentation features.

=> Powerful Automated Security, Metrics and Analytical Tools:

  • Auto fraud detection via cookies and IP tracking with reporting eliminates cheating!
  • Easily track performance of all your campaigns
  • Manage leads, view/track all activity and your top referrers/influencers!

=> Mobile Optimized:

  • Fully-responsive display 100% mobile-optimized!
  • Supports all smartphones and tablets Android, IOS and Windows!

=> Fully Customizable Email Automation:

  • Send timed/triggered emails based on users actions
  • Add FB, Twitter and other buttons right into emails to make sharing easier!
  • Send multiple email triggers, proven to get you more shares per visitor
  • Automated alert emails that motivate visitors to their next goal
  • Follow-up emails make it easy for repeated sharing, again and again!

=> A/B Split-testing Remove the Guesswork:

  • Split-test multiple lead-magnet pages to determine best opt-in rates
  • Split-test multiple thank-you pages to determine best sharing rates
  • Split-test multiple emails to determine best click/open rates

=> NEW: Easily Turn CURRENT Email Lists Into Perpetual Lead Sources:

  • Easily multiply your existing email list by embedding UpViral links inside your existing emails no matter which autoresponder youre using.
  • By adding one-click share buttons inside the emails of your existing email list, youll turn your subscribers into a group of people desperately to promote your site or business.
  • This means you can immediately use UpViral for your existing lists to start multiplying your audience and instantly create a self-sustaining, continuously-growing source of fresh leads from existing resources!
  • UpViral Is Compatible With All Major Autoresponders and Landing Page Systems

=> Other Powerful Features and Capabilities:

  • Easy data export via Excel or .csv formats!
  • Use any custom domain for referral links!
  • Support and complete training available via dashboard!
  • Works in all languages even right-to-left languages!
  • Full cloning features reuse campaign templates without starting from scratch!

UpViral Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q1: Can I use UpViral to run contests?

  • Answer: Yes, you can! Using UpViral you can easily run powerful (and viral) contests in which you decide how users can win. For example, you can let them earn extra entries in the contest by getting their friends to sign up. UpViral is fully optimized to handle every aspect of your contest so if thats what youre looking for.. Look no further.

Q2: Can I use UpViral to run viral giveaways?

  • Answer: Yes, you can! Using UpViral you can easily run viral giveaways in which youre giving your audience an incentive to share with their friends. For example, you could upload a file, add a secured link or enter a coupon and make that available to those who get at least 5 (or 10, or 13, or, ) of their friends to sign up.

Q3: Can I integrate UpViral into my own tools?

  • Answer: Weve made it so that UpViral can be integrated into almost every tool, as long as that tool has a place where your audience enters their email address. So for example, if you have an lead-page or opt-in box in your sidebar, you could plug UpViral right into that in just a few minutes, adding a viral layer on top of your site. And in the rare case that its not working, well do whatever we can do make it work for you because we want to make UpViral compatible with as many tools as possible!

Q4: Can I use my own domain for the referral links?

  • Answer: Yes, you can! You can add any of your own domains, which well then use for the referral links and your campaign pages. Well still host it for you, of course!

Q5: What if I have any feature requests?

  • Answer: In that case, please send them over! In the members area youll find a section designed for exactly that so we can gather all our customers ideas in order to keep making UpViral better and better.

Q6: Can UpViral be translated in other languages?

  • Answer: Yes! Weve made it so that every aspect of whats visible to your audience (the opt-in pages, sharing pages, emails, etc) is 100% customizable, so you can use it in any language you want.

Q7: What’s your commitment to UpViral?

  • Answer:Were on a mission to make this the viral referral platform worldwide and we dont take that lightly. Expect major updates once youre a member!

Q8: How can I contact you?

ConnectExplore Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of ConnectExplore?

ConnectExplore is Wilco de Kreijs advanced new FB targeting tool.

It unearths hundreds more interests than other tools and Every single one of the interests it finds CAN be targeted (unlike other tools).

Not only does ConnectExplore find these hidden profitable interests for you It makes it easy to remove any underperforming interests in your ad sets with a single click.

The result?

Your ad sets are tightly targeted. So you get more leads and sales.

While spending far less because youll always know the right interests to go after.

ConnectExplore puts interest-based targeting at Facebook on steroids.

Just to name a few things:

=> Find Hidden Interests:

  • ConnectExplore finds more hidden interests to target than any other tool could. Includes easy filtering, works in any language and only shows usable results.

=> Hyper-Targeting:

  • Easily add your interests to your Facebook Ads account with a single click, while being able to hyper-target your audience using automated layering. No more copy-pasting!

=> Interest Analytics:

  • See which interests are working for you by breaking down your Facebook Ads statistics on an interest-per-interest basis. No more split-testing!

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