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FeelSocial Review Plus Best FeelSocial Bonus Offer


In case you are looking for a detailed FeelSocial review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of FeelSocial software to discover everything about it, It’s features, FlickGIF OTO details and how This Brand New “All-in-One” FB Software Will Let You Mass-Message Everyone Connected to Your FB Page Right Inside Their FB Inboxes With Unlimited Automated Follow Ups


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FeelSocial Review

FeelSocial Overview:

Creator: Brad Stephens
Date Of Launch: 2017-03-09
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Niche: General
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Official site: http://FeelSocial.co/
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Is The Creator Of FeelSocial?

Brad Stephens is the man behind FeelSocial.

He is a well known name in the field of internet marketing who is the mastermind behind a lot of successful software and training courses such as ClickMSG, Social Optimizer, SproutAudience, Social Scaling Formula, Broad Targeting Formula, Social Suite, VideoDrill, VideoSkins, AudienceDrill and others.

What Is The Main Idea Behind FeelSocial?

Its no secret Facebook messenger is taking over as the #1 platform we use to reach our prospects:

If you look at the statistics, more and more marketers and business owners are moving their marketing into the Facebook messenger instead of email marketing.

Think about it, are you going to choose 100% delivery inside of your prospects Facebook inboxes or a 10% email delivery rate.

Facebook inbox it is!

Its no mistake that Facebook is continuously opening up their API for messaging so that marketers can use it to communicate to prospects, they understand the opportunity for people to profit and how email is just plain FAILING.

Look at all the recent Facebook messaging apps that have been released! More information on why these are failing you in a bit, but for now, let’s see WHY FB messaging has blown up.

The Benefits of Marketing Inside the FB Messenger Are Officially IMPOSSIBLE to Ignore – Personal Interaction is KING!

  • 100% Inboxing Rate
  • Notifications across mobile devices, tablets and the red message dot inside of FB.
  • Engaging personalization (address people by their name, date, day of the week etc)
  • Instant personal one on one engagement with prospects sky-rockets conversions
  • Offer discounts, coupons, surveys and more inside a platform they TRUST

Developers have tried to make solutions in the past with old Facebook bots but quite simply the technology didnt exist yet and so they failed!

Im extremely excited to let you know that FeelSocial is NOTHING like these other apps and we do things a lot differently.

Let me explain why.

Up until now, Facebook messaging software has allowed us to automatically send prospects personal messages after they have commented on one of our Facebook posts or clicked on one of our Facebook ads.

FeelSocial Bonus

If you asked yourself the same questions as above, you’re in trouble.

You’re about to spend hundreds of hours manually marketing to people inside of the FB messenger and I will tell you right now from experience it gets old REAL quick.

Imagine sending an email to everyone who signs up to your email list manually. Its just CRAZY! Thats what auto-responders are for.

Not only that, did you know that not replying to user responses immediately is killing your Facebook page?

Yes, that’s right. When people respond to your messages, and you don’t reply within an hour, FB gives you a big red flag and penalizes your page and you may as well open a whole new page for your business!

Think about it How are people going to trust your business or even send your business a message if this is the first thing they see on your page?

FeelSocial OTO

In order to get rewarded with the “very responsive to messages” badge, you need a response time of 15 minutes or less!

How can you possibly do that manually for EVERY message? You CAN’T!

This Is Where FeelSocial Comes in to Save Your Day…..

Send Personal Messages and Automated Follow-Up Personal Messages To Your Entire FB Page:

  • Use our simple message builder to set up a full message follow up series with special delays and triggers.
  • Never worry about manual one-by-one messaging again.
  • 100% inboxing and delivery rate, every message you send is read
  • Send special messages based on replies from prospects (detected automatically).
  • Connect to FeelSocial and let it sync to your FB pages & create “lifetime messenger leads” that you can contact forever!
  • Send a personal FB message to EVERYONE who has messaged your FB page with one click.
  • Send special messages including discounts, coupons, images, headlines, descriptions, call-to-actions, external links & more!

These Facebook personal messaging funnels, despite being very profitable, are impossibly hard to set up without being a coder, unless you are going to be doing your marketing manually and spending 5/6 hours a day typing out messages one by one.

Whats the point in generating Facebook leads if theyre just going to be left to turn to stone?

So, What Is FeelSocial?

FeelSocial’s Intuitive Drag & Drop Message Funnel Builder Making Profit-Pulling Automated Facebook Personal Messages Easy!

With FeelSocial’s brand new technology, you can build out your entire messaging follow-up sequence using our extremely user-friendly technology. We handle all the message coding for you, so you dont have to type a single line of code!

Its so easy, hand it over to a family member with no experience and watch them work their magic. Its built to be the most easy to use platform on the market!

Even a complete newbie with no experience with Facebook marketing or software can set up their own profit-pulling automated Facebook messaging funnel in a few minutes.

Set up multiple messaging streams for multiple passive income streams remember theyre automated once theyre set up!

=> See The Power Of FeelSocial (FeelSocial Review Video)<=

Remember, you’re building LIFETIME FB MESSENGER LEADS for the first time ever, that you can contact at ANY TIME with a click of a button

Without FeelSocial, you’d have to fork over your hard-earned money to money to a developer for each and every messaging campaign you want to run. Plus, you have to wait around twiddling your thumbs waiting for the developer to complete the coding process.

==>An Entirely New Automated Passive Income Stream Generated This in Just 10 Days<==

FeelSocial Results

How Does FeelSocial Work?


The Simple 4 Step FeelSocial Setup Process:

Step #1: Select a Facebook Page

  • Select any of your Facebook pages to set up a messaging campaign on.

Step #2: Create a New Automated Messaging Funnel

  • Create a new message with your custom optional features such as images, headlines, descriptions, call-to-actions, external website links and more.

Step #3: Set Your Trigger and Delay

  • Set your simple trigger for a message to be sent to your prospect. Do you want it to be sent when they message your page for the first time or when they use a certain keyword or phrase in their replies? How about multiple?

Step #4: Create Unlimited Follow-Up Messages

  • Create an unlimited number of follow-up messages using your triggers. Want one message to be sent for one keyword, and another for a different keyword used in a prospects reply? Now you can!

Or Simply Just Send Out Broadcasts to Your Entire Facebook Page Right Inside Their FB Inboxes:

Step #1: Select a Facebook Page

  • Select any of your Facebook pages to set up a messaging campaign on.

Step #2: Create a New Broadcast Message:

  • Create a new message with your custom optional features such as images, headlines, descriptions, call-to-actions, external website links and more.

Step #3: Send or Schedule Your Mass-Message:

  • For the first time ever, choose to send OR schedule your mass-messaging campaign to all your FB prospects and they’ll receive it inside fo their FB inbox!

Heres Some Powerfull Features of FeelSocial:

FeelSocial Finally Makes Making Money on Facebook Hands-Free:

See the features below that warmly welcome you to true lifetime FB messenger leads, automated messaging campaigns and a whole new profitable FB messaging era!

[+] Add Any Facebook Page:

  • Select any Facebook page to either send a broadcast to (directly into every FB page’s prospects’ inbox) or set up an entire messaging funnel for.

[+] Send Broadcast Personal Messages:

  • Want to send a custom personalized message to every single prospect on your FB page? FeelSocial opens that door for you. You can now send out a mass-message to thousands of prospects at once & forget about the headache-inducing hours of manual one by one follow-ups.

[+] Create Entire Messaging Funnels:

  • You can create an entire follow-up series of unlimited messages just like you do with an auto-responder! Send users separate messages based on special triggers and how they respond to your automated messages.

[+] Super Customizations:

  • Include profitable and engaging customizations such as dynamic variables, images, headlines, descriptions, custom call-to-actions and external links in any or all of your messages.

[+] Set Custom Triggers:

  • Set a trigger for any message to be sent. These unique triggers allow you to trigger people to any next message you like! If they perform your specific trigger, for example, mention a certain keyword in their response to you, a custom personal message of your choice will be sent to their FB inbox automatically.

[+] Set Custom Delays:

  • Use optional delays between messages being sent. This adds a real element to your messages and makes it seem like your prospect is talking to you in real life!

[+] Templates:

  • Create template messages that make setting up messaging funnels as easy as 123! Just drag and drop your template responses to build out an entire profitable and engaging FB messaging funnel!

[+] Calendar:

  • FeelSocial has a calendar feature that allows you to quickly and easily see when messaging are going to be sent out! Want to cancel a messaging campaign or edit it before it goes out to all your prospects’ FB inboxes? No problem! You can do exactly that with FeelSocial’s calendar!

Facebook Marketing Just Not Working For You No Matter What You Try?

[+] Give FeelSocial a Try and Watch Your FB Messaging Income Stream Catapult to Another Level!

[+] Stop letting your Facebook leads die a slow death Now you can turn them into evergreen PROFITABLE Lifetime Leads.

[+] Stop following up with FB messages one by one and spending hours if not days straining your fingers and eyes leading to a painful headache.

[+] Stop only reaching 10% of your prospects with email, use FB messenger instead.

[+] Stop losing sales due to poor manual labour follow-up strategies

[+] Stop failing to convert even one prospect due to lazy engagement and bad support.

[+] Stop not being able to build trust and a loyal following on FB.

[+] Stop spending thousands of dollars on FB ads every month, convert your existing leads into customers!

Increase Clicks, Leads, Engagement & Profits with FeelSocial:

[+] Its Time to Carve Your Piece of the Profit Pie with FB Messaging.

[+] Turn every Facebook prospect into a LIFETIME LEAD (and contact them with a click of your mouse).

[+] Automate replies to ANY prospect that sends you a message

[+] Type a message out with every customization you can imagine and mass-message it to every single FB page prospect you have (imagine reaching out to thousands of prospects daily?).

[+] In a few clicks, set up an automated FB messaging funnel to follow up with your prospects and customers and turn it into its own automated profit stream (forget one on one follow-ups, automate this process and let it run on auto-pilot)!

[+] Build trust, loyalty and engagement with personal one on one automated interaction and reap the profitable rewards!

[+] Reduce your Facebook advertising spend by maximizing your sales from EXISTING leads and customers.

Who is FeelSocial Aimed At?

If you are a complete beginner (never touched Facebook marketing), this is going to help you make your first sale overnight. Seriously, never before has there been an easier way to make money on Facebook.

Perhaps youre an intermediate Facebook marketer (dipping your toes in but struggling to make money). Well, have I got news for you! FeelSocial is going to increase your bottom line significantly and build out passive income streams with your new messaging funnels!

Maybe youre an advanced Facebook marketer (running profitable campaigns left, right and center). FeelSocial is going to take your business to heights you never thought possible. Youre automating a whole process that would take you DAYS to do manually.

FeelSocial covers every one of you and is the easiest way to increase your leads, sales and conversions immediately!

See How FeelSocial Compares to OLD Competition:

How FeelSocial Compares to OLD Competition


FeelSocial Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q1: Is This Facebook Compliant?

  • Answer: Yes, FeelSocial has been approved by Facebook and therefore has all the necessary API permissions to perform every action inside the software. However, do NOT use FeelSocial to spam or you will get your account banned by Facebook and we will remove you from FeelSocial immediately to protect our users.

Q2: How Does the Software Know When to Send Follow Up Messages?

  • Answer: FeelSocial uses special triggers to know when to send each follow up message. These triggers are set up by you. So for example, if you want to send a specific follow up message to prospects who use a certain keyword, now you can! Not only that, we have numerous other filters that make this something you wont find in any other software period.

Q3: Will This Work on my Mac?

  • Answer: Yes! FeelSocial is a fully cloud-based solution and will work on any operating system. All you need is an internet connection and youre good to go.

Q4: Is Training Included?

  • Answer: Absolutely – a complete video knowledge base is included to walk you through every step of setting up and operating the software.

FeelSocial Pricing:

You can choose from 2 Licenses the License that suits you:

[+] FeelSocial Monthly: $27 Per Month

  • 2,000 messages a month
  • 5 Facebook Pages

[+] FeelSocial Lifetime: Onetime Payment Of $67

  • 10,000 messages a month
  • Unlimited Facebook Pages

Facebook Marketers & Entrepreneurs Who Trust FeelSocial:

Entrepreneurs Who Trust FeelSocial


FeelSocial OTO:

OTO#1: FeelSocial PRO: Onetime Payment of $67


Why Message 50 FB Leads When You Could Profit from Messaging Unlimited Instead?

  • These unlockable growth and traffic features are set up in just 5 minutes or less!
  • Comments on your FB ads/posts are automatically converted into thousands of messenger leads & profit
  • Send UNLIMITED messages every month
  • Done-for-you profit-generating messaging funnels waiting in your account!
  • No FB advertising spend necessary!

Your FB Messenger Leads, Traffic and Sales Explode with Feel Social PRO Features:

[+] Comments on Your Ads/Posts Automatically Converted into Messenger Leads:

  • Just by upgrading to PRO, you’re automatically adding thousands of FB messenger leads to your list inside of Feel Social (anyone who comments on ANY of your posts & ads). Remember, these are lifetime leads you can message anytime you want, with new offers and discounts! Why message 50 leads when you could be messaging thousands?

[+] Unlock UNLIMITED Messages Every Month:

  • If you’re adding thousands of FB Messenger Lifetime Leads to your FeelSocial account every month, you need to be able to message them! Upgrade to PRO and get access to unlimited sending!

[+] Unlock UNLIMITED Facebook Pages:

  • With FeelSocial Pro, you can run messaging campaigns on any number of your Facebook pages! There is no limit to how many pages you can use!

[+] DONE FOR YOU Profit-Generating Messaging Funnels:

  • How would you like 10 messaging funnels already constructed and loaded into your FeelSocial account – ready to profit? That’s exactly what you get access to with PRO!

[+] Add Personal Videos & Attachments:

  • Unlock the ability to insert videos and attachments into your FeelSocial messaging campaigns!

[+] Powerful Analytics:

  • Finally, you’re able to see exactly how your messaging campaigns are doing. This is essential to know what messages are performing and which aren’t. Learn the following:
  • How many FB messenger lifetime leads you have per page
  • Each leads name
  • Number of messages sent to each lead
  • Number of messages opened per lead & more!

OTO#2: FeelSocial Agency: Onetime Payment of $67

How Does Earning an Extra $3,000 Every Month From FeelSocial Sound?

Build Your Own Profitable Digital Marketing Agency with FeelSocial:

  • FeelSocial Agency allows you to sell FeelSocial as a service to clients! Run campaigns for them and easily show them a direct increase in leads and sales with this exciting software.
  • Existing agencies sell social media packages for thousands of dollars per month and the average business is over-extending on their budget or simply can’t afford those packages.
  • This is where you come in with the huge opportunity to charge less, make them more and build a recurring income into high 4 and 5 figures every single month.
  • Charge clients $200-$500 per month and all you’ll need is 6 clients and you’ll be bringing in $3,000 every month….
  • Having a sustainable business means you don’t have to start from scratch or $0 every month.

OTO#3: FeelSocial White Label Rights:

You can choose from 2 Licenses the License that suits you:

[+] White Label 100 Licenses: Onetime Payment Of $197

  • 100 Licenses
  • No Launch Rights

[+] White Label 500 Licenses: Onetime Payment Of $297

  • 500 Licenses
  • Launch Rights Included
  • Earn 100% of the Profits & Keep All Your Leads From Selling FeelSocial As the OWNER!

Here’s What You Get with FeelSocial White Label Rights:

[+] Your Very Own Admin Panel to Manage Users and Accounts:

  • Manage your users through your very own admin panel.
  • See how many users you have.
  • Add, edit and delete users easily using your new admin dashboard.

[+] 100% Rebranding and Customization:

  • Rebrand FeelSocial to fit your very own brand.
  • Upload your own logo, customize colors and more!
  • Include your own branded URL!
  • Earn 100% profits on each sale.
  • Keep every single lead you generate (we don’t touch these).

[+] Use Our Sales Materials (NEW):

  • This is never offered, but get instant access to our sales page in a PSD format so you can edit or use it as is to sell FeelSocial without spending hundreds of dollars on a new design.
  • Get instant access to our video script!
  • Get instant access to our sales copy script.
FeelSocial White Label Rights Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q1: When can I start selling FeelSocial?

  • Answer: You can start selling your white label on March 31st. Once our launch period is over, we’ll be working on white label packages and delivering them on March 31st. We’ll be working with you getting everything set up so you’re ready to start profiting from your re-branded software on March 31st.

Q2: What do I get when I purchase a FeelSocial Exclusive White Label License?

  • Answer: The FeelSocial software is a web based tool that is designed to assist online marketers and more specifically, Facebook marketers. This tool consists of the ability to broadcast messages to ALL FB messenger leads as well as set up automated messaging funnels. With this exclusive White Label, you get access to the admin rights of this tool and can provide access to your customers.

Q3: Does it include the PRO Version?

  • Answer: As a white label user, youre able to re-sell the main version for 100% of the profits and keep 100% of your leads. The Pro version is not included.

Q4: What are Launch Rights?

  • Answer: Launch rights allow you to re-launch this offer on JVZoo, ClickBank or any other marketing platform.

Q5: Will I get a script that I install on my server?

  • Answer: No you dont get a script that you install on a server because its a web-based application including proprietary code which we can’t give out. So you get a login to an unbranded domain name and generate your own branded domain name for your brand new software.

Q6: Why does this restriction exist?

  • Answer: Most people who buy white label scripts as source code never succeed because they have to set up a lot of configurations and settings. We want to make it simple for you. We want to host it for you so you just have to take care of the selling.

Q7: What will I get from this FeelSocial Exclusive White Label License?


  • Branding with your own domain
  • You can use your own logo
  • You can choose the color scheme
  • You can sell up to 500 licenses
  • You can insert your own support desk information to handle your customers and ensure they are satisfied.

Q8: Can my customers create accounts?

  • Answer: No. They can only use the login credentials that are sent to them. They do not have the permissions to add THEIR own customers (they will be able to use the main software rebranded by you they do not have access to a white label license).

Q9: Can I log in to the FeelSocial software from any computer with my username and password, or am I limited to a single computer?

  • Answer: The product is completely web based and to access your account, all you need is internet access!

Q10: What is a sub-domain?

  • Answer: The sub-domain is a unique URL that is created for you. Your customers will access your tool using this unique URL. The name of the sub domain cannot be changed/edited once created. You will also be able to use your own masked domain.

Q11: How do I track how many customers I have created/sold to?

  • Answer: Inside of your White Label admin panel you have full management over all your customers.

Q12: Can I giveaway a license or give it away as a bonus for other products?

  • Answer: No you can’t giveaway this product as a bonus or for free. You only have the rights to sell it.

FeelSocial Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of FeelSocial?

FeelSocial Lets You Send Facebook Personal Messages to Your Entire Facebook Page without Spending a Dime!

  • Unlike ANY other Facebook messaging software ever released.
  • Worlds first easy-to-use all-in-one FB messaging software.
  • Creates “lifetime FB messenger leads” that you can mass message 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Can send a message to thousands of FB prospects and reach them right inside their FB inbox with one click (goodbye manual one by one follow ups).
  • Set up automated follow up responses if a prospect replies (new drag and drop technology).
  • Have an entire sales conversation without ever logging into FB using special triggers and delays.
  • Send them discount codes, coupons, surveys, FAQ answers, close high-ticket deals & more.
  • FeelSocial messages support images, headlines, call-to-action links and more!

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Thanks a lot For Reading My FeelSocial Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 🙂

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