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Social Optimizer Review

Social Optimizer Overview:

Creators: Sam Bakker & Brad Stephens
Date Of Launch: 2015-12-10
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EST
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Official site:
Bonuses: Yes, Special $4872 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Are The Creators Of Social Optimizer?

Sam Bakker and Brad Stephens are the men behind Social Optimizer. They have a good reputation in the field of online marketing who created a lot of successful software and training courses such as Social Spy Agent, Boxing Day Blitz, Video Script Software, Social Post Rotator, Social Cloud Suite, Audience Drill, Social Vidio, Bolt Publisher and others.

What Is The Main Idea Behind Social Optimizer?

The 3 Most Important Letters For Every Marketer: ROI:

  • Return. On. Investment. Thats the only number that counts when it comes to growing your income.
  • Positive ROI means you can scale and build quickly. Because for every dollar out, youve got more coming in.
  • Negative ROI means youve got to fix – or ditch – whats wrong before you can move forward.

Bottom line? You’ve GOT to know this number for any and EVERY campaign you run.

Winning ROI Isnt Everything: Its The ONLY Thing A Story Of 2 Giants…

Look at the big picture. Lets compare two huge companies to see how they each performed over the course of one year:

Year Over Year Revenue Growth: 2014 – 2015

Social Optimizer Bonus

Whats one of the key differences? Simple. Amazon did a better job of managing return on investment. In this case, it was a difference of 18.2 BILLION dollars in just one year.

The Art Of Turning $1 Into $6:

That’s what it comes down to. Marketers that struggle, fight to turn each dollar they invest into one dollar in returns.

While businesses that dominate EASILY turn each dollar into six.

The sad part? Only about 5% of companies in EVERY market are able to do it consistently.

=> Consider:

  • Of over 12 million eCommerce stores, only 5% make annual sales of $1000 or more – Meaning only 650… Out of over 12 million stores are breaking even or making a profit! These numbers are consistent in any industry or niche:
  • Only 5% or less of all affiliate marketers generate a full time income
  • Same for product creators, CPA marketers, bloggers and more…But advertising costs and competition keep climbing:
  • FBs advertising revenue jumped 57% in the first quarter of 2016 – The Wall Street Journal
  • Facebook just passed 3 million advertisers – Business Insider, March 2016 How do you win when costs and competition keep getting bigger?

Do What The 5% Do:

The top earning marketers making THOUSANDS each day – while others STRUGGLE just to get by – are crunching their numbers.

Just like Amazon, even if on a smaller scale. For every dollar they invest, they know exactly what they get back.

When something works, they scale the heck out of it.

When something doesnt work, they either fix it or dump it and move on.

Meaning they can grow their businesses at lightning speed WHILE minimizing risk AND maximizing profits from every promo.

Imagine spending $5 on ads knowing you would get $30 back every time?

Would you still have a problem spending $1000 on ads (making $6000 back)?

Strength In Numbers: The 764% ROI Case Study

Like many, we havent always crunched our numbers when running ads. But seeing the industry trends, we thought wed give it a try.

So in a recent campaign, we checked every number we could get our hands on. After a few small tests, we had the data we needed to scale and THIS is what happened:
Social Optimizer Discount

Results like these speak for themselves. Needless to say, we instantly became hooked on the NEED to continue playing the numbers.

Faster Growth With LESS Risk:

Imagine being able to predict with laser-like precision your profitability from every campaign.

WITHOUT slaving away crunching numbers

Or worse yet spending HUNDREDS per day on outsourcers to do the same.

Just extract MAXIMUM profits from every single product or service you sell. Meaning – the chance to grow YOUR income to levels beyond your dreams by always picking the winners.

Regardless of your business model.

Picture making OPTIMIZED profits whether youre running traffic to an eCom store, affiliate promo, website or sales funnel.

Here comes Social Optimizer…

The REAL Cost Of Maximizing ROI:

Currently there are 2 ways to get the numbers you need to RAPIDLY scale your income:

  • Hire an outsourcer – which can cost 100s per day for the time itll take
  • Do it yourself manually

Either Way, The Process Goes Like This:

  • Set up a spreadsheet
  • Login to EACH of your merchant accounts, including affiliate networks, eCom stores, websites and tracking softwares
  • Enter the earnings from EACH account into the spreadsheet
  • Open your FB ad account
  • Record the ad spend for each campaign AND ad set you’re running
  • Calculate total and individual campaign stats like revenue, ad spend, profit, ROI and more

Of course you’ll need to do this daily.

And accept the INEVITABLE mistakes that happen when manually entering this much info.

Then, take your best guess when deciding how to scale. Because your stats are only as current as the LAST time you checked them.

But you simply CANT scale predictably without this kind of daily information.

If this sounds like a lot of work – let us assure you, IT IS!

FINALLY there’s a way to get the SCALING info YOU need WITHOUT the time suck or costly outsourcing expenses.

So, What Is Social Optimizer?

For the first time ever, an all-in-one automated system with direct FB ads integration that will allow you to automatically track data and important metrics across every single campaign you run with Facebook ads across any platform online. All of this under one dashboard, to get a clear view of your business performance and your important numbers and metrics.

=> The creators developed this software because EVERY marketer deserves:

  • A business that works for them, NOT the other way around.
  • To minimize risk while growing their income.
  • To have instant access to the key numbers to grow their business, REGARDLESS of budget

=> See The Power Of Social Optimizer In Action <=

How Does Social Optimizer Work?

Check Out This Quick Demo To See EXACTLY How Social Optimizer Puts More Profits In Your Pocket

==> Social Optimizer Walk Through Demo Video <==


3 SIMPLE Steps To Maximizing Your ROI And Profits:

Step #1:

  • Login to the cloud-based software.

Step #2:

  • Connect your FB ad account and merchant accounts the software handles every type of earning account from affiliate networks through to eCom stores, websites, sales funnels and more…

Step #3:

  • Get ALL your key stats including sales, costs, ROI & other crucial metrics in REAL time – updated 24/7 so you know precisely how to scale your campaigns…

Under The Hood Of Social Optimizer The Ultimate ROI Booster:

[+] Advanced Sales Tracking:

  • 1st EVER platform to bridge your FB ads account with EVERY one of your merchant accounts. Get an instant performance update of each product in every campaign at campaign OR ad set level!
Social Optimizer OTO

[+] 24/7 Real Time ROI Tracking:

  • Analyze all vital stats directly from the dashboard. Make profitable decisions using always up-to-date data.

[+] True Lifetime Accuracy:

  • The software guarantees 100% accuracy of all stats it delivers. Avoid costly errors that happen from manually crunching numbers.

[+] 1-Click Integration:

  • The web-based software integrates your ads account with each revenue platform in a single click. Its never been faster or easier to get the numbers you need to grow your business.

[+] Endless Metrics:

  • Get real-time ROI plus detailed stats on each campaign you run, right down to specific ad sets and products. Minimize ad spend while scaling the winners to grow quickly and predictably.

[+] Data on Demand:

  • Wading through hundreds of sheets & tabs to find essential numbers is a nightmare. With Social Optimizer, everything you need is organized, clearly laid out and EASY to find.

[+] Analytics for Interests & Custom Audiences:

  • Connect your Facebook ad account once and watch as Social Optimizer automatically pulls detailed analytics on your most successful interests and custom audiences for all event types and reports this data back to you. Become a ninja in your niche by having this never-before-possible information at your fingertips when starting a new ad campaign!
  • You’ll Save So Much Time & Money You’ll Wonder What You Did Without It!
  • Without this level of crucial feedback, every investment you make involves unnecessary risk. We’ve all wasted money on under-performing campaigns before. Now you’ll never have to do that again!
  • Time spent manually updating data is time AWAY from building your business. Let the software do the crunching so you can focus on the only thing that matters: growth.

Even More Powerful Features Include:

[+] All-Inclusive Income/Expense Tracking:

  • unlike any other software, Social Optimizer accounts for every dollar. It tracks additional expenses such as shipping & merchant fees, as well as bonus and prize income. Get a COMPLETE picture of the REAL performance of each campaign.

[+] Campaign Overview:

  • make decisions in SECONDS with a birds-eye view of individual and overall campaign performance. Instantly determine which campaigns to ditch, tweak or scale to maximize your ROI.

[+]1-Time Setup:

  • set it and TRULY forget it. Once each campaign is setup and activated, its automated for life or until you switch it off.

[+] Notes:

  • Easily add reminders RIGHT INSIDE the dash so you never miss a step. Want to increase or decrease your ad budget for a specific campaign tomorrow? Pop in a note and youll be reminded the next time you login.
[+]100% Facebook Compliant:
  • the software has been manually approved by FB and ties in directly with its API. You get accurate, automated results and your ads account will NEVER be at risk by using the software.

Never rely on outdated or inaccurate numbers again, forget about waiting for slow-loading FB ads reports, and SAVE your money by not paying outsourcers for data entry.

With Social Optimizer, youll get an instant overview of your business ANYTIME you want. So you can grow faster and more predictably than ever before.

Who Should Be Using Social Optimizer?

The softwares been built from the ground up to help any marketer increase their ROI. If youre using
FB ads or want to in the future – Social Optimizer is for you. Itll be ESPECIALLY powerful for:

=> eCommerce Vendors:

  • whether you have your own store or promote affiliate products, knowing your numbers is critical. Social Optimizer hand delivers the stats you need to maximize profits and minimize costs

=> List Builders:

  • you know what a lead is worth, now youll ALWAYS know exactly how much each lead costs. This INVALUABLE info lets you grow your list with minimum risk while letting you tap into new markets

=> Social Media Marketers:

  • leverage the power of paid traffic to build your following and fanbase … WITHOUT wasting another penny on tire kickers

=> Affiliate Marketers:

  • view statistics from any affiliate platform and your FB ads account to instantly see how each campaign is performing

=> Product Creators:

  • this 1st-of-its-kind tool integrates with your website AND sales funnels. You get INSTANT feedback on how your entire funnel is performing so you can maximize sales at every step

=> Beginner FB Marketers:

  • we WISH this had been around when we got started with FB ads. Youll save potentially THOUSANDS on unprofitable ads and get positive results MUCH QUICKER with the real-time feedback provided

See What Experts Are Saying About Social Optimizer:

Social Optimizer Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q1: Whats Needed For Social Optimizer To Work?

  • Answer: All you need is a Facebook ads account. The software synchronizes your FB ads account with eCommerce platforms, affiliate networks, even your websites and sales funnels.

Q2: Do I Need Any Technical Skills?

  • Answer: None at all. Everything connects with a single click and youre walked through exactly how to do it.

Q3: Are Updates Included?

  • Answer: Absolutely. We use this EXACT tool in our own businesses, and have a dedicated development team in place. Any and all future updates are included and you wont have to do a thing as we take care of it all behind the scenes. In fact since our BETA testing round weve already added several new features based off customer feedback.

Q4: Is My Campaign Data Secure?

  • Answer: Great question! We value the security of your campaigns and guarantee 100% protection of all your campaign data. We have a full team of server security experts that continually test our servers. Your information is completely protected and not viewable by anyone including anyone from our team.

Q5: Is This A Desktop Software?

  • Answer: Nope Social Optimizer is cloud-based, meaning itll work on both Mac and PC. All you need is an internet connection and youre good to go!

Q6: Is This Only For eCom Marketers?

  • Answer: Not at all! We just have the Shopify integration for convenience to Shopify vendors. This is for anyone running Facebook ads. The Shopify integration is 100% optional. This can be used to track sales from affiliate promotions, product sales, sales funnels, websites, CPA offers etc. As long as you run Facebook ads, its going to help you.

=>Special Social Optimizer Fast Action Bonus<=


  • Since Facebook started forcing people to convert to the new Facebook pixel, many people were left confused and overwhelmed (some actually too scared to set up any new campaigns). Especially with having to insert custom events into the original pixel code!
  • We have a full training on how to place this new pixel code and which custom events you need to use and when you need to use them.
  • Never again will you have to worry about placing a con-version pixel and we’ll even show you how to test it so that you ALWAYS know it’s working before running traffic.


  • In this exclusive bonus webinar, you’ll discover exactly how you can get the most out of this amazing software and how you can build and scale your Face-book campaigns to the next level while maintaining your ROI!

Social Optimizer Pricing:

You can choose from 3 Licenses the license that suits you:

[+] Personal License: Onetime Payment Of 27

  • 1 Facebook Ad Account

[+] Multi License: Onetime Payment Of $34.95

  • 3 Facebook Ad Accounts

[+] Unlimited License: Onetime Payment Of $37

  • Unlimited Facebook Ad Accounts
  • Run Unlimited Campaigns a Month
  • Advanced Sales Tracking 24/7 Real Time ROI Tracking
  • 1-Click Integration
  • Interest & Custom Audience Analytics
  • Endless Key Metrics
  • All Inclusive income/Expense Tracking
  • 1-Time Setup
  • Full Step by Step Training
  • Live Coaching Webinar & Replay Access

Social Optimizer OTO’S:

OTO#1: Social Spy: Onetime Payment Of $67

How To Copy & Paste Your Way To 500% More Sales This Month….

Secrets To Winning Campaigns In Any Niche:

  • Finding products that are PROVEN sellers without knowing this, youre guessing and that costs time and money.
  • Setting up high converting landing pages that convert viewers into buyers.
  • Uncovering targeted audiences in your niche that are ready to buy.
  • Saving money by not chasing broad, overly-competitive audiences.


Social Spy is a software like nothing else available for FB marketers. Unlike tools that focus on either targeting, spying or ad creation

Social Spy delivers ALL THREE in one simple dashboard.

Its the only and LAST FB marketing tool youll ever need.

[+] Profitable Campaigns Are Yours In A Few Clicks:

  • Uncover targeted buying audiences and unlimited ways to run winning campaigns
  • Find top selling products and best converting ads in ANY niche with our keyword tool
  • Use our secret algorithm to find top performing Shopify stores in your niche so you can model their product selections, themes and conversion tactics to explode your sales
  • FB Targeting Toolkit – packed with 6 modules covering everything you need to PROFITABLY market to hungry, untapped buyer audiences
  • Proven results from both complete beginners and advanced marketers

When you combine Social Spy with Social Optimizer, youll be unstoppable. In fact, the biggest problem you might face is WHICH campaigns to scale first – because youll have an unlimited choice of winners to choose from.

[+] Unlimited ROI For Marketers Of ALL Levels

  • Beginners will see how easy and cost-effective it is to create ads for top selling products, directed to targeted audiences.
  • No learning curve and wasted money on ads that dont convert.
  • Intermediate and advanced marketers will LOVE the in-built functionality to spy on the competition, create untapped niche-specific audiences, and maximize ROI in both new and ultra-competitive markets.

[+] 100% AUTOMATED Campaigns For Maximum ROI:

  • Social Spy is the most advanced FB marketing tool available today. With a combination of our unique algorithm and SIX targeting modules, every single aspect of FB marketing is completely automated for you:

[+] Powerful, User-Friendly Dashboard:

  • Instant access to all product, store & search results from your personal history
  • Save time & hassles by accessing the info you need, when you need it
  • Find top selling products on BOTH FB and Instagram with keyword and key-phrase search.
  • Filter to find viral products and niche opportunities.
  • Uncover the competitions specific ad copy, images, landing pages and price points to EFFORTLESSLY create your own winning campaigns.

[+] Ethical Store Spy Tool:

  • Legally find the top producing Shopify stores in your niche with our UNIQUE search algorithm.
  • Model their product selection, themes and checkout processes to maximize YOUR conversions.
  • Finding products to promote for profit has never been easier!

Targeting Tool Kit:

6 Modules For The Ultimate Tool In FB Targeting Research:

[+] FB Page Search:

  • Find Facebook pages based on keywords, then drill down to your specific niche and even HOW VIRAL each page is
  • See how top pages are marketing so you can duplicate their strategies!

[+] Media Kit Search:

  • Get complete, independent demographic research for any niche.
  • No more tedious research, just copy & paste the results directly into your ad sets to target proven buyers

[+] Similar Sites Search:

  • Find similar websites to ANY url you enter. This PROVEN method uncovers hot audiences interested in your offers
  • Simply paste all website results into your ads to target ACTIVE buyers in your niche!

[+] Interest Search:

  • Find REAL Facebook interests and their EXACT audience size. Perfect for creating targeted campaigns.
  • Copy/paste functionality makes for quick and easy ad creation.
  • Just enter a keyword, then filter to find the most engaged audiences. Select specific interests for your ads, then copy and paste the results
  • Find HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of hot buyers in ANY niche in seconds!

[+] Post Search:

  • Target audiences looking at a specific website and keyword.
  • The software returns a list of all FB posts using those sites and keywords.
  • Create ULTRA targeted audiences to minimize ad costs and maximize conversions.
  • Find top performing eCom products, CPA & affiliate offers and more

[+] Graph Search:

  • Eliminate user error with Facebook Graph search by using this module. Graph Search will give you easy to input templates that will yield precise and accurate niche research results within Facebook.
  • Easily set numerous extended search strings to narrow down your results to give you what you really want. It erases the fuss from doing it on Facebook as typing in the wrong thing can yield poor, to no, results.


  • Find the hottest selling products in any niche
  • Spy on the competition thats selling those products
  • See EXACTLY how theyre driving sales – from ad copy to landing pages, specific stores and social media pages
  • Effortlessly tap into targeted buying audiences for maximum conversions with minimal ad spend
  • Create powerful, profitable campaigns in your niche on demand, then scale for effortless profits 24/7

[+] The PERFECT Partner For Social Optimizer

  • We built Social Spy to go hand-in-hand with Social Optimizer. The Spy software gives you unlimited ways to create winning campaigns.
  • The Optimizer tool shows you exactly how to scale the best of the best for maximum profit.
  • Put them together and you have the ultimate profit combination to dominate any niche you go after.

OTO#2: Social Optimizer Whitelabel Rights:

You can choose from 3 Packages the package that suits you:

[+] Receive 20 Licenses To Sell: Onetime Payment Of 97

Receive 50 Licenses To Sell: Onetime Payment Of $197

UNLIMITED Licenses To Sell: Onetime Payment Of $397

Get White Label Rights To Social Optimizer And Cash In On The Secret To Making 6 Figures A Year Or More Online…..

Want To Know The Real Secret To Making 6 Figures Or More Online?

Create And/Or Sell SOFTWARE

Sell Software that your customers, or anyone’s customers would be THRILLED to have!

An automated tool that is going to be the ultimate solution to a common issue most Online Marketers are facing right now… a software like Social Optimizer.

You bought this because you can see how powerful it is, and you KNOW its going to solve a problem for you. This is the kind of software that saves you time and unnecessary expenses. Ultimately, rewarding you more time to focus on what’s really important. Growth.

And you’re not the only one.

Everyone knows that…

To get the most of their Facebook Ads, they need to calculate and analyze key metrics to determine campaign performance manually which will take hours.

OR to avoid that tedious work, they’ll be willing to spend hundreds of dollars…

SO TO HELP YOU OUT, the creators CREATED: Social Optimizer Whitelabel Rights

=> Your Own Admin Panel To Issue Licenses, Edit, Delete And Add Accounts:

  • Manage your clients through your own dashboard – you can do it all from one place and keep track of how many clients you’ve signed up
  • Easy registration – just send paid customers a link so they can register themselves (and keep track of them in your Admin Panel)
  • Add and edit unlimited users as you wish from a simple dashboard – you are 100% in control!

=> 100% Customisation Rebrand The Software:

  • Rebrand Your Marketing Material As You Want
  • Have your very own Social Optimizer software turn into a software YOU can sell – from your name, or ours
  • Add your own domain so every sale is going through your server so your customers can feel safe in buying from YOU
  • Receive 100% of the profits you earn

=> Use Our High-Converting Sales Material:

  • Receive rights to use our high-converting sales page – delivered to you in PSD format so you can either edit, or use as-is if you don’t want to create your own sales page from scratch
  • Rights to use our high converting video to sell your Social Optimizer software 24/7
  • Use proven copy we provide to you that’s easy to download so you can start selling straight away
  • Sales Page Copy & PSD, Sales Video & PPT Presentation Will All Be Yours To Edit And Use!

=> Your Own Whitelabel Rights:

  • Easy download of your Whitelabel Rights so you know exactly what you can and cannot do with this license
  • Although you will need to deliver your own support for customers because you are the only one who will have access to your Admin Panel, you will receive priority access to our support desk if you have any questions about using this Whitelabel Package
  • Easy instructions about how to set everything up so you can start selling as soon as you receive access!

=> Exclusive 2 Hour VIP Webinar:

  • Join the creators on a full 2 hour webinar where they will walk you through exactly how to set up your Social Optimizer Whitelabel account & integrate everything so you can start making money with it from Day 1
  • This LIVE Webinar will give you the opportunity to learn alongside other clients, and ask questions right then and there, to receive your answer live on the call
  • Even if you don’t use Social Optimizer before this webinar, come along, be prepared to follow as we take you through EVERYTHING step-by-step from setting up your Social Optimizer account, to ideas about how you can promote and start selling this yourself quickly and easily
  • Sales Page Copy & PSD, Sales Video & PPT Presentation Will All Be Yours To Edit And Use!

=> 100% Customization:

  • You can sell this as your own making as much money as possible. Rename the software, add your own domain, your own brand! This is going to become your very own software!

=> Re-brand it, Change it, or use it as-is:

  • You can use all our marketing material sales page PSD and video, making everything so much easier, letting you sell this 24/7

=> Admin Panel:

  • You will be able to issue a new account, adjust your settings and much more from your own dashboard inside your website!

=> Your License:

  • Your very own License outlining all the dos and dont of the Whitelabel Rights Package & Protecting you as you go ahead and sell it as your own!

=> Live Webinar:

  • Join the creators LIVE as they take you by the hand & show you how to set up & use your new Whitelabelled software!

=> Premium Support:

  • You get Premium Support 7 Days a Week with us. We will be there to help with any of your questions, concerns & feedback!

OTO#3: Social Optimizer Outsourcers License: Onetime Payment Of $47

Leverage Your Time And Outsource Social Optimizer So You Can Focus On Making Money

This is a special license that’s been created for you if you want to fully leverage your time and outsource the work to other people.


  • All you’ll need to do is find someone else who can monitor, set up campaigns, and gather analyzed data for you for a low fee.
  • This is going to leverage your time and allow you to focus on marketing your business or generating new clients you can charge for your data tracking and analysis services.
  • This is a no brainer offer and you’ll be able to issue each of your outsourcers their very own login details and even assign different clients or Facebook ad accounts to each one.

Social Optimizer Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I highly recommend you to get your Copy of Social Optimizer?

If you are searching for the unltimate ROI Booster that will let you QUICKLY & EASILY Maximize Your FB Profits OVERNIGHT – Even With A TINY Budget, then Social Optimizer will be your highly recommended choice.
There are many FB tools in the market out there, but nothing comes close to Social Optimizer’s unique features including:

=> No need to set up a spreadsheet or write in a notebook or even worse, do your numbers in your head: Earnings and expenses are directly extracted from your Facebook ad account and Social Optimizer aggregates that data under one dashboard for a clear view of their business.

=> No need to log into numerous merchant accounts (affiliate networks, ecom stores, page builders, tracking software, etc.): Access all your data under a single tool.

=> No longer need to manually enter your earnings from each account in to your spreadsheet: This will save you hours of getting stuck into number crunching and data analysis.

=> No longer need to open your Facebook ad account and individually record ad spend for each campaign: Once a campaign is set up, its automated for life.

=> No need to manually calculate total + per campaign key metrics such as revenue, ad spend, profit, ROI etc.: Social Optimizer automates the process of tracking key metrics are automatically calculated in realtime, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

==>Social Optimizer Special BONUS LINK<==


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4- You will receive all theses bonuses within 24 hours.

First, What Are My Customers Saying About My Bonuses And My Support From Previous Reviews?

=>=>Here Are All Bonuses<=<=

=>Also, You Can Check Social Optimizer Bonuses Page<=

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5- You will receive all theses bonuses within 24 hours.

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