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 In case you are looking for a detailed X-Wave Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of X-Wave software to discover everything about it, It’s features, X-Wave OTO details and how this Brand new Video Maker Will enable you to Instantly Produce + Sell Breathtaking HD Videos With No Monthly Fees!


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X-Wave Review

X-Wave Overview:

Creator: Dan Cumberland & Dean Gilmore
Date Of Launch: 2019-06-18
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Are The Creators Of X-Wave?

Dan Cumberland & Dean Gilmore are well known names in the field of online marketing who have created many successful marketing software such as Local360, Personalizer, Go by VideoRemix and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind X-Wave?

No marketing method works better than video, and that’s why 80 percent of the world’s internet traffic today is coming from video, this means that 4/5 of customers come from videos.

Also, 64 percent of consumers claim that they tend to buy a product after watching a video about it.

However, before you get swept off by these impressive figures, and feel as though you have discovered a path to follow to achieve business success, there is one thing you need to ask yourself:

why are there not many small businesses using videos in their marketing despite it being a profitable way of marketing?

Here are three hidden challenges of video marketing that no one exposes:

  • If you opt to use free video creation tool, you find out they are not entirely free; they have a lot of restrictions and also do not create great-looking videos
  • Highly sophisticated video creation software and tools are not made for marketers; they are for designers since they are too technical

That’s why one marketer thought of coming up with easy-to-use software that marketers can use to create videos for their products.

It is called the X-Wave…..

And today, we will be reviewing this software to see what it offers. Read on our X-Wave review.

So, What Is X-Wave?

This is a revolutionary video creation tool that is easy to use.

It was made for marketers to help them create videos easily.

You can easily create high-quality real videos with this easy-to-use video maker.

It is loaded with templates and other great features that make creating quality videos easy.

Using X-Wave is easy, you just need to follow 3 steps:

Step 1- Add URL:

  • Paste a URL into the X-Wave and its VideoRemix A.I. will harvest all the images and content from the given URL.

Step 2- add and edit image:

  • Select from a wide range of professionally-designed templates and identify the images you want to include in your video and edit the text available.

Step 3- hit render:

  • After doing all the editing, sit back and watch as the software creates a video for you in minutes.

As you can see, using X-Wave software is very easy.

==>See The Power Of X Wave (X-Wave Review Video)<==


How Does X-Wave Software Work?

==> X-Wave Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==


X-Wave Features:

[+] Artificial intelligence:

  • With VideoRemix A.I., you will be able to create videos better and faster.
  • It is true that videos have better conversion and drive more traffic faster compared to images.
  • With this software, you can transform your existing images on social media or product page into stunning videos.
  • Also, creating promotional videos from a URL is very easy.

[+] Professional video transitions:

  • If you want to convey a mood, switch to a different point of view, juggle between storylines, move backward or forward in time, or spice up a narrative, the smooth video transitions provided help you do that easily.

[+] High-rendering speed:

  • Most software tools take time to process and render a video and this defeats the purpose of creating a video with a software.
  • Nothing is frustrating to a marketer as seeing ‘rendering’ sign rotating endlessly after you are done with editing.
  • With X-Wave, you can have your high-resolution video in a minute.

[+] Professionally designed templates:

  • After you purchase your X-Wave software, you will find it loaded with 20 premium templates, with 10 of them targeted for real estate niche and the other 10 can be used in any other niche.
  • These templates are created by professional designers and marketers and thus suits the market.
  • The templates you will find included in this software can fetch several hundred dollars if sold on a platform like Fever. Yes, they are that quality.

[+] Project folders:

  • With X-Wave, you will be able to run a full-blown video creation agency whether you have planned it or not.
  • You will find people who are ready to pay large sums of money to have a video created, and you will therefore need to have a way of organizing your projects.
  • Handling multiple projects for your clients will be easier with project folders this software comes with.
  • With these folders, you can neatly save video of your different projects in these folders.
  • You don’t need to scroll through an endless list to locate a video as they will arrange them for you.

[+] Social media publishing:

  • After rendering your new video, you need to make it known to your audience.
  • To make your work easier, this software comes with inbuilt social media buttons that allow you to share your videos to social media platforms easily to give it more exposure.

[+] In-built music library:

  • This software comes with in-built music library to help give your videos life.
  • All the music provided here are copyrighted and you can use them as background music to your videos. You will find music for every mood you want to convey.

What is included?

Besides X-Wave software, you will also get these exclusive bonuses;

  • 5 extra real estate templates that are designed and crafted by our team of marketers and designers
  • 5 additional templates for use in other niches
X-Wave FAQ:

Q1: How many videos can I create in a month?

  • With this software, you can render up to 20 HD videos every month with your X-Wave Account.
  • However, if you want to produce more videos, you will need to upgrade to the X-Wave Agency.
  • With upgrades, you will be able to render 480HD videos and be able to download up to 500.

Q2: Can’t I straightaway get access to X-Wave Agency?

  • No. You need to get access to X-Wave first then upgrade to X-Wave Agency where you get extra benefits and features.

Q3: Is it easy to use?

  • Of course, yes. Its point-and-click features make dragging items to this software easy.
  • You can easily create videos with this software.

Q4: Does this software come with a guarantee?

  • Yes. After purchasing this software, you are given 30 days to test it.
  • In case you do not like the software in those 30 days, you can request a refund and it will be given to you without any questions asked.

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X Wave Reviews:

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So I wanted to share that I have gotten my first client with VideoRemix SmartVideo. I am working with a bunch of Health Insurance Agents, doing video marketing for them and will be starting with some lead generation. I am getting $249 per agent per month to post videos on their Facebook page. I was not sure where to price but I am editing the videos per agent just a little bit and putting them out there for 6 agents. Not a lot at $1,494 a month but it is a start and will take me about 30 minutes a week in total for getting my most of my monthly bills flat. Thank you VideoRemix for this opportunity..
Terri Bork
As a television reporter, I edit video every day. But if I had what Videoremix has just created, the X Wave, I’m talking video with artificial intelligence, I would be able to do my job so much quicker. The editor learns how you like to edit the more you use it. This my friends is a GAME CHANGER. I LOVE how you can just take a url from a social media page, a single picture, even a website, and it loads pictures from that url into a template which means you can knock out so many videos in a small amount of time! I’m pumped about the future of video editing and It’s because of X-Wave. Now, I can get editing done a lot faster! You now spell the word editing with X-Wave!
Jehjeh Pruitt
I really love this software. I measure a software on whether or not I believe it’s gonna give me a good return on my investment. X-wave Is that tool. Anything that can save me time and make me money is a good investment. But anything that can save me time , make me money and is a quality tool that I know will be around for years to come, It’s a no brainer! This thing is a pure winner and I can’t wait till it comes out on Tuesday. I wish I can speed up time.
Eduardo Hermosilla
Get Ready To Ride The Wave To Fast And Easy To Create Marketing Videos…Great Demo Today…X-Wave Is Coming!
John Gaynor Green
Dean walked us thorough a preview of X-Wave.There are many Time Saving Techniques” built into this AMAZING video platform
Avi Waxman
X-Wave is an Awesome tool! It looks like it’ll make tolerating No’s when prospecting easier, since it’s doing most of the work!
Anthony Swarm
Thank you so much for the work to create this tool for your clients. it is simple, even an 54 year young old fart can use it! I’m so looking forward to the release date. winning access will make my day and impress the locals with my launch on 1 July.
Andries Van den Berg
Dean delivered an awesome insight into brand new video creation technology. So cool and simple. It is called X-Wave. It is a solution for a problem that exists with everyone including me. Who wants to sit and resize every photo and create a video and not sure we will land up an sale. This is where X wave come in. We can create an awesome high quality video in minutes with this new technology. AI can take jobs away but also helps in creating more business agencies by freeing our time which is a cost.
Chandra Rao
Great webinar today with Dean about the new product that’s coming out: X-Wave. I love being able go to a site , instagram or Facebook and being able to copy a photo link and the software will pull all the pictures in. No more downloading one by one and then editing and resizing and having to upload it to your video creating software. X-wave is an all in one software. Game changer and time saver.
James Curry

X-Wave OTO OR Upsells:

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OTO#1: X-Wave Business Upgrade

With this upgrade, you can create a great square and vertical videos….

Here are the features you are entitled to once you upgrade to X-Wave Agency:

[+] Vertical video templates:

  • Vertical videos are preferred by Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram users and now YouTube has embraced vertical videos because of it being mobile-friendly.
  • Vertical videos are on the rise and you cannot ignore its hype, especially when it comes to mobile usage.
  • With this upgrade, you will get templates that help you create a unique, vertical video.

[+] Square video templates:

  • With square video, it doesn’t matter how you are viewing your videos, and although square videos take up a lot of screen space, it stands out as bigger and better.

[+] Motion graphic designs:

  • If your business needs sophisticated visual design, this motion graphics will help you come up with great graphics that have good color schemes.
  • Such designs will help you educate your prospects about your offering and also enable you to generate extra buzz around your brand to make your products or services sell.

[+] Additional music tracks every month:

  • The agency upgrade comes with premium tracks.
  • The agency license offers 10 tracks and an addition three every month.
  • These tracks are chosen by experts and marketers to give your video a tone and human feel.

[+] Unlimited renders:

  • The basic X-Wave license offers you 20 renders a month which is not enough especially if you are creating videos for other clients.
  • With this upgrade, you get 500 renders a month which means you can create 500 more profits.
  • You can get to enjoy these features and many more once you upgrade to Agency license.

OTO#2: X Wave Integrations

You can turbo-charge your videos on social media to get them to reach more audience as well as traffic and engagement by getting this upgrade….

Here are the features you will get to enjoy with X-Wave NEXT LEVEL;

[+] Create stunning videos from social platforms:

  • You can create videos from the great videos on different social media platforms.
  • You just need to select the social platform to use, choose the images and text you need for your video, and hit render.
  • This software will create these videos for you. You can pick the best-performing images and produce great videos from it.

[+] Single dashboard to access all the social media platforms:

  • You will need to attach Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, and LinkedIn to your X-Wave account so as to access them from one single platform.

[+] Commercial license included:

  • You can create stunning videos for your client and charge them recurring fees for creating a certain number of videos or even charge them per video.
  • With X-Wave NEXT LEVEL, you have a complete video marketing agency that you can control from a single dashboard and make good profits. Upgrade today!

OTO#3: X-Wave Guerilla Sales System

X-Wave Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of X Wave?

Video marketing has been on the rise in the last couple of years and virtually all marketers are using videos.

However, the cost of making videos is always going up but now with X-Wave you can easily create videos for your business and other businesses.

Get this software today to make your work of creating videos easy and faster.

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Thanks a lot For Reading My X-Wave Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 🙂

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