Why Video Marketing Is One Of The Best Ways to Promote Your Business- BEST Video Marketing Tools & Tips

What is video marketing?

Video business is simply one of the fastest growing segments of the market. If you are looking for marketing solutions that work, then video marketing is the answer.

Video Marketing

If you look at YouTube, there are some jaw-dropping stats….
  • There are over 800 million unique visitors each month and over 4 billion hours of video are watched each month according to YouTube’s own stats.

So is it too late to learn how to market a business using video marketing?

Absolutely not! Of course the rules have changed and what you do today is entirely different then when YouTube first came on the market in 2005.

Don’t expect viral marketing to be the answer either.

Too many people think they have a video that will go viral, but that rarely ever happens.

So what makes an effective video for marketing?

=> It can be broken down into three parts:

  • People search YouTube for answers to their questions and video just happens to be the fastest growing segment of marketing. If you can’t address someone’s concerns immediately, they will move on until they find a video that will answer their question.
  • The second part is all about how you provide information to your viewer. If you aren’t addressing their problem, they will find another reason to move on.
  • And the third part consists of asking the viewer to take some kind of action. Perhaps you have something of value that they can use to solve their problem. People have busy lives and if they can find their answer in a short amount of time, they will respond to your message.

If your goal is to just blatantly sell something, you will lose more often than you will win. Check How you can create gorgeous short and long marketing videos using 100 templates

Video marketing is an opportunity to connect with your audience…..
  • They get to hear your voice and if you’re on camera, they get see the real you.
  • And don’t forget, many of the same principles you used elsewhere apply here too.
  • For example, video SEO (search engine optimization) is crucial when marketing with video.

There are many video marketing services offered, so you need to decide which one the best to get an attractive video. Technology has also improved that provides you different tools to track traffic to your website or web store.

There are various tools available that shows the number of times video played by prospective clients.

Besides that, you also can sign up for a free account, this is done by creating a video about your business and promoting it via video sharing websites such as YouTube.com.

The best part about video marketing is you can do it by yourself without spending a lot of money to buy any single of software.

The main purpose of preparing videos it is because visual illustration has the potential to create an impact on the minds of a viewer. Therefore, a promotional video should be short, an important to supply video with quality content to viewers.

These features in a video help a viewer to retain the message for longer time and people may attract to purchase the product or service mentioned in the video.

Many merchants use Internet marketing video because it’s trend people turning to Internet to search of information. Therefore, online video helps you in reaching a wide range of best prospects instantly.

How strong is the video market?

A lot of discussion has already happened on this subject, yet some people have still not adopted the tool to climb the Google ladder.

Most marketers do not seem to agree on the specific sure-shot strategies for improving your SEO rankings; however, all seem to point very strongly towards publishing and marketing optimized videos to make your website popular.

One of the important factors that the search algorithms look for, to increase your web rankings is the social signals.

As this role becomes more vital role, so does the importance of optimized online videos in your overall marketing strategy. Check Here the Easiest Way To Create Cinematic Video That Will Attract, Engage And Convert Visitors To Buyers!

So let’s get going and see how do you make your video popular as well as spread it through the web:

Video Marketing Tips

[+] Work Hard on Research & Quality fronts:

  • Video Marketing SEO works on the concept of link-building too at least as far as the process is concerned. Like when you want to create a link-building campaign for a site’s content, you would want to identify a set of places which would benefit mutually from the links and back-links.
  • Similarly in Video SEO too, if you have a powerful video, your links get created easily. If you plan to sell a product, then the quality of the video can make or finish your campaign, a poor video can do more harm than good.
  • Customers are constantly loaded with messages and would hardly have the time to read through all of them.
  • So, invest right to create an interesting video as people would be more interested to watch a video for a couple of hours rather than spend half an hour reading through a long document.

[+] Videos To Spread Your Story:

  • Videos should be spread on the web, to tell your story. Consumers get to see why they should buy your product or service. Like the search crawlers bring out the most relevant content through the inbound links.
  • When your audience likes your video, they are most likely to share it with others, and this helps in link-building process. The videos need to create a stir whether in the form of knowledge, humor or controversy, to get noticed and shared with the online community.
  • The more it is shared; the stronger your web presence gets. One great way to spread your videos is to use upload websites l as they are efficient and effective for videos distribution.

[+] Videos to Engage Audience:

  • A recent study states that websites with videos are likely to hold a viewer’s attention a little longer than ones without any video content.
  • The time spent by visitors on your website, also determines the relevance of your site to the search engine. It is true that probably no one has the perfect answer to the SEO puzzle; however a good online video marketing strategy just adds to your chances of winning the Google race, and this is still not a fully explored domain yet! Get Access To Over 1,000 4K & HD Stock Videos & Footage

[+] Videos To Beat Competitions:

  • Since the video marketing SEO is not a widespread concept yet, there are many fewer competitors in the video search space, and so you should use this tool to get ahead of the competition for rankings.
  • With this technique, any company can gain a tremendous headway on its competition provided the videos make sense to the viewer, and the content is informative enough for Google to know the relevance

[+] Build Your Credibility:

  • In the search domain all the sites who solve the SEO math can feature in the top ranks, rather than though with sound credible reputation.
  • For example if Google started sending the traffic only to the trustworthiness, credible players then the whole SEO mystery game would be finished, and only the real stars would get all the attention they deserve.
  • So, whether it’s your content or videos, you need to need to work hard to make them informative and of value, to harness them to become a part of the Google’s favorite. Google Plus let Google Know Who You Are
  • Google plus is more than just a social media platform; it is your magic wand to climb the ranking ladder.
  • Inside the Google plus, you can link your entire web presence to establish your credibility and showcase your niche. If you are a real star, you’ll be all over the web for a particular niche. This is a sure shot way for Google to know if it should send traffic to you for a particular niche.
  • So when you create powerful videos that are informative and interesting for the viewers of this niche, your rankings improve dramatically. And it seems Google is already on a journey to rank the credibility over SEO in its searches

[+] Using Social Marketing:

  • You do not have to be solely dependent on SEO & your friends to attract audience to your videos. There are many niche video sharing communities that can provide a platform to your videos to the targeted audience, build links and spread your story. If you are adept at creating incredible videos, these cool sites can help you get to the top.

Why does video marketing matter?

Technology rewards those who keep up with it – just ask any IT graduate or small business owner who has leveraged technology. Video marketing is something that is only getting bigger.

I mean think about it, people are naturally inclined to do the easiest thing, hence the successful launch of newspapers, radio, television, then the internet. The least we have to do to get information or entertainment, the more we like it. This is why if you aren’t using video marketing, you are missing out on a huge sector of your niche.

As mentioned above, people love watching other people. They prefer to get their information through the medium of watching other people talk to them.

That is the exact reason why you need to test if using videos on you website will convert more prospects into buyers.

Video marketing is one of the fastest and most effective marketing strategies in generating leads and sales, which consequently lead to faster growth of any business in existence.

The following are some of the many reasons why video marketing is so effective:

[+] Researchers have found out that 70% of internet users prefer watching videos than reading plain texts:

  • This means you could reach out to more potential customers when you present your business and your products and services through videos rather than through articles or blogs posted in the internet. There are many reasons why people prefer watching videos than reading texts.
  • Videos engage the users deeper because they provide visualization; and they maximize the use of human senses not just the sense of sight. They are easy to use and very convenient. They only require people to sit back and click the mouse and the message is already absorbed and understood in a matter of seconds.
  • People have an easy access on videos. There are a number of medium which could be used – mobile phones, desktops, laptops, iPods, etc. And people could easily understand a message brought across through videos. Even people who cannot read or people with low level of reading comprehension could be potential customers since they could be reached by videos.

[+] Videos you create to promote your products or services could be compared to the commercials on television:

  • There are only two differences: TV commercials are too costly and less effective compared to videos. Video marketing is so cheap that you do not even have to have a business website in order to inform or educate, and persuade your target market to purchase or avail of your products and services. But this does not invalidate the fact that the best way to generate leads is by posting videos on your own website.

[+] Video marketing is perceived to be the future of marketing and advertising because aside from videos are easy and fast to create, search engines like Google and Yahoo rank them in a matter of minutes:

  • They are also very easy to share from one person to another making them viral in a matter of seconds. They are an ideal differentiating factor — they set your business apart from other businesses in a unique, creative, and effective way.
  • Consider a company that offers video marketing services. They can help you have fun, informative, useful, and effective videos that will reach your target market in no time and produce positive response, increased sales, and business growth.

What are the BEST video marketing tools?

Video Marketing Tools

Here are some of the best video marketing tools available on the market. Each tool brings something different to the table and together they can help create the perfect video marketing campaign. All of these tools are fairly easy to come by and understand without a steep learning curve.

1. Camtasia:

  • Camtasia is one of the best video marketing tools available when it comes to screen capture software. This is a really effective and easy-to-use tool that helps demonstrate if and how something works.
  • The sophisticated design of the software allows you to focus on various parts of the screen at different times: keeping the focus where it is important.
  • You can also incorporate URLs and additional notes into your video. This belongs in every businessman’s toolbox and is number one on this list for a reason.

2. Animoto:

  • Animoto is a useful video marketing tool for creating awesome videos when all you have is a collection of photos, videos, and music clips that might not have gone together originally. Animoto helps you bring all of these elements together in a symphony of marketing genius.
  • You can add your own unique words, URLs, and even create awesome HD video presentations if you choose to use the professional version of the software. This isn’t an expensive tool and it is very helpful during the creation process.

3. Prezi:

  • Prezi helps bring life back to the PowerPoint presentation by placing all of the useful information on a single slide and then moving around the screen to highlight certain talking points.
  • The program is very sophisticated and can zoom, pan, or flip around the screen with ease. It’s very easy to use and familiar to understand if you have used PowerPoint presentations in the past. This helps turn a PowerPoint into a useful video that your viewers will find entertaining and informing.
  • You can focus on the big picture and then zoom down to emphasize the smallest of details. A very awesome additional to your video marketing tools.

4. PowToons:

  • This next one might seem a little comical, but it is a very incredible video marketing tool for reaching new audiences.
  • It is called “PowToon” because it brings together the information qualities of a PowerPoint presentation with a cartoon angle. You can compile various slides into an interesting video and allows you to use cartoons to appeal to new viewers.

5. Magistro:

  • Magistro is here to make your job of editing and compiling video much easier. This is already such a time-consuming task that any additional assistance is always appreciated.
  • Magistro will move through the various video clips and find the media that is most relevant and best for your new publication. You can then add your own URLs, text, and music to the overall presentation.
  • It might not always find exactly what you are looking for, but it still helps sift through all of the junk when you need it the most.

6. Sellamations:

  • Sellamations isn’t exactly a video marketing tool, but a very useful service that can help improve your traffic by large numbers.
  • What they do is take your published video and rework the content to include hand drawn animations relaying the information. It isn’t the cheapest service in the world, but the awesome quality of the videos will help tremendously.

7. Xtranormal:

  • Xtranormal is one of the DIY video marketing tools that we all love. It uses an advanced text-to-speech algorithm alongside animation features to help create a unique and interesting video from lectures or presentations.
  • This is an entirely new way to share old information or new information in a fun new light. It’s all do-it-yourself, so there’s a bit of work to be done, but it is well-worth the work in the end. Place Clickable Call To Actions Inside Any Videos To SKYROCKET Your Conversions And Engagement

BEST video marketing tips:

Video advertising is the place you relate yourself and the brand name. It is a couple of minutes of notice where you talk something exceptionally informative to your watchers with respect to your items and administrations.

For example, in the event that you are running an information recuperation site then in those minutes you ought to be discussing the most recent disclosures in the field of information recuperation, tips on staying away from information misfortune, information misfortune cures and then finally show your organization and its item.

In spite of the fact that, web advertising has no an unavoidable reality rules, yet it is constantly better to introduce yourself in the most ideal approach to keep your watchers engaged, educated and refreshed.

Video Marketing Tips to Gain Five Stars from Your Viewers:

[+] Informative and Updating Videos:

  • In the video showcasing the best way to offer your name and your item is by giving something profitable and including your name toward the end. Thus, data is the construct here and standing in light of this base you talk about yourself.
  • In this manner, dependably endeavor to give that data that has the demand and the esteem. On the off chance that you are in the stock exchange business at that point discuss the bearish and bullish pattern and the potential outcomes of defeat of the market or discuss what security is best to contribute.
  • Indeed, even a site that sells Christmas gifts can influence a video to discharge for showcasing perspective and give some plan to its watchers on the gifts that appears to shake this year. Indeed, even a little recommendation can do enormous to your business.

[+] Video Time Limit:

  • All things considered, there is no time limit for video showcasing yet the primary concern is to keep your watchers energized and excited. In the event that you think your video and the data that you need to give is clearly going to take over twenty minutes then I believe it’s impeccably fine until and unless your watchers are not exhausted and swearing.
  • Consequently, consummate time length of your video ought to be assessed keeping up the energy of your watchers and the heaviness of the data.

[+] You should be persuading:

  • This obliges the quick paced advanced condition which was centered on the last point. Envision your watcher has his wireless in his hand and is biting the dust to make a tweet or send a content. Presently envision what it will take to keep him from doing this. That is the level of “persuading” that you need to take it to in your advertising videos.

[+] Voice Clarity:

  • Voice lucidity is something that you will discover numerous video advertisers are overlooking and the greater part of them can be found in the YouTube video instructional exercises.
  • Your voice ought to be clear while you clarify or propose your watchers since mind that gathering of people are here to listen you and watch what you do and on the off chance that you are not sufficiently clear then all that you say or do is futile.
  • Utilize uproarious and clear voice in addition to abstain from putting your receiver in your lips. Many individuals do this error and it essentially chafes your gathering of people.
  • You more likely than not seen numerous YouTube instructional exercises where camera is centering in the PC screen and the speaker is talking yet breathing boisterous in the meantime and you can hear only the breeze.
  • Staying your amplifier on your lips is not the arrangement but rather noisy and clear voice is. In the event that you figure your voice can’t make fascinate then ask your companion or another person who can go uproarious and clear since video promoting is something you don’t do each day. Henceforth, it’s smarter to discover the choices instead of running your whole exertion.

[+] Using Subtitles:

  • Your inflection is something that you don’t think that it’s defective until the point when you hear numerous others spell in an alternate ways.
  • And today in the realm of globalization, English is the main dialect of medium and no uncertainty even the general population living in United States of American and United Kingdom has distinctive emphasize and similarly English and its elocution fluctuates around the world. In any case, when you dispatch a video there is no restriction as the watcher can be from any piece of the world.
  • All in all, what should be possible to understand this issue? Subtitles are extraordinary resolver. Utilizing subtitles in your videos can enable individuals to understand all the more effortlessly regardless of the possibility that your watchers are not happy with your inflection. Hence, it is constantly better to include subtitles in your videos as it fills in as a guide.

[+] Use a video see expanding administration:

  • Many individuals will ask why I haven’t discussed SEO and the various strategies to get perspectives to your videos. Rather I’ve focused on making quality, compact and persuading videos as the most critical video promoting tips. This is on account of this last point is the principle key for directing people to your videos.
  • Simply utilize an administration (one that utilizations “genuine human perspectives” to expand movement rather than a bot program) to get your video sees. When you understand that underlying increment in sees your video can rank higher than all the SEO work you could have done. Its unfathomable more advertisers haven’t gotten on to this yet, as this strategy is such a basic and practically programmed approach to create colossal measures of movement to your videos.

[+] Being Humorous:

  • Keeping your gathering of people energized and keep up their advantage level is not a simple employment. On the off chance that you are just discussing the subject then you may be influencing your watchers to feel exhaust and lousy. In this way, to keep them crisp and listening it is dependably a smart thought to break a few jokes. Your past teacher can be a manual for you in this subject.
  • Simply consider an educator who was entertaining and use to influence you to giggle amidst the discussion just to keep the class free from burdens and lousiness.

Can video marketing really help me gain more customers?

If you’ve heard about the benefits of video marketing and you want to know more about it, this article explains how video marketing will help to promote your business and the methods that make it happen.

This article offers an in depth explanation of how video marketing can be one of the very best tools you can use for your promotional needs.

One of the most common ways videos are used in marketing campaigns is to educate the viewer about the market and as well as the product/service that is being promoted. If you want vast success with your video, you can’t make it a simple sales pitch.

Further, you must make certain that the content of the videos is of sufficient professional quality or you will not retain the attention of the viewers. Let’s examine this new type of marketing, and see how you can take advantage of it.

Possibly one of the most obvious benefits is that you gain the ability to reach a portion of your target audience that prefers to watch videos versus reading text. You can get your content out to this demographic and help to educate them about what you have to offer by creating a well-designed video marketing campaign.

The video sharing web site YouTube has become so popular and powerful that it receives more visitors every day than the company that owns it, Google, does.

This fact alone proves that people are more apt to watch videos online than to read long, drawn out articles.

If you create a large amount of videos that are both unique and high quality, you will offer information on your product in a new way.

There are many video sharing websites other than YouTube which you can utilize to submit and grow your video network.

Your business even gets an indirect ranking boost by being associated with these sites which already rank high on the search engines list.

The popularity of these video portals is already established when you upload your video content and so a portion of the user traffic will be exposed to your information.

When you get on the roll of providing high quality, unique videos regularly, you will see more and more people subscribing to your video so they can see each one.

You can build your own channel and drive massive traffic to your websites each and every day.

A very prominent yet hidden benefit of effective video marketing is that it educates the viewer about your company.

People will believe that which they observe with their own eyes, so there really is no better method of educating your target market about the products and services which you have to offer than by a video providing a detailed overview.

Avoid being too vague with your video if you want to see traffic go up, and include instructions or information that is going to be genuinely useful to your audience. This ideal step gives the customer the vital product or service information, and at the same time, sends them to your site.

All in all, video marketing has proven to be a powerful marketing trend that is just growing with time. If you want to really leverage this method then go ahead and create your first video or you can also outsource the work if you want.

How To Create Awesome Videos To Promote Your Business?

You want a video that looks great, sounds great, and also gets the message across to your viewer to take further action. Here are 6 key video marketing tips to make your video marketing more effective.

1. Shorter Videos Get More Views

  • Keeping your videos less than two minutes is better for viewership. When your videos are two minutes or less they’re more likely to be watched all the way to the end. More than 3 or 4 minutes could possibly be too long, but definitely don’t go over 10 minutes when your subject matter is hard information to understand.

2. Get To The Point Quickly

  • Don’t leave your important information until the end of the video. If you put the important details right up front your viewers will be more likely to watch it to the end. Create videos for that stay on track and don’t go off on tangents about other subjects.

3. Don’t Act Like A Robot

  • You’re not a robot. You are going to make some mistakes, get your words mixed up, or you’re going to make a face you don’t like. Don’t worry about it. It’s all fine because people want you to be human.

4. The Importance Of Sound

  • You can have a great looking video, but if nobody can hear what you’re saying, they’ll switch off. Be aware of background noises when recording, especially if you’re outside or there are people talking nearby. Adding an audio track with music in addition to your voice can to keep the interest of your audience. Just make certain that your viewers can easily hear what you’re saying without the music taking over.

5. Use Videos On Landing Pages

  • A landing page with a video will generally convert more than one without a video. If you want your viewers to take an action after viewing, you’re going to have to tell them what to do. You can insert clickable links right on the screen to take them to a sales page or opt-in page, making the video interactive

6. Don’t Just Rely On YouTube

  • Start using video to promote your business through all the different types of network. A good place to begin is YouTube but there are other places online to upload and share your videos. Videos shared on multiple platforms get the best results. Check out vimeo.com, metacafe.com, dailymotion.com, video.search.yahoo.com, and video.Google.com.


In the light of the above we see that, video marketing is a very effective way to market your business. It will create a better understanding of your brand to your customers who will develop great interest in your product as well. Consider using video marketing for great results in your business.

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