30 Tips On How to Create Killer Marketing Videos That Will Certainly Drive Potential Clients & Prospects to Your Website

Today, I have compiled 30 tips on how to create killer marketing videos that will certainly drive potential clients and prospects to your website.

The Power Of Video Content:

Video content is now one of the most popular types of content online, with most consumers preferring to watch videos than reading long pieces of text content.

Statistics are also in favor of video content, with most marketers claiming that video has the best ROI when compared to other types of content.

If you too want to remain relevant in online field, you have to use videos to your advantage.

This is because video content is extremely engaging and attracts more attention than just images or text alone.

However, the big challenge comes in creating a video that will go viral.

That’s why I did my best to collect the best tips for creating awesome videos  for your online & offline business.

You might not always create viral videos, but with the following tips, your videos will grab attention from your targeted audience.

30 Tips On How to Create Killer Marketing Videos

30 Tips On How to Create Killer Marketing Videos:

[1] Use Storytelling Strategy:

  • Everyone, including me, loves stories, especially well-told stories.
  • Humans are wired to get attracted to stories; they have a way to capture attention and spark interest.
  • You should use the power of storytelling to your advantage in your videos.
  • Instead of just bombarding your audience with facts and stats, why not tell a story of how your product has helped someone or just a story that relates with how your product can help in a particular situation.
  • Remember, for this to work, your audience must relate to it. Focus your story on your target audience, and you will certainly grab their attention.

[2] Use Animated Characters:

  • Characters are the nerves of your story; they keep it together and give your story continuity.
  • You should use characters that represent your audience; characters that your audience will identify with.
  • Animated characters help to add a personal touch to your videos making them memorable and engaging.

[3] Keep it Simple and Traditional:

  • There are three basic things that your videos should have; a white background, continuous drawing, and a hand.
  • A traditional whiteboard animated video needs to have these three aspects.
  • This is what gives a video a recognizable style, and even though you will be adding some personal details, keep things simple and traditional.

[4] Add Your Personalized Color:

  • I just told you to keep your videos traditional and simple; that’s black and white, but it is also good to be innovative in some of them.
  • Don’t go overboard, but make your video colorful.
  • You can use some small hints of color to accentuate the important parts of your message.
  • Use your brand color and add it to some key spots to make your brand appear in your videos.

[5] Make Your Videos Atmospheric With Applicable Music:

  • Music will make your video content more interesting by evoking myriads of emotions.
  • Therefore, don’t be afraid to use music that fits the mood and emotions of your message.

[6] Use Reviews From Your Previous Customers:

  • You can run reviews of your customers on your videos to make your video more impactful.
  • Put them behind the camera and let them say how they have benefited from your products or services.
  • This can be a powerful way to grab your viewers’ attention and appeal to more prospective customers.

[7] Include Call to Action Buttons:

  • Similar to how other types of content should have a compelling call to action at the end to invite the reader to take action, such as visiting a website, signing up to a newsletter, offering their contact information, so too should your videos.
  • Make sure to tell your viewers what you want them to do after watching your videos and then remind them at the end of your video. However, don’t be pushy.

[8] Share Behind the Scenes Moments:

  • Consumers love to see the human part of your brand, and video content offers this perfect opportunity by taking customers behind the scenes.
  • Sharing behind the scenes videos where you made mistakes, laughed at something, or when a character got too serious, will display your business’s human side and enable your video grab more attention.

[9] Post Tutorials:

  • Creating tutorial videos relevant to your niche is another great way to engage with and connect with your customers.
  • Tutorials videos should enlighten your viewers on things they don’t know.
  • It should be enticing enough and loaded with useful and informative content but should leave your viewers wanting to learn more.

[10 Keep Your Videos Short:

  • Online viewers are quite impatient and don’t have much time to spend on one video.
  • They are always looking for a new video or new site. Keeping this in mind, you need to create shorter marketing videos.
  • Instead of having one lengthy video, divide them and post them as separate videos. However, endeavor to summarize your content in videos as much as possible.

[11] Be Confident:

  • Words spoken with professionalism and clarity will have more impact than words spoken by an amateur speaker who is afraid of speaking on the camera.
  • Therefore, if you aren’t good at speaking in front of a camera, it might be a good idea to have one of your employees, who is experienced on this, record the video for you. Also, you can call in a professional to record it for you.

[12] Pose Questions:

  • Questions create conversations and engagements.
  • Therefore, ask questions in your videos and request viewers to leave their answers in the video comment box. This way, your videos will have more engagement.

[13] Don’t Obsess With Perfection

  • Marketing videos are not Hollywood movies, and no one expects you to be perfect.
  • Whilst you may aiming to make your videos look professional, don’t obsess with perfection as you will be missing out on the main purpose of your video.
  • Focus more on content than quality. But still, make sure your videos look professional.

[14] Produce Them Professionally

  • Yes, I have said that you should not aim for perfection, but that doesn’t mean you fail to produce your videos professionally.
  • From camera lighting to editing voice overs, your videos should boast of professionalism. This means you should have experts record the video for you to ensure the highest quality.

[15] Use Viral Videos to Create Your Videos:

  • Go to YouTube or any other video hosting site and see how renowned businesses are making their videos go viral.
  • You will get some pointers on how well-known and popular brands are creating videos that go viral. Develop an effective video strategy from what you will learn.

[16] Hype Your Video Before Its Official Launch:

  • Instead of just launching your video and promoting it thereafter, why not build hype around its launch date on your social media channels, blog, and website? This will create anticipation among your target audience.

[17] Use Humor:

  • Not all videos call for seriousness. On the contrary, humor can work in generating more interest even on corporate videos.
  • You can check how popular corporate organizations are using humor to make their videos viral. Find a balance between humor and putting your message across.
  • Some niches have “boring” content and humor make it easier for customers to watch video content in these niches to the end.

[18] Use Hand-drawn Images:

  • Remember I mentioned something about animated videos, make your animations look like a piece of art by using artist drawings to showcase your characters.
  • You can be doing this using design tools and technology to make your animated characters look like it is being drawn. This means having a drawing hand appear on your whiteboard videos.

[19] Spark Emotions:

  • Videos have the potential to deliver a complex message in a simplified way.
  • However, they can spark emotions as well. Use this to your advantage by combining storytelling and elements that will bring back memorable moments such as those bringing back the ‘the good old days’ like references to classic movies. Create emotions in your videos generate interest.

[20] Make Them Educational:

  • In addition to adding humor, making your characters relatable, spark emotions, and make your videos educational as well. This is a recipe for video success.
  • Actually, this combination will entertain, educate, and provide fun, which will enable your viewers to learn faster and deeper.

[21] Make Your Introduction Stand Out:

  • The same way you have to make your introduction interesting and compelling in other forms of content, you need to create interest and capture your viewers’ attention.
  • You only have less than 10 seconds to impress your viewers or else they will click off your video.
  • With this in mind, the introduction part of your video is vital and thus should be made inspiring, informative, and entertaining to capture the viewer attention and encourage them to view the whole video.

[22] Have a Stimulating Title:

  • Just like your introduction, your video’s title should be eye-catching and stimulating so as to grab your viewers’ attention.
  • Besides, use relevant keywords in your title to make your videos show up higher on search engines when your audiences search for the topic you are discussing.

[23] Focus More On the Mission Rather Than Your Offering:

  • Instead of focusing more on your product or service’s benefits, focus your message more on the mission of your product.
  • You can talk more about the problem facing your audience and how your product can help solve it.

[24] Don’t Be Boring:

  • Make your videos energetic. After all, who wants to watch a video where all the characters seem like they hadn’t eaten last night?
  • If you want your videos to be more engaging, create exciting and inspiring videos that are full of energy.

[25] Make Your Videos Mobile Friendly:

  • According to YouTube, mobile videos takes the greatest share of viewership.
  • Therefore, make your videos downloadable and watchable on mobile devices without losing their quality.

[26] Optimize Your Videos For Search Engines:

  • To talk the truth, Google loves video content, and that’s why they rank higher on search engine result pages than other forms of content.
  • To get maximum SEO value from your videos, your videos need to have well-written descriptions that are tagged with relevant keywords to boost your video’s SEO. Optimize your video’s title and description.

[27] Include Your Web URL In Your Videos:

  • To increase your company or business exposure and generate more traffic to your website, include your web URL somewhere in your videos.
  • This is a good way of creating more brand exposure and attract more traffic from interested viewers.

[28] Market Your Videos In Many Channels:

  • YouTube, the second biggest search engine after Google, is, of course, the main video hosting site.
  • Make sure your videos are well titled, and they are described.
  • Tag them on YouTube so that they show up on search engines such as Google.
  • Also, make sure to post your videos on your social media channels, and encourage your audience to share it and discuss the content in the comment section.
  • Also, upload it to your website and make sure to create a Site Map XML file.
  • This is the code on your website that web bots review and index for your video to appear on search engines.
  • You can also include your videos in your e-newsletter that allows you track who watches them as well as online press releases.
  • Newsletter recipients are more likely to open your video if the link to it is placed under a screen grab from your video.
  • You can also advertise it in print by placing a QR code or specific URL for your video in a print ad, encouraging reader to scan the code and watch the video online.
  • You can also create a separate landing page to see how much traffic is generated by your advertisement.

[29] Forget About The Video Size:

  • Instead of thinking about how long or short your video should be, focus on delivering value.
  • Give all the details your viewers need to know about your offering in a summarized way.

[30] Read Your Script Loud Before Creating Your Video:

  • Reading your video script loud will enable you to know if your video sounds natural.
  • Also, this will help you know if emphasis on certain phrases and words as well as voice infection speed are as natural as possible.

That’s all we had for you today!

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