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 In case you are looking for a detailed Videosly Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of Videosly Software to discover everything about it, It’s features, Videosly OTO details and how this brand new software will enable you to Create Traffic-Driving & High Converting Videos From Your Own Content, Other People’s Content In Minutes!


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Videosly Review

Videosly Overview:

Creator: Sam Bakker
Date Of Launch: 2018-05-09
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Is The Creator Of Videosly?

This software was made by Sam Bakker, a popular affiliate marketer.

He has made a couple of products that have become successful.

Some of the renowned products made by Sam Bakker include Outsourcing Mastery, Recastly, Script Engage 2.0, and much more.

What Is The Main Idea Behind Videosly?

Video content is one of the most popular online content at the moment with many people opting to watch a video instead of reading a piece of text.

I’m sure by now, as an online marketer, you know that videos not only help to boost your engagement rates, but also attracts more free traffic and enhance your ROI.

The Power Of Online Video:

  • On average, we visit a website for 45 seconds & 5 Minutes and 50 seconds when a website has video….this means that online video is 5.33X more effective than text.
  • On average, 1 Min of video = 1.800.000 words
  • YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine….Any user that makes A Google search is more tempted to enter a website that has a video.
  • Correctly optimized websites with video increase 53X the probability of appearing on the 1st page of Google.
  • Online video is the fastest way to share information around the world.
  • The efficiency of email marketing campaigns increases more than 90% when it uses a video.
  • The number of Video sites increases every month.

Therefore, if you are yet to begin creating video content, sooner or later, you will need to step up your video marketing campaign because everyone, including your competitors, is doing it,and it can never get any simpler than with Videosly.

Normally, creating a video calls for a lot of things, and it is a time-consuming process.

It doesn’t matter the experience you have in creating a video or the software you are using, creating a video takes time.

That’s why Videosly Software was created to shorten the process….

And today, I will introduce this video creator software to you so that you can learn about it’s features and what sets it apart from other software applications on the market.

It is among the fastest video creator I have seen, and it is easy to use.

Before we dive deep into Videosly review, I would like to mention that Videosly is a cloud-based application that allows one to create a video by simply entering a URL.

With Videosly, you need to enter your blog URL and then customize it as per your liking.

After that, you can upload your video to Facebook, YouTube, and other sites that allow video marketing.

If you advertise on social media sites, Videosly helps you make amazing short videos that you can use to promote your services, products, or impress your clients.

So, What Is Videosly?

Videosly is the next generation and innovative, premier video maker software applications that let you create amazing and audience-pulling videos in a short time.

You don’t need to have any technical skills.

With this powerful software, you can convert any pre-existing content or web URL into sales generating video in a short time.

This software allows you create simple videos from text that you can share with friends on your social media accounts.

You can use them for your marketing to increase traffic and boost brand awareness.

You can create a wide range of videos on different topics.

This new software will allow you to effortlessly and quickly turn text into videos.

It also enables you to share your videos on various social media account with ease.

It also allows you add different styles of text and combine multiple video clips.

Besides, you can add attention grabbing text to your videos to attract more people to them.

With Videosly, you can create viral videos, digital product sales video, ecommerce product advertisements, blog update videos, local marketing videos, and much more.

==> See The Power Of Videosly (Videosly Review Video)<==

How Does Videosly Software Work?

==> Videosly Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==

To create your videos, you only need to follow four steps;

=> Login to the cloud-based dashboard:

  • setup your profile. You can also integrate it with your Amazon and YouTube. Click “create video.”

=> Pick a title:

  • Enter a URL to have your video easily made from pre-existing text. You can also paste your content. Let your software do the magic.

=> Customize Your Unique Videos:

  • After choosing your existing text or content from your URL, you will see 2-screen canvas where you can control how it plays. You can choose the elements you want to add to your video.

=> Edit and Produce Your Video:

  • After customization, this software creates frames for your video. Your text is added to each frame, and a video is created.

Now let’s switch to the next part of our review to find out the features of this software.


[+] It Is 100% Cloud-Based:

  • This means that once you download and install it, you will not need to download it again as you will be accessing this software from your desktop.

[+] You Can Create an Unlimited Number of Videos:

  • With Videosly, you can create an unlimited number videos for your marketing purposes.
  • Besides, you can make a profit from it by creating videos for your clients, without incurring any other expense. You can create videos for different niches.

[+] It Allows For Sharing On Multiple Platforms:

  • This software allows one to share videos on various platforms such as social media sites and YouTube.
  • By doing this, you will be able to attract more traffic as you will be getting viewership from various platforms.

[+] You Can Access Training and Updates From Your Dash:

  • You can access ongoing updates as well as video tutorials from your dashboard.
  • All the notifications about any update or training will be pushed to you via your dashboard.

[+] It Is Compatible With Both Instagram and Facebook:

  • Facebook and Instagram accounts for the biggest share of videos among social media sites, and that’s why creators of this software makes videos that play perfectly on these two platforms.

[+] Various Video Creation Options:

  • You can create videos from your customized content, URL, or from scratch. It can never get any easier than this.
  • You will only need to add your preferred site URL to this application, and it will create a video as per the content you provide.

[+] Direct Upload to YouTube Functionality:

  • After creating your video, there is an option to upload it directly to YouTube, unlike other video creation software.
  • In most video creation software, you are required to paste your video on your desktop then upload it to YouTube.
  • But with Videosly, there is a functionality that allows you to do this directly.

[+] Massive Library of Inbuilt Audio Tracks and Video Clips:

  • You will get a wide variety of audio tracks to incorporate to your videos as well as video clips to help you create unique videos for your existing content.
  • This helps you create unique, interesting videos in minutes.

[+] Optimized Video Lengths For Video Ads:

  • With this application, your video will be of short lengths so that your viewers can watch them to the end. Most online viewers don’t have patient to watch lengthy videos.

[+] Powerful Integration:

  • You can add your YouTube channels and Amazon S3 account to this application making uploading to these sites easier.
  • With this integration, you will be able to upload your videos easily to this platforms. In fact, Videosly has a direct upload functionality to YouTube.

[+] High Definition Resolution:

  • You will get to choose from 1920p, 1280p, and 960p resolutions which means that there is a quality for every platform.
  • For instance, you cannot upload videos with 1920p resolution to social sites as it will load for a long time before it plays especially for viewers with slow internet.
  • Besides, low resolutions videos can play on any device as opposed to 1920p videos. However, for professional videos, you can choose 1920p resolution.

[+] It Allows You To Add Calls-to Action:

  • You can add call-to-actions buttons top closing slides to increase your conversion rates while improving your brand awareness.
  • Very few video creation software applications allow one to add call-to-action buttons.

[+] And that is not all; this software lets you quickly create and share 100 percent unique videos from any pre-existing content that are fully optimized for search engines:

  • You can add your overlay text
  • Spin a URL or any existing content, into various unique videos each with a different call-to-action and different message for free targeted traffic and higher ranking on search engine.

Because Videosly allows you to create videos from virtually any online post or article, you can leverage the most trending topics and news articles in your niche.

Imagine you won’t need to create any content- you will only need to copy a text or content URL to this application and it will create unique videos that you can share. You can use these top-converting videos to promote your brand, services, and products.

See Some Videos Examples Created With Videosly:

Videosly Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:

Q1: Can I Create a Unique Video by Pasting A URL into My Dash?

  • Answer: Yes, this software has an advanced technology that pulls all the content or text from a page or post and then preview it before making a video using that text.

Q2: Will Videosly Software Work On My PC and Mac?

  • Answer: Absolutely. Being a cloud-based platform, this software can run on any internet-enabled device.

Q3: Do I Need Any Editing Experience?

  • Answer: Not at all. The canvas and dashboard are user-friendly, and the interface is simple to navigate for anyone.

Q4: How Many Videos Can One Create?

  • Answer: This depends on the package you choose.

Videosly OTO OR Upsells:

OTO#1: Videosly PRO ($67)

Now, beta testers of Videosly software told the creators that they were shocked by two things:


  • How quickly they could create custom videos from pre-existing content.


  • The huge increase in traffic & conversions they got from using these simple videos.

So a lot of these testers asked if there was a way for them to create even more videos to increase their results.

The creators listened and answered and now, you have a unique chance to create triple the number of videos each and every month…..more videos, high traffic and conversions from your own campaigns….more videos to sell to clients for reoccurring monthly commissions & triple the profit potential each and every month right now.

Now, top converting videos rely on fresh content, the stock footage included with your license is great, but you’re going to need more of a variety, if you really want to make some really cool videos so the creators asked their developers for something that has never been done before to let users leverage any online video simply by pasting a URL into the dashboard.

Online video content from any source for your own personal use? Yes, it’s now possible

Introducing Videosly PRO:

  • When you upgrade to pro, you get to create triple the number of videos each month while leveraging literally any online video for your own personal campaigns.
  • Now this is important, it’s never a good idea to simply copy someone else’s video so the creators have developed an advanced editor inside of the pro version to solve this problem.
  • Simply upload any video URL then, create custom clips from these videos with point-and-click ease then, you can mix and match with other clips and content as you want to make sure that your videos are a hundred percent unique every time without creating any of your own material.
  • This easy-to-use advanced editor also works on your own videos as well. Upload video files to the dashboard from your local computer and effortlessly create clips to reuse them in new projects.
  • Also if you’re using some of the templates that the creators provide you as well, you’ll also be able to cut those up, add them into your videos and have them ready to go as well…..It’s a great way to repurpose content you’ve already created into multiple campaigns.
  • Alone, these features make upgrading the pro an easy decision, but the creators wanted to take things several steps further so you’ll be able to include logo and image watermarks on your videos to drastically improve branding and customer recall of your message.
  • You can add outros to further emphasize your call to action and drive even higher sales.
  • Now because videos on your own sites is the most important key to increase organic traffic and conversions, Pro also includes a video player that lets you embed your videos directly onto any of your websites.
  • Enjoy higher conversions on your landing pages, ecom stores, sales pages and virtually any web property you own.
  • on top of all of that, Videosly Pro also includes powerful features normally only available inside much more expensive software Suites.
  • You’ll be able to add automated voice overs with a built-in text-to-speech converter that literally reads your message out loud, upload your own background audio from any source to set the perfect move for your audience….music is a huge key to conversions and now you have the power to influence your viewer behavior with customized audio.

Your Videosly pro license gives you unlimited access to all future upgrades and updates automatically delivered inside of your dashboard without paying a penny for them.

OTO#2: Videosly Reseller ($147 OR $247 OR $497)

The creators have built up their online businesses by selling software. Thing is they don’t always create and sell their own software…. in fact, They make over six figures per year selling software that other people have developed meaning there are zero product costs or hassles for them

So they decided to offer you the chance to become what’s call the reseller of Videosly So you can profit by selling Videosly yourself……

Now, no matter what anyone else tells you….selling software isn’t quite as easy as it sounds.

To make serious money selling other people’s products, you really have to have a product that:

  • Solves a problem
  • Has a huge demand
  • Provides a new solution or something that you know people really want in the marketplace

The creators have invested tens of thousands of dollars into building Videosly brand and creating top converting sales materials that turn prospects into buyers so here’s your chance to sell Videosly for yourself keeping 100% of the profits, you can also leverage your existing marketing materials and brand on top of that as well and also the creators will take care of all of the technical customer support for you on top of that.

So with Videosly Reseller:

  • You can sell Videosly as your own or you can include it as an upgrade offer on your existing or future products sales funnels without the hassles, without costs of rebranding and creating sales materials.
  • Not only will this make you money for each license you sell, the creators will also build a custom a list of premium buyers as well. You can send emails to the subscriber list making even more money recommending related products to them
  • You’re also going to get step-by-step training showing you exactly how to go out there and successfully sell this products.
  • The creators are also going to run a special webinar where you’ll be able to ask them how they have been able to make hundreds of thousands of dollars with resell rights products.
  • The creators are also going to share a range of different strategies on that webinar that will help you to get off the ground running right away.

OTO#3: Videosly Stock Footage Club ($37 Then, $27/Month OR $97/Year)

What separates a good video from an average video when you use Videosly? well the quality of the videos that you use.

The problem is:

  • It’s very difficult to find affordable high quality videos these days that you can use in your own business and with clients.
  • Look at places like iStock for example or other video sites, it can cost over a hundred dollars for one piece of high-quality footage….it’s too much.

Now, you could try googling to find and see if you could find some footage that you could buy from a website or something like that and maybe you’ll be able to find a few videos at a reasonable price however, it’s almost impossible to find enough footage to insure your video footage is unique each and every time.

Now, obviously the other option you have is to create the footage yourself, but that has it’s own issues though.

It is time consuming and chances are you won’t be able to create the result that you want and think about the expenses in hiring a firm of professionals to create the footage for you.

The creators were aware of these issues because they tried to find as much video footage as they could buy the rights to to actually add into Videosly for you to use.

A lot of the video footages are really good that they have managed to get in there however, it’s not possible for them to add new templates each and every month into your account themselves because they are not video professionals and it’ll be extremely expensive to try and hire a team to do such a thing as well.

So they went to work and found a solution that they could deliver to you and they reached out to actually at a local company who specializes in creating high quality stock footage for websites like iStock and asked to help them to provide you with stock footage each and every month.

They usually sell each of their videos for about $40, but with a bit of convincing, The company actually agreed to partner with the creators to create the Videosly stock footage club.

Videosly stock footage club package is going to provide you with all of the videos you’re going to need to enhance your videos and create professional high end results each and every time…..
  • The Videosly club itself includes an initial 100 videos the stock footage professionals have already created You can immediately get access to.
  • Then, each and every month that you’re a member of Videosly club, you’re going to receive 25 additional new templates….now you’ll be able to use this footage in your own business and even with clients.

Videosly Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of Videosly?

Before I close my review, I would like to say that if you are looking for an application that can help you create eye-catching and sales-driving videos, Videosly software is the best bet for you.

There has never been a video-creation software that is easy to use as this.

You can navigate through this software easily and instantly convert any content or text into well-branded, unique videos.

You can create traffic driving videos in minutes without prior knowledge of editing.

This will help you make your campaigns go viral.

You can export your unique videos in multiple formats that suits for playback on various devices thereby helping you maximize your coverage and traffic.

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