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Mobiflux Review Plus Best Mobiflux Bonus Offer


 In case you are looking for a detailed Mobiflux Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of Mobiflux plugin to discover everything about it, It’s features, Mobiflux OTO details and how This Breakthrough WordPress Plugin will Enable You To Skyrocket Your Site’s Mobile Traffic & Conversions In 3 Steps!


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Mobiflux Review

Mobiflux Overview:

Creator: Cyril Jeet
Date Of Launch: 2018-10-26
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Is The Creator Of Mobiflux?

Cyril Jeet is a well known name in the field of internet marketing who has created many successful marketing software such as Leads2List, TweetPush and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind Mobiflux?

Tell me, what is the most noticeable thing that you saw the last time when you looked at your Google Analytics Traffic stats?

You notice that most of your traffic is coming from mobile phones, right?

And it’s not just you….according to Google, the vast majority of Internet traffic is now on mobile devices and most websites get 80 percent or more of their visitors from them so what are you doing about it?

Sure, you’ve got a responsive website, but what about really harnessing your mobile visitors? Have you given this a serious thought?

If you’re still using those old-style call-to-actions…things like; exit-intent, Popups, Pop-unders, signup boxes….you know that’s a big sign that you haven’t kept pace with the times.

While they worked excellently in 2010, they are not designed for today’s market…either they just don’t work at all on mobile devices or your mobile users can’t see them or even worse they irritate your mobile visitors with their clunkiness….that is one reason why your lead generation is faltering.

If you don’t change today, things are going to get worse and worse because people love mobility and they are getting seriously used to doing everything on their mobile phone; shopping, news, videos, it’s all consumed on mobile….Big app companies are making sure of that.

Listen, get out of this rut, move on and start thinking with an an app mindset….yes, your website is an app and you better start treating it like one today.

Here’s a quick test;

  • Do you see any of the CTA’s in an app that you have on your website? no, right?

Apps have things like banners and overlays that stick to the bottom or the top of the screen and interstitial ads that cover the whole screen….now, these are the CTA’s that are designed to work well on the mobile and they are what you should be using today…..You don’t know how?

That’s no problem because The creators are solving that for you today right here and right now.

Here Comes Mobiflux WP Plugin…..

So, What Is Mobiflux?

Mobi flux is The revolutionary new mobile traffic plugin for WordPress that will:

1- harness your mobile traffic and drive it right to your offers

2- and multiply it even more by getting your visitors to send you even more visitors

With Mobi flux, you’ll be setting up endless mobile-friendly CTAs in minutes with all the flexibility that you want.

Set up CTAs that work across your website or set up CTAs specific to certain pages or posts…..It’s very easy with Mobi flux.

==> See The Power Of Mobi flux (Mobiflux Review Video)<==

How Does Mobiflux Plugin Work?

Ready to take a look?

Well, after doing the simple 60 seconds installation; you’ll see the Mobiflux menu on the WordPress admin sidebar, you’ll see options to set up both banner and interstitial ads.

Now, you click on any option and you’ll see the ads that you’ve already set up.

Now, if you want to add a new CTA, just click on create new and you’ll be taken to the screen where you can upload your design and also setup the options.

You can decide how you want the ad to look whether you want any rotation.

If you want to show it to only a certain number of people, decide where to send the traffic and more.

There’s a ton of powerful stuff that gives you full control of how your traffic behaves.

It’s the same with the interstitial CTAs…you can decide whether you want to show them to all visitors or only a segment, you could even show different people different calls to action with options to show your CTAs across all the website or on specific posts.

Next, you have something that explodes your traffic; the Mobiflux traffic multiplier:

This is a 100% mobile compatible tried and tested traffic attraction system that will let you create visitor reward campaigns, letting you giveaway goodies and return to your visitors, sending you more traffic.

  • Force your visitors to drive traffic to your pages.
  • Reward your visitors for sending traffic to you.
  • 100% mobile compatible rewards mechanism that’s also powerfully secure.
  • Customizable system lets you put in your own headline, graphics & Call To Action.
  • Grab leads and send them to your favorite autoresponder right away.
  • Unlock rewards & send your visitors anywhere you want. Landing pages, sales pages, affiliate offers. You choose!

You can set up rewards with access to PDFs, videos, courses, special URLs or absolutely anything you want.

As soon as your visitor sends you the required traffic, their reward will be unlocked and they get an email notification…what does that mean for you?

Not only you get more traffic, but you also get email addresses of all the people who sign up to claim the reward, how cool is that?

==> Mobiflux Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==

Mobiflux Features:

Let’s see the powerful features of Mobi flux:

Mobiflux Features

Mobiflux Reviews:

See What People Are Saying About Mobi flux & The creator’s others tools:

Sometimes people live online in 2005.No responsive Call to action. So how could you sell your stuff? With Mobiflux you are in the future with your sites. Customer see your Call to action or Popups and you can sell more. Great product.
Thomas Dowe
Mobi flux makes my blogs instantly mobile-compatible. CTA buttons will work; Links are passed on. Clear optics, functional surface. A successful product. Clear recommendation.
Uwe Echtirmann
Now, I just got done taking a good look at Leads2list and I want to do this big shoutout for Cyril Jeet… amazing guy who I obviously know really well….I used so many of his products and what we often don’t know that one of the best places to get leads and email addresses is actually Facebook. Yeah, you might be wondering what is Facebook got to do with emails….there’s something called lead generation ads which if used properly, can get you a huge amount of quality leads that go straight to your autoresponder if you use Leads2list and then, you can effectively remark it to this audience. I use this in my business and it works wonders for growing my list and if you are not, you’re leaving money on the table so if you have the chance to grab Leads2list then, I really recommend that you do because it’s going to transform your business
Dr Sameer Joshi

I believe it will help me keep my brand moving in the right direction and from all of the millions whom will be flooding my website, mass exposure of mobilflux too!
Mark Whittaker
Mobiflux takes responsive designs to the next level by making my wordpress websites convert my mobile traffic with ease.
Alejandro Robles
I always had concerns of images not showing up properly on mobile devices. Mobile optimization is so important b/c most people check their emails on their phones now. Mobiflux will definitely help optimize your pages for mobile and capture people’s attention much better.
Yoshi Tamiya
Excellent Idea Mobiflux
I have been thinking about a tool like this for some time..
Mobiflux Would make my blogs / Affiliate sites instantly mobile compatible
Being able to link to a greater Audience is Absolutely Brilliant and Welcomed Idea
Cannot wait try it
Keep up the Good Work Guys
Patricia Ballard
I sure will be using this to not only help my clients but and for my marketing projects as I mix this with some of my SEO nuggets for a possible maximum results and encouragement for all MOBIFLUX members.
Lexy Dady
This is great news, and right on time to add to my products, services and solutions to offer to my local clients as a consultant. I can’t wait to see what an impact this will make for my business. Thanks!
Paul A Sims Jr

Mobiflux makes my mobile fb links buttons will work and customers see your call to action so you sell more. Great product to work!
Ton Reedijk


With mobiflux, it is much easier to provide a good user experience and to be up to date with my marketing. People will no longer distracted by bad mobile appearance, disfunctional buttons or similar problems. So it is a big benefit that can be recommended to marketers of any niche.
Glucharen Michael

Mobiflux Results:

Mobiflux Results

Mobiflux OTO OR Upsells:

OTO#1: Mobiflux PRO ($37)

Cyril wants to make sure that you get the maximum traffic & leads and to make that happen, he created something that will supercharge your Mobi flux….this is Mobiflux PRO, the professional version of Mobi flux that will add powerful features to help you get more leads and customers…..

[+] The first thing, it gives you unlimited redirects for your ads:

  • Yes, If you’ve got a high-traffic website or if you’re running ads, you need this feature to make the best use of all your traffic.

[+] Pro also gives you the capability to put Mobiflux on unlimited personal websites:

  • No limitations, even if you run a PBN with thousands of websites, you can put Mobi flux on every one of them without extra payment to The creator.

[+] You also get A and B analysis to find out which one of your ads is working better:

  • This helps you get the best CTAs working for you to get maximum traffic maximum & return for every dollar you spend.

Next thing, Cyril knows getting your CTAs is expensive and you will need to find a designer, brainstorm with them and that’s too much work, isn’t it?

[+] So Cyril built 50 ready-made templates:

  • That you can use instantly, modify and use them in your own business.

[+] You also get access to a powerful training that will turn you into a traffic and conversions monster:

  • Learn how to make money from every shred of your traffic.

OTO#2: Mobiflux Developer ($29)

We know the biggest fact about running a website or a blog; it needs traffic.

There’s simply no way out…..if there’s no traffic and there’s no business, right?

If you’re helping other people with their sites or businesses, this might be the most common question you would have faced “how can I get more traffic”?

Well, now you have an answer in Mobiflux.

Yes, all your clients need traffic and you can make money from them by getting them more traffic using Mobiflux…..
  • Implement This powerful Pluign on their sites, generate more traffic and more leads for them and charge the fee you want. You can charge a one-time fee, an yearly recurring or even a monthly recurring fee…it’s totally up to you.
  • Just legally implement it on as many clients as you want for as long as you want you while keeping all of the profits you get.

OTO#3: Mobiflux Agency ($59 OR $197)

Create a new source of earning, something that could help you make a profit from Mobiflux without installing it on your website & without even having a website….it’s simple

If you’re going for website traffic, so is everyone else and you know what? you can sell it to them!

  • With the agency license, you will be able to Sell them Mobi flux and you can keep all of the profits
  • You will get the rights to sell Mobiflux to others and pocket all of the profits.
  • Just make some Facebook posts on your profile, page or groups….send a couple of emails, if you got a list or even run some solo ads.

OTO#4: Mobiflux Traffic Generator Pack ($47)

Mobiflux Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of Mobiflux?

Mobi flux is the coolest bit of technology you’ve seen in a little while trapping and multiplying your mobile traffic and multiplying it again and again.

You can also use both these components independently, just drive mobile traffic to your older offers or use Mobi flux traffic multiplier standalone….you have complete control.

What’s even more exciting? You can implement Mobi flux on your site without changing a thing.

If you really love those old-style CTAs that you have already set up, keep them….you don’t have to remove them.

Only mobile visitors will see Mobiflux CTAs so whether your traffic is on desktop or mobile, you will always have the best way to turn them into leads and of course customers.

There’s no reason to wait any longer…not when a small two-minute change can unlock and absolutely untap segments of customers for you.

This is the smartest investment you’ll make on your site this month because it’s going to pay for itself ultra fast.

If you’re spending money on traffic….running Facebook Ads….buying solo ads traffic or spending a pile of cash on fresh content and SEO, you need this little widget to make your investment give you the very best results.

Make mobile traffic work for you like never before.

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