An In-Depth Guide To Increase Your Website Traffic – 10 Must-Use Ways to Win Over Traffic Like a Champ!

The ultimate prize for your website is to get more traffic. Ask those who have crossed this milestone and they will narrate to you how their website has turned into a goldmine. Well, you could too join the party and increase your website traffic. Question is how you can do this.

Thanks to this post, you will get tested and proven answers on how to increase your website traffic. Sit, relax and read to the last line for there is every secret and the little shared tips to make your
website an overnight success.

Website Traffic

10 quickfire strategies to amplify your website traffic in under 30 minutes:

It is not just enough to get more traffic to your website, it also matters how fast you can get the visitors flowing. If you would want to attract visitors into your website in record time, these 10 strategies should be in your fingertips:

#1. Get 10 authority bloggers to guest-post on your website

  • One great way to have massive numbers of visitors on your site is by having diversified content. And how better can you get such diversity than using a team of bloggers?
  • You could send a mail to a selected list of bloggers asking them for the favor. Such requests hardly get turned down.

But why should you go around asking bloggers to post on your site?

=> You get quick turnaround. Since you are not writing, you will get posts faster than it takes to deliver a pizza. Now that is one great way to keep a big and steady traffic to your website.

=> You open doors to a new crop of visitors. With each blogger coming with a fair share of followers, you will be making a breakthrough into untapped interests. By widely sharing their posts, you will be opening your website to groups you would never have penetrated on your own.

=> You get a chance to revamp your focus. You will give a new life to your posts when they come from other bloggers. Your website becomes a tap of evergreen content and that is a prerequisite to wooing more traffic.

=> You cultivate more authority: you will have your brand growing in tenfold. Poorly performing sites do not use guest posts so yours will be on the green side of great performance.

#2. Queue up your tweet for six times a day

  • It is not a crime to share your own content. In fact, you have all to gain from repetitive sharing of your tweets.
  • For the second tweet you get a whopping 86% of attention, just 14% drop from your first share.
  • Going down to the 6th sharing and you will have 67% attention.
  • And mark you; you do not have to do a manual scheduling.
  • The likes of Hootsuite and CoSchedule will take care of your schedule.
  • All you have to do is load up your tweets on them and set specific times throughout the day or week for them to be retweeted.

#3. Stock up on long tail keywords

  • Why is everyone obsessed with short tail keywords?
  • After all, these keywords do very little in winning over traffic.
  • It is time you swim against the grain and maximize on your long tail keywords.
  • Quicksprout is getting 90% of its traffic from long tail keywords. You can as well increase your odds by trying the same.

#4. Tap into Reddit potent

  • Reddit is your fast lane to increasing your website traffic.
  • Here is where merit is respected as spam and black hat pitching do not see light of the day. It is pretty simple to have Reddit and its bulk of visitors behind your back.
  • You simply need an account, packing up a few subreddits, finding and sharing quality links, and keeping clean your activities.

#5. Throw a few images into your posts

  • It is popularly said that a picture speaks a thousand words.
  • Nothing would be closer to the truth than this. Relevant images are 60,000 times better processed than textual content. And that is not all; visual content is remembered 80% more than text.
  • These images will get massive views and shares, both of which drive traffic to your site. It is time you spice up your posts with relevant images.
  • Sit back and see your site visitors grow by the minute. If graphic designing is not your favorite cup of tea, Weekly Snaps should be your starting point. Simply sign up and get 20 royalty free images into your mailbox each week.

#6. Reuse and twist your old posts

  • You do not have to be on full gear creating new content every now and then. You can still reuse your old content and get people onto your website.
  • Add some twists and add good flavor to your old posts.
  • You will be surprised that you get 96% attention of what the original post gave you.
  • Talk about moving masses into your site without shedding a single drop of sweat and this strategy shows up top of the list.
  • All you have to do is be clever and creative with how you repurpose the content.
  • It could be your undoing if not done correctly.

#7. Play a large twitter card to your advantage

  • BuzzSummo research found out that large twitter cards get 3 times more attention than your normal-size tweet.
  • If you normally get 500 views then that will be amplified to 1500 views with every large card you use.
  • Now to the million-dollar question: how do you create these jumbo-size tweets? It is as simple as 123.
  • SocialSEOPro is your easiest card to cracking this. If you do not want the headache of a plugin, you can do it for free on Yoast SEO.

#8. Get 20 influencers to notice your latest article

  • I do not believe in going to your knees to beg for traffic.
  • But what does not qualify as begging is when you get 20 influencers to willingly or accidentally read or even share your article. Share with them your latest content and leave it there.
  • You will likely get some expected reaction and that is all it takes to swim in the same fame as influencers.
  • It does no harm if most of them do not respond; you have done your part. Keep doing this every time you have something new to share.

#9. Optimize your page speed

  • Online visitors are the most impatient lot. They can only wait for less than 10 seconds for your pages to load before they bounce.
  • Google algorithms use speed as a factor to rank your website. Your sites’ conversion rate and how much you make from your website are still pegged onto speed.
  • It is time you do some “thinning” on your website content. Post great quality content and optimize for SEO. Use light images and there is no way you can lose a single visitor on the speed question.

#10. Tweak your headlines for old posts

  • Headlines are like doors to your posts. If they are not appealing enough, no one is going to bother clicking on them.
  • Poor headlines could be the reason your older posts never got the attention they deserved. Now you have a second chance to make things right.
  • Use the same content but craft new headlines for them. This time be creative with headlines.
  • Now that is the easiest hack into getting traffic to your website. Keep doing these for your previous content that flopped and you will be on your way to sweat-free high ranking.

The 4-step formula to increase your website traffic:

Increase Your Website Traffic

The struggle to increase website visitors is real.

Many brands are still contending with minimal traffic activity even after pumping millions of dollars into the marketing efforts.

It is no surprise that there is a business closing every 10 seconds due to extremely low traffic. This is not how you would want things to end up for your website or business.

In fact, you could give it all to turnaround your traffic fortunes. But you do not have to make much of a sacrifice since this 4-step formula is all you need to rake up more visitors to your content and pump up on conversion.

#1. Get your niche influencers onto your side

  • Hate or love it, influencers call the shots in your niche. And if you are not one of the influential figures in your field then you have to find a way to make up for that. Share your content with influencers.
  • For your heads up, these individuals are quite choosy on what they risk their reputation on. Your content has to be top quality and deep researched.
  • If your posts only run three or four hundred words long then you will get the least of attention from your niche leaders.
  • It is not enough that your content is great for your target audience; you need influencers sharing and talking about it as well. And if you can achieve that, traffic issues will be the least concern.

#2. Strike the influencers’ curiosity by establishing what they care about

  • The trick to trapping moles is a simple one. You only need to find their hideout and trap them with bait they cannot resist.
  • You can use the same analogy to keep influencers hanging onto your every word.
  • Since you already know who the leading figures are in your field, find out what whets their appetite.
  • As long as you can identify what these “big fish” are interested in you can make them spin around you.
  • Once you find out their secret appetite to certain content, keep them served and they will shore up your traffic to unimaginable figures.

#3. Keep a steady supply of the topics they care about

  • It is popularly said that the best way to enjoy roasted peanuts is taking one at a time.
  • You could use this trick to keep your already found influencers inside your corner.
  • Since you already know the kind of topics they care about, keep them busy with a great post after another.
  • Be warned, these people are hard to impress. You have to be exceptionally good with your content to get them interested.
  • It is going to be hard at first but once you learn the ropes it will be piece-of-cake easy.
  • It will be only a matter of time before your website is in everyone’s’ lips.

#4. Add some prompt to share

  • To strike a chord with the influencers you need them to not only read but also share your content to their massive followers.
  • With prompt share, let’s call them share triggers; you can make your content irresistible even to the most critical niche leader.
  • These triggers are like attention grasping beacons that would be too tempting to ignore.
  • If you can get a few of the influencers to click the share button, you are on your way to get more traffic than you can handle.
  • Since these are topics the lead figures care about and now that you have prompted them to share, you will have “killed the elephant with a single strike”.
  • It does not take complex processes to rank top in terms of traffic for your website. The simple things you have ignored all this long are the real record breakers.
  • It is time you get your priorities right and your brand will be a global hit without having to spend a single dime on promotion.

7 surefire strategies that will give you 206% traffic leap:

Look around and you will notice one common thing with the most successful brands.

They all have a blog. And on their side is HubSpot statistics, which confirm that 90% of inbound links to top brands come from blogging.

Probably you already know the invaluable contribution your blog makes to your traffic scoreو But it is not worth a thing if no one shows up to read your posts.

However, it is not yet time to throw the towel with blogging.

You can still turn things around and make the most from your blog. Specifically, these 7 strategies will help grow your traffic by more than 200% margin.

#1. Hatch out a 90-day kindle plan to rake up more traffic

  • Failing to plan is the equivalent of preparing to fail. The reason why your website traffic size has stagnated or is dangerously falling is because you never plan for it. You bear the big blame for all of this.
  • As you stare at your dying traffic prospects, kindle lies unutilized and yet it is a strategy that could revamp your traffic garnering efforts.
  • Just you know, 31% of books on kindle are self published and are driving massive traffic to their author’s website.
  • Note that such achievement was unthinkable a few years ago since you required a deep pocket and a very competent publisher to get anyone reading your book.
  • Publish a book in your niche and it has to be on a very hot topic.
  • To magnify its exposure, enroll on kindle direct program for publishing.
  • This will exclusively get your book into kindle store for 90 days.
  • It will be open for borrowing to thousands of readers subscribed to the lending library.
  • For this to work to your benefit, link the book back to your website.
  • That alone is not going to get the traffic number to elevate you to influencer status, go further and include a free giveaway package.
  • Include as many rewards around the book. You should not be amazed that your website will be exploding with visitors’ activities.
  • Credible statistics show that you will get 1000 or more unique visitors to your website every week if your book is free.
  • Making provisions for a free download will bring home better prospects as you will be a darling to many avid readers.

#2. Learn to play the viral content button

  • Everyone reacts to viral content. How they react will boil down to how you package that content.
  • That is why everybody is trying to create viral content. And while at it, many are failing to gain from the viral craze.
  • The secret to viral content that will make heads turn and button clicked is simpler than you thought.
  • It is all in the headlines. By virtue of an attention-grabbing headline, you will get 8 out of 10 visitors clicking to your content.
  • Of course, this is not a new tactic as it has been used and recycled since the SEO world was born. But it still works magic with bringing visitors to your website.
  • The smart headline trick is one of the subsets of click bait technique. While “click bait” sounds like a dirty word, here it is used rather for a very pure purpose.
  • It is a story telling approach that will get people want to know more about your story, yourself and what you do.
  • It even works greater if you attach some gifts to individuals. It could be something small and you end up getting people to leave their contact information.
  • The funny thing with viral content, it is not the short length type of content. BuzzSummo, a viral content hub, put the word length to between 3,000 to 10,000 words for viral content to be a hit.
  • The logic for this conclusion is simple; longer posts have high staying power, they show how much you have researched, and readers will find everything they need right in there.
  • The baseline to be successful with viral content is to understand your audience.
  • Once that is done you can get ideas from top viral content sites. And once you get the viral ball rolling, keep it doing so.

#3. Remaining evergreen with your list posts

  • If you are wondering what evergreen list posts are, it is simply content that has continuity and long staying success.
  • Your next question would be how do you create evergreen list post content?
  • Start by crafting eye-catching headlines. Nobody is going into content that has a dull headline.
  • At least 80% of people will click into your content if your headline seems inviting.
  • Use numbers and catchy phrases to decorate your headlines.
  • The second phase into creating evergreen posts is covering relevant topics.
  • It does not matter how great your content is, as long as it is irrelevant it will rot away without a single click.
  • Research, get into groups, brainstorm and keep your ears open to grab anything doing the rounds and people cannot stop talking about it.

#4. How to increase website traffic through google? Allow long tail keywords to dominate

  • Long tail keywords would be easily dismissed as inefficient.
  • However, they are the most powerful tools to keep customers who are about to convert on the course.
  • They are specific and will easily point prospects into defining exactly what they want.
  • Fast backwards to the time before 2011, Google had not rolled out Panda updates. Even then long tail keywords were rocking superstars for driving traffic.
  • And when it was thought to be on the verge of distinction, long tail keywords became the bones around which brands were build, Google ranked sites and drivers of organic traffic.

  • You do not have an excuse why these keywords should not dominate your content. They continue to drive traffic and you should not be left out of the winner’s camp.

#5. Generating traffic via email marketing

  • Are you loosely dismissing email marketing as an old dog that cannot learn new tricks? You could never be more wrong about that.
  • According to Redicati, there at least 3.6 billion specific email accounts. In a single day, 247 million emails are being send.
  • On the financial implication, one dollar you spend in email marketing you have a chance to generate 42 dollars.
  • This is a valid course for excitement. But do not be excited as yet; many mail lists are gathering dust and yours could one of them.
  • That is not a reason for alarm as you can still revitalize your email marketing charm.
  • How can this be possible? First, you need a lean list. One where every member will open and act on the mail.
  • To get here you need a clearly defined goal and an exclusive landing page.
  • The rest is playing smart with your content, timing and topics.

#6. Utilize guest blogging with a twist

  • The plain use of a guest post to your blog may bear some good returns but not as good as you would achieve from a twisted guest post.
  • It is called a twisted technique because the post uses select-few long tails keywords without any backlinks.
  • This is a technique that would grow your traffic 200% times over.
  • Start by identifying blogs with some social influence. You could as well try searching for top ranking sites.
  • Once that is done, it is time to pitch.
  • You will be guaranteed of massive organic traffic and countless social media shares.

#7. Use readers’ reviews to restructure your content

  • It is very easy to tell whether your content is flopping or not from comments you get from visitors. Use such feedback to restructure your content.
  • Your audiences are the ultimate kings and will have the final word. If someone just leaves “a nice post” comment, it is a clear indication you did not meet his or her expectation.
  • It is time you shake up your content structure and try to meet your target expectations.

The 10 must-use ways to win over traffic like a champ:

There is a craving for everything. It seems the internet has joined the long list of cravings. It starts by creating a website, a blog or a YouTube channel.

As you get a first visitor and the next, you begin to want to increase that number.

And it turns out that you do not have any clue of how to build on that first and second visitor.

If that is where you find yourself now, here are 10 Tactics to increase website traffic without much of hassle.

#1. Venture into pay per click (ppc) ads

  • PPC works like magic if your timing is right.
  • However, it is a costly affair and you should make sure you are ready to dig deep into your coffers.

#2. Utilize the power of free press

  • Advertising is not within everyone’s reach. But it is worthwhile giving it a try with free press especially when you want to break into national reputation.
  • An article on a reputable newspaper or magazine, some airtime on TV or an interview with a radio station would be the right track.
  • However, you should not play this card if you are not ready to grow beyond your local market.

#3. Befriend a specific social media

  • The power of social media cannot be underscored. In better terms, it could be described as a mountain mover.
  • You could spread your wings into Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and the lot. But your success will not be as big if you had focused on one of them.
  • It could be Facebook or Twitter but make sure whatever you choose works for your situation.

#4. Make a stand before you spread into other media

  • You cannot have it all the ways. You cannot be a dominant force in websites, social media, video content and blogging.
  • What you need is to dominate in one media and gradually spread to the rest.
  • For instance, you can use blogging as your mainstay media and spread to the rest in a steady and sustainable pace.

#5. Get external authority link

  • I know the SEO you learned only emphasized on the importance of quality content, occurrence of keywords and link structure.
  • While these will help you break into new grounds in terms of traffic scope, there is a lot left unaccomplished.
  • External links from authority figures would triple the traffic you would get from all other SEO strategies combined.
  • To get such links you have to create content that will grasp the attention of influencers in your niche.

#6. Warm up to guest blogging

  • As you might already know, I’m all for guest blogging.
  • Though it is a very effective way to increase your website traffic, a lot of people are not using it.
  • If you are not already utilizing this tactic you are missing big.
  • Sieve through a number of great bloggers and offer them the suggestion to post on your blog.
  • Nobody looking to make a breakthrough would reject the invitation.

#7. Upload authority interviews in your site

  • Apart from links to influencer’s, authority interviews would give you an equally successful bid to appeal to more people if not more.
  • Get a leader figure in your niche for an interview.
  • Upload the interview into your space and let it do its wonders.

#8. Rekindle the power of emailing list

  • Email list is just like the mythical wine; it gets better with age. What this means is that there is still a lot that mailing list brings on the table of directing traffic to your website.
  • Get back to the basics and begin to build a mail list one step at a time.

#9. List posts are still effective

  • Probably you do not believe this. I, too did not but once I tried it I now know how wrong that was.
  • If you still doubt it, try to create a list of 30 or so stuff that people can’t stop to talk about and see how far that gets you.

#10. Use your headlines to do your bidding

  • Did you know that you could grow your traffic 50 times over in less than 10 minutes? Of course, you doubt that. With creative headlines you can keep everyone clicking into your content and telling it to their friends.
  • It is time you add some spice to your headlines and make them the traffic magnet they are supposed to be.

Wrap up:

It is true that there is a million or more ways to increase traffic to your website. However, a big chunk of those strategies have not been tested and proven.

What this post has offered are the top ways to get the attention you crave for your website or business.

In fact, even now they are helping brands and companies drive visitors not only to their website but to also convert in massive numbers.

Now that you have drunk from the same cup as those in the top of the food chain of moving traffic masses, you can join them there.

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