Leads2List Review + BEST BONUS + Discount- Get UNLIMITED Leads From Facebook Direct To Your Autoresponder Without Needing Opt-in OR Website!

Leads2List Review Plus Best Leads2List Bonus Offer


 In case you are looking for a detailed Leads2List Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of Leads2List Software to discover everything about it, It’s features, Leads2List OTO details and how This brand new system will Enable You To Get UNLIMITED Leads From Facebook Direct To Your Autoresponder Without Needing Opt-in OR Website!


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Leads2List Review

Leads2List Overview:

Creator: Cyril Jeet
Date Of Launch: 2018-08-23
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Is The Creator Of Leads2List?

Cyril Jeet is a well known name in the field of online marketing who has created many successful marketing software such as TweetPush, WP GDPR Fix, Sitecontact and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind Leads2List?

Have you been trying building a list through the methods advocated by most marketers but it keeps failing?

Finding it harder and harder to get leads yet you have a fantastic squeeze page.

Let’s face it. All those tactics advocated for like setting up pop-ups and offering bonuses are almost dead.

This is because they have been abused so much that they now seem obvious.

Those tactics do not work anymore.

It’s not like before when you could offer a video incentive, and people will flock to your squeeze page to sign up to your list.

If you continue using those outdated methods, then you aren’t going to survive in this ever-changing market.

You need to go with trends and adapt to another modern strategy.

It’s true that a lot has changed in email marketing and list-building in the last few years. People are not willing to give their emails in exchange for a bogus incentive.

Those tactics are so 2009, and the market is in 2018.

Top marketers have changed their game and are employing something different to get leads.

This is Leads2List Software, revolutionary cloud-based software that allows you to get leads from Facebook and send them directly to your autoresponders……

Look at what Leads2List does;

  • It connects your Facebook pages to Leads 2 List and also connects all your lead gen ads
  • It also connects your pages and ads to your favorite autoresponder
  • This means anyone who signups are added to your autoresponder list.
  • Once this software is set up, you need not maintain it until you want to change something.

I know you are interested in learning more about it, continue reading my Leads2List review.

So, What Is Leads2List?

It is now every internet marketer aim to build a fresh list that is GDPR compatible as per the privacy laws being enacted in many countries.

Leads2List is a legit lead-creation SaaS that helps marketers get leads from Facebook lead-gen ads and feeds them straight to your preferred autoresponder.

This software does this in a legit way without breaking any laws. It has 100% opt-in and is very effective.

Leads2List will help you build a list easily through Facebook, one of the most powerful social media platform.

This scalable and powerful list building system is the new way of getting leads, and only a few marketers have known its secret.

It was created by Cyril Jeet.

He is not a strange name in online marketing. He has authored other renowned software application including Playtraffic, Video Jeet, Memester and much more.

For that reason, Leads 2 List will undoubtedly become another amazing product. Let’s see what it packs.

==> See The Power Of Leads2List (Leads2List Review Video)<==

How Does Leads2List Software Work?

==> Leads2List Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==

Leads2List Features:

[+] One-click signup:

  • You just need to click or tap, and your targeted lead is added to your email autoresponder.
  • They subscribe, and you put them straight into your list.
  • This is a super-fast way of building a list as you don’t have to tell your leads to type their names or emails.

[+] It can get phone numbers:

  • This software is set up to grab many details of your lead including verified phone numbers of a Facebook user that click on your ad.
  • This can be great for people who want to send personalized offers directly to people’s contact.

[+] It grabs emails instantly:

  • Once your prospect clicks on your lead gen ad on Facebook, this software instantly grabs their email and add it to your favorite autoresponders.
  • You can have their email added to several autoresponders if you like.

[+] Leads2List is GDPR compatible:

  • With Leads2List, you don’t need to worry about your list being GDPR compatible as it is 100% compliant with new privacy policy enacted by EU.
  • Failure to comply with these policies will put you at risk of getting huge monetary penalties.

[+] It is compatible with lead gen ads:

  • This software works great with lead gen ads.
  • After targeting your audience, all they need to do after that is to click on your ad to get subscribed to your list.
  • After capturing them, you can send them to your preferred destination like registration for a download or signing up for a free membership.

[+] It connects seamlessly to any Facebook page:

  • You can connect it to your Facebook page and build a list from there.
  • You can couple it with the right offer, and your results will be magnificent.

[+] You can also connect multiple Facebook pages:

  • You can have this software connect to different Facebook pages to diversify your leads capture.
  • This will help you grow your list quickly.

[+] It is newbie friendly:

  • With a simple setup process, this set-it-and-forget software is really easy to use.

[+] Legit emails:

  • All the emails gathered by Leads2List are already verified by Facebook, and therefore they are real.
  • This means your offers will be getting to real customers, and this increases your conversion rates.

[+] It is compatible to multiple autoresponders:

  • This software is compatible to all major autoresponders including GetResponse, Aweber, and even HootSuite. The integration list for Leads 2 List is massive.

For Who Is Leads2List:

=> Product marketers:

  • You can get more customers and leads from Facebook, whom you can then send special offers and promotions.

=> Affiliate marketers:

  • If you have a low conversion rate, you might need to get more emails that you can rely on, and this software will help you with that.

=> Email marketers:

  • You can add more subscribers to your list every day with this software. Stop worrying about people unsubscribing from your list.

=> Other beneficiaries include;

  • Local businesses
  • eCommerce sellers
  • Amazon sellers

Leads2List Reviews:

See What People Are Saying About Leads 2 List & The creator’s others tools:

I run a website for women on fitness, weight-loss, beauty and skin care and Relationships and I know that your software will be what I need to boost the sales from my website because I want to promote affilliate offers to the list I get from the software but will segment them properly to send the right offers to the right audience. Thank you
Chidi Anyanele Martin
Money is in list – and it is TRUE.But the biggest problems is to create this responsive mailing list – how to get buyer leads.I believe that new TEKNIKFORCE product-new app help to us to create buyer list with easy
Arunas Bruzas

My e-commerce business is ready for the next level and I really believe Leads2List is an excellent platform to help me get there!
Noah Istre

List building is one of the most essential, if not the most essential part of any business. Leads 2 list can totally help me in my affiliate campaigns, let alone everyone in the IM world.
Alvin Henders

Twitter is a great place to advertise. Lead2list will help me get more traffic and leads this equals more customers and closed sales.
Henrik Olsen

The perfect tool to enable me to get real email details and not some fake emails.Alot of prospective new customers are very reluctant to fill in forms of name email etc,because of the sometimes low/no value of information sought.No problem here with full compliance of API gets you all that data before sending any information.A great LIST BUILDER on steroids.
David Asher

I have a small business, and lead generation is essential for operations. It looks like a great GDPR compliant tool
Jeremy G. Woods
What a wonderful way to build list .. Leads2List is the best way to get GDPR compliant leads from Facebook … As usual Tecnikforce does a great job in releasing good product …
Defenx Internet Security Suite
Anything that get a lead into the funnel and make the experience easier for the consumer is where we should all want to be
Mike Hartshorn
Now FB has stopped most third party apps from posting on personal FB pages, its good to know there are still guys like you, helping us to make some money with Facebook!
Bryan Pilkington
Always looking for the best way to increase lead generation for my business and Leads2List sounds like an excellent addition to my arsenal.
Smyrna Development

I have 3 Facebook accounts with over 8000 followers yet I have not been able to build my email list. I believe this is the perfect tool for me to use and grap the emails of my followers plus I am starting out in affiliate marketing and an agency consultant business. I have been looking for a System that Is GDPR compliant to help me achieve this goal. Thank you.
Bernadette Enoh
I need a Powerful GDPR Compatible Way To Build Leads Right Into My Autoresponder.
Steve Kar
I signed up to use MyMailIt Autoresponder and feel Leads2List would be great for building my list of clients from Facebook. Facebook leads without prospects grabbing any data? Amazing! Excellent that it is GDPR compliant and will automate with Autoresponder. Thanks for coming out with these much needed solutions for us.
Eagle Services
With so many changes in legislation etc, at last a product that draws a list of potential clients from Facebook, that is GDPR compliant – got to be a no-brainer!
Jonathan Pritchard
What a software !! Targeted Facebook leads without prospects grabbing any data? Wahoow !! AND what I like the most as a European is that it is GDPR compliant. So it will roll !!
Alex Sylla

I only use FB ads for advertisement, so this should be perfect for me.With platforms always changing there algorithms that disrupts your business. A list is a business that you can control.
Liam Angonese

Not so long ago I signed up to use MyMailIt Autoresponder and I think Leads 2 List would be an ideal compliment as I work at building my list of clients from Facebook.
Hope this is convincing enough to qualify for one of the 15 Leads 2 List Lifetime accounts.
Michael Jordan-Elcock

Anything that gathers leads automatically and inexpensively while being GDPR-compliant is worth considering as an aid to my planned business, and it sounds like Leads2List fits the bill!
Chris Rader


Leads2List OTO OR Upsells:

OTO#1: Leads2List PRO ($37)

Upgrade to get more features that will help you take your list building to a whole new level…

With Leads2List PRO, You will get to enjoy the following features;

  • Ability to add your leads to multiple lists and autoresponders. This will help you diversify your risks. Sometimes, a list may go down and having an alternative is the best backup.
  • Get leads from multiple Facebook pages. With the standard Leads2List, you can link to 1 or 2 pages, but with the PRO version, you can link up to any number of Facebook pages.
  • You can add an unlimited number of autoresponder accounts- this will help you grab all leads.
  • You can also add all your list to Leads 2 List

These features are reserved for those customers who feel they want to take their email marketing to a whole new level.

OTO#2: Leads2List Agency ($67)

You can Get Leads2List Agency rights and sell it to other people and keep 100% of the profits…..
  • All those you sell Leads 2 List to will be able to upgrade to PRO level account.
  • It is true that marketers everywhere will be excited by Leads 2 List. Grabbing re-sell rights will be a goldmine.
  • You bought it, and you love it. Other people will like it, and thus you can earn a profit by selling it to them.

Leads2List Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of Leads2List?

For any digital marketer targeting email marketing, Leads2List is a great partner.

Beginners in email marketing would also appreciate what this tool will do for them considering its great features and functionalities.

You only need to invest a little, one-time fee and this will enable you to generate much more profits.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a copy of Leads2List and start building your list.

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