Adsmartly Review + BEST BONUS + Discount- Turn 100% Of Clicks, Likes And Comments On Your Facebook Sponsored Posts And Ad’s Into Leads SKYROCKET Your Facebook Profits This Year

Adsmartly Review Plus Best Adsmartly Bonus Offer


 In case you are looking for a detailed Adsmartly Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of Adsmartly Software to discover everything about it, It’s features, Adsmartly OTO details and how this brand new software will give you the ability to easily capture the Leads Of Clickers, Likers & Commenters On Your FB Post & Ads….


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Adsmartly Review

Adsmartly Overview:

Product Creator: Victory Akpos
Product Name: Adsmartly
Launch Date:: March 24, 2018
Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
Niche: Software
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6412 Bonuses
Recommended: Highly Recommended for Facebook Marketers
Skill Level Needed: Newbie, Intermediate, and Advanced

Who Is The Creator Of Adsmartly?

Victory Akpos is the creator of Adsmartly. He is the man behind VidZio, FBEngagr, ReachInfluencer and several very successful product launches

What Is The Main Idea Behind Adsmartly?

Let’s discuss the real benefits of Facebook advertising ( FB Ads &Sponsored Posts) :

  • The first one is that it opens you up to so many new customers…Facebook is everywhere almost every everybody is using Facebook….that really gives you an opportunity to get brand new customers coming to your business.
  • The second real benefit is that you can display your advert and your brand to so many people and so often on Facebook that can really make your offering an instinctive solution to a buyer….you know right away when they think about that certain problem, they think of you as a solution.
  • The last real benefit is that you can target your audience wonderfully on Facebook….I mean you can target specific ages, Gender, location….You’ve really got an opportunity to really targeting and the best part about it is that you can target interests.

If someone on Facebook has decided that he is interested in a particular thing…let’s say it’s a particular type of hammer that’s really well-known, you can target exactly people who like and are interested in that type of hammer….that is a fantastic benefit that you get from Facebook advertising.

  • Imagine turning everybody who liked or commented on one of your Facebook sponsored posts into a lead.
  • Imagine for a second how much cash generating leads you could have in just a few days from now that you could market to later on.
  • And imagine what could happen if 100% of people who clicked on your facebook ad ended up becoming a lead instead of a fraction of those people Because the rising bounce rates when you were sending facebook traffic to a lead capture page right now.
  • Picture the endless supply of lucrative leads you could generate on Facebook
  • You could actually get a consistent positive ROI from Facebook
Adsmartly Software

Something like that is not easy for a lot of marketers these days…

Victory for a long time now has been sick and tired of losing money to Facebook by losing leads from high bounce rates and never being able to follow up with and market effectively to people who liked and commented on his sponsored posts so he went back to the drawing board with his software developer with the biggest most complicated task in his life at hand

He had to create a simple way to keep all the leads he was paying for on Facebook and be able to market to all the people who “like” and “comment” on his sponsored posts and that was not an easy gig.

A few times he stood at the edge of his desk with with software developer one emotional hair-trigger away from tossing the whole project in the garbage

however after six months of hard work and thinking, researching and racking their brains for hours on end to help them keep 100% of people who like or comment or click on their ads. Check this useful Guide: 10 Profit Pulling Ways for Marketing your Business on Facebook

They finally found the answer….it’s called Adsmartly

Here comes Adsmartly Software…

So, What Is Adsmartly?

It’s a new one-click software that will turn 100% of people who like or comment on your sponsored posts or click on your ads into valuable leads to explode your facebook ROI.

This software is the number one reason Victory has risen to the top of nearly every affiliate leaderboard in the last six months.

All of His beta testers have had amazing success with Adsmartly by creating leads from clicks, likes and comments that were never available before to market to.

You can get results like this too whether you’re a Content publisher who wants to get the best from your sponsored ads a Facebook, user who wants to make extra money for themselves through custom page product, service marketing, or an affiliate marketer who wants to leverage Facebook, social media marketing for more profit or an internet marketer who just wants to add a new twist to your game, you need to have Adsmartly as an essential part of your toolbox so you can transform likes, comments on your sponsored posts into lucrative leads and capture lost leads that went missing after clicking on your Facebook ad due to the high bounce rates on Facebook traffic to lead capture pages.

==> See The Power Of Adsmartly (Adsmartly Review Video)<==

How Does Adsmartly Software Work?

==> Adsmartly Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==

Adsmartly Features:

You don’t have to worry about your capture pages, opt-in rate ever again.

Adsmartly will make sure you capture all subscribers who click on your ad with our custom link technology plus you’ll save yourself a fortune on Facebook advertising as you’ll be getting a lot more leads for every dollar you spend.

You can then export all your new leads as a warm audience, you can remark it to later on without paying Facebook a penny more for advertising.

Adsmartly Features

Adsmartly Results:

Adsmartly Results


” Adsmartly Reviews” See Some People are saying about Adsmartly & Victory’s Other tools:

Admastly is badass app. I was able to increase my Facebook ads conversion with admartly. great app and highly recommended to anyone that want to get best ROI on their next FB Ads.
Seun Ogundele
Adsmartly is a complete saving of time and money.l appreciate Adsmartty and highly recommended for those who want to scale up their ROI from Facebook Ads.Normall0 have to spend a tot of time aeating a landing page for Facebook Ads and tons of budget for a Landing page service and Ads template but realty low conversron.Tnanks to Acismartv save a lot and budget mine having high quality traffic sources.
Nguyen Hai Tran
Just want to make review about adsmartly from my best friend victory and joshua…. Ad smartly is a complete saving of time and money.. it’s really superb to capture emails leads and getting good conversion too… I appreciate Ad smartly and highly recommended for everyone who want to scale up their Rot on FB ADS. I’ve spend a lot of time and money for creating a landing page but adsmartly make it more easier many many thanks to victory and joshua create this amazing tool its really help me a lot..
Gelar Satya Pradana
Joshua Johnson I don’t have a word for saying the Adamantly , it’s realty superb to capture emails leads and getting good conversion Joshua I really like your backend system all works like autopilot ..
Rudy Rudra
Imagine a tool that grabs leads from a simple engagement post.. That is the kind of technology built into ADSmarly, i have used this tool to collect 100s of email leads from an engagement post on my fanpage without a landing page… i highly recommend this tool to every marketer try to sell with facebook…Adsmartly rocks!
Misan Morrison
I have purchased a lot of products in the past but none of them have the support that Joshua offers. This software is set the help the beginner as well as the experienced marketer profit quickly… I highly recommend his services.. you will not be disappointed. Thanks for all that you do… see at the bank (Boom)
Sean T Phillips
Wow! Looks like the world is careering towards an automation and intelligent environment! This is smart and simple. And the savvy folks will just love the concepts of this software. I`m all for saving time and connecting with targeted people in a respectful way! 😀👍
Rob Ryan

AdSmartly completely blew me away. It is by far the best tool for capturing leads from Facebook. and incredibly easy to use. It’s perfect for newbies, yet powerful enough for those who are more advanced. I’ll definitely be using AdSmartly from now on and will be recommending it to everyone I know.
Sergio Rodriguez
This software just ROCKS!!!! Ran it, and was able to create leads and fb tabs and with all it’s simplicity. This software will help you get the leads you need, even before the optin. as I have seen when I ran it. Thanks Joshua! I highly recommend this!
Cortez Carlos
Thanks for the early review access joshus Johnson and victoryakpos And you were right, I set this up like you Said and I did make a lot of FaCebook lists and FanPage likes on my FIRST day of putting this to work. It’s very newbie friendly software to be able to implement a method and see the results coming in so quickly!! I am 100% recommended to anyone that is struggled to make money online
and without a doubt this software is the best free facebook list builder and income generating software
Rap Kan
List Builder on Steroids on the biggest platform on the planet. No Brainer!!


Hello AU. Hope ur all well Just a quick review video of my friends Joshua & Victory Facebook app called Adsmartly which launches in few days time Adsmartly lets you collect real email leads from right inside Facebook. You create custom links to share and once someone clicks on the link you grab their email address before you send to your content or wherever you want to send them Once you have their email address you can send them a notification to their Facebook profile from the app. I mean who doesn’t check their notifications? You can also connect with your sponsored posts. affiliate stores and it also has page tab builder which has some really cool templates to work with. Also, you can add Facebook pixel code to all your links for retargeting which is huge. I highly recommend Ad smartly if you want to build an email fist through facebook
Faruk Barber
I have Personally Saved FB ad costs up to over 60% Plus I am now able to create highly converting Facebook campaigns. Create my Sales Pages. Squeeze Pages right inside my Facebook fan pages at no extra cost. I’ve been marketing online for over 6 years now, and I’ve never seen a tool that does exactly what Ad-Smartly does. This tool will give you a run for your money! Thanks for putting in extra effort into putting this together!
Daniel Adetunji
When I first opened the AdSmartly dashboard… I almost fell out of my chair! This is the most comprehensive software for exploiting Facebook I’ve ever seen. It can build links and lists, work with ads. pages or FB stores. create and edit content, images, graphics and templates – all within the same interface with in-depth analytics… Let me back at it before too many others get access!
Edwin Copps
I received review access to Vidzio two days ago on 11 December 2017. The software interface is easy to use and does not require any downloads as this system is completely web based. I logged into the account, watched the training videos and then created two campaigns to promote affiliate products. I took the short codes and placed them on my sales page within my marketing funnel. Having a video player that walks my audience through the benefits of the product and gives them the ability to purchase right from the player is amazing. Adding this to my sales funnel has increased my conversions more than anything else I have done so far this year in 2017.
Troy Holadia

It’s a good product… not just using for ecommerce but can use for promoting own product, n promote jvzoo product as affiliate…user interface is good.. and easy integrate with page builder im using igloo Sam Bakker and working fine… really love it and very recommended for every entrepreneur.
Gelar Satya Pradana

WOW is really amazing, Vidzio web-based tool is very cool and never seen before, make a promotional video without having to bother making videos, and can promote more than one product, make a profit once many times, if you are an affiliate you must have Vidzio, this is really awesome.
Purwanto Muklis


Adsmartly OTO (Upsells):

OTO#1: AdSmartly Deluxe ($43)

OTO#2: AdSmartly FB Builder ($47)

Skyrocket Your Profits By Easily Creating Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages & eCommerce Store Pages Directly On Your FB Fanpage…..

OTO#3: AdSmartly – Whitelabel Rights ($97 OR $127)

Sell 50 Licenses OR 100 Licenses Of Adsmartly With your Own Name, Logo, etc & Keep 100% Of the Profit…

Adsmartly Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of Adsmartly?

Let’s face it:

  • You have already paid for your ad on Facebook and the traffic it gives….You should have complete control over that traffic.

Adsmartly is super easy to use:

  • Simply select your sponsored posts from the menu
  • Download your file to your audience who commented or liked your post
  • Look at the profile of all the people who engaged with your ad and send private replies if you like or send group messages.

You get watch over Victory’s shoulder easy to follow videos to guide you every step of the way so as long as you can switch on a computer and click your mouse a few times, you’re going to find Adsmartly super easy to use and very profitable so if you want more profit from retargeting all the likers and commenters on your sponsored posts… more profit from reducing your Facebook ad costs dramatically…. more profit from all the extra leads you’ll be getting from your opt-in pages…..more profit from all your extra affiliate sales…..more profit as you stop losing potential leads from bounce rates on Facebook, you need to give Adsmartly a risk-free try before the price goes up.

I invite you to a risk free test-drive of Adsmartly for a full two months…..if you are not completely thrilled with it…..eager to keep it and can’t see the profits coming in, you can get a full refund because we like to provide blue-chip level support for Adsmartly we also have to limit the amount of users so after we hit our target number, we have to withdraw Adsmartly from the market.

Do not miss out on this opportunity… act now while there is still a chance to profit from all your likes and commenters on your sponsored posts and ad clickers on Facebook.

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Thanks a lot For Reading My Adsmartly Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 🙂

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