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VideoReel Review Plus Best VideoReel Bonus Offer


 In case you are looking for a detailed VideoReel Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of VideoReel software to discover everything about it, It’s features, VideoReel OTO details and how This one of its kind video creation software will enable you to create gorgeous short and long marketing videos using 100 templates. 


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VideoReel Review

VideoReel Overview:

Creator: Abhi Dwivedi
Date Of Launch: 2017-09-05
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EST
Refund: 14 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Official site:
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Is The Creators Of VideoReel?

Abhi Dwivedi is a well known name in the field of online marketing who has created many successful internet marketing products and software such as SimplyViral, VidBuilderFX, Sharp Social, TubeSync, Adsviser 2.0, VidCuratorFX, BlogFusion, TrafficFresh, AdExpress and many more successful digital product launches.

So, What Is VideoReel?

VideoReel is a web based one of its kind video creation software that lets you create gorgeous short and long marketing videos using 100 templates..

User attention span is pretty short but videos make it super easy to reach out to them and get your message across. Videos are hands down the best way to get your message across.

VideoReel lets you create short and long videos that can be used for marketing, to get your message across, for announcing something on your social media profiles, for Facebook and Social Media video ad campaigns, to create eye-catching animated posts and so much more.

Not only that, once you create the videos, you can easily share them on your Facebook pages, groups or profiles right from inside the dashboard or you can download the video to use it as you like.

Simply select a template out of our 100 templates catalog, edit the text, add your logo, branding, background images, background video clip, music, text-to-speech and more. Once you’re video is ready, you can share it on Facebook or download it to your hard drive.

VideoReel comes packed with 100 Video templates, 4500 Images in ImageLibrary, 2500 Video Clips in VideoLibrary, 650 Background music, text-to-speech, FB posting and more.

There’s literally no other video creation app that this easy and this packed. Plus we have got commercial license on the FE.

Backed by 100+ beta testers, VideoReel is one of the most stable and easiest to use video creation software out there.

==> See The Power Of VideoReel (VideoReel Review Video)<==

How Does VideoReel Work?

Watch How Fast & Easily You Can Create Traffic—Getting Videos For Yourself, or Your Clients

==> VideoReel Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==


Pump Out Traffic Getting Videos In Just 3 Simple Steps:

[+] Step#1: Pick a Video Template

  • Choose from 100 professional templates to start creating a new video.

[+] Step#2: Customize it

  • Choose from hundreds of video-clips, images, backgrounds and royalty free music to customize your video, add your custom text, record voiceover or automatically turn your text into a voiceover!

[+] Step#3: Publish or Download

  • Hit preview, then download or publish to share your video across social media, on your website, or on video sharing websites for instant exposure, traffic, leads and sales!

And that’s it — you’ve just created a brand-new traffic getting video for Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter and more!

And guess what…?

These Videos Are PERFECT To Generate FREE Traffic & Turning Them Into Buyers!(and Facebook admit it!)

ACCORDING TO FACEBOOK… upto 15 second videos get the most views and clicks!

With VideoReel, you can create traffic—getting video with a few simple clicks, without complicated video editing tools.

==> Create Videos For Any Type Of Offer, In Any Niche<==

You Won’t Win Any Golden Globes, But Who Cares?
Would you prefer to win awards and compliments for a video that took you 3 months to animate, design and shoot…?

… or do you want comments, clicks and sales from a video that took you 23 seconds to create?

Now You Can Use These Videos To Ramp Up Your Traffic & Sales For Any Type Of Business:

[+] Local Marketers:

  • create thousands of traffic-getting videos for local clients, and become the instant superhero that easily gets their business found on Google, YouTube and Facebook. Ramp up your rates as more local businesses want a piece of the action!

[+] Marketing Agencies:

  • crank out videos like a machine, and charge top dollar for videos for your clients, locally or globally!

[+] Fiverr:

  • rake in hundreds per day, cranking out dozens of fast, simple videos for clients, at the push of a button!

[+] Advertisers:

  • get more eyeballs, engagement, clicks and ROI from your ad campaigns, with 15 second videos that get watched

[+] Social Media Marketers:

  • dominate Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ and even Twitter, with 15 second videos that are perfect for short attention spans and cluttered news feeds!

[+] Ecom Store Owners:

  • bring your listings to life, and stand out in Facebook with short video ads that are proven to increase sales for eCom products

[+] Affiliates:

  • get ready to explode your daily commissions, with video ads that finally get noticed, drive traffic and make sales

[+] Product Creators:

  • launch your next product with a teaser video, or produce promo videos for your affiliates — watch your product sales soar!

[+] TeeSpringers:

  • watch your Tees fly off the shelf with these short video ads, popping off the page and driving people to your store

Create 100% Unique Videos With VideoReel Using Unlimited Combination of Backgrounds, Text, Music, Voiceovers & Animations!

[+] Fully customizable templates:

  • choose from a huge library of backgrounds, text, music, animations, to create videos that are truly unique and not a template-copy of anyone else’s creation!

[+] Choose video or image backgrounds:

  • moving backgrounds catch attention, and image backgrounds get your message across fast. Choose from 1000’s of video-clips and images from our growing library

[+] 100 video templates:

  • instantly create professional video ads from a huge library of video templates. Just add your text and you’re done!

[+] 650 Music tracks in Music Library:

  • create the perfect mood for your video with more background music than your local record store!

[+] 4900 Images in Image Library:

  • never pay for stock images again. Choose from a massive library of images to create any type of video, in any niche!

[+] Upload your own video-clip or image background:

  • need something specific for a local client, or maybe a weird niche? No problem, just upload your own video or image backgrounds instead!

[+] Tons of animation styles:

  • bring still objects to life, grab attention and engage viewers with awesome animation styles. Save hundreds on video animators and production studios!

[+] Add up to 5 text fields with separate fonts:

  • get your message across with 5 text area overlays and fully customizable fonts.

[+] Built in text to speech:

  • 50 Different Voices To Choose From, Including Counties like US, UK, AU, IN, Japan, China, Arab, Spanish, French, German, Hindi VideoReel’s built-in text to speech tool turns your text into a voiceover, in a single click!

[+] Create Short, Engaging Videos Quickly:

  • Video Reel is designed to create short, attention grabbing videos that people will actually watch.
=> A study done by Kinetic Social based on 2 billion social media views showed that videos between 5—15 seconds get the most views, engagement and clicks <=

With VideoReel, you can create these videos in seconds.

Create Hundreds Of Videos Per Day With VideoReel & Leave Your Competitors In The Dust:

It’s a fact – the more videos you publish the more views, traffic and sales you’ll make.

Now you can crank out hundreds of video ads, launch trailers, reviews, tips or teaser videos in minutes, not months… and totally dominate your niche!

Just think what this means for you:

  • Turn all your Facebook ads into video ads — enjoy higher CTR and explosive ROI
  • Flood your website with SEO juiced videos — push your website to the top of Google
  • Add videos to hundreds of your ecommerce product listings — instantly boost conversions

Whether you’re boosting traffic or ramping up sales…

VideoReel allows you to crank out tons of videos for all your ads, websites and social media posts in minutes, not weeks!

[+] Publish on Facebook Pages, Profiles or Groups:

  • Get maximum exposure on Facebook with VideoReel’s Facebook publishing tool. Post to Pages, Profiles or Groups, right from your VideoReel dashboard.
  • You can even post on multiple Facebook accounts — perfect for client work, or running multiple campaigns in different niches.

[+] Download Your Videos:

  • Save your videos locally — to your hard drive or USB — so you can edit with other tools, and reupload to anywhere you want online!

[+] Save & Edit Templates:

  • Creating a ton of videos in a certain niche, or found a template that your viewers just love? Then save it for next time. Never start from scratch again!

[+] 100% Cloud Based:

  • Login from anywhere with an internet connection, and create traffic—getting video ads whenever you want. No clunky software. No memory hogging.

=>See How a Brand New Facebook Pages Engagement Increased When Videos Were Posted Instead of Images & Text<=

Plus, for a very limited time…Your Own VideoReel Agency License:

  • Create Videos with VideoReel & Sell Them To Clients For Big Bucks!
  • How would you like to make hundreds — even thousands — of dollars each week by selling videos to hungry clients?
  • Now you can, with your own VideoReel agency license, allowing you to sell the videos you create with VideoReel to clients, for big bucks.
The Easiest Money You’ll Probably Ever Make!

=> If you have a list:

  • instantly generate cash by selling ready—made videos to your subscribers.

=> If you’re a total beginner:

  • now you have a smoking hot video creation service you can sell to thousands of biz owners in your local area, and all around the world.
  • Creating and selling videos for clients could easily become your main source of income, or a fantastic side earner for your main business.
In fact…You Could Be Making $18,760 Per Month (or more)….

Just think…

If you sell each video you create for clients at $67 a pop, with just 1 sale a day, you’re already clearing $467 per week… that’s $1876 per month!

And there are clients everywhere…

… in your local town, and all around the world, there are millions of clients who need video…

… and now you can crank out DOZENS OF VIDEOS PER HOUR and sell them for $20, $50 or even $70 a pop… for just one video!

Just imagine the possibilities:

10 video sales per day at $67 is $670 per day… that’s $4,690 per week… $18,760 per month!

Can you really afford to let that kind of opportunity pass you by?

And you can instantly get clients for your brand-new video service…

… how…?

By using VideoReel videos to promote your new service!

It really doesn’t get much easier than this.

But I Already Have a “Push Button” Video Creation Tool!

That’s great, but so everyone else!

See, here’s the problem…

If you’re only using 1 video creator tool, then all your videos are going to start looking the same!

The same as your competitors…

… and the same as all your other videos.

People will start to ignore your videos…

… because they all look the same.

And besides… most video tools are seriously limited… giving you just a few video backgrounds to choose from… making your videos look like thousands of other people’s videos out there.


… they only give you 10—20 templates to choose from…

… and if you want more, you have to pay big bucks to unlock them.

Screw that!

With VideoReel, you can create truly unique videos, with unlimited combinations of backgrounds, text, music, voiceovers and animations — all at the push of a button!

==> These Videos Helped The creators Make $1,218.41 From Free Social Media Traffic<==

Create Awesome Videos To Promote Your Business, Faster Than You Can Hire Some Hack On Fiverr!

Look, Fiverr is awesome for some stuff… but when it comes to creating videos, you get what you pay for… which is usually some terrible template that has already been used a thousand times.

With VideoReel, you can create an unlimited amount of fully customizable videos in seconds, without waiting for your Fiverr guy to get back to you…

… and without spending $5 over and over again every single week!

And hey, here’s a tip…

… you could TOTALLY CLEAN UP by creating and selling videos on Fiverr, with VideoReel.

It only takes SECONDS to create a video your clients will love, which means you can crank out hundreds of videos per day, for $5 each…

… raking in $100’s per day with a service people LOVE AND NEED right now!

Bottom line is, with VideoReel, you can finally…
Wave Goodbye To Freelancers!
Freelance video producers are GREAT for some projects, but if you’re forking out $50 for every 15 second video you want to create, you’re draining money!

If you’re on a budget — and if you need traffic—getting videos created today — then VideoReel is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

There’s literally no reason why you should keep missing out on the power of video marketing for your business:

You don’t need to be creative — just select a template, enter your text, and boom, you’re done.

You don’t need any technical skills — if you can push a few buttons, then you can create 15 second video ads like the pros!

You don’t need time — it takes just seconds to produce a traffic-getting video with VideoReel

Just Think Of The Money You’re Saving!

Even if you only create 3 videos with VideoReel, you’ve saved $100’s on freelancers, expensive tools and training courses.

And just think — those 3 videos could bring in hundreds of extra sales each month, on total autopilot!

Not to mention the bags of cash you could be making on Fiverr, crabking out $5 videos every few seconds.

Or the buckets of cash you could be making selling videos to hundreds of high paying business owners each week, who need video more than ever.

Your investment is fully protected with VideoReel 14-DAY “TRAFFIC AND SALES” GUARANTEE:

This guarantee gives you 14 days to test drive VideoReel, and see if it’s right for you.

I want you to use VideoReel right now, in the next 5 minutes, and see how easy, quick and fun it is to make traffic—getting videos.

See how much money you’ll save on freelancers, Fiverr gigs, and all those expensive, confusing video editing tools.

Upload your video ads to your Facebook pages or groups, or anywhere else you want to share them…

… and I guarantee, if these videos don’t increase your traffic and sales within 14 days or sooner…

… you won’t pay a single dime for VideoReel.

Instead, I’ll refund every penny, no questions asked.

(You can even keep your license, free of charge, if you decide you want to use it again one day.)

The point is — I know this works. I’ve used it, I’ve seen the results, and I KNOW it can work for you. Just give it a shot, and prove me wrong!


VideoReel Pricing:

You can choose from 2 Licenses the License that suits you:

[+] VideoReel Personal: Onetime Payment Of $35

  • Personal use only
  • 50 Renders per week
  • 20 Templates
  • 20 Videos in VideoLibrary
  • 20 Music in MusicLibrary
  • 500 Images in ImageLibrary

[+] VideoReel Commercial: Onetime Payment Of $37

  • Commercial use
  • Unlimited Renders per week
  • 100 Templates
  • 2200 Videos in Video Library
  • 650 Music in Music Library
  • 4900 Images in Image Library

Check Out What Experts & Real People Have to Say About VideoReel:

“Videos do grab attention, especially when you post them on your Facebook or any social media profile. They’re always better than posting Text. VideoReel gave us the ability to post more video-based updates, helping us increase our engagement. Creating videos for social media is super easy with VideoReel and it’s something we recommend using.”
Neil Napier

“VideoReel makes it so easy to create animated videos for ads and for social media. Love the huge amount of templates, images, music and other design elements included in this. Makes our life so much easier. Hands down one of the easiest video creation app out there! “
Cyril ‘Jeet’ Gupta
Teknikforce India

“Be it Video Ads or Animated Video posts for Facebook, VideoReel does it both and it does it pretty good. With so many templates and design layouts to choose from and so much design elements to pick and edit with, VideoReel is one of my favourite video creation app.”
Ankur Shukla
Super Affiliate

“What makes VideoReel unique is that it comes packed with loads of templates, video clips and images! This makes it so much easiest to quickly edit and create a brand new video animation for your ads or your social media posts. I highly recommend it!”
Todd Gross
Video Marketer
Hello, this is my take on VideoReel App. I must say that viewing the app which allows you to create wonderful short Social videos easily in just a few minutes is a great way to grab attention from Social media. And unlike other short video creation apps out on the market that is more on creating low-quality cartoon like videos, with VideoReel App is total different take, VideoReel allows you the user to make HIGH-QUALITY slideshows with a clean copy guide for texts and music that you will add according to your niche. It’s very easy-to-use and even a child or any person who has zero experience in video creation can easily learn how to use this app.
I know it’s well developed and I highly recommend it! Thank you, Abhi Dwivedi and the Team for such an Awesome App.
Robson Domingos
Looks like a winner! I use video ads in my business, but have been producing these in Explaindio or Camtasia – great products, but very time-coinsuming for something as simple as short video ads. I love that you have included enough templates and music options that its unlikely I’d find the same ads posted by hundreds of diffterent users, and, with the customization capability, even increasing the likelihood that my ads will be unique. The giant selection of images is also a plus.
A Bruce Matthews
The simplicity and the interface of VideoReel, The app allows you to create short videos ads easily in just a few minutes.
It is a great way to grab attention from Social media with this amazing App. This will help me in many ways and boost my business and make many sales
another brilliant product from you.
John DeVuono
 I must say VideoReel is a wonderful thing for me.
I am a person who does not like to appear in front of camera, But I need a video for my business solution.
Until I found VideoReel to increase my product sales.
I’m sure you’ll like it a lot.
One of the features I like is Text-to-Speech with 50+
different voices and countries. Wow Amazing .
Mustofa Azka
OMG This is AWESOME!!! I have seen many video softwares come out over this past year that I felt would help me make videos and video ads but this one has me so excited. I will now be able to easily create engaging videos and video ads, especially for facebook. Once people start seeing the incredible videos I am now able to create thanks to VideoReel, it will make it much easier to get new customers and new clients to make videos for. I can’t thank you enough for this opportunity to take my marketing and income to a new level with the help of your new VideoReel software, “You Guys Knocked This One Out Of The Park!!!
William Manuel
I believe VideoReel is AMAZING!! I can create videos for local business that I can target. I can create gorgeous short and long marketing videos using your templates.. What’s good about VideoReel is that it highly customizable. I can edit the text, add logo, branding, background images, background video clip, music, text-to-speech and more. This is easiest way to capture my viewers attention. VIDEO REEL R.O.C.K.S.!!
Edleo Peralta

VideoReel Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q1: Does this work on Mac or PC?

  • Answer: VideoReel is a cloud-based app and hence it’ll work on your Mac, PC, Tablets and even mobile phones. You can login and access your videos from anywhere in the world, using any device.

Q2: Is There a Money Back Guarantee?

  • Answer: Absolutely! VideoReel comes with a 14 Days Money Back Guarantee. You can take it out for a spin and we guarantee that you’ll love what VideoReel can do for you.

Q3: Is There Training?

  • Answer: VideoReel comes with detailed video and PDF training and tutorials that can be accessed right inside the dashboard. You can always reach out to our support team if you have any questions.

Q4: Is there a monthly fee?

  • Answer: During our special offer right now, there is NO monthly fee or setup fee at all. The price you see above is the only price you pay, one-time-payment. There’s nothing else to pay and you get access to VideoReel Commercial License, 100+ templates, 4,500+ Images to use, 2,500+ background video clips, 650+ background musics and over 50 different type of Text-to-speech voices.

Q5: How is VideoReel Different & Better Than Other Similar Apps?

  • Answer: Videos created using VideoReel can be used NOT only for video ads but for social media announcements, engagement, content creation, video ads, getting your message across and getting more eyeballs. PLUS it comes packed with 100+ Templates, 4,500+ Images to use, 2,500+ background video clips, 650+ background musics and over 50 different type of Text-to-speech voices. PLUS you get commercial license today, which means you can start selling videos to your clients.

Q6: What is Agency or Commercial License?

  • Answer: VideoReel comes with Commercial and/or Agency License. This gives you the ability to create and sell videos to your clients. You can start your very own video creation service and start banking. There is no limit to how many videos you can create and sell using VideoReel commercial/agency license.

See How VideoReel Stacks Up Against The Rest:

VideoReel OTO OR Upsells:

OTO#1: VideoReel Template Club: $47/Year

Make Your Videos “POP & GRAB MORE ATTENTION” With 100 NEW Templates Only You Get Access To & And Get 20 Brand New Templates Every Single Money!

=> VideoReel Templates Club is where the real fun begins:

This is where you’ll get immediate access to 100 FRESH new templates on top of the 100 templates you already have access to.

That’s over 200 VideoReel templates instantly added to your account.

That’s not it!

With the Templates Club membership, you also get 20 NEW templates added to your account every single month, like clockwork. This makes sure the videos you’re creating are always fresh, new and at-par with the current design trends in the market.

And your current license will allow you to use these videos not only for yourself but for your clients as well…

So you’ll always offer new variety to them, helping you make more money from new sales !

It’s As Simple As This:

NO-ONE else will have access to these.

They’ll never be sold separately NOR will these templates and the Templates ClubMembership be available later at this special offer price.

These templates HAVE BEEN reserved especially for you.

=> Template Club Takes You 10 Steps Ahead Of Your Competition:

Standing out from others is 99% of the battle won.

With Templates Club, you get brand new video designs that no one else can use or offer to their clients.

…which means you’ll be making more money and closing more sales than everyone who skips this today.

That is also the reason why the Templates Club is deliberately kept expensive. We want to keep it exclusive and available only for the real players.

Usually, it would cost you a $147 setup fee PLUS $97 every month after that.

With the Templates Club Member, You Get:

[+] Access to NEW 100 Templates Right now:

  • The Templates Club gives you instant access to 100 NEW templates on top of the 100 templates you already have. That puts your VideoReel account with over 200 templates to start with.

[+] Exclusive Access to 20 New Templates Every Month:

  • The Templates Club also gives you access to hand-picked and carefully designed 20 new templates EVERY single month to make sure you’re always ahead of the curve and outselling everyone else.

[+] Huge Variety In Design, Style & Niches:

  • Staying one step ahead of everyone else, with Templates Club you’ll have access to tons of new designs, styles and niches with VideoReel and more to offer to your clients moving on

[+] Save Time, Money & Efforts:

  • With our team of highly skilled designers and animators work for you, you won’t need to worry about researching or staying on top of new trends. We’ll handle that for you.

[+] Affordable:

  • Unlike hiring someone to create new videos that you can sell or subscribing to other expensive video edition software, VideoReel Templates Clubs is 10X more affordable and gives you 100X the value.

OTO#2: LocalLeadsNeos – Agency Edition: Onetime Payment Of $27

  • LocalLeadsNeos Finds Businesses In Need Of Video.Find Them, Contact Them And Sell Them The Videos You Can Create using VideoReel.

Find & Contact Local Businesses In Need of Videos, Websites, Logos, Social Media Presence & Start Selling Them Your Services:

=> Enter a business type:

  • Simply enter the type of business you want to search for in your area or any area. Pizza Shop, Accountants,Lawyers or anything.

=> Enter the location:

  • Enter the location you want the local businesses from. It could be in any city, state or even country. Yes, it works for US, UK, Australia, France, Germany or pretty much any country you want to search for.

=> Filter by Types & miles:

  • You can filter the businesses by their type and the distance from your office. Find all the business closest to you and the one farthest from you too.

=> Hit the GO button:

  • And hit the GO button and LocalLeadsNeos will find all the businesses, their name, contact details, whether they have a video, a website, social media presence etc and present all of that to you in an easy to understand format!

OTO#3: Vidsales Authority – Training: Onetime Payment Of $27

Get This “Copy & Paste” Formula Responsible for Multiple 6-Figure Offline Consultation Businesses…
  • Premium training (exclusive to VideoReel customers), designed from the ground up to take you by the hand, and teach you how to setup a profitable Local Consultation Business.

VideoReel Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of VideoReel?

If you are searching for A Powerful short video creation & publishing Web App That will Enable you to Create Jaw Dropping Videos For Social-Media & Ads In Just 3 Clicks!, then VideoReel will be your highly recommended choice.

Some exciting features of VideoReel:

1. Having 100 professional templates.

2. 100% cloud based.

3. Royalty free music.

4. Get 100s of videos and images background.

5. Upload your own video clip and image backgrounds.

6. Get 650 background music tracks.

7. Get 4900 images in ImageLibrary.

8. Create short video ads for Facebook.

9. Built in text-to-speech software.

10. Add up to 5 text fields with different customizable fonts.

11. Grab tons of animation styles.

Download and save your videos locally.

It works for any business:

[+] Local Marketers.

Marketing Agencies.

Crank out simple and fast videos on Fiverr.


Dominate any of the social media through your short videos.

Ecom Store Owners.


Product Creators.


Get maximum exposure through Facebook:

[+] Publish on Facebook profiles, pages and groups.

You can even post on multiple Facebook accounts.

Make money from Future Facebook revenue sharing program.

There’s more engagement on Facebook.

Facebook videos get 8 billion views per day.
It’s only a win situation for you!

==>VideoReel Special BONUS LINK<==



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4- You will receive all theses bonuses within 24 hours.

What Are My Customers Saying About My Bonuses And My Support From Previous Reviews?

=>=>Here Are All Bonuses<=<=

VideoReel Bonus

How to Claim My VideoReel Bonus?

1- Clear Your cookies in your Web Browser

2- Get Your Copy Now of VideoReel Through This Special Bonus Link

3- Verify you see 214267 at the bottom of the checkout page

4- After completing your order , send [Your name and JVZoo receipt id] in a message to my FB Account at: or Send a message to

5- You will receive all theses bonuses within 24 hours.

Thanks a lot For Reading My VideoReelReview, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 🙂

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