Video Script Software Review & Bonuses – Create Professional Scripts For Your Videos Fast And Easy.

If you are looking for a comprehensive Video Script Software Review, keep reading as I wrote a detailed Review of Video Script Software and I’m going to be looking closely at its features, how it works and how it will help you easily create scripts for your videos.

Video Script Software Review

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Who Are The Creators Of Video Script Software?

Sam BakkerSam Bakker and Josh Ratta are the men behind video script software. Sam is a successful internet marketer who has worked with well known names in the field of online marketing such as Bill Walsh, Richard Branson, Mark Anastasi, Austin Walsh, Jeff and Kane.

He created many software and products related to internet marketing niche that achieved big success such as Geo Target, Social Post Manager, Webinar Mastermind Recorded, Lasting Lead System and others.

Josh RattaJosh Ratta is a full time video marketer who is specializing in  videos marketing. He creates video courses on different topics such as Product Creation, Video Creation, Video Marketing and SEO.

He is also behind many successful software like VidInfusion, Social Mobile Press, eVideo Rocket, Local Video Take Off and others.  


What Is The Main Idea Behind Video Script Software?

If you are already working in the field of online marketing, local marketing, creating software, products and using videos to promote and sell products, creating high quality video scripts becomes the most important factor for your crated videos. Video scripts make your videos communicate a message that convinces your audience as to why they need to take action by subscribing to your mail list or buying your promoted products or services.

What is Video Script Software?

Video Script software is online based software that will enable you to easily and quickly create video scripts for any of your created marketing videos by using high converting script templates.

How Does Video Script Software Work?

  • You will log into your account with your username and password that you will get after having access to video script software.
  • Enter the details of your script “the script name, choose the niche, choose from  different video script templates your favorite one “Long script, script for software and products creators, script for promoting products and script for information products in online marketing”.
  • Follow simple steps to create your scripts.
  • After creating your video script, you will be to easily publish it into a PDF or Microsoft word document.
  • You can use the created scripts to record audio for your sales copy or send them to someone on fiverr or voicebunny to professionally record them for you. You can also take the recording, run it through explaindio, video maker fx or easy sketch pro and you have a script, so you can create inside one of these popular video creation software.

What Are The Features Of Video Script Software?

Being able to quickly produce high quality and effective scripts is a fantastic aid to marketers everywhere, and to make this as straight forward as possible, Video Script Software includes a variety of useful features that make the whole process much easier.

  • Mac and Windows compatible – Doesn’t matter what platform you favor, Video Script works on it and enables you to create those great video scripts you want to make.
  • Choice of Niches – You can narrow down the type of script you want with niche targeted templates of proven video script structures.
  • Wide variety of templates – You will find a choice of templates within each niche section, so there is always something that will suit your project.
  • Easy Editing – You can tailor the content as you need quickly and easily in the preview section to provide the perfect script that suits your project brilliantly.
  • Auto insert – You can fill in your name, product name and so on in one form and they will be added to the script automatically, if you do not need to tailor anything else, this effectively gives you an entire video script in a single click.
  • Export options – You can export your finished script to pdf file or word document for maximum compatibility, ensuring that your script can be used by everyone if you plan on outsourcing the reading later.

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What Is The Price Of Video Script Software?

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  • Starter License Onetime payment of $87.30: Comes with only 2 online marketing templates.
  • Premium License Onetime payment of $114.30: Comes with 4 online marketing templates.
  • Silver License Onetime payment of $177.30: Comes with all multi niche templates.

What Will Be The Upsells Of Video Script Software?

Upsell #1

The Video Script Pro Features Upgrade: Onetime payment of $97

  • You will get access to 20+ Customizable Video Script PowerPoint Presentation Templates that you can use with video script app.
  • You will be able to add in any different type of script writing elements while you are writing your scripts like bullet point script elements, fact scripts, story scripts, call to action scripts and more.
  • You can instantly record your created script into WAV or MP3 voice over.

Upsell #2

The Video Script Pro Workshops: Onetime payment of $47

  • You will get access to 2 Workshop Presentations in which you will learn how to take your Video pre-created scripts to the next level in your online or offline marketing business.
  • Sam and Josh will share with you how they succeeded to make over $650.000 in 2014 and how you can replicate what they made in 2015.
  • They will share with you new ways to write higher quality scripts that convert better.
  • You will learn how you can increase your profits in your online business using video script.
  • You will know how to use your video script written sales copy to increase your sales.

Upsell #3

Video Scripts Upgrade: $27 monthly or onetime payment of $77

  • You will receive 4 new video script templates every single month in the most popular niches such as Product Reviews for creating product review videos, Offline Businesses, Amazon Kindle ” create promotional videos for your published eBooks”, Social Media, Mobile Marketing, Physical Products, Video Marketing, SEO, Dog Training and also you will have the ability to request specific niches and Sam with josh will be creating templates specific for the most wanted niches.

What Is My Opinion About Video Script Software?

If you are anything like me, the thought of creating a video script for a promotional video fills you with dread, not even knowing where to start can make even attempting it a significant challenge. With this new Video Script software though, it is designed to make this process easier, so if you are wondering how to take advantage of video sales techniques, Video Script software will be your highly recommended software as It is an easy to use software that will let you easily create highly converting scripts for your marketing videos, customize the created scripts as well while saving your time and money you may spend to outsource other people to write professional scripts for your videos.

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