Geo Target Review & Bonuses – New web based Geo Location software to Create Profitable Campaigns and geo targeted messages.

If you want to read a comprehensive Geo Target Review, keep reading as I wrote detailed Review of Geo Target software to know all details about it, what its features are, its creator and how it will help you Create Profitable Campaigns and geo targeted messages.

Geo Target Review

Geo Target Overview:

Creator: Sam Bakker
Release Date: Tuesday, November 25th 2014
Market: Software & Affiliate Marketing
Price: $12 &$24
Refund Period: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Official website:
Bonuses: Yes, Exclusive Bonuses (Value $2552).
Recommended: Yes

But first, what is meant by Geo Targeting?

Geo Targeting is an effective marketing way used by businesses around the world to run campaigns promoting their websites, Facebooks ads , fan pages, CPA offers, sales pages, opt-in pages and messages to specific locations that they choose to target.

Who Is The Creator Of Geo Target?

Sam BakkerSam Bakker is the man behind Geo Target. He has been in the field of internet marketing since he was 14 years old.

He is specializing in social media, internet marketing, SEO, SEM and PPC. He worked with many popular names in marketing field such as Richard Branson, Austin Walsh, Jeff and Kane, Bill Walsh and Mark Anastasi.

He is also behind many successful marketing software and products such as Video Script Software, Social Business Mastermind, Local Lead Detective, Lasting Lead System, Webinar Mastermind Recorded, Social Post Manager and more.

What Is Geo Target?

Geo Target is a new web-based Geo Location software that will give you the ability to create and apply geo-specific embeds codes which will:

  • Customize your own website with Geo-based text.
  • Customize your own images with Geo-based text.
  • Customize your links with with Geo-based redirection.
  • It will recognize all your site visitors and show you where they are come from (their countries) and it doesn’t matter if they are from Australia, USA, Germany, Finland or any other countries and also they your visitors will see message welcoming them and this message will be sent to them when they visit your site or pages.

What Are Geo Target Features?

  • You can easily and quickly redirect people to other pages instantly based on their country.
  • Create Geo-Targeting ads, images, voices and text blocks.
  • Create High converting location based messages, location based Redirects and location based Ads.
  • You will have the ability to create up to 50 Geo Target image campaigns, snippet campaigns and GeoRedirect image campaigns.
  • You can put the created any kind of marketing campaigns on your Facebook fan pages, site and also your own mobile sites so that you can increase the number of your targeted traffic.
  • Geo Target software works with WordPress, SocialMobi Hotsites, Wp Profit Builder, OneLinks and lead pages.
  • This software works on any device such as your desktop, iPad and mobile.

How You Can Create Profitable Campaigns AND geo targeted messages With Geo Target?

  • Inside the software you will find different kinds of campaigns to choose from such as GT snipest, GT redirects, GT images and GT voices.
  • If you want to create for ex a snipest campaign, you will enter the headline of your landing page and you can Customize the headine text as you want.
  • Using the feature of adding country tag, you will add the country and also the city that you want to be targeted in you landing page.
  • Copy the embed code and paste on your landing page java script or HTML.
  • If you want to create profitable CPA campaigns, GT redirects feature will be your best choice as there are some CPA campaigns that don’t accept traffic other than USA so that you can target USA in your campaigns and increase your earnings .
  • GT images feature will be your recommended choice if you want to run profitable teespring campaigns, attach the image of the URL so that when someone clicks on the image, you could redirect him to the page that you want and also you can connect your GT redirects and images togetiner.

How You Will Be Able To Make More Money With GeoTarget?

As you know that conversions equal money in your business and when you create campaigns for your promoted offers targeting audience from specific locations that will lead to converting at a higher rate and increasing your earnings.

What Are The Price And The Upsells Of Geo Target?

You have Three Options:

$12.00 One Time: Use It with1 Personal website Only.
$17.00 One Time: Use It with 5 Personal websites.
$24 One Time: Use It with Unlimited Personal websites.

{+} Upsell 1: GeoTarget Pro: Onetime payment of $67

This upsell comes will give you the next additional features:

  • Deeper analytics: : with this feature, you will know how many active browsers you have, if you have unique visitors, returning visitors, total campaigns device type, browser type and other online activities of your visitors.
  • Geotarget blocks : this feature will enable you to show and hide content based on where your visitors are coming from and also replace the complete page in case of not wanting people from specific countries to see the original page.
  • 50 ReadyMade GeoTarget images that are mobile & Facebook compatible
  • Create as many campaigns as you want with developer rights on unlimited fan pages.

Upsell 2: The White Label Package For GeoTarget: Onetime payment of $67

  • You will get Full Rights to sell 3 of Sam’s most profitable products and rebrand them under your name (Instant Video Takeoff, Consulting In Minutes, Local Video Takeoff) and get access to :high converting sales pages and Video Marketing Material for the 3 products.

Upsell 3: Developer Rights & Agency Package: Onetime payment of $27

With the developer right, you will be able to:

  • Use GeoTarget on Your Clients’ Mobile, Facebook and Website.
  • Make monthly income by selling this as a service to local businesses.
  • Embed customized geo-targeting codes on your clients FB fan pages and websites.
  • You will learn How to build your own geolocalized business, GeoTargeted Lists, The secrets of FB GeoFencing, The Traffic Tornado and The best practices about GeoTargeting.

What Are GeoTarget bonuses?

Bonus #1: 30 Stunning Graphical Images for Websites (Value $197)

  • You will get access to high quality appealing images that you can add to your landing pages to attract your visitors and make your pages covert at a higher rate.

Bonus #2: 9 Mobile Coupons (Value $47)

  • You can use these coupons yourself or sell for your clients as well for any price that you want.

Bonus #3: 5 Infographics That Will Surely Boost Sales (Value $97)

  • You will have 5 informative infographics that are related to the 5 most popular niches (Salon, Plastic Surgeon, Fitnes Trainer, DUI Attorney and Chiropractor. Using theses Infographics will increase the engagement of your audiences with them.

Geo Target Review conclusion:

Lastly, why I highly recommend you to get your Copy Of  Geo Target Software?

If you want to use the power of Location based targeting with your marketing strategies that means targeting who you want to and personalize your relationship with them by specifically selecting which country to be added in custom geo targeted location messages and campaigns,turn your traffic into sales, save your time , stress and uncertainly, you will find that Geo Target software is your highly recommended targeting software . You can Use this software with local business, your own products, Teespring and CPA offers.

Geo Target Bonus

How To Claim My Bonuses ?

1- Clear Your cookies in your Web Browser
2- Download Your Copy of Geo Target Through This Link
3- After completing your order , send [the receipt id] in message to my FB Account at:
4- You will receive all theses bonuses within 24 hours.

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