Video Bookmarker 2.0 Review +BEST Video Bookmarker 2.0 BONUS + Video Bookmarker 2.0 Discount- Create Hundreds Of Links In Minutes And Send ALL Your Videos To Page 1 Of Google

Video Bookmarker 2.0 Review Plus Best Video Bookmarker 2.0 Bonus Offer


In case you are looking for a detailed Video Bookmarker 2.0 Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of Video Bookmarker 2.0 software to discover everything about it, It’s features, Video Bookmarker 2.0 OTO details and how This This Simple Piece Of Software will enable you to Create Hundreds Of Links In Minutes And Send ALL Your Videos To Page 1 Of Google.


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Video Bookmarker 2.0 Review

Video Bookmarker 2.0 Overview:

Creators: Aravindh Sridhar, Michael Warner & Yogesh Agarwal
Date Of Launch: 2017-06-09
Time Of Launch: 10:00 EST
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Official site:
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6214 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Are The Creators Of Video Bookmarker 2.0?

Aravindh Sridhar, Michael Warner & Yogesh Agarwal are well known names in the field of online marketing who have created a lot of successful software and training courses such as Fresh Bundle Master 2.0, Targeting Inspector 2.0, Video Pages, Tube Sniper Pro 3.0, Social Spy Agent and others.

What Is The Main Idea Behind Video Bookmarker 2.0?

If the CRAZY idea that you can click a few buttons, then sit back ‘n’ watch as thousands of new viewers press play on your videos excites you, then I recommend you read every word of this letter…
Because as crazy, and I admit unlikely, as it seems, you’re about to discover…

How A Quiet Revolution In Social Bookmarking Is Waiting To Put YOUR Videos On Page 1 And Bring You More Views Than Age Of Ultron…..

SEO always has been, and always will be about backlinks…

It was true before the rise of video, and with video’s complete domination of the SERPs it’s true today.

Sure, backlinking isn’t quite so effective for article marketing anymore… but that’s fine, because…

Google’s Developed Such A Heavy Crush On Video That It’s Desperate To Splash Your Videos All Over Page One:

Google WANTS your video. It wants to give people lots of different types of content. And while articles are a dime-a-dozen, there’s not many videos for most keywords.

And that means send enough backlinks toward YOUR video, and you pretty much can’t fail to get on page 1.

But there’s always a problem, right?

Creating backlinks takes too damn long… and creating high quality backlinks takes even longer…

You have to:

  • Wander aimlessly through millions of search results for a new sites to post your links on…
  • Think up yet another new username and password combo… and then wait for your email confirmation to turn up… (There’s no point in hitting refresh, it’ll arrive when it arrives…honest.)
  • Dig deep into your creative genius to create unique posts for each (and every) link.
  • Fend off “brain-freeze” while you manually submit posts to each site.
  • Find someway to fit in your “part-time new job” of monitoring posts, links, and rankings.

But What’s The Alternative?

  • You can pay a few hundred bucks to an outsourcer (and hope they’re really building all the links they claim to be)…
  • You can throw $97/month at some buggy piece of software that hasn’t been updated for the last 3 years and where the support desk is only manned by the cobwebs.

Here comes Video Bookmarker 2.0…..

So, What Is Video Bookmarker 2.0?

Video Bookmarker 2.0 is Yogesh’s own revolutionary video backlinking engine that helps you rank any video by building HUNDREDS of high-quality backlinks at the push of a button…It’s how he ranked the videos you saw above, and it’s how you too can get all your videos slamming in to the top page of Google.

=> Plus, it’s so easy to use, that even complete technophobes are guaranteed BIG results within 7 days… or your money back.

Send ALL Your Videos To Page 1 Of Google

=>See The Power Of Video Bookmarker 2.0 (Video Bookmarker 2.0 Review Video)<=

How Does Video Bookmarker 2.0 Work?

=>Video Bookmarker 2.0 Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<=

Video Bookmarker 2.0 Is So User Friendly, You Can Create Hundreds Of Links In Just Minutes…Even If You’ve Never Built A Backlink In Your Life:

=> Step #1:

  • First time running Video Bookmarker 2.0? Then you’ll need to create a profile with all your site logins. Don’t worry – you can do this in just a couple of clicks. Video Bookmarker 2.0 will sign up to every site for you, and confirm all the e-mails.

=> Step #2:

  • Select your new profile, and create a posting task.

=> Step #3:

  • Add the URL you want to link to (or the set – Video Bookmarker 2.0 lets you promote multiple URLs at once for a more natural linking pattern)

=> Step #4:

  • Create your post… or if you don’t want to write it yourself, use Video Bookmarker 2.0’s database of spinnable titles and posts. You don’t even need an integration – there’s a spinner already built in.

=> Step #5:

  • Hit the button… and Video Bookmarker 2.0 will run through the site database, firing out links like an Uzi on overdrive!

And Not Only That… You Can Optimise Video Bookmarker 2.0 EXACTLY To Your System:

Video Bookmarker 2.0’s advanced multi-tasking algorithm means you can not only run several tasks at once… (Want to set up a new profile and build links at the same time? Go for it!)

You can tell Video Bookmarker 2.0 exactly how many resources you want to devote to each one. Just increase or decrease the number of ‘threads’. The more threads you use, the faster it goes.

And because you can tailor it exactly… Video Bookmarker 2.0 will be the FASTEST link-building software you’ve ever used. Bar none.

And It’s Not Just The Fastest… It’s The Most Powerful

Check Out Video Bookmarker 2.0 Killer Features That’ll Make SEO Boredom A Thing Of The Past:

Rank Videos

=> All This AND 7 Top Bookmarking Platforms Supported:

  • Got your own favorite sites you’d like to use with Video Bookmarker 2.0?
  • Not a problem.
  • Video Bookmarker 2.0 supports 7 of the most popular bookmarking platforms: Pligg, Drigg, Scuttle, GetBoo, HotaruCMS, PHPBookmarking and PHPDug.
  • Load in your list, and the software will automatically check each site. Every one that’s compatible gets added to the database.

Video Bookmarker 2.0 Pricing:

You can choose from 3 Plans the plan that suits you:

Video Bookmarker 2.0 Lite: Onetime Payment Of $27

  • 15 THREADS
  • 100 SITES/TASK
  • 1 URL/TASK

[+] Video Bookmarker 2.0 Standard: Onetime Payment Of $37

  • 30 THREADS
  • 100 SITES/TASK
  • 2 URL/TASK

[+] Video Bookmarker 2.0 Top Save: Onetime Payment Of $47

  • Unlimited THREADS
  • 100 SITES/TASK
  • 5 URL/TASK

=>Special Video Bookmarker 2.0 Fast Action Bonus<=

FAB: 500+ Link Database Pre-Loaded

  • And just to get you started, when you download your copy of Video Bookmarker 2.0 today it’ll come pre-loaded with a 500-strong site list.
  • Giving you a HUGE battery of links right from day 1!
  • With this massive database and Video Bookmarker 2.0’s ultra-efficient linking power, you’ll be able to send any video crashing in to the top of page 1 before your competition’s worked out what’s happening. This is why we’re happy to guarantee to you.

MASSIVE Spikes in Video Rankings After Using Video Bookmarker 2.0:

=>Front Page Rankings for HOT Buyer keywords<=

Video Bookmarker 2.0 Bonus
=>More Results<=
Video Bookmarker 2.0 Discount

See What People Are Saying About Video Bookmarker 2.0:

I gotta be honest — I am overwhelmed by the this software. The basic features alone are worth the value, but I am so excited to maximize and use the more advanced features. It’s so exciting to imagine the possibilities and application of this software in my online business. If you want ranking on steroids, Video Bookmarker 2.0 is the answer you’ve been looking for.
Dexter Paglinawan


Instead of spending your hard earned bucks constantly on VA’s just to get backlinks for your videos, i’ll suggest you go with Video Bookmarker 2.0… its an excellent piece of software, period!
Misan Morrison


A neat piece of software that makes boosting your videos so easy. Reminds me alot of Magic submiter, simple to use and effective.
Nazir Adams


Video Bookmarker 2.0 OTO OR Upsells:

OTO#1: Video Bookmarker 2.0 PRO: Onetime Payment Of $67

Get UNLIMITED High Quality Links Today, Tomorrow… And LONG Into The Future.

To keep Video Bookmarker giving you top traffic and kick-ass rankings well into the future, you’ll need to make sure your site list is up to date.

THIS IS VITALLY IMPORTANT, and it’s why you’ve been given a 500-strong site list with your copy of Video Bookmarker to start you off.

And it’d be great if those sites lasted forever. But I probably don’t have to tell you that any number of things waaaay outside of your control can (and often do) happen that take their toll on each and every site list available…

  • Sites can go offline.
  • They can change their algorithms.
  • They can be penalized or blacklisted.

So you need to be prepared…

[+] Here’s How Video Bookmarker 2.0 PRO Lets You Keep Your Site List Constantly Refreshed:

  • We’re not some one-and-done outfit.
  • We’re in for the long haul, and we know how the future works.
  • That’s why as part of the Video Bookmarker system, you can add your own social bookmarking sites to the site list.
  • Video Bookmarker will check if they’re compatible with one of the 7 supported platforms, and if you’ve got a match, they’ll be added to the database.

Sounds Good? Just Watch What Happens When The Safety Comes Off

OK, look – for some people, what you’ve just read about will be enough.

And if you’re not building many links, it’ll probably be all you need.

But if you’re going to go LARGE…

If you’re not looking to just get a couple of videos on page 1, but are out to DOMINATE your niche, not just now but long into the future, then you should read the next section VERY carefully…

Because it’s going to reveal not only how to find all the new bookmarking sites you’ll ever need, but how to turbocharge your backlinking engine into the most powerful link-builder ANYWHERE.

[+] Video Bookmarker 2.0 Pro Doesn’t Just Let You Add Your Own Sites…It’ll Find Those Sites For You:

  • The built-in Site Scraper hunts out the bookmarking sites you’d never find on your own.
  • Just hit the button and it’ll search the deep web to instantly refresh and renew your site database.
  • Finding tens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of sites in minutes.

And we’ve made it so simple a child could use it:

  • The trick to finding good bookmarking sites is using the right ‘footprint’. Key terms and phrases that come up again and again on the sites you can use for linking.
  • Don’t know what they are? No problem. We’ve built them all in to the Video Bookmarker Pro software, so you’ll always be able to find new sites to add.
  • Choose which footprint you want to search for from the list
  • Hit ‘go’
  • Video bookmarker 2.0 will automatically test all the sites found and add all successful hits to the database, instantly refreshing your linking battery

When you upgrade, you’ll also get:

[+] 3 Extra Platforms:

  • Video Bookmarker Pro adds 3 more powerful platforms to your software… which means more options, more automated backlinks and many more usable sites to suck link juice from.
  • When combined with the Site Scraper… access to these 3 extra platforms makes Video Bookmarker, the most comprehensive video bookmarking software available on the planet.

[+] PRO-Link Checker:

  • Protect your ranking against broken links and bad neighborhoods… When you’re running Video Bookmarker at full tilt you’ll have so many links it’ll be impossible to manage them without a dedicated link checker…So we built one into the software.
  • Now you can quickly assess the performance of any or all of your links at a glance to make sure your new sites maintain peak performance.

[+] “Go Unlimited Mode”:

  • Enter unlimited mode and you’ll witness the staggering link building power of Video Bookmarker Pro. Use your new collection of links, sites, and platforms to run unlimited tasks for unlimited sites AND unlimited tasks for unlimited URLS… simultaneously!
  • This means you can build as many links as you like to either one or a set of URLs with just one run of the software…
  • Making your linkbuilding faster, smoother and more natural.

OTO#2: VBM Sales Engine: Onetime Payment Of $47

Create High-Converting Video Scripts In Minutes With These Exclusive Templates Responsible For Millions Of Dollars In Sales
  • VBM Sales Engine means you’ll never waste time wondering what to write again. These 20 templates have been tried and tested over years of video marketing to not just make scriptwriting simple… but make sure you KNOW they’ll convert.


  • The full video structure laid out in an easy-to-follow PDF for quick, easy reference.


  • Explore each structure point-by-point, and annotate with your own notes and ideas.


  • Every template comes with video training talking you through the whole thing, so you’ll never wonder how to fill any part in. It’s all explained in plain English.

OTO#3: Video Bookmarker 2.0 White Label: Onetime Payment Of $197

Get White Label Rights To Video Bookmarker And Cash In On The Secret To Making 6 Figures A Year Or More Online
  • So you can sell this premium software as your own product, under your own brand… without any of the building, testing, or design problems getting in your way.

=> Proven seller:

  • You already know Video Bookmarker sells like hot cakes – want a piece of this action?

=> 50 resellable licences:

  • you can sell up to 50 copies of Video Bookmarker for as much as you like… and keep all the profit.

=> No support problems:

  • all support questions get directed back to our support desk, where our professional team will take care of them

=> Automatic updates:

  • you’ll get an upgrade every time we improve the software, so you’ll always be offering the most up-to-date version to your customers

=> Access online and offline customers:

  • both are going to be beating down your door to get their hands on this
Video Bookmarker 2.0 White Label Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q1: How does the white label work?

  • Answer: It’s really easy. When you purchase, you’ll get a special link in the member’s area. This will let you in to the logo upload screen:
  • Any copies of the software you sell will have that logo instead of ours, so no-one will ever know it’s a white label product. You’ve got your own piece of software, ready to sell.

Q2: What happens when I get a customer?

  • Answer: You’ll get a link to your own sign-up page. Just send them there, and they can create their licence and get started… all without any input from you.

Q3: What rights do I get?

  • Answer: All of them . You’ll own these licences, to do with as you like.

Q4: Can I sell it at any price I like?

  • Answer: Almost any. You can’t sell it for any less than $47, but given people will happily pay $297 for this, why would you want to?

Q5: How about giving it away as a bonus?

  • Answer: Sure. As long as the main product you’re selling costs more than $47, you can give this software away and get a reputation for having the most epic bonuses on the block.

Q6: When can I start selling?

  • Answer: The 1st of July, so you’ve got plenty of time to think up a hot brand-name and get your sales page up and running

Q7: How many people can I sell it to?

  • Answer: Depending on which level you choose, you’ll have up to 50 resellable licences. This means you can sell it up to 50 times, for as much as you like.

Q8: What happens if I miss out on this deal?

  • Answer: Then you’ll have to pay the full price of $997 for these rights. Sorry, but there’s no exceptions. Our support team are under strict instructions to ignore anyone who asks for the old price once this deal’s expired.

Q9: $997’s pretty expensive. But if I get it now, I get EVERYTHING that the people who pay the full price do?

  • Answer: Absolutely everything, and for a much smaller investment. If anything, you’ll have an advantage on them, because you’ll be getting in first.

OTO#4: Video Empire Bonanza: Onetime Payment Of $37

Make Your Videos Grab Attention Faster Than Jessica Alba In A String Bikini

Here’s Exactly What You Will Get With Video Empire Bonanza:

Module 1: Whiteboard Doodles- The Sales Staple (Value $1000)

Module 2: Video Testimonials -The Social Maximiser (Value $360)

Module 3: Background Music -The Hollywood Psych Secret ( Value $1500)

Module 4: Motion Graphics -The Head Explosion (Value $700)

Module 5: Video Backgrounds -The Memory Hack (Value $500)

Module 6: Light Transitions -The Sexy Scene Switch (Value $500)

Video Bookmarker 2.0 Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of Video Bookmarker 2.0?

If you are searching for all-in-one Software that will enable you to Create Hundreds Of Links In Minutes And Send ALL Your Videos To Page 1 Of Google, then Video Bookmarker 2.0 will be your highly recommended choice.

Video Bookmarker allows you to upload your own site lists.

So if you find more sites good for link building, you can use them too. Video Bookmarker will check to make sure they’re compatible, and then add them to the database.

(And you’ll get a 500-strong database to start you off, as well)

Which means Video Bookmarker is going to keep you ranking a LONG time into the future.

==>Video Bookmarker 2.0 Special BONUS LINK<==



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What Are My Customers Saying About My Bonuses And My Support From Previous Reviews?

=>=>Here Are All Bonuses<=<=

How to Claim My Video Bookmarker 2.0 Bonus?

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Thanks a lot For Reading My  Video Bookmarker 2.0 Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 🙂

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