Video Pages Review & Bonuses – How To Create High Converting Video Landing Pages Without Needing Experience?!!

In case you are searching for a detailed Video Pages review and  best bonuses, keep reading as I wrote a complete review of Video Pages software to know everything about it, Its features, OTO’S and how it will enable you to easily and quickly Create High Converting Video Landing Pages Without Needing Experience.

Video Pages Review

Video Pages Overview:

Authors:Aravindh Sridhar & Joshua Zamora
Release Date: Wednesday, April 1st 2015 
Market: Software
Bonuses: See My Exclusive $2814 Bonuses
Skill Level Needed: Beginners and Advanced
Recommended: Yes

Who created Video Pages?

Who created Video Pages

The creators of Video Pages are Aravindh Sridhar and Joshua Zamora. Aravindh is a guy who specialises in launching world-class products and software. He is committed to delivering what customers want, and he will stop at nothing to make sure that happens. In addition, he offers amazing support to make his customers happy. Joshua has spent years working with video and creating video pages software, and has built a reputation as being the best video affiliate manager. He openly offers his contact information, so people can team up with him and learn to profit.

Many reputable people have given excellent testimonials regarding the work of both Aravindh and Joshua. Some of the things people said about Aravindh is he is a great JV partner and the products he is affiliated with sell really well. They give references about his character, as well as his ability to pull off the best launches. The comments made about Joshua reflect his position of being a top-quality producer of some of the best products related to video. People recommend him as a JV partner and commend him for the exceptional support he extends to his customers.

The Main Idea Behind Video Pages Tool

For years, people have been struggling to create video pages to meet their needs. They spend thousands of dollars on developers, video pages software, or some promise that will deliver what they want to accomplish. The playing field is being leveled. A new product is storming the market that will change how people make landing pages. It is a revolutionary piece of software called Video Pages. Once you get your hands on this wonderful product, you will never have to go through the same hassles, waste money, or frustrate yourself again. You will finally have the ability to make the type of landing pages that will convert casual visitors into people hungry to buy from you. It is a phenomenon that you simply cannot miss, so be sure to get your license as soon as possible before the prices change.

The main idea behind Video Pages is to be able to create landing pages that will convert better. Pages that use text and images are not driving home sales. What really helps convert better than anything else is video. Video Pages will allow you to pre-sell your audience in a more personal way. Nothing beats being able to watch and listen to someone tell you about a product. Using this video pages software will have customers fumbling to get their credit cards out to purchase your product.

Another reason why Video Pages was created was so people wouldn’t ever have to hire a web designer, developer, or programmer ever again. It is made in such a way, where anyone can use it without the need to deal with a complex platform. Instead, the whole package is easy to use, so building video landing pages will be simple and fun. You will be able to enjoy all of the robust features without having to sink thousands of dollars into a product that can’t even promise half of what Video Pages does.

What Is Video Pages?

Video Pages is a landing page creator that is specifically designed to implement video into the pages to help convert more visitors into customers. If you mind can imagine an idea for a page, you can use this video page software to make it happen. The drag-and-drop builder, which is part of Video Pages, enables you to make mesmerizing landing pages optimized with video without ever having to mess with any code. All you need to do is drag and drop elements onto the page, then add widgets, backgrounds, and images you want displayed. Video Pages software is a solution that allows you to create landing pages in seconds that will have you converting mass amounts of visitors into customers.

The basic features of Video Pages include:

One of the things that sets Video Pages apart from anything else on the market are the rich features that are included. An easy-to-use drag and drop builder is so simple, even a child can use it to create pages like a web designer. They are beautiful to the sight, it takes mere seconds, and it’s fun to do! Total Customization Power allows you to use a custom page creator to build your own landing pages from scratch. This feature will make it possible to put text, images, and video wherever you want. You can access Video Pages from any PC or MAC from all around the world. No more worrying about the instability of WordPress, since all of your pages are hosted on Video Pages servers.

There are dozens of templates ready for you to use. You can easily create squeeze pages, sales pages, pre-sell pages, upsell pages, content pages, and any other imaginable pages you may need. There is complete training done step-by-step for you. A slew of videos has been created to guide you through every portion of the Video Pages software. To add to the package, you will receive world-class support that will be able to answer your questions 24/7. The dedicated and professional support team works with customers to help them with any problem they may encounter.

In addition, there are over twenty plugins that come installed in Video Pages. Video Autoplay allows you to have a video start playing as soon as your page loads.  Timed Opt-ins and CTAs will enable you to set the exact moment when your call-to-action appears in your video. A countdown timer allows you to boost urgency by displaying a real countdown timer. You have complete control over it, so you can set it to do whatever you want when it runs down to zero. An in-line editor, which is as easy to use as Word, enables you to change font, text color, and size with no problem. There are hundreds of built-in graphics that you can use on your landing pages.

Facebook Comments Integration enables you to connect with a social network to display feedback from users and Social Share allows you to share your pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Drag and drop an opt-in form onto any of your Video Pages, wherever you want it to appear. All forms integrate with most major autoresponders. You can easily integrate an exit pop-up, which will help boost conversions by 50%.  Also, every page can be integrated with webinar systems. All video pages are compatible with and optimized for all mobile devices. Every one of your Video Pages will be SEO optimized without you having to mess with any code. You will have access to all the analytic stats you need, so there is no need for separate software.

How does Video Pages Software Work?

You don’t need to worry about downloading a single thing. Video Pages is hosted fully on rock-solid, triple-encrypted servers, so there is no reason why you will lose a tidbit of your work. Everything can be embedded on your own domain, so you will still have a business that is branded to you. You can combine the video page software with templates to create a video marketing solution that works for you. 

Who benefits the most from using Video Pages?

Video Pages software was created especially for novices and advanced users alike who want to be able to build high-converting landing pages, integrated with video, who don’t want to have to mess around with code, buy expensive software, or spend thousands of dollars hiring a team of developers and programmers. This is quite simply the easiest software of its kind to use. Everything is laid out in a manner, where it is simple enough for anyone to understand and begin creating masterpieces.

Video Pages is perfect for anyone who wants to add video to their landing pages, while having a host of fantastic features at their fingertips to easily build whatever type of page they want. If anyone has been struggling getting the conversion rates they desire, there is a solution that will eliminate their bad experiences. Currently, there are options to get one of three different licenses: Lite, Personal, or Developer, depending on your needs and budget. Also, at this time, a lifetime license is being offered at a 80% discount.

Video Pages Review Conclusion

Video Pages is simply the best landing page creator on the market, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to get it. It is being offered at a reasonable price, so anyone who wants to get video pages software to improve their business will have the opportunity. You will want to get your hands on the new Video Pages software as soon as possible. The features included are extremely attractive, as they have left out nothing. You will get everything needed to be able to create landing pages that will convert more visitors into paying customers. I recommend Video pages to anyone who wants to make greater profits for themselves and be able to create stunning landing pages for their clients.

Video Pages Bonus

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