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 In case you are looking for a detailed VidBullet Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of VidBullet Software to discover everything about it, It’s features and how this new Cloud-Based Software Will enable you to Create Breath-Taking & Traffic-Getting Videos In 180 Seconds or less!


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VidBullet Review

VidBullet Overview:

Creator: Chris Munch
Date Of Launch: 2018-12-06
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Is The Creator Of VidBullet?

Chris Munch is a well known name in the field of online marketing who hascreated many successful marketing software such as PressCable, Hook Pigeon and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind VidBullet?

80% of online traffic is brought by videos.
This means that the more videos you publish, the more traffic you get.

This is the reason video usage has skyrocketed and almost all marketers are embracing the use of videos.

Videos helps to spark engagement and are preferred by most audiences as they are easy to consume and share.
Also, it is easier for videos to go viral than text articles making them one of the most effective form of online marketing.

Besides, they are easier to use and put your point across.

And considering that YouTube is the 2nd most powerful and popular search engine today, this necessitate marketers to have videos.

These are some of the reasons many marketers have resulted to using videos in their marketing.

However, for this to happen, you need to produce professional-looking, high-quality videos that grabs attention and converts easily.

Normally, you will need to hire a video expert/producer who charge thousands of dollars or do it yourself and take hours to produce and edit each video using complex software.

Most of the video creating software that are in the market at the moment are complex and sophisticated to use.

They need someone who has an experience or technical skills in producing and editing videos. This leads to wastage of time.

In fact, most video solutions claim to be user-friendly and need less skills to use but in reality they are complex.

Therefore, if you are not an experienced video editor or a creative type, you will often end up creating videos that do not engage, convert, or drive traffic.

This ultimately means that there are limits on the number of quality videos you can create. This is a struggle most marketers go through every day.

But now there is a great solution.

It is called VidBullet Software…..

This is a new kind of video creating software that helps create simple, yet engaging and professional videos in a few minutes.

And today we will discuss more about it. Here is my simplified VidBullet review.

So, What Is VidBullet?

VidBullet is a short form of Video Bulletin.
In simple terms, we can define it as a short form of announcement or advertisement about a business, product, service or event.

It is a video that highlights offers, news, features, or benefits of a product in a short video of under 2 minutes.

This means that the videos will get maximum viewer retention.

It uses styles that have been tried and tested by big brands such as CNN, BBC, and many others.

The formats of videos VidBullet uses make them get high engagement both on YouTube and Vimeo.

And the best thing is that all this is done-for-you. you don’t need to do any video editing work.

You can use this software to create any product, service, or business video in any niche. Using the latest technology, this software only takes 3 minutes to generate a video. You don’t need to have any technical skills or experience.

==> See The Power Of VidBullet (VidBullet Review Video)<==

How Does VidBullet Software Work?

==> VidBullet Demo Videos [Full Walkthrpugh]<==

VidBullet Features:

[+] Voiceover:

  • You can create instant engagement with your videos thanks to the voiceovers available in this software. Whether you want to create a successful video ad, make an announcement, sell a product, or advertise your business, there are voiceovers you can use.
  • Automatically add voice to your video to multiply the engagement your videos get significantly.

[+] Create high-proven videos easily:

  • VidBullet helps create videos easily and fast. It has no complicated procedure and you can create videos in 3 easy steps.
  • You only need to select a template of the video you want and then fill in a short form with your graphics and text.
  • After that, hit produce and the video will be done.
[+] Automatic publishing to major video hosting sites:
  • After producing your video, there is the option to automatically publish them on major platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.
  • This eliminates the hassles of having to download the videos and re-uploading them to YouTube and Vimeo.

[+] Multiple top-converting templates:

  • This software has multiple top-converting VidBullet templates that enable you to create high-converting videos that will grab the attention of most viewers.
  • They are in newscast style to help you deliver message with urgency and maximum authority.

[+] Personal or commercial license:

  • You can either Get a personal license or a commercial license depending on your needs.
  • With both packages, you will have different features.
  • For instance, VidBullet personal license offers you 50 videos per month, 5 HD snippets, 3 background music tracks and much more.
  • With VidBullet commercial license, you can create unlimited videos, 5HD video snippets and much more. 

VidBullet Reviews:

See What People Are Saying About VidBullet & The creator’s others tools:

This will be great for traffic, and it appears easy to use for those of us who are less-experienced with video technology. Thanks for the opportunity!
Roger A Revell
As always, great content and insights based upon solid data and research. It would appear, VidBullet is well positioned to be the tool to leverage the public’s consumption and almost insatiable appetite for video.
I am seeking to take advantage of its capability for automated production of video targeted for designated purposes and niches. One of the two ways which I will look to utilize VidBullet is for making of videos which can be sold to business owners.
Looking forward to this product launch and all that it offers.
Thanks for the effort.
Bill Marks
This will be a masterful piece of software in my efforts to corner the local market and dominate the niche of my choosing. Vidbullet appears to be a game changer to any and all who take advantage of it and it’s power.
Much Love
I have just gotten back into video marketing. I bought video editing and distribution software 4 years ago but became reluctantly to get too involved mostly due to many of the reason stated in the .pdf document.
VidBullet sound very exciting and I would like to see it in action and see how easy and good it really is.
I would use this software to attract new clients for my business and also to sell them video marketing services for their businesses. If making videos is so quick and easy the potential is enormous.
Lee Graham
This sounds like a great opportunity to acquire traffic as described with a quick and clean video creation….provided that there are a large number of “template selections” available at a reasonable price..! I would like to see and use for Consumer Product Sales via Ebay, Az. or Esty – Shopify platforms.
Dennis Ditmars
This sounds like the perfect software to use to do multiple video marketing. I do mostly local videos and never seem to have the time to do any other video marketing. I’m hoping this can bring me another income stream. Looking forward to it.
Ron Johnson
Thanks for the To-The-Point “Video Traffic Endgame” report! Powerful. Concise. ZERO Fluff. I’m looking forward to December 6 when I plan on leaping entirely over Squares 1to 99 of video creation automation…and landing on Square 100–Day 1–by leveraging the POWER of VidBullet! Counting down now…..!
Randy Clark
Sounds really interesting for many types of marketing. I’ve seen Chris Munch’s other product and they have always overdelivered so I am really looking forward to seeing this in action.
Pat Coyle
This is a game changer, looking for a fast video editor to speed up my work for my clients and myself with Vidbullet. Chris Munch and his Team create amazing products and programs that work! I totally trust them. Thanks for another great product 🙂
Manu Rodriguez
VidBullet seems like the answer I was looking for to continually making high quality videos!
Daniel Jimenez Peralta
This software is a game changer. I have a number of video creation tools, VidBullet will save me time and money
Paul Murrowood
This looks like the quickest and easiest way to produce high quality videos. So many prospective uses for marketing..
Robert Gough
VidBullet looks very enticing. It’s a different type and attention grabbing. I like that you have the option of text to speech and also my own voiceover.
Oliver Schmidt
Producing Videos is always a challenge for novices. Tools are always welcomed to facilitate the process easier & I’ve got good vibes about this VidBullet product is going to fill the needs of many marketers
Alan Leong
It looks like a game changer. Solves the problem of being able to create a large number of high quality videos within a very short time frame. I can see how it will work great for many applications. Exciting stuff!
Irvin Mulholland
Wow! An unbelievable time saver and over-producer. It appears just about anyone can now produce professional videos in no-time and reap the rewards that video offers. What an incentive to land local businesses.
Ray Asper
A clear, precise and logical explanation of the situation and opportunity as usual Chris. If Vidbullet has been put together with the same thought then the impact it will have could be amazing. Being able to produce such a high volume of videos of the right type to hit a target market would give anyone a huge advantage. I can’t wait to see the tool in action.
Steve Ramsey
Awesome Brain Anderson , I would use Vidbullet to help clients engage more with their target audience. Video is rapidly becoming a better marketing technique
Vinay Kumar
I have several videos in my market. One went viral with close to 50k views so far. But, it’s very time consuming to create each video. If you can slash creation time and produce more quality videos this is a game changer!
Ken Petri
WOW. How Exciting Guys. Being a User of videomakerFX, VSL2 and tried Video Robot, I know the power and longevity of creating a well engaging video. But VidBullet looks to be a cake taker. What I will do with a Software like this, is SMASH it out the park brothers… You know I may have uncovered a little gem in the video market, where this could give results to back it up super faster. And as I already have an good offer on Fiverr to create vids that is building traction. Having a more engaging Vid builder app  I could certainly up the Anti. Who know how high the sky goes. I could end up traveling the entire contenant of NZ doing local vid promo’s even…
RobKaitiaki O Aetearoa
We will use VidBullet to have so many videos up with hundreds of keywords and geo local variations to push the the competition down so they can’t be found. This is a way to dominate the market space for our local businesses and to be able to service a huge number of businesses with automation. Can’t wait to see VidBullet in action!
Bobby Boo
Having videos in selling products online is great as it can easily make profits and the video is there forever online unlike other traffic pulling methods like search engine traffic. But there are no cheap and easy ways to make these video. There are countless ways to create video, countless types of video to create and countless ways to use video in your marketing. Yet the Problem most online marketers face is having quality and quantity videos that will sell their products and offers. Yet they know that having videos in their marketing arsenal increases their profit. They don’t know an easy to make these videos–
These problems have been solved by this all important and easy video making software known as VIDBULLET. What I have seen in this vidbullet is that it can create many, up to 5 videos with high quality without stress and much work, without work of an expert, it is new- bie friendly, without spending big money, it eliminate time wasting as you can create 5 quality videos within thirty minutes, it can be used by those who are camera shy or who are afraid to put their faces online as it has voice over, no need to edit and can push for free traffic to the products you are selling. For those who want to succeed online I will definitely recommend vidbullet to them. It is must have video maker software.
Tega Collins
Video is an absolute must for any marketer! Whatever can make it better and faster is a big plus, and VidBullet looks like it is the answer to that.
David K. Enders
Looks really interesting. The ability to create multiple videos in such a short time will be a huge time saver. This opens up many avenues for both online and offline businesses. Early Christmas present me thinks!
Tony Ziegler
Lots of good info in the report… it helped me to see that without a way to quickly produce & push out LOTS of great content, I sure wouldn’t even be a viable contender in the video popularity realm LOL! But with THIS VidBullet software, I can see how my own projects PLUS my Services to help grow local businesses, would have a much better chance of having optimal traction and $ucce$$!
Kat Clore
The report was awesome. Had a lot of great information. I would use this for affiliate marketing and my Local Business Consulting services. This will help me create multiple videos and not waste a lot of time doing it. Very convenient. I would love to have this software.
Alexis Bond
What a changer for the video marketing game , knowing video is best way to go, with a tool like this there’s no doubt about it that we going make money with videos and report gave me more idea of how I’m going crush it can’t wait to use it thanks munch
Izzy Izzill
I make a lot of videos for my home rental business and this software will make my job a whole lot easier.
Thomas Kaasbell
As others have mentioned, previous, so-called video creation softwares have left much to be desired. VidBullet sounds very interesting and with the fact that it ‘Lets You Add Engaging Voiceover With A Single Click’… this might just be the clincher! Looking forward to learning more when this launches on Thursday Dec 6th, Chris
Kevin Barham
Looks cool, if you can make that many videos a day it’s a no brainier for promoting products and services , you can split test on a whole another level!
Lance Watters
Quite interesting. Looking forward to seeing what VidBullet is all about. I would use it to promote and grow my chatbot agency.
Steve Maddox
I have been looking for a way to produce videos, good videos, for some time now… looking forward to see what they have… it is from Chris Munch so I am certain it will be good.
Todd Moss
Already have it and tried the new automated voice over already! Was a pleasant surprise to see the option there the other day. AND you can choose what English accent you want to use for your country, IE: Aussie or American etc. Very cool! A definate must have
Dave Ross
Definitely, Video is the future and the future is here and now! People are more and more likely to read less, however they will watch videos more and more. No doubt about it. Videos attract faaaaaaaaaaaar mooooore than anything else in today’s online world. No doubt about it. Video attracts-brings traffic, traffic can be monetized. That’s all. And- Yes, I’d love to get my hands on this piece of software 🙂 Thanks
Orim Ardud
This sounds great! More engaging high quality videos is what every product or business needs today. Having seen and used some of the other video production software very interested to see how this software performs. It could be a great game changer for everyone.
Jeff Yoe
This is a real money making software. It is designed to drive more powerful traffic. What i like in this video tool base on the easy way it helps in video creating process. This video software is amazing. It gives an opportunity to create all kind of videos we desire with beautiful templates. I noted that this software will also increase more leads through our funnels. The best part is that it resolves voiceover problem for those who struggle to use their own voice or pay an agency service to do it for them. As described, it will beat more existing video making on the market. Thank you for this opportunity. I am very interested to see how this software will help me producing high quality videos in my channel, and beat competition.
Gnadry Seveys
Yes I agree that there is no software tools that allows high output of quality engaging videos. Having the ability to create videos in 3 minutes, being 100% automated, needing zero editing, already having a proven to engage format, a simple fill in form, ability to add voiceovers with a single click, and can automatically upload to both YouTube and Viemo – is a quantum leap. This software will enable me to finally get the videos out I want and do it so much easier with less time. A true blessing for us senior marketers!!!!
Rodney Folsom
VidBullet seems a fantastic piece of software, just what I have been looking for. Today the best ROI is based on Video and when it is made simple, easy, professional output etc, then it has to be taken seriously.
I’ll be on hot bricks until Thursday 6th December
Andy Sufrin
While I have loved the video creation process for many years now, I have struggled to put out enough high quality videos on a consistent basis. VidBullet appears to solve that problem for me! I’m looking forward to the launch!
Nancy Landa
Well if Chris Munch and the Presscable guys are behind this you know its going to quality- very interested to see how it works in practice in different niches. I always heavily optimize my video to get first page Google/YouTube, interested to see what optimization if any is part of the package…. bring it on!!!
Dennis Champion
Very, very cool. I am liking what I am hearing about VIDBULLET and anything involved with Chris Munch and PressCable we are in great hands. Thanks for the information and I look forward to the launch.
Sheldon Moylan
The “Video Traffic Endgame” report is awesome, fast read, full of useful information about video creation and monetization. These guys at PressCable always put out high quality products, so I think VidBullet will be not different… The invitation video speaks for itself!… I’ll keep this report handy… Thanks!
Jose Alcantara
The software looks amazing. Video is definitely the way to go for affiliate marketing and anything that makes content creation easier has got to be good. Can’t wait for the launch.
Jonathon Morgan
Ranking videos at the top of Google search is a gold standard for local businesses. If QUALITY videos can be created from blogs on autopilot then this thing may end up as the best go-to tool in an SEO agency’s toolbox. Can’t wait to see it in action!!
Steven Hoagland
I send countless hours in creating and editing, just to get a few minutes of few minutes of video as a result. Any short cut in production is a godsend! I’m looking forward to checking out the VidBullet solution.
Lori Madden
Video content is the most valuable strategies for vendors and affiliates to profit and ViddBulet will be a very valuable tool that I’ll be use to increase my profits through videos.
Rogerio Job
The marketing techniques I have been studying all say video is THE thing. But creating it has always been a problem for me. I suffer from a definite lack of that kind of creativity. A tool to help sounds like a wonderful idea!
Ann Acord
It takes too long to produce quality videos using currently available tools. Looks like VidBullet can be the solution to that problem, and help make videos with proven effective marketing components.
Robert Gough
It’s what every serious marketer should be using, automated videos to push people to their offers… perfect is love to add this to my arsenal 👍😁
Kelly Banks Murray
I’ve been trying to make it online for 2 years. My biggest struggles are quality content and videos. This looks like it solves both problems! I think this would truly be a help to any marketer!
Edward McKinney
Vidbullet is a Digital IQ Product and what we need today, so, thumbs to the software!!!
Silas Mabaso
Wow! VidBullet is a tool you should definitely have in your arsenal. I will use these DFY videos together with press releases to drive increased traffic to my website through videos.
Oscar Moguel
Thank you for creating VidBullet. I can honestly see using such video software to produce easy, quick, yet informative videos for various purposes: affiliate marketing, local marketing, book and product launches just to name a few.
Sadie Gecke
Looks pretty good to me. I will be using it in a number of different ways – for my clients, my own websites and products and I might even dip my toes into Affiliate marketing again.
Dii Dunlop
I have tried a number of video tools without much luck. All of them promised professional videos with a minimum amount of effort. For me they all fell short. Vidbullet looks like it will break this pattern and fulfill the promise of great videos without having to have a background in video production!
Ralph Bressler
Creating good looking videos is tough but VidBullet allows a non-pro to build a lot of good looking, compelling videos in a short period of time. You just can’t lose if you put the resource to use.
Steve Wilson
The most beautiful (and expensive) video in the world is absolutely worthless to you if it doesn’t actively engage the viewer and drive TRAFFIC to your landing page or other high-ROI destination.
Chris Munch and his crackpot team painstakingly dissected 1,000 of the most successful videos on the planet and “reverse engineered” them in order to find the secrets of what actually drives viewers to engage and TAKE ACTION.
Their super-effective new methodology of creating and marketing videos called “VidBullet” will be unleashed for sale on Thursday, Dec 6th. Money loves speed, so snatch up your copy of VidBullet before your competitors beat you to it!
Dale Walker
I’ve been doing website affiliate SEO for a few years with decent success. But I’ve forever been wanting to crack the YouTube game with affiliate marketing. What has held me back is finding an efficient way to pump out a lot of decent videos targeting a bunch of different keywords. The video traffic endgame report and VidBullet in particular seems like the perfect match for me. I would love to be able to get a copy of vidbullet and get in the trenches and see what I can do with it! I absolutely love this part though “You simply select one of the proven templates (sample on the next page), fill in a simple form and the VidBullet software takes care of the rest.”
Steve Richard
I have half a dozen video creators already. All lack something to quickly produce high quality videos as is promised with VidBullet. This is something I’d love to work with for video production to add to my Roku channels that I’m just now beginning to set up.
Raymond Lee Fellers
I need this video creation software for so many reasons! I’d use VidBullet for my community website and Facebook page to offer more appealing content and help local businesses, churches and charities in any way I can.
Delores Feinberg

See Some Examples Of VidBullet Templates:

VidBullet Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of VidBullet?

If you are a marketer and want to take your videos to another level, VidBullet is for you.

This software will help you create professional, short, precise videos that grab people’s attention easily and fast.

This is a software you just cannot afford to miss out on.

Get it today and take your videos to another level. You will enjoy massive engagement and conversion with VidBullet videos.

If you have any questions about VidBullet Tool, let me know in the comments section below and I will answer your questions as fast as possible.

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    buy from you again.
    Thank You

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