How To Effectively Use Twitter to Market Your Business- Drive More Traffic To Your Website Through Twitter

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Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms today attracting over 310 million active users across the globe. It’s a platform that is primarily meant for communication, entertainments and now digital marketing.

Social media marketing is one of the current trends in online marketing that has proved to be equally important in enhancing online visibility among businesses. Twitter marketing is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to go about boosting your web traffic.

However, just like any other marketing techniques, twitter marketing also need a lot of creativity, adequate skills, and the basic knowledge on how to proceed with the entire process.

Use Twitter to Market Your Business

What makes Twitter marketing unique from other social media Platforms:

[+] Reaching your target Audience is much faster:

  • Twitter has introduced a lot of marketing tools with an aim of improving the general marketing experience.
  • Remember that the aim of any business is to reach as many people as possible. With Twitter, whenever you make a tweet, it will not only be seen by your followers but also the followers of your followers.
  • This is done mainly through the retweet button which happens to be very common among many Twitter users.
  • Within a second, your tweet can reach to thousands and thousands of people which will automatically cause reactions.

[+] Secondly, unlike other social platforms, on twitter the Hashtag(#) magic is real:

  • A hashtag is mainly used to introduce a topic that has either been trending or identifies a certain brand/discussion.
  • With proper utilization of twitter hashtags, your post can rich a lot of people especially if a lot of people are talking about the topic.
  • Note that, you can either introduce your own hashtag which is sometimes difficult especially if you do not have a lot of real followers.
  • The other option is to use trending hashtag by relating your product or services you promoting with that topic.

[+] Another special thing about twitter is real followers:

  • Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter has put in place a lot of measures to reduce the cases of automated followers.
  • Besides, a lot of ways in which you can gain real twitter followers have come up making the entire exercise much faster and convenient.

[+] Twitter is more formal compared to all other social media platforms:

  • The twitter platform does not give a big room for a lot of many other social media fun activities, rather it’s mainly used for communication purposes.
  • In fact, you will find that when somebody wants to make a serious announcement, they prefer Twitter to other platforms. In marketing, the main advantage of this formality is the reputation.
  • When your account is genuine and the material that you post is relevant, other major corporations will follow you or want to be associated with you.
  • This will not only boost your image to the general public but also enhance that confidence among your customers in your goods and services.

[+] Last but not least, Twitter likes and comments carry a lot of weight compared to other platforms:

  • Naturally, if your post attracts a lot of attention, its likely to not only create confidence in your products and services but also win you more followers.
  • Unfortunately, getting twitter likes or comments is not an easy task, that’s why when you get several likes, comments or retweets it means a lot to your business transactions.
  • Unlike other platforms where people can like for the sake of it, in Twitter, most people will only like you tweet if only genuinely like it and comment if they feel intrigued.

How To Effectively Use Twitter to Market Your Business…..HARNESS THE POWER of TWITTER!

[+] Learn the Basic about Twitter:

  • If you are planning to use Twitter for a successful online marketing campaign, then the very first thing you MUST have in mind is the basic aspect of how Twitter functions.
  • Remember that marketing is not a Twitter specialty which means that you will have to use the available tools to achieve your marketing objectives. Fortunately, that is not a big deal since the Twitter platform is user-friendly which makes it easier to navigate around.
  • However, you will need to do extra research on how you can effectively use the available Twitter tools to boost your online experience.
  • The good thing about learning the basic is that you will be in perfect position to know what tool would be best suitable for your marketing campaign as well as knowing how to proceed with the entire exercise.

[+] Be Observative, attentive and Follow:

  • As earlier mentioned, Twitter is one of the emerging trends in marketing which means that a lot of new aspects meant to improve user experience are being introduced daily.
  • For you to stand a better place to harness the power of Twitter to boost your marketing campaign, then you need to observe and pay attention to what people are saying about your products and services.
  • To achieve this, you can closely monitor your chief competitor’s tweets, do through the feedback that they are getting from their clients and use that to either follow or start a completely new lane.
  • Other things that you need to pay more attention to are the emerging issues in Twitter marketing.
  • With this rapidly growing technology, the only way you remain updated on the new Twitter marketing trends is by been keen on what other people are doing or saying and reacting accordingly.

[+] Make sure you tweet quality material at least 5 times a day:

  • If you want to command your market and remain relevant in Twitter marketing, then you have no other option but to be active throughout the day.
  • One of the ways you can achieve this is by keeping your audience busy talking about something.
  • Note that just it’s a marketing campaign does not mean that you can only tweet business related staff.
  • Of course, people will get bored, to avoid that you may need to tweet about other topics that may stimulate a hot discussion among your followers.
  • Some of the best topics include the trending stories, political affairs, sports news and more importantly on entertainment.
  • Making frequent tweets will not only maintain your current audience but it’s also likely to win you more followers since everybody wants to be a part of breathtaking discussions.

[+] Engage in conversation:

  • One of the major problems that a majority of Twitter marketers make is making a tweet and making no follow up on what people are saying about the tweet.
  • To make conversation likely, you will need to respond to comments that your followers make.
  • Note that you do not just react for the sake of it, but you have to do it in a smart and intelligent manner.
  • Most clients tend to judge a business based on the way it responds to any issues raised during such discussions.
  • Besides, do not just engage in your own tweets, but also those of your followers to make them feel appreciated and acknowledged.

[+] Do to others what you would like them do to you!

  • Just like all other social media platforms, anybody can follow you. The problem with this is that appealing to all your followers may sometime not be possible, however, the little thing you do may either draw you closer to your potential customers or vice versa.
  • Remember that, the same you looking for real followers, other people also want to have followers, it would, therefore, be a nice gesture to always follow back.
  • Also, making a direct message to your potential clients on Twitter may mean a lot to them, you can either text them to let them know you appreciate them following you or during their special occasions like birthdays to let them know you care.
  • Another small but equally crucial things that most people tend to ignore is the power of retweeting other people’s tweets.
  • This will not only make them feel valued but may also make them retweet you future tweets which is all you need to boost your Twitter marketing campaign

[+] Avoid Grammatical mistakes in your posts:

  • Usually, just like a website or blog, you twitter business Twitter account represent the image of your business.
  • That, therefore, means that anything that you post using the official account may either boost your integrity level to your potential customers or ruin it.
  • Although all people are not good at grammar, the few that are may end up doing you more harm than good. Nobody wants to associate with somebody who cannot even express themselves properly on the social platforms.
  • Other things that may undermine your integrity include posting irrelevant materials, criticising religions, taking sides in politics or posting material that goes against the culture in your community.

[+] Make sure the Titles you use are catchy:

  • One of the many ways you can use that you can harness the power of Twitter to boost your online experience is by sharing pictures, videos, and links about goods and services on your twitter handle.
  • In such cases, the wordings of the description may come a long way in ensuring that people are even interested to know the message you trying to pass across.
  • Apart from that, there some important aspect you ought to know before you can upload some of these posts, for instance, if you upload a video you have to make sure that it short and all the key points are highlighted therein.
  • If it’s a link, you have to give your followers more reasons to want to open the link, in that case, the title you use to introduce the link should be enough to make sure the follower find themselves to your website.


=> The very first step in twitter marketing is setting up your business Twitter account:

It’s important to note that, unlike other individual twitter accounts, for a business, there is a few factor that you ought for consider in order for you to have a successful experience and effectively Use Twitter to Market Your Business .

As earlier mentioned, your business twitter account represents your image to the public, therefore all the aspect of the Twitter account MUST have one primary objective, to identify and market your business. Some of the of the factors you need to consider include;

=> The Username you intend to use:

The username you choose to use must directly identify your business among your competitors.

Remember that, in as far as you want a unique name, you need to consider simplicity.

Have a name that is easy to remember will make it much easier for other people to search or tag in case somebody wants to make you part of a discussion they feel concerns your business.

If possible, avoid using a lot of characters in the username to avoid misleading your target audience.

=> The profile picture and the wall photo:

Twitter has a lot of users and you may have different businesses sharing the same name which is possible.

Unfortunately, there has been increased cases where individuals impersonate another business with an aim of misleading and taking advantage of the confused customers.

To prevent such things, you need to add a photo that directly identifies your business on the profile picture. Apart from that, on the wall photo, you have to add a photo that not only identifies your business but also your management structure, your business color, and any other thing that shows that you are a genuine twitter handle.

Luckily, today Twitter has introduced a special symbol that is used to differentiate official accounts from the rest.


Twitter Bio is a section that requires the account owner to add their background information to facilitate their easier identification by their target audience.

Background information is essential in determining a business reputation and it’s mode of operation. Apart from that, the Bio sections allow the account owner to add any other medium that target audience can use to rich them more efficiently.

However, when it comes to boosting your web traffic using your Twitter account, then you need to properly optimize the bio section to make sure a lot of people get interested in visiting your website.

Some of the factors you need to consider when feeling your bio are how you add your website link or any other social links that identify your business.

Apart from that, when describing the basic information about your business, you have to be specific, choose your wordings correctly and make sure your business name is mentioned two or three times naturally.

Apart from that, your bio needs to explain more about your business objectives, achievements and what makes your business the best.

Last but not least, it’s important to note that Twitter only provides you with a specific number of characters that you can use in the BIO section.

You, therefore, have to make sure that every word you use counts, avoid a lot of filler words.

Also, make sure you write in a layman’s language which everybody regardless of the literacy levels can comfortably read and understand the message.

Remember to put more emphasis on the need for people to follow you on other social media platforms and more so reach out via your website.

Ideally, all the information in your bio should be capable of calling to action whenever an individual goes through it.


Creating a brand is every entrepreneur’s dream, not just for easier identifications but also to boost your online reputation.

Unfortunately, building a business brand is not an overnight process, it’s an exercise that calls for a lot of patience.

Twitter is one of the best platforms that you can use today to present your brand to the general public. Actually, if properly done, Twitter alone has a potential of making a brand name within a very short span of time.

So what are some of the techniques that you can use to market your Business & brand on Twitter?

=> Create a relationship with reputable organizations:

  • Most large organization have already established their market which means that they command a very big population.
  • Through Twitter, you can use techniques likely frequently retweeting their posts especially if you share a common understanding of the post. Also, you may opt to often tag businesses which have an established brand name so that your post is also visible to their followers.
  • If possible, you can choose to create a partnership with a business that has an established brand so that you can use that relationship to present your brand to their followers.

=> Make sure your business profile identifies it to the general public:

  • Depending on the information you add to your profile, that is, the profile picture, the cover photo and also the content in your Bio, it may either make it easier to identify your business or not. It’s therefore advisable to make sure that you choose a unique and simple name that directly identifies your business objectives.
  • Apart, from that, the quality of the tweets you post may come a long way in creating a long-lasting relationship with your followers.
  • When there is a good relationship, your followers are likely to retweet your post and recommend their followers to follow you.


The primary aim of opening a Twitter business account is to make sure that you have a good platform where you can easily communicate with your target audience.

Every business has its target audience which obviously consists of their potential customers. Unfortunately, just like other social media platforms, you cannot decide who follows you or not, however, there are a few measures that you can put in place to make sure that mainly your target audience gets to follow you.


[+] First of all, you have to be very clear about your business objectives:

  • Usually, most people have a tendency of going through your profile before deciding on whether to follow you or not. Apart from that, your tweets need to be addressing a specific group of people. This makes it easier for your audience to retweet or share especially if you happen to share a common interest.

[+] Be mindful of the language you use:

  • Different groups of people are appealed depending on the type of language you use. You have to, therefore, understand the interests of your target audience, what they would like to hear and the language they would best understand.

[+] Make good use of the Twitter hashtag:

  • As earlier mentioned, hashtags are used to identify a particular topic. As a business person, your primary objective should be to identify those hashtag that where your target audience is the major participants.
  • By making a good contribution to such conversations, you are likely to lure more people to want to follow you.
  • Another smart strategy would be to start such trending discussion, every person wants to be associated with an individual who would make their Twitter experience more engaging.
  • If you are therefore creative in coming up with hashtag stories, you are likely to the hearts of most people who may be interested to be part of the conversation.


If you want your tweets to attract more reactions, then you have to leave a lot of room for further discussion on the topic. In order to achieve you are only required to have two important things, be innovative and creative. Conversational tweets make it easier to create a good relationship between a business and her customers.

Some of the ways to create a conversational tweet are:

[+] Posting controversial topics:

  • In every business setting, there are those topics that raise a lot of heated debate with people taking very strong stands.
  • As a marketer, you aim should be to use such discussions to try and convince people why your companies products, for instance, are far much better than those of company B. You need to sound convincing and sure about what you sating.

[+] The use of situational questions:

  • For instance, if you found yourself in these type of condition, what would be your first thing to do? Expect people to have diversified replies and never dismiss any of them.
  • See people’s perception of such situations, and use their responses to improve your business online reputation.

[+] Reward those people who give correct response to your question:

  • Marketing is all about spending a few dollars to make more dollars. When you make people brainstorm and give you a feedback, everybody will want to give it their best shot, after all, nobody will be charging them for their comments.
  • This will not only make such people learn more about your goods and services but will also help you understand what people out there think about your company.
  • After all, is said and done, make sure to let your audience know who won and what the correct response was, this will encourage them to even participate in such discussions in the future.



[+] Invest in Twitter Followers and Comments:

  • The ability of your twitter account driving more traffic to your website/blog is highly depended on the number of people who can see your tweets.
  • Unfortunately, for newbies getting Twitter followers is not a walk in the park, it’s an activity that calls for a lot of hard work, commitments, and patience. Luckily, today we have a lot of tools which you can use for free to gain more twitter followers.
  • However, for even better results for a relatively shorter period, you may need to invest in premium tools and services which have been upgraded with a sole purpose of attracting more followers. Apart from that, you have an option to buy followers which you have to be very cautious to avoid buying automated followers.
  • As earlier mentioned, twitter comments and likes mean a lot to a business. Unfortunately, getting people to comment on your tweets or retweeting them may not be that easy. You may, therefore, need to invest in a few twitter comments which are meant to attract other comments or alternatively you may need to frequently look for smart ways to write a tweet that will attract genuine likes and comments.

[+] Link your twitter account with other social media platforms:

  • Different social media platforms have their own number of friends of followers. However, you may realize that there are a lot of people who follow your business accounts on other platforms say Facebook than on Twitter and vice versa.

[+] Make sure you remain active throughout:

  • The joy of twitter is keeping the conversation going, you cannot achieve this if you only log in to Twitter one or two times in a day.
  • Make sure your audience is engaged at all the time, attend to all the comment in a comprehensive manner that will make them feel contented.
  • Besides, there is a group of people who will choose to direct message you, you need to make sure you respond to such inquiries almost instant so that that customer is not bored.
  • Remember that the moment your clients like the way you respond, they are likely to recommend more people to your company.

[+] Use different modes of twitter marketing ranging from content writing, image, and video posting:

  • If you want to lure as many people as possible to follow the link to your website, you need to use any means possible to make them more interested in going to your website.
  • The good news, Twitter has recently increased the number of characters which means that you now have a better chance to write a description that will be more convincing.
  • If you choose to use a photo, make sure it’s of high quality, the same applies to video twitter marketing.


[+] Different types of businesses and brands can join a Twitter conversation to promote their goods and services:

  • Ideally, you will find that most Twitter users engage in conversations about the same topic again and again while some follow similar and predictable patterns when conversing on Twitter. If you have all this type of information in mind, you can publish Twitter Ads that present the specific content at the most preferred time. With such strategies, you can boost your sales level indirectly through promoted accounts, tweets and trends.

[+] Who can see your Twitter Ads?

  • When developing a Twitter Ads, some of the options that you may consider include your current followers.
  • This option is preferable since understanding their talking habit is much easier for you as you have seen them engage in Twitter conversations once in a while.
  • Another option that you can consider are those Twitter users whom you share the same interest, which means that the talking habits of the followers are likely to occur in your business as well.
  • The third and common way that most Twitter marketers are the common twitter keywords.
  • In order to find such keywords, you may need to consider the common hashtags that closely relate to your business operations.
  • From such hashtags, you can closely monitor the talking pattern of your potential clients which will help you in publish Twitter Ads that will boost your sales.

[+] What are some guidelines that you need to consider when marketing your business goods and services through Twitter Ads?

  • Just like any other promotion exercise, you need to create public awareness about your products or services.
  • After that, the next step should be to work on the targeted followers to make sure you have as many of them following you as possible.
  • After establishing your targeted audience, you need to start engaging them through tweets and direct messaging.
  • Then boost your website traffic, where you can design automated emails where people can sign up for regular updates about your company’s goods and services.

Ideally, Twitter Ads is all about tracking the online conversations that concern your business operations or other goods and services from your competitors.

From such conversation, it’s much easier to understand the taste and preferences of your target audience. With such information in your mind, you can now strategies on how to tap into that potential to yield more sales for your business.

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