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UpViral Review

UpViral Overview:

Creators: Wilco de Kreij
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Are The Creators Of UpViral?

Wilco de Kreij is a well-known name in the field of online marketing who has created many successful marketing tools such as ConnectVideo, ConnectExplore, ConnectAutomate, ConnectAudience, ConnectRetarget, ConnectLeads, ChatLinks and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind UpViral?

Word of mouth marketing is an old-school marketing method that’s still effective today, especially due to the rise of social media.

Think about how gyms, spas, barbershops, and other local businesses offer incentives for every referral you send their way?

You are given a card that says “if you refer two people to us, you get a free massage session.”

The same thing applies in today’s viral marketing, but now with less effort and more speed.

Most of the online businesses are now using referral and reward programs to generate more leads and customers. But to do this seamlessly, you’ll need a proven system,

and this is where UpViral comes in……….

With UpViral, you can run contests to create a viral referral campaign.

This can help you get more visitors to your website, landing page, or even more subscribers.

But is UpViral the right choice for you?

Will it help you create marketing campaigns with ease?

We have a detailed UpViral review to enlighten you more.

So, What Is UpViral?

UpViral is a cloud-based platform that allows you to create referral marketing campaigns that enable marketers to create viral marketing campaigns.

In other words, you can use this software to create campaigns meant for increasing leads, improving conversion, and enhancing site visitors.

UpViral enables you to create sweepstakes, rewards, as well as waiting list to give options. It also provide other supporting features including landing page templates, email campaign templates, thank you pages templates, and much more.

To create a viral campaign with UpViral is very easy:

Step#1: Login To Upviral And Decide on which type of campaign you’ll run – contest or incentive “giveaway”
Inside The Dashboard Of UpViral


How UpViral Software Works


UpViral Tutorials


Build Email Lists With UpViral



  • Decide on the incentive (or incentives) you’re going to give to your audience.
  • The First step of creating your campaign is the incentives page and on this page you’ll set up the incentives that your audience will get if they would invite their friends and there’s really two main different incentives that you can go for:
#1: The First option is to add a grand prize:
  • A grand prize gives your audience a chance of winning a prize. Not everyone who enters gets to win, thus making it luck-based. Participants increase their chances of winning by sharing the grand prize with their friends. The grand prize is your sweepstake winner, usually you will set a completion date for a grand prize, ensuring that users will share in a timely manner as they won’t want to miss out on the grand prize.


#2: is The incentive:
  • Incentives are unlockable rewards you can give your users to work harder to share your campaign.



For example:

If you were to say like: hey If You get a certain amount of points “three points For Example”, You Will unlock that freebie so if a thousand people would come into your page or into your viral campaign and all thousands of them will get that number of points, all thousands will get that incentive.

In other words there’s no luck involved, there’s no chance of winning like as just based on the threshold if they get enough points automatically, that reward or that incentive will be unlocked and you can actually add multiple incentives so you can even say like: hey if you get three points, you get this particular thing……you can get for example: a discount coupon or something like an ebook or something that you’d like to give away

but then, if you get for example five points or five or ten points for example, you would then get something else so that way people can keep on sharing, keep on inviting their friends.

Step#2: The second step of creating your campaign is Building the actions page
  • This is where you decide how many points someone will get for a certain action.


#1: Add Custom Action:

  • For your participants, sharing is not the only way to earn points. They can also earn them by doing custom actions: e.g: following a social media account, visiting a website, watching a video, joining your Facebook group, joining your messenger on Facebook or subscribing to your podcast, subscribing to your YouTube channel.


#2: Share Message:

  • In this section you can customize how your campaign will look on various social media platforms while users are sharing. Customizing the look and feel for each platform can increase the virality of your campaign. If you don’t have an image, you can use the Canva integration to easily create stunning images to promote your campaigns for free.


Step#3: Create your lead capture page using UpViral

  • Create a stunning lead capture page or widget from one of our many predesigned templates, or you can build your own. Be sure not to add too many fields to your form as that will reduce the number of leads you will get. Less is more!



Step#4: Create your share page

  • Guide people to share on your preferred traffic sources by allocate different points to different social actions.
  • Edit one of the templates with exciting calls to action that encourage your users to share your campaign with all their friends and networks.
  • We recommend using a matching design from your lead capture page, your users have an enjoyable experience.


UpViral Case Studies


Step#5: Optimise your results With Split testing

  • Creating a split test is a great way to optimise your campaign, this will show different versions of your page to visitors, and you can test different calls to action and see the effects on your lead capture rate!


Create A Campaign With UpViral



Step#6: Creating your follow up emails:

  • Check the email notification templates inside UpViral and edit/personalize them as needed.
  • Just like the automatic notifications, Upviral can send users a “Success” email, for when they unlock different levels of your incentives.
  • Using strong calls to action to get them to do more to reach the next level will really drive your campaign along!
  • Don’t forget to split test your emails, and see what gets the best response!

Creating your follow up emails Inside UpViral


Notifications best practices:

  • Email notifications will be sent to users during different stages of their interaction with your campaign. Not only can you use different calls to action to push them to interact more, you can also run split tests in your emails to see what gets the best open rates!
Step#7: Getting your leads into your autoresponder
Getting your leads into UpViral
Add Your Autoresponder Inside UpViral
  • Connect your email autoresponder inside UpViral.
  • If you are using a email service like Mailchimp or SendinBlue, you can automatically send your leads into your service and put them on your newsletter or automated drip campaigns!

How Does UpViral Software Work?

==>UpViral Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==


UpViral Features + What’s Included:

[+] Email automation tools:
  • UpViral offers several email automation tools that you can use to improve your email marketing results.
  • You can send triggered/timed emails based on the actions your users take and also send multiple triggers to users.
  • There are also automated alert emails with social media sharing buttons on them to remind your subscribers to share your link so they can garner more points.
  • In other words, UpViral offers a way of creating long-term campaigns with multiple triggers and steps.
[+] A/B testing:
  • Split testing is an important feature in digital marketing as it allows you to test which combination delivers the best results.
  • With UpViral, you can test different elements of your campaigns, including landing pages, email copies, and thank you pages.
[+] Different viral campaign creator:
  • With UpViral, you can create different viral campaigns, including giveaways with one or several unlockable rewards, contest, or generic campaign with no set price or reward.
  • The referral link you general from UpViral allows you to create a point-based system offering rewards to every subscriber who share your link.
  • You can customize the contests by including the number of points every action they perform generates.
  • Also, you have complete control over the rewards you’d like to offer, what type of actions your subscribers and participants should take, and how much they’re worth.
  • In addition, the whole process is automated and you don’t have to find winners manually as UpViral auto selects winners based on different metrics including randomly or based n points. You also have the option of handpicking users.
[+] Sweepstake templates:
  • UpViral gives you sweepstake templates and everything you need to create sweepstake campaigns.
  • You can have a sweepstake campaign set up in a few minutes. To entice your participants, UpViral allows you to set smart lead boards that show the position of everyone in the competition.
[+] Social sharing:
  • The online audience is very impatient and way of discouraging them is to put too many hoops into their way.
  • That’s why UpViral makes it easier for them to share the referral link with their audience. This is one of the things that make UpViral standout. It makes things easier by including customizable social sharing buttons inside the links.
  • Your subscribers and participants can easily share your referral link with ease by clicking their preferred social sharing buttons.
[+] Integration:
  • By having plenty of integrations means that you can use your preferred page builders and other platforms to run your campaigns.
  • With UpViral, you can use virtually all customer relationship managers as well as autoresponders.
[+] Fraud detection:
  • There’re people who will always want to go through shortcuts so as to cheat the system, and now UpViral offers a way of helping you track such dishonest participants. When you create campaigns with sizeable rewards, it may attract huge traffic and leads, with some that are fake, and this can destroy your marketing efforts.
  • The UpViral core feature fraud detection system allows you to detect the IP address, type of browser, and the country a participant is from. With this information, you’ll be able to see familiarity in signups and thus detect frauds easily. The process is automated and you won’t need to do it manually.
[+] Other features you’ll find:
  • Coupon system for those who want to reward participants with coupon codes for their eCom stores.
  • Discount generators to award losers.
  • Retargeting pixel support to bring back interested participants back to your site.
  • Landing page templates to allow you create different types of pages, including share page, closing page, thank you page, and more.
  • Visual template editor to allow you create and edit campaigns.
  • Mobile-optimization to allow mobile users take part in your campaign.
  • Create multilingual campaigns to target global audience as UpViral supports viral campaigns in different languages.
  • Simple-to-use dashboard that allows you to see everything you need at a glance. That includes your campaign metrics, social views, split-tests views, and email views.

UpViral Reviews + Real Case Studies:





UpViral Reviews


UpViral OTO OR Upsells:

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UpViral Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of UpViral?

If you’d like to generate traffic for your website or landing pages without investing a lot of money or effort, UpViral is an ideal option.

The main thing separating UpViral from similar referral marketing platforms is the ease with which it allows one to create and run giveaways campaigns and sweepstakes competition.

Also, it allows users to get into your competition without having to sign up to your email list.

You can use this software to get more YouTube subscribers, increase engagement rate on your social media platforms, improve your email marketing results, Improve sales on your eCommerce store, and more.

Viral campaigns are known to boost traffic, lead generation rate, and even retain buyers who make multiple purchases.

The software is best-suited for newbie marketers who have no technical knowledge of using marketing software.

It’s a complete web-based solution that will handle most parts of the viral and referral marketing.

Try it today!


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Thanks a lot For Reading My UpViral Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 😊

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