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Uduala Review Plus Best Uduala Bonus Offer


 In case you are looking for a detailed Uduala Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of Uduala Platform to discover everything about it, It’s features, Uduala OTO details and how this revolutionary eCommerce Domination Platform will enable you to Build Your Own 5 Figures eCommerce Business Using Profit Pulling Products, Suppliers & Facebook Ads!


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Uduala Review

Uduala Overview:

Creators: Victory Akpos & Ifiok Nkem
Date Of Launch: 2018-04-27
Time Of Launch: 09:00 EDT
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Are The Creators Of Uduala?

Victory Akpos and Ifiok Nkem are well known names in the field of online marketing who have Developed many successful marketing tools such as Adsmartly, VidZio, FBEngagr and many more successful digital product launches..

What Is The Main Idea Behind Uduala?

I’m about to reveal how ordinary people just like you are being transformed from struggling with bills to bring home a five figure paycheck in just one month….

If you’re looking for a way to secure your family’s financial future and live that laptop lifestyle that you dream about then, you’ve probably already figured out that the answer is eCom.

eCommerce is massive:

  • $2.3 Trillion were spent in 2017 alone.
  • over 80% of the US population have made an e-commerce purchase in the last 30 days.
  • And it’s not just Amazon, eBay and other Giants raking in the profits, small businesses and even one-man-band marketers are experiencing the exact same trend.
  • During the last holidays, Shopify stores made $1 billion in just four days.
  • In other words, eCom has the power to transform regular people into six-figure earners virtually overnight

So why doesn’t everyone get into eCom?

  • Do you want to spend days and weeks researching profitable products?
  • Do you want to spend hours finding reliable suppliers?
  • Do you want to spend months learning copywriting and advert creation?

It’s exhausting, what we all crave is a truly passive income, but the creators have never been able to get that until now…..more on that later

Then there’s the major issue of all this Shiny spy tools and product research software outthere:

  • All designed to save you time and energy…the problem is every marketer and his dog have these tools so if everyone is just spying on everyone else and copying each other, isn’t that just the blind leading the blind?
  • It means everybody is selling the same products and even running the exact same ads causing a huge amount of competition which means hardly anyone makes any money.

If you think these research tools give you an edge then, think again, but not to worry because the creators have created the ultimate cloud-based eCom domination platform.

The creators have discovered a seven-figure eCom who had quietly built a mentorship portal for his VIP members….
  • An eCom portal where a team of experts found him perfect can’t fail products to sell on a weekly basis and a team of copywriting experts who turned out traffic pulling viral Facebook adverts for every single product ready for his mentees to access with a few clicks and clone his entire business.

When The creators got access to his system, they were blown away

As I speak, it is the easiest and fastest done-for-you ecom biz tool on the planet that is getting great reviews and success stories like never before.

Everything is DFY:

  • Product research
  • Competition spy
  • Product selection
  • Product description
  • Product images
  • Pricing markup
  • Hook up with the right supplier
  • Facebook Ads creative and Facebook ads targeting

All done for you, you need zero experience
This platform makes building a six-figure eCom business so outrageously easy.

Here Comes Uduala Platform….

At first, most people would call it impossible, with this platform, regular people even complete newbies are pulling in five figures within one month with less than 10 minutes per day of pointing and clicking.

With Uduala, You get access to over 100 winning can’t fail products…..
  • The same products that ensured the creator’s eCom tycoon made over 2 million dollars from just one of his stores in 2017 all with professional images and copy ready to add to your Shopify or WooCommerce store with just one click together with hand-picked reliable drop shipping suppliers.
  • Heck if they’re good enough to supply the creator’s seven-figure eCom expert, they’re good enough for you.
  • His team of product sourcing experts will continue to add more products every week for life and it doesn’t end there, when The creators mean done for you, they mean done for you.
  • The creator’s eCom expert is also handing you his ready to upload and go viral Facebook ad campaigns, one for every single product written by his team of copy ad experts, 100% compliant.
  • He will also hand you his custom targeting for each ad campaign and you guessed it, his team of copywriters will write new highly converting Facebook ads every week for every new product that is added on to his platform.
  • This is practically everything you need to succeed, handed to you on a silver platter.
  • This is a business that builds and scales week after week.
  • Yet it’s never time-consuming because everything is literally done for you, just copy/paste and profit

We are beyond excited about this game-changing eCom platform that we’ve almost forgotten to tell you it’s name……

Introducing Uduala…..

So, What Is Uduala?

Uduala is Your revolutionary done-for-you swipe and deploy eCom business.

Uduala platform did not come by chance or mistake, the creators have been building their own eCom businesses. They have had their own fair share of challenges, they know the time, energy and money needed to build a successful eCom business.

They have had to research profitable products and reliable suppliers.

They have had to spend months learning copywriting and AD creation only to have their adverts fail miserably.

They have also been stuck in that cycle of buying evermore overhyped apps, research tools, store builders and crappy eCom courses.

Draining Their pockets and energy then, one day, they came upon this quiet unassuming eCom expert with a robust system at his fingertips that automates the entire process for a truly passive six to seven figure income so The creators can now easily build and scale up their eCom businesses without investing all of that time, energy and money

This was how Uduala was born.

Initially, Uduala was a VIP tool specifically for The creator’s eCom experts VIP students to simply copy and paste everything he does in his business.

What would take someone months to research and learn, his students were making their first five figures within a month using Uduala

It’s truly epic and guess what, unlike when the creators or his students did manual product research and copywriting, the proofing products and ready to deploy Facebook Ads turned out by Uduala experts raked in the profits every time.

Not only did The creators have no need for:

  • Creativity
  • Trial
  • And error or guesswork

The best part was they did not waste a second of their time and money on dead products or non-performing ads.

In fact, their suppliers even ran out of stock many times so be prepared to be so successful….you’ll never be able to meet demand.

==> See The Power Of Uduala (Uduala Review Video)<==

How Does Uduala Platform Work?

Simply watch the video below to see the magic happen right before your eyes can you see how powerful Uduala is:

==> Uduala Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==

Uduala Results:

Uduala Results

Uduala Reviews:

See What People Are Saying About Uduala platform & The creator’s others tools:

“Ifiok Nkem has created a huge time saving Groundbreaking Cloud-Based, Ecom Domination Platform called Uduala. I highly recommend you get Uduala and build your profits.”
-Dan Triplett
“The incredible success of the Uduala platform is as a result of the expertise and proven knowledge of the industry as shown in the team behind it. Now is your time to cash in on the trillion dollar eCommerce industry with Uduala.”
-Johnathon Norton
“Uduala has made the process of starting an ecom venture seem too simple. No need to waste any more time and money looking for trending products and suppliers who will deliver the product directly to your customer.”
-Tazzy Mulla
Wha00000000 the products in Uduala are evergreen products that will always be in demand. These are products will sell anytime and anyday. This is really amazing
-Feyisara lawal

I have bought a lot of courses and software. I tried affiliate marketing, offline consulting, SEO, amazon, and even eCommerce, but never made a dime. Thank you for helping me make my first $$$ online. I got my first sale from very first day I went live – $67. Since then sales have not stopped coming and from the way its going, I will get to $10k by the end of this month. Can’t wait to also post my screenshot by month end.
Hi Everyone, If you are looking at making money from ecom, you should check out this platform. I started using last week, Its called Uduala…With uduala you get access to high in demand products and done for you facebook ads. I added 3 of the products on my store. Ran ads using the FB ads creative they gave me and whoop! I made $3,819 in 3 days… All I did was copy and paste…Uduala is easy to use and comes with training, they also plan to add video ads to what they give out. Uduala has my vote any time any day. Again if you are looking at making money online, you should grab this.

Hey guys, I have bought several products from jvzoo. I must say this has been my best buy so far. Imagine seeing results from the very first week. That’s absolutely incredible. I went from $0 to $15k this month. Its really true that when you sell the right products and run the right ads, then success is inevitable. Now my confident level is 100%. I will copy everything to my store. Increase my ads budget and scale up. Look forward to hitting $100k by next month. Really looking forward to Uduala next webinar.
Hi people, My name is Tony. Uduals is a game changer. I was a bit skeptical at first because I have bought a lot of products in the past that under-delivered on their promise, but Uduala is different. Its pure gold. The DFY ads are awesome. I did not have to learn anything, Just copy and paste. In the last 2 years of hustling in affiliate marketing, I have made less than $500. But with uduala, I mad $2500 from my first ecom store which is not even up to 2 weeks. This is the DEAL. I will sure scale with Uduala. Thanks and looking forward to the replay of yesterday’s webinar.


Uduala OTO OR Upsells:

OTO#1: Uduala DFY Video Ads ($67 OR $97)

The creators found a way for you to get 73% more people to buy your products in your ecommerce store how?

By using video ads…..

Just imagine:

  • You’re looking at a product online, it looks perfect, but you can’t touch it, you can’t feel it it looks about right, but you’re just not sure.
  • What if it’s bad quality
  • What if what you’re seeing is just good angles and great lighting, but then, you see there’s a video showcasing the product
  • You see exactly what it does
  • You see it from different angles
  • You see it being used
  • would this influence your decision to buy? of course it would

I bet you’d be racing to the checkout page to enter your card details….you’re not alone, research has shown that online shoppers are nearly twice as likely to buy a product if they see a video ad and nearly 50% of Internet users specifically look for videos related to a product they want to buy.

In fact, they are likely to buy an identical product from one online store over another store purely because the first store had a great product video ad that’s why so many eCom experts have written articles about how important video marketing is for getting a deluge of sales so why doesn’t everyone make video ads?

The problem is creating video content takes time, money and effort….If you’re new to the e-comm game, creating professional-looking videos is daunting……

Want to know the easiest way ever to get in on the huge video trend?

Introducing Uduala DFY Video Ads….

  • Now you can get your Uduala team of experts to create proven PRO High converting video ads for recommended products on the Uduala platform.
  • There’s over 100 video ads already created, ready for you to upload to Facebook, YouTube and other videos social media sites right now
  • You’ll also get the exact targeting for each video ad…the same targeting that a seven-figure eCom marketer uses to pull a horde of traffic and sales using these video ads to the exact same products as you and not only that, you’ll also get unlimited video ads as the creator’s team of video production experts creates new videos every week and add them to the Uduala platform.

just imagine how many more sales you’re going to make when you have video ads showing your customers how awesome your products are.

video ads have been independently proven to dramatically reduce refunds by up to 50%…..

You get all these benefits, but there will be no need to spend months learning how to shoot professional videos or getting charged a fortune by a freelancer.

Uduala video ads will allow you to access A team of highly sought-after video production experts who will provide you with 100 plus converting video ads straight away and then continue to add videos for you to deploy every single week by not having video ads in your e-commerce “you are literally pushing customers away to a competitor who is using video”

Be honest, how would it feel to see 73% more profits landing in your bank account? get Uduala team to start pumping out proven converting video ads, the same ones that have been tested and used by A seven-figure eCom expert.

OTO#2: Uduala DFY 100+ eMail Templates ($47 OR $67)

Would you like to create a secondary income stream with zero effort?
  • Did you know you can boost your monthly sales by up to 67% without extra adverts and without finding new customers?

Here’s the secret:

The probability of selling to an existing customer is a crazy 60% to 70% while the probability of selling to a new prospect is a much lower 5% to 20%, in other words although getting new customers is important, the real secret to a six-figure success in eCom is following up your new customers and turning them into repeat buyers.

Put yourself in a customer’s shoes, think of a time you’ve bought something online and it was a great product delivered on time with great customer service….

Are you much more likely to buy from this online store again? you bet, you are

  • Why would you chance going to a new unknown store when they could sell poor quality products or deliver your item late and have terrible customer service when you ring to complain?
  • Why go through that when you’ve already had an awesome experience with an online store?

Trust us, this isn’t just you.

Extensive market research proves that existing customers are more likely to try new products and they will spend a mind-boggling 67% more than new customers.

So now, you know how important it is to follow up your customers and turn them into raving fans happy to try more products from your store which turns into a deluge of extra profits for you, how do you do this? well the most effective way known to man is to get your new customers onto an email list.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “the money is in the list”

So, do you Want to know the ultimate lazy route to professionally written sales generating follow-up emails?

Introducing Uduala DFY 100+ eMail Templates…..

  • You will get access to more than 100 eCom Email “paste and profit” templates ready to upload to a weber, getresponse, MailChimp or your autoresponder of choice.
  • The same templates being used by a six-figure eCom marketer to pull in 60% to 70% extra profits from repeat buyers per store.
  • You get everything done for you from the best subject lines, call-to-action buttons, headlines and layouts There’s no need to test, these have already been tested and proven to convert by an eCom expert…simply plug in and profit.

Take a moment and imagine seeing an extra 67% profits dropping into your bank account:

  • without spending asset on ads
  • without doing any extra work

without writing a single word

Instead, you just use tried and tested email templates to leverage the goodwill you already have in your customers and turn them into advocates who rave about you on social media, leave you awesome reviews on third-party sites and buy from you again and again and yet there’s no need for you to spend months or years learning copywriting or pay thousands to freelance copywriters with no guarantee of quality.

With Uduala DFY 100+ eMail Templates, you’ll have access to 100 eCom email templates to send out to all your new customers:

  • Emails to follow up new sales
  • Emails to entice them into buying again
  • Emails to recover abandoned carts
  • Emails to create an avalanche of sales before important holidays

In fact, The creator’s team of copywriting experts have already thought of every single revenue generating angle and even created an email calendar and strategy guide so you know exactly when and where to send out these emails for maximum impact that makes you a killing in profits.

OTO#3: Uduala ClickFOMO ($47 OR $67)

Would you like to leave 90% of other eCom marketers eating your dust?

Imagine that you could magically increase the clicks and sales in your eCom business by a mind-blowing 350% by just adding one simple line of code to your online store?

There’s actually no magic involved, it’s all about science.

Picture this:

You’re about to buy something online, you’ve picked out your favorite color, the correct size and fit, you’ve read the product description and it seems perfect, but you’re hesitating….is this the real deal or is this too good to be true, am I going to get scammed, you call a friend to ask their opinion, they tell you they bought it just last week and loved it they then, tell you their next door neighbor bought it and thought it was awesome – these are real people giving you their real endorsements….would this make you want to hit the Add to Cart button right now and check out? of course it would.

In fact, I bet you’re in a rush to get out your credit card and hit buy.

This is the science of social proof…..
  • It’s more influential than any sales pitch
  • It’s more persuasive than any angle

In today’s busy world full of marketing messages, people have become distrustful of even the most well-intentioned adverts and sales copy, but when they see endorsements from other people just like them that influences them more than any sales copy ever written.

Just research social proof for business on Google and you’ll find a ton of articles from leading marketers all stating how absolutely vital social proof is for conversions, sales and sky-high profits

want to get your hands on the most powerful social proof system ever invented for eCom?

Introducing Uduala ClickFOMO….

  • Uduala ClickFOMO is an ultra simple to use cloud-based software that will skyrocket your sales by a staggering 350% in one minute flat, how?
  • All you have to do is add your website URL to Uduala clickFOMO, watch it instantly Auto generate a single line of code and then, copy and paste this code to anywhere on your site….just like how you add Google Analytics to a website…it’s that simple and guess what? as soon as you hit save, Uduala clickFOMO will start showing your visitors real locations, photographs and names of people who have bought your products
  • That’s real sales proof as it happens
  • Influencing and persuading all your visitors
  • Creating that powerful psychological principle of the “herd effect” to force your visitors to hit that Buy button fast and creating FOMO the fear of missing out by showing live conversions
  • Building a sense of urgency and compelling visitors to act now all by just adding a simple line of code There’s no need for any tools, no fiddling plugin to configure or cause conflicts with other apps and plugins in your store
  • No bulky software to download that slows up your website speed
  • Just paste in a single line of code
  • Uduala clickFOMO does that 100% On autopilot
  • It integrates out-of-the-box with every single eCom platform around including Shopify and WooCommerce
  • And what’s more, the creators will even let you use Uduala clickFOMO on not just one eCom site, you can use it on up to three separate online stores.

OTO#4: Uduala DFY eCom Setup ($997)

Receive A Fully-Fledged Proven To Convert Done-For-You eCom Business Including Store Building, App Installations, Payment Gateways & Dropshipping Automation….

Uduala Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of Uduala?

Imagine in less than 24 hours, you could be running a successful eCom business with just 10 minutes of copying and pasting a day….this is such an incredible platform that it really makes it easy to source, showcase and market profit pulling eCom products and scale up fast even if you know nothing about eCommerce Business.

eCom is the current profit machine:

  • 2.3 trillion dollars was spent on e-comm in 2017 that’s forecasted to grow to $3.3 trillion in 2019 and $4.5 trillion dollars in 2021

Are you ready to get a slice of this action?

Right now there’s still time, but if you don’t get in soon, someone else will walk away with your profits and we don’t want that for you.

Right now, you can build and scale your very own six-figure eCom business in just 10 minutes a day
No technical skills required, the entire process has been made ridiculously simple.

Just Follow 3 Simple Steps:


  • Add the recommended products


  • Register with the hand-picked drop shipping suppliers


  • Upload done for you Facebook ads with the exact targeting given

This platform is so good, the creators are going to be licensing it for $197 a month or $2364 per year.

However, They want you to be one of the early adopters. You can get access to this amazing clone as six figure eCom biz platform at a ridiculous price as one of The creator’s founding members.

That is why They are giving you the opportunity to get early bird access to Uduala now for such a tiny price.

With this giveaway introductory price, you can join the Uduala inner circle for less than a cost of a meal at a good restaurant.

So if you move quickly today, you’ll get unlimited access to Uduala platform with over 100 plus hand-picked products complete with descriptions, images, Facebook Ads, Facebook targeting and recommended drop shipping suppliers plus the Uduala team of experts will add new hot selling proven products complete with everything you need to turn them into a killing in sales and net profits on an ongoing weekly basis and the great news is you have zero risk with 30 day no questions asked refund policy.

If you’re not 100% thrilled with Uduala platform, just let the creators know within the 30 days, they will cancel your access license and refund your payment in less than 24 hours.

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