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Traffic Takeover Review Plus Best Traffic Takeover Bonus Offer


 In case you are looking for a detailed Traffic Takeover Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of Traffic Takeover Plugin to discover everything about it, It’s features, Traffic Takeover OTO details and how this Revolutionary new plugin will enable you to Takeover ANY Website Online For 100% FREE Targeted Traffic, Hot Leads & Huge Profits!


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Traffic Takeover Review

Traffic Takeover Overview:

Creator: Glynn Kosky
Date Of Launch: 2018-04-23
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Is The Creator Of Traffic Takeover?

Glynn Kosky is a well known name in the field of online marketing who has Developed many successful marketing tools such as Affiliate Traffic Lab, SociAutomate, Instant Funnel Lab and many more successful digital product launches..

What Is The Main Idea Behind Traffic Takeover?

Traffic Takeover Plugin

The good news is right now there is.

Here Comes Traffic Takeover Plugin….

So, What Is Traffic Takeover?

The creators have just released a brand new software called traffic takeover that makes it easy as a point and click to get all the free quality traffic you need.

Unlike other traffic getting software tools that use super competitive traditional traffic methods, this software is a lot different.

It gets you traffic by hacking the system and uses an edgy, underground method to steal traffic from other people – don’t worry even though this is a little sneaky, it’s totally legal and amazingly effective.

It works by giving you the ability to takeover any website you want online….imagine being able to have a link to your opt-in page, an affiliate offer or even your own website on high traffic websites that everyone has heard of….websites like Amazon, eBay, Forbes, Bloomberg, the BBC and more.

Although you would normally spend thousands of dollars for advertising spots on these websites….with traffic takeover, you’ll be able to takeover any website with just a few mouse clicks.

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How Does Traffic Takeover Plugin Work?

==> Traffic Takeover Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==

Because of the easy-to-use dashboard inside the software, you can start getting traffic within minutes from now in just three simple steps:

=> Step number one:

  • Install the traffic takeover plugin

=> Step number two:

  • Follow the simple instructions inside the software to takeover any website online with just a few mouse clicks

=> Step number three:

  • Sit back as you get free traffic, hot leads and make sales on autopilot…. it doesn’t get easier than this.

I’m going to show you a number of the campaigns that you can create with this software:

Now because traffic takeover uses a system that incorporates a large number of actions and how those actions can interact with the page, there are a very large number of things that you can actually do with this software.

When you’re in the software, you get the option to choose one of these actions and you can see that the creators have got:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • HTML
  • Social
  • Opt-ins
  • The external site redirection
  • And they have also got the Facebook messenger option.

So the first one I’m going to show you is how it works through the Facebook messenger option:

  • We just set it up, create our campaign, we need to get the content from Facebook so we go to the Facebook page that we want it to interact with, go to settings, go to the messenger platform, we just have to get the code from Facebook so I can change the greeting and then, click Next.
  • Then, we’re just going to copy the code, go back to the site, paste the code in there and click Save.
  • I’m gonna click Next and then we’re gonna have it so it displays after say one second, we’re gonna choose the page that we want it to go over so I’m just gonna choose specific article, paste that in there, choose a viewport, save it, click preview and we’re gonna be able to see the page, the article load and then we’re gonna see our Facebook messenger pop up in the right-hand side once the page is fully loaded so here we can see the page is loaded.
  • People can interact with this page and you can start the conversation, you can set it up however you see fit.

Okay so the next thing that we’re going to do is we’re gonna set up a basic redirection:

  • We’re gonna choose external site, click Next, choose the page that we want it as a redirect to so I’m going to choose Specific offer, I’m gonna paste that in there, click Save, go down to next.
  • Now I’m going to choose how I want it to interact as I mentioned at the top, it can interact in different ways so with this action, it can interact with when someone clicks on somewhere on the page. It can interact just after an element of time is passed or if someone tries to leave the page…. Say I will choose on exit for this one, we’re then going to choose next, click to create a new campaign, call this, choose the page that we want it to go over say we will choose an article from CNN and I’m gonna save it, click Next, then we’re going to preview it so the article should load as usual so we’ve got the article here with all the information that people can interact with then, if they try to leave the page and the usual fashion and clicking back, they get redirected to in this case an offer that we have put forward to the visitor.

So the next thing is I’m going to show you how to create an actual opt-in:

  • You can use this as a lead magnet, providing discount or opt-in for anything.
  • So let’s go back to the campaign, we’re gonna select opt-in, click Next, create new campaign, give it a name, we then have to choose the list….now on the on the inside, the creators show you how to connect up to your autoresponder so the leads that you extract go to your lists and you can send them emails, autoresponder messages and all that sort of good stuff.

So the last one is the pop-up campaign:

  • In terms of pop-ups, we actually have three different types of pop-ups: we have an image pop-up, a video pop-up and a social pop-up.
  • The social pop-up is actually a combination of images and videos, but also has places for “Facebook and Twitter” so that people can like your page.
  • There are many types of things you can do with different pop-ups: you can provide discounts and things like that with images and videos.

Traffic Takeover FEATURES & BENEFITS:

Here’s what’s possible with traffic takeover:

  • Let’s say you’re promoting an affiliate offer related to weightloss, imagine being able to takeover or any popular high-traffic weight-loss blog and then, you put your own affiliate link right in that website…do you think you’d be able to get a few sales by having your affiliate link on of course you would. That’s why people invest thousands of dollars to put ads on these websites, but with traffic takeover, you don’t have to invest a dime of your own money to have your link on the world’s biggest websites.
  • That’s because, you can literally takeover any webpage you want for massive traffic with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Imagine having your link on sites like CNN, ESPN, Huffington Post, Forbes or any other website you want!
  • With traffic takeover, it only takes a few clicks of your mouse to takeover any website so you can stop stressing about writing articles, creating videos, running Facebook ads and crossing your fingers that the traffic will start flowing.
  • With traffic takeover, you’ll be able to just skip straight to the part where you get traffic and make money.
  • You can use traffic takeover to get traffic in any niche to any kind of offer you want.
  • Traffic takeover works great for affiliate offers, CPA offers, eCom, building your list and even selling your own products.
  • If you need traffic, this push-button software gives you everything you need to get fast free traffic and make money….just like the super affiliates and gurus out there living the laptop lifestyle, but you don’t need online experience, a big list or even a list at all.
  • Traffic takeover works for anyone, even newbies.
  • With traffic takeover, you’re able to profit from the hard work of someone else with just a few clicks of your mouse.
  • Traffic takeover is loaded with features designed to give you everything you need to start takingover websites for easy free traffic and money in your pocket right away.
  • Create web pages on the fly using someone else’s content.
  • Imagine being able to use high-quality content from the world’s best websites as your own.
  • You have total control of what the visitor sees giving you multiple ways to make easy money and you control when the pop-up is shown by using the built-in timer or exit pop technology and that’s just the beginning.

Traffic Takeover FEATURES

  • This makes it easy to rake in massive affiliate commissions with just a point and click of your mouse and don’t worry about using this tool, it’s easy.
  • Everything inside traffic takeover is simple to setup in just minutes, no tech skills, coding or online marketing experience required.
  • If you can point and click your mouse, you have everything you need to takeover any website online within minutes…this is the most feature-rich software of it’s kind online.
  • There are no software tools out there that do everything that traffic takeover will do for you.
  • Of course the best part about traffic takeover is the price because this software gives you the ability to instantly takeover any website for tons of free traffic, hot leads and easy money in your pocket.

Traffic Takeover VS Others:

See How Traffic Takeover Stacks Up Against all the other tools:

Traffic Takeover VS Others

Traffic Takeover OTO OR Upsells:

OTO#1: Traffic Takeover Triple Profit Bar ($37)

Of course more clicks means more sales and that amounts to more money in your pockets……

Traffic Takeover Triple Profit Bar boosts clicks, conversions and sales by allowing you to place a bar at the top of any page you takeover.

This bar across the top of the page stands out….it’s impossible to miss and because it stays at the top of the page even when the visitor Scrolls down the page, they will always see it.

This is prime website “real estate” and you can have this bar on any website you takeover.

This may sound simple, but the simplicity is why this is so powerful:

  • First off, you can customize that bar with any text or any link you want and we’ve even got built-in countdown timers for you to use that will add scarcity and boost your results…..imagine being able to takeover CNN and an unavoidable, eye catching bar pops up at the top of the screen with your text and a link to your site or an affiliate product or even a link to your opt-in page.
  • This makes it even easier for you to get people to take the action you want when you takeover a website.
  • Because the bar can be easily customized, you can tell the visitor exactly what you want them to do and by simply having a call-to-action, you will get a massive boost in your results and the more related your offer is to the text and the link you’re including, the more money you’ll make.
  • Where the triple profit bar add-on really comes in handy is for promoting affiliate products….imagine taking over a woman’s fashion website like Vogue.calm….the visitor lands on the vogue website and then a bar pops up at the top with a special offer on a popular Fitness related affiliate or you could even link to an Amazon special on women’s jeans and Bank easy Amazon affiliate commission.
  • This add-on is powerful because the visitor will assume that the offer is coming from the website you’ve taken over so your conversions go through the roof!
  • And it keeps getting better…..although you can have the bar there at any time on any page you takeover, you can also set the bar to pop up when a video is closed or paused by the viewer.
  • Think about this….you takeover the sales page of a product that’s similar to another product you’re promoting as an affiliate….when your visitor pauses or closes the video on that page, your bar pops up with text and the link to your page or the affiliate page you’re promoting…imagine having text on that bar that says something like “don’t buy this until you click here to sell this product” of course, you’d want to customize that, but you get the idea.
  • Triple profit bar is proven to get people to take action over 3 times more often than with the normal pop-up window included in the FE version of traffic takeover.
  • So it’s definitely an upgrade that makes sense adding to the equation if you’re looking to make as much money as possible and just like the traffic takeover software, the triple profit bar add-on is newbie friendly and doesn’t require any special skills to use it.

OTO#2: Traffic Takeover Instant Profit Wheel ($37)

Traffic Takeover Instant Profit Wheel is incredibly powerful because it leverages simple little games to get people engaged…..

Here’s how it works:

  • Imagine you’ve just taken over a website like the BBC… Instead of the normal full-page pop-up that’s included with traffic takeover, a wheel full of prizes pops up.
  • This wheel is colorful, it’s fun and it’s engaging and that’s why this is so powerful.
  • A wheel loaded with prizes is impossible for anyone to close because it plays on all sorts of human emotions that make people want to see what it’s all about.
  • You can customize the colors of this wheel with just a few clicks of your mouse and you get to choose what prizes are displayed on the wheel and the prizes can be anything you want…the options are virtually endless.
  • You can choose a free report that has affiliate links embedded, a video with content that sells an affiliate product or one of your products, access to a CPA offer where you get paid, you could even give the visitor pure content or training as options when they spin the wheel.
  • On top of being able to choose the way the wheel looks and the prizes, you’ll also be able to choose where a visitor is redirected after spinning the wheel.

[+] You can literally redirect the visitor to any page you want and one of the coolest things about this wheel is the built in list building feature….

Here’s how it works:

  • Someone lands on a page that you’ve just taken over before they can access the page, a wheel full of all sorts of prizes pops up….the visitor of course thinks this is fun and exciting and before they can spin for a chance at all of these prizes, they must first enter their email address….Boom! you’ve just got a hot lead added to your list, but that’s just the beginning.
  • After entering their email address, the visitor gets to spend the instant profit wheel and see what kind of prize they can win.
  • When the wheel comes to a stop, the visitor is announced a winner and redirected to any page you want…that page could be your sales page, an affiliate offer, a CPA offer, it’s up to you, but the options for making money with this are almost endless.

[+] Adding this wheel to traffic takeover does a few things for you:

  • First, it acts as a pattern interrupt for the visitor. They think they are landing on a normal website, but instead they are presented with a fun game that they will assume is being provided by the website that they landed on.
  • If you takeover the BBC website, when youre of prizes pops up, you’re extremely likely to get someone to opt in and spin the wheel because of the authority that the BBC has so you’re not just taking over that website, you’re also taking over the authority that the website has and the trust that a visitor would have in that website.
  • With this add-on, you’ll be able to grow your email list full of hot leads, boost engagement on any site you takeover and make a lot more money because you get to choose the prizes and where a redirect leads.
  • Of course, customizing everything just takes a few clicks of your mouse. The instant profit wheel is 100% newbie friendly and easy to use. This wheel is fun, exciting and it’s proven to boost results, build your lists and put money in your pocket.
  • When you combine this with traffic takeover, making money with any kind of offer will be easier than ever.

OTO#3: Traffic Takeover Advanced training and case study ($47)

Have you ever bought a software tool that seemed simple, but when you got inside the dashboard you felt a little lost?

It can happen to anyone, even with the most simple software tools.

Although traffic takeover is easy to use, today the creators are giving you the opportunity to get your hands on something that makes it even easier for you to use this simple software to get more traffic and make even more easy money.

You’ve probably heard that most people out there are visual learners?

When you’re a visual learner, you’re almost always going to get better results when someone takes the time to show you step-by-step how to do something…..Instead of trying to do it all on your own.

That’s why we’re giving you access to an upgrade that includes step-by-step video training.

That’s all about showing you exactly how to get the best results possible with traffic takeover.

Inside the step-by-step video training:

  • The creators will show you every little thing you can do with traffic takeover and then they will show you multiple methods for using traffic takeover to get as much free traffic as possible.
  • The creators will also show you how to start making as much money as possible with that free traffic.
  • The creators have some really simple methods they have come up with that make it easy to bank hundreds of dollars per day and when you get this upgrade, they will show you everything so you can get results like that too.
  • When you upgrade right now, the creators are also including an over-the-shoulder case study that lets you watch them start from zero and create a campaign that generates tons of free traffic, hot leads and puts money in Their pockets.
  • When you get this powerful case study, you’ll get to see everything right before your eyes, the exact buttons they click and the exact steps they take to get the results with the traffic takeover software that means you can follow along and create your first successful campaign with traffic takeover in minutes.
  • And when you get this upgrade now, you’ll have everything you need to quickly become a traffic takeover “power user” so you can takeover any website you want for maximum profits.

OTO#4: Traffic Takeover Agency Rights Upgrade ($197 OR $297)

Start Making Huge Profits with the traffic takeover app….

Traffic takeover is a simple push-button solution to get all the top-quality traffic you want without spending thousands on paid traffic or spinning your wheels for countless hours trying to get free traffic.

There’s no question that other people Who are struggling to get traffic would happily pay someone to get traffic for them.

Unfortunately, the going rate for hiring someone to get traffic for you could be thousands of dollars and that’s more than most people out there would be willing to pay, but what if you could offer to generate traffic for someone at a reasonable price point?

With traffic takeover, you have a traffic getting tool that’s fast to set up. It works really well and you can literally takeover any website online with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Do you think someone struggling to get traffic might be interested in having you do that for them?

Imagine telling a local business owner that you could takeover the website of his biggest competitor and send that traffic to his business…you could easily charge $97, $197 or even $497 for this powerful service and it would only take you a few minutes to get things set up.

On top of making a nice little profit for yourself for just minutes of work, you’d actually be helping someone else solve their traffic problems.

Can you smell referrals and ongoing repeat business?

You bet you can

Imagine how happy someone would be to finally have all the money-making traffic that they need with just a few mouse clicks.

Unfortunately, the FE version of traffic takeover does not allow you to create campaigns for clients…it’s only for personal use, but the good news is the creators have decided to offer a very limited number of agency licenses for traffic takeover that will let you create traffic getting takeover campaigns for others.

When you upgrade to the traffic takeover agency license, you can quickly takeover a website for a client and get them all the traffic they need.

OTO#5: Traffic Takeover License Rights Upgrade ($197 OR $297)

Start reselling traffic takeover and keep up to 70% of all the money….

Traffic Takeover trained team of experts will get your system set up within the next 24 hours that means you will benefit from the creator’s marketing experience, high converting sales page, brilliant marketing, professional video sales letter, high quality software products.

Introducing the traffic takeover done-for-you reseller edition….
  • The first component of this awesome upgrade is you get a reseller license which means you get complete rights to sell and keep 70% of the profits from selling traffic takeover as your own product.
  • The creators will set up the done-for-you page which means you’ll be able to use their high converting lead capture page setup and sales page which will be installed for you by the creator’s team of experts.
  • Also, the creators will set up done-for-you emails which means you’ll also get your own High converting follow-up emails written and added to your autoresponder
  • You’ll also get a done-for-you setup whereby everything will be completely set up by the creator’s team of experts.

Now you can be thinking “that’s great” with this whole set up system, I’d love to resell it and keep 70% of the money, but what about the traffic?

Don’t worry, the creators have got you covered….
  • They will include the traffic master class which means you’ll get a four module course with multiple videos and everything else needed to turn you into a traffic getting machine and that’s not all the creators will also give you four high quality bonuses.

Traffic Takeover Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of Traffic Takeover?

If you are searching for all-in-one solution that will give you the ability to Get Highly Targeted FREE traffic to your landing pages, stores, sites, blogs,etc & Build big lists leveraging the Authority Of biggest Websites Online, then Traffic Takeover will be your best choice.

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