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SyndLab 2.0 Review

SyndLab 2.0 Overview:

Creator: Joshua Zamora
Date Of Launch: 2018-03-04
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EST
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Official site:
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Is The Creator Of SyndLab 2.0?

Joshua Zamora is the Creator of SyndLab 2.0. He is a well known name in the field of online marketing who has created many successful internet marketing products and software such as VideoChief UK Edition, SyndBuddy, Amz Edge and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Man Idea Behind SyndLab 2.0?

I the next few minutes you’re gonna learn how you can finally start getting the traffic, sales and leads that you deserve… how you can quickly and consistently get your videos and niche sites to the top of Google at will.

I’m talking about being able to get page 1 rankings at will like this where you can see The creator is ranking not one, but two videos on page 1 for a high ticket product

SyndLab 2.0 Software

and this where The creator is ranking for another high converting physical product:

SyndLab 2.0 Features

and then imagine yourself being able to turn those rankings into profit “Joshua has made over $3,100 in one of his affiliate accounts and another quick $153 from one simple video and up to $189 in a single day from one of His Clickbank accounts” and being able to bring in high ticket sales and I can keep going on and on, but that’s not what we’re here for….I just wanted to quickly show you that The creator knows what he is doing when it comes to getting rankings traffic and sales and that’s exactly what I’m gonna share with you today

  • How you can turn Google into your own personal ATM machine?
  • How you can automate this entire process by allowing This new web app to do it for you?

Here Comes SyndLab 2.0 Web App…..

Google is still the undisputed king of delivering the most targeted and highest converting traffic to your offers period.

There’s no platform on the internet that delivers the quality of traffic that Google does and has such a no barrier of entry.

Joshua has been successful in getting traffic and sales from Google because he is good at turning what he used to take hours upon hours of manual labor and automate the entire thing into one easy-to-use software that does all the heavy lifting for you and if there’s one thing that has produced more page 1 rankings than anything else he has used, its automatic social syndication…..Allow me to introduce you to SyndLab 2.0 web app

So, What Is SyndLab 2.0?

Joshua and his team released SyndLab first version back in May of last year so, they’re almost at the one-year mark. Joshua and his team pride themselves on putting software out there that not only helps people, but also making sure it’s working to be the best syndication software out there.

They’ve gathered a ton of feedback from SyndLab users and they just continue to improve the software and one thing that they’ve noticed as well as since they opened up for the first time, they processed a lot of syndication…. easily over 500,000 or closer to about 750,000, but they didn’t start counting until about two months after they opened up so what they have counted is about 500,000 syndication and right now they’re processing about a 100000 – 250000 syndication per month so the first and the biggest update that they made was about six months into the software, they started noticing that they were getting a lot of syndication…..

=> So what they decided to do was spending three months and built an entirely new syndication engine so the original syndication engine became absolute very fast, but they want to continue to make this the best syndication software out there so, instead of trying to improve the current one, they has built a brand new syndication engine from the ground up so that they can process more syndication, process the syndication faster and provide better results for their customers.

=> Joshua and his team also added other things to SyndLab 2.0 like increasing the syndication integration…. when they first opened up, they had about 21 sites on them in the pro version that people can syndicate to and in the agency level people syndicate to about 26 sites…10 months later now, they’ve added more sites.. from 21 to 30 sites in the pro version and increased to nearly 51 sites in the agency version so, they’ve continued to add a lot of new sites that people can syndicate to and the good thing is that a lot of these new sites are being recommended by SyndLab users.

You know users will find great sites that they want to syndicate to and submitted to SyndLab 2.0 team “hey can you add this to SyndLab” and if there’s an API or there’s a way for SyndLab 2.0 team to integrate, they go ahead and integrate with that site so they’re at 30 sites for the pro version now and 50 sites for the agency license…that’s another big update and allows people to get a lot more syndication out there.

=> Another thing that SyndLab 2.0 team added also was RSS feeds. A lot of users were asking for RSS feeds “can we get the RSS feeds for this syndication” so SyndLab 2.0 team went ahead and added that….now people can go in one-click, get their RSS fsees for their campaigns and go ahead and do further indexing or whatever it is.

=> Another thing that SyndLab 2.0 team added is campaign cloning. So now it makes it a lot easier for people to go ininstead of having to set up a whole new campaign, they could just clone the previous one, make some changes and boom go ahead and syndicate a new campaign right away by just cloning it instead of having to start from scratch.

=> And another thing that SyndLab 2.0 team added as well is being able to export your campaigns.

So those are just a few of the updates that SyndLab 2.0 team have made…. they’ve actually made over 25 different updates well over the last ten months.

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How Does SyndLab 2.0 Software Work?

==> SyndLab 2.0 Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==

=> See a live case study of Joshua snatching up page one rankings automatically in under 24 hours by deploying SyndLab 2.0 secret weapon <=

SyndLab 2.0 Features:

Below Are the new enhanced features of SyndLab 2.0:

[+] The first and probably the most important one was:

The fact that right now Joshua and his team are processing about a hundred thousand -two hundred and fifty thousand syndications every single month, that is a lot of syndication so what they decided to do was spend an entire three months last year and revamp the entire syndication engine that runs SyndLab 2.0.

The reason they decided to do that was because they were processing so many syndications and they knew that SyndLab is gonna be around for a very long time so they decided to build a more powerful stronger syndication engine to allow for more syndications faster syndications and to deliver better results for their users.

So Joshua and SyndLab 2.0 team spent an entire three months and built a brand new syndication engine from the ground up and now it’s working lightning-fast in delivering faster syndications and delivering faster results for their users. So that’s a big number one probably the most important They spent three months coding an entirely new syndication engine.

[+] Update number two:

They went ahead and increased the integrations that they had from 21 different social sites to over 30 different social sites okay so now that allows you to syndicate to even more sites and get even more results as well.

[+] Another big feature request that Joshua and his team got from Their users is the ability to add RSS feeds of your campaigns:

so that you can get more results, be able to index more of your links and get even more page 1 rankings so they added RSS feeds to all of your different campaigns so that you can quickly get in there, crack capture your RSS feeds and go ahead and do more indexing, do more backlinking or whatever it is that you’d like to do with your RSS feeds.

[+] Another big feature request that they got from their users was the ability to quickly clone your campaigns:

So that you can go out there and syndicate your campaigns even faster so we went ahead and did that automatically, you can go with one-click, clone your campaigns and go ahead and resubmit them as much or as little as you like or just if you’re submitting a different URL with the same keywords, you can quickly clone the campaign and submit it by just swapping out the URL.

[+] Another big feature request that Joshua and his team got was for the ability for their users to syndicate Facebook pictures and Facebook videos as well:

Okay most other syndication software out there only allows you to just syndicate Facebook status, updates, but what we decided to do They take it a step further and allow their users to syndicate Facebook videos and Facebook photos as well since they own all that pictures and videos on Facebook are the ones that tend to go viral over just regular text updates.

[+] And of course another big update that They have integrated into SyndLab 2.0 is the ability to syndicate to Instagram:

okay Instagram is easily one of the top three social sharing sites out there today so we definitely needed to include that into SyndLab 2.0 so now the users can syndicate their content onto Instagram as well.

[+] And of course the last one that I want to quickly touch on is the ability to export your campaigns in just one click:

okay this was a big feature that many of The creator’s users wanted so that they went ahead and built it right in.

Now you can go in and then want to click export your campaign and you can either go ahead and do more syndication of your campaigns, you can provide reports do whatever it is you want to do by just clicking one button and downloading your reports right away.

Okay so those are some of the biggest updates that The creator has just released, but again he released well over 25 upgrades over the last 10-11 months or so and those are just a handful of the most powerful ones and again The creaor is gonna continue to make SyndLab 2.0 the best syndication software out there.

This is just the beginning of what The creators released in these updates and SyndLab 2.0 is gonna be here to stay for a very long time so Joshua and his team are excited to for you to join them in this version.

SyndLab 2.0 Results:

=> The creator is ranking number 2 for a buyer keyword

=> The creator is ranking number 1 for a very profitable keyword in the financial niche

=> Joshua is ranking number 2 for an evergreen buyer keywords

=> The creator is also able to get his niche sites to rank fast like this where he is dominating position 2 & 3

=> The creator is dominating not one, not two, But three spots on the first page of Google

SyndLab 2.0 Results

SyndLab 2.0 Pricing:

You can choose from 2 Licenses the License that suits you:

[+] SyndLab 2.0 Personal: Onetime Payment Of $25.53

[+] SyndLab 2.0 PRO: Onetime Payment Of $27.09

SyndLab 2.0 Reviews” See What Current Beta Testers Had To Say about SyndLab 2.0:

Very cool platform that actually works and is fun to use! Plus the guys do a great job keeping it updated and working smoothly
Kent Hovland
Syndlab 2.0 has been a great time saver and awesome tool for my business. Makes the process of syndicating accross many platforms a breeze and brings in increasing traffic!
EStan Baker

Syndlab 2.0 has been an amazing piece of software in my business. Coming from utilizing IFTTT and other syndication tools, Syndlab greatly simplifies the process for me, as well give me access to websites the other do not. Syndlab allows you to edit each type of posting of Blog, Social Media, etc all on the same page. And the Tiered linking you can do, sheesh!!!! Very well built and thought out software, can’t wait for the additional upgrades to come!
Reggie Carlos

Syndlab 2.0 is a great tool for increasing traffic from great content on social media for better ranking of your sites and keywords!!
Robert Cook

This is a great program for syndication. Had several programs like this in the past, but none of them came with this feature set. Just fantastic!
Walter Askins

Good and easy tool for content syndication. I have been using it since the begining and I can say I am very satisfied with it. One of the things I love is that they keep improving the platform continously
Ernesto Rodríguez

Syndlab help me rank faster than any other software out there!
Carl Charles

Syndlab 2.0 saved me so much time and I just love it. Thank you Joshua and team!
Gabriele El Banna

So far. this software has been fun to work with. The learning curve was a bit more a challenge during the first couple of campaigns . however, once I got used to it, i loved working with the software !!
Fred Mahnke

Syndlab has been a great resource in “educating” me about the overriding importance of posting to social media with regard to ranking your content. I am not a natural user of socail media as it were. I have to fully endorse another comment on this page about the absolutely awesome support from Steve the support guy. I am also a fan of Zamurai Blogger and Josh’s products, you know that they are a credible operation with great products, not just looking to make a fast buck.
Jim Holden

Syndlab 2.0 is really good and i use it for my clients sites and yesterday, i called Steve (The Support Guy) and i requested him to add a new feature inside Syndlab. This nev feature is that ve should add multiple links in the post. Currently, we can add multiple anchor texts but can not add multiple links for those multiple anchor texts…Steve said that he can deliver the message to Josh. I love all the products Josh has to sell. Man i am the biggest fan of Josh’s SEO products. Good that i found you guys.
Khalsa Website Designers

Syndlab 2.0 is an amazing tool for syndicating content and getting more online properties to rank for your keywords. Love all the addition not that has been made since the inception. Great job guys!
Ryan Horne

I’ve been using SyndLab 2.0 to cover as much online territory as possible for my clients videos and the groundwork has paid off with increasing views, Subscribers and increased revenue. A great tool
John Bennetts

Syndlab 2.0 is an amazing software and Joshua takes pride in making sure it is up to date with many regular improvements.
Joe Martin

Love Syndlab 2.0. Been using it for a while. I have tried a bunch of different Social Programs over the past 12 months but nothing compares to this. LOVE IT!!!
Steve Godlewski

If you are serious about making money online, I highly recommended this product for best results, great ways to get backlinks and improve your ranking
Alberto Rollan

Syndlab 2.0 is great for getting google to rank your videos, with all the good updates you did. I highly recommend this to anyone who would like purchase it. It is very simple to use and you get good results.
Kurt Dornhoff

I am using syndlab 2.0 to get backlinks and to initiate my Ifttt links. Its extremely simple to use and its great for embeds which you know have a lot of power..
Using Syndlad to syndicate my presence online has been the best thing I have done to get backlinks and rank my properties
I now have several #1 listings that I could never have gotten without Syndlab 2.0.
Thanks Guys for putting out such a fantastic product!
David Triplet

I use Syndlab 2.0 to get backlinks, it’s easier to use, no technical skills required.
Joe Tiew

If your web properties are not syndicating then they are not breathing online. Syndlab 2.0 adds the air that each web property needs.
Keith Stringer

Synlab is everything promised plus more. And you can’t ge bettr support than you get from Josh.
Jim Perrone

Syndlab 2.0 is one the finest syndication tool that I have. It has made managing all of my Web2.0 campaigns a walk in the park… It is one of my best buys.
Muhammad Aslam

Well Joshua, The Syndlab 2.0 app is so powerful now, with all the updates you did (25 of them). I highly recommend this to anyone who would like purchase it. It is very simple to use and you get good results.
John DeVuono

Syndlab 2.0 gives our promotions that extra reach and the fact that it’s automatic and super simple is the icing on the cake. I highly recommend it.
Gary Pudney

Syndlab 2.0 is one of the best software I’ve ever purchased. The support team is Top Notch and the upgrades have been above and beyond belief. Joshua really cares about his customers and always over delivers!
Frank Kasper

Syndlab 2.0 is not one of those shiney object types of products that are all glitter and no gold. Syndlab 2.0 provides a significant value and an on going value to it’s purchasers. It is rare to find internet marketing based software that the creator continues to improve after the launch window has expired. I am happy to say Syndlab 2.0 is continously updated and maintained.
Michael R Onthank

Syndlab and the other products from Joshua are top notch. I use syndlab 2.0 and his other products on a daily basis. I can only say: Wow
Joe Wehrens

I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the level of Support response with both Syndlab 2.0 and Syndbuddy
Matthew Shelton

Synlab is excellent for newbies and experienced marketers. Once you set-up a campaign, it does all the work for you. Joshua is always on top of the products he releases.
Carolyn Clyde

Syndlab 2.0, along with most products by Joshua Zamora that I’ve purchased are well supported and deliver
good to excellent results. When product vendors spend money to upgrade their products continuously, marketers are happy, and therefore their customers are happy. Syndlab 2.0 gets a five star review from me!
James Blackman

SyndLab 2.0 has gotten me hundreds of social signals which have helped boost my site and clients sites without doing additional backlinking. I’ve recommended it to dozens of people who have been looking to boost their social signals.
Drew Harrison

I have joined the Syndlab crew 2 months ago, and so far, I have been blessed with the load of traffic and visitors to my niche sites and videos, although I have not used all the 21+ different social sites available with this awesome social Syndication app .
Sahbi Cherigui

Thanks to SyndLab2.0, I was able to rank my videos fast in YouTube, example is Mobilee review video, that one went from page 10 to page 1 🙂 What is missing in the current version, Fb picture and video syndication, is going to be available soon in version 2.0, that will also save me a lot of time 🙂 Awesome! and i highly recommend to use this together with SyndBuddy, saving me a lot of time and i got Awesome results ranking high and fast in YouTube 🙂
Hans Brinkman


SyndLab 2.0 OTO:

OTO#1: SyndLab 2.0 Agency ($35.95/Month Or $37/3 Months)

A very special five-part offer that will put your SyndLab 2.0 syndications on steroids!

[+] The first part of this five-part offer is to unlock our tiered syndication:

  • Tier syndication is a very powerful strategy used by all the top search engine marketers to get even more page 1 rankings faster and with more consistency.
  • Tier syndication means that you’ll be able to syndicate your main content and then tell SyndLab 2.0 to syndiacte that syndicated content….this will have Google drooling over your content and they’ll have no choice, but to reward you with page 1 rankings and the best part is you don’t need any previous experience to deploy tiered syndication into your campaigns.
  • With SyndLab 2.0, it’s as easy as clicking your mouse and that’s just part one

[+] Part two of this offer is unlocking our agency license:

  • This will allow you to use SyndLab 2.0 on your own campaigns and your clients campaigns as well so if you’re doing any kind of client syndication or client SEO marketing, this is the perfect fit for you.
  • You’ll be able to create different campaigns for each of your clients and easily manage their syndications and the best part is you’ll be able to charge your clients however much what you want for syndication services and keep 100% of the profit.

[+] Part 3 of this offer is unlocking our extended networks pack:

  • With our extended networks pack, you’ll be able to syndicate your content to an additional five sites
  • It gets better, you’ll also get exclusive access to every new site that we add to our network in the future we’re even planning to build out our own private network of higher authority sites exclusively for our SyndLab 2.0 members to syndicate – and you’ll get immediate access to those as well this gives you more syndication power, more flexibility and ultimately more rankings traffic and sales.

[+] Part 4 of this offer is unlocking up to 6 months worth of syndication scheduling:

  • With the FE offer, you are able to unlock to a maximum of 14 days worth of syndications…however with this OTO, you’ll be able to schedule up to six months worth of syndications if you’d like…this will allow you to truly use SyndLab 2.0 as a set and forget tool and have it working hard for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week on complete auto-pilot…set it up once and let SyndLab 2.0 get to work for you.

[+] The fifth and final part of this offer is the best and most valuable of them all in this part you’ll be unlocking a lot more syndication for your account:

  • Yup you heard that right raise the bar on your syndications and get more traffic and more sales
  • With The FE Offer, you are able to get a maximum of a thousand syndications per month and two hundred and fifty different campaigns, With this OTO, you’ll be able to unlock our premium levels and be able to get up to 25,000 syndications per month for you and your clients and also be able to create up to a thousand different campaigns in the syndication arena getting this much syndication and this much campaign creation is almost unheard.

OTO#2: SyndLab 2.0 Booster ($67)

How would you like to be able to have all the content on your site automatically syndicated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without you having to lift a single finger or maybe you have an old site that is just sitting around catching Dust?
  • How would you like to be able to instantly revive your old slides and turn them into the traffic and sales machine they were meant to be?

[+] Joshua has created a very powerful WordPress plugin that will allow you to get all the traffic, rankings and sales you desire without having to manually log into SyndLab 2.0 to syndicate your content:

  • SyndLab 2.0 plugin will do it for you…with SyndLab plugin, you’ll be able to have every new post you make automatically sent to your SyndLab 2.0 account to be syndicated.
  • You’ll be able to have every old post on your site syndicated as well and be able to choose by posts or have entire categories syndicated as well.
  • You’ll be able to have your posts syndicated immediately or schedule them to be syndicated randomly over a certain period of time.
  • In summary, you’ll be getting a lot more automation and a lot more syndication without you having to work more and that’s just one part of this offer.

[+] We have a second part that will make things even easier… With SyndLab 2.0 Booster OTO, you’ll also be able to unlock our VA license:

  • Our VA license will allow you to give access to your virtual assistants so that they can do your syndications for you without putting your account at risk.
  • They’ll be able to have as much or as little control of your syndications as you’d like so not only are you getting a lot more automation with our SyndLab 2.0 plugin, you can completely eliminate all the work from your play by having your VA handle everything for you.

OTO#3: Video Chief 4.0 Agency ($37)

OTO#4: X Ranker 360 (Agency) ($42/Month Or $47/3 Months)

Get some very fast results using SyndLab 2.0 along with the power of video marketing…..

Joshua will show you how he has created the perfect combination between SyndLab 2.0 “social syndication” and video marketing and and be able to get fast page 1 video rankings so that you can get results with SyndLab 2.0 as quickly as possible.

Joshusa has built X Ranker 360 to guarantee that you can rank on the first page of Google and focused only on those campaigns and it doesn’t matter if you’re doing local marketing, your own campaigns, affiliate marketing campaigns, it doesn’t really matter….If you’re looking to get more traffic by ranking videos on the first page of Google, X Ranker 360 is your solution.

So let me quickly show you how this works… we’ve breaking it down into four simple sections: research, create, track and backlink.

like I said X Ranker 360 has been built to guarantee that your videos rank on the first page of Google

The way that we built that is by leveraging YouTube live events and the beautiful thing about YouTube live events is that you can create a live event without having to actually create a video and want that campaign ranks, then you can proceed and actually make the video back into video and all of that good stuff so we’ve been able to automate that process inside of X Ranker 360.

You can perform your research.

You can create a live event based on the keywords you find during your research.

You can add it to the tracking system which is very powerful because it on the tracking system…what happens is as soon as you create the light of value added to the tracking system and as soon as you cracked into the first page of Google, you’re gonna receive an email letting you know “hey your campaign has reached the first page of Google and you can now proceed to work on that campaign” and that’s what allows you to guarantee your rankings because you’re not gonna waste time on campaigns that aren’t gonna rank, you’re only gonna focus your time on those that actually rank on the first page of Google.

And then, once you get that email that your campaign is ranking, you can come in here, start building backlinks to it to secure those rankings and obviously put make sure you put a video onto the live event as well.

Joshua has created X Ranker 360 and SyndLab 2.0 to work seamlessly together, X Ranker 360 goes out there, figures out which of your campaigns can rank from there…Within X Ranker 360, you can automatically submit your campaigns to be syndicated with your SyndLab 2.0 account, it’s the perfect combination.

SyndLab 2.0 Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of SyndLab 2.0?

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