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 In case you are looking for a detailed Storyxy Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of Storyxy Software to discover everything about it, It’s features, Storyxy OTO details and how this This Revolutionary New 3D Animation Video Creator will enable you to Create PRO 3D Animated Videos In Seconds!


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Storyxy Review

Storyxy Overview:

Creator: Andrew Darius
Date Of Launch: 2018-05-07
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Is The Creator Of Storyxy?

Andrew Darius is a well known name in the field of online marketing who has Developed many successful marketing tools such as Explaindio, ClipToGif, GraphPlayer, UpNextEngage and many more successful digital product launches..

What Is The Main Idea Behind Storyxy?

In this Review, I’m going to share with you state-of-the-art new 3d interactive video animation software that The creators have been designing and developing for the last 18 months…..

It’s Andrew’s brand new point-and-click 3d interactive animated video creator that allows anyone regardless of tech skills to create highly engaging animated 3d videos in a matter of minutes.

3d videos with interactive characters that you can customize the entire video from a variety of animations, gestures, camera angles and of course custom interactive 3d background videos to match.

Back in 1999, Andrew was the first to develop a 3d online software. A 3d shopping mall software that was recognized by Intel Corporation as one of the cutting-edge software at the time and over the last 18 years, Andrew has been developing and releasing some of the highest most sought-after video creation and marketing automation tools in the market.

Andrew release products and software that continue to help automate and grow your online business and make you more money and through those 18 years, there has been one thing that Andrew recognized is the future of the internet “video”

When it comes to getting and keeping people’s attention online, getting more leads and making more sales, nothing beats video.

But there was a serious problem:

  • Not only was the video creation process a headache, but there were hours wasted with constant back-and-forth with a video designer.

Andrew worked daily with his programming team to create a solution to his problem….A solution that he could use in his marketing and a solution that he knew would increase conversions while maintaining a professional and creative solution, but Andrew knew that he’d have to overcome a lot of objections technically.

That’s why Storyxy was created ….

So, What Is Storyxy?

It  is the first software of it’s kind on the market providing a total solution for all your 3D animation needs.

With full 3D video creation that includes, but not restricted to 3D characters with up to 70 animations that include full 3D scenes, facial, full 3D dynamic camera with numerous camera angles, text-to-speech, full lip sync, etc., this is a one of it’s kind software.

This program creates a video where you can have up to three characters interacting with each other and have an ability to have 6-8 different camera angles as well as 70 unique animation and facial expression.

With Storyxy, you can create real-life animated movies that you can use for all your marketing purposes

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How Does Storyxy Software Work?

==> Storyxy Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==

Storyxy Features:

Storyxy has 3D video creation technology that allows one to create 3D characters with 70 different animation that captures everything from facial movement to full 3D camera angles and full 3D scenes.

The text to speech technology on this program is entirely lip-synced. This program is simply designed and can be used by newbies to make professional and quality 3D animated videos in just a few minutes.

From its cutting-edge character animation to lip sync technology and text to life-like speech, this is a unique software that will take your marketing to another level.

Here are more features of this software:

[+] It Doesn’t Require Any Experience:

  • You don’t need any technical, coding, or programming skills. The manufacturers made it as simple as possible to use this program.

[+] Text-to-speech:

  • With Storyxy, you can upload your voice or use the pre-made text to speech templates that creates real voices for your animated videos. This software also offers lip sync technology.

[+] Unlimited Videos:

  • With this program, you can create and design as many videos as possible for your online business. Anything you can dream of, you can build.

[+] 3D Backgrounds:

  • With Storyxy, you get over 20 custom and hand-selected designs and 3D backgrounds that can be used for virtually all niches. These backgrounds suit most projects.

[+] 3D Characters:

  • Storyxy is loaded with ten characters that have 70 facial expressions and animations to help you create realistic effects for your animated videos.

[+] Export and Share:

  • You can export your animated videos in multiple formats such as HD or SD with top quality. You have the freedom to save your files as per your preferences.

[+] It Is Desktop Based:

  • Storyxy is a desktop-based software meaning that once you download it, you will be accessing it on your Mac or PC. However, it requires internet for character downloads, backgrounds access, and activation.

[+] Camera Angles:

  • With 6-8 camera angles, you can capture precise expressions of your characters from their behaviors to movement so as to deliver the message you intend to.

[+] Special Pricing:

Storyxy Reviews:

See What People Are Saying About Storyxy & The creator’s others tools:

Looks very realistic and as always Andrew make very good products.
Maria Nieves Marq
Finally 3d animation that looks real.
Rik Wolfe

I’m an author and love to write stories – so it would be interesting to convert them to video
Nikki Leigh

Looks like Andrew and team have hit another “home run”. What an addition to my video arsenal this is going to be. Depending on how good the lip sync technology is, and what voice engine they are using, (Probably Amazon Polly) this is going to be a major hit. Looking forward to the launch. Can’t wait to see over 100 different 3D Characters with all this technology behind them. EXCITED to see is really an understatement.
Allen Lundy

Wow! looks like something I could use.
J.S. Castillo

It’s a very awesome video maker.
Elio Lemanambina

Hello this look great I would love to try it out already have some concepts for it that would startle the market.
Stevie Bwoy Que

Excellent vieod compilations… definate buy…
Ralph Goodwin

It looks totally amazing like everything that you guys do!!!
Rob Guillen

It does look cool and if it is any like Andrew’s previous software, it will work great
Paul Randall

The possibilities of this program are endless, just what I have been looking for. The speed of making a series of videos is exciting. I’m in for the ride!
David Dunham

WOW! Another exclusive great product from Andrew Darius team, the ability to Create Fully Interactive 3D Animated Videos In Seconds is awesome!!!
Robson Domingos

Wow … it looks like a leap ahead of the nearest competition and something that I’ve been looking for.
Harold Brown

Another top product by Andrew
Holger Speth
This is absoulty stunning! A true GAME changer. I can’t wait to this!
Matthew Schneider
Wow, looks wonderful & eyecatching! Just what is needed in Social media now.
Something who is « standing out »
Louani Idar
Looks like the quality of video games! Great work!
Mary Morton

Really awesome ! Love the selection of actors and the backgrounds. Cool for simulations in different scenarios. Great for pitching ideas to clients. What normally takes weeks to produce can now take mere minutes. Revolutionary !
Azman Ar

An amazing animation software that far exceeds any on the market today. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can create a video that will grab a prospects attention and hold it while you tell your or your clients story. The characters move and react like a real person. One of a kind, gotta have software.
Joe Ammons

I’m impressed! Totally Awesome Video Producer.
As an affiliate Marketer, I have sold some of your great products – This one Rocks.
I requested to resell this as I’m sure it will be a great tool in a maketer’s aresenal.
Thanks so much for always providing the best of the best!
Carlos Paris

OK!!! Now that is something that will be an attention getter!
Rod Licari

Finally a user friendly way to create high quality animated videos and in 3D too! Thank you Storyxy.
Brian Norris

This software will rock!!! Totally awesome!! I’ve been waiting for something like this to come along.
James Bain

Fantastic looks great and I would really like to use this. The Next Generation
Ashley Eatly

Andrew Darius, always brings a different revoluationary app to the Video Marketing world.But I’m still in doubt that such an app is about to hit the Video marketing world, until I get my hands on a copy
Nana Ameah Sechim

Looks like great software. I am a teacher and think this would be great to use for eduacational videos.
Danny Sparks

Video is the future! By 2019, the major traffic sources for online businesses would be videos only! And who understand video marketing better than Andrew Darius ! Please book a copy for me!
Soumen Ghosh

I am not a professional video producer or a graphic artist, however I was able to create with ease an amazing outcomes with other Explaindio software. Thank you for making the software that allows a small business owner to market their services at so minimal cost. Well done!
Peter Zee

WOW!!!! That’s an Awesome Video creator software: Just Brilliant.
John DeVuono

Interactive 3D Animated characters
with life like lip sync with text to speech?
Hmmm delicious – I want a piece of that.
Ozzie Funnyman

Wonderful new tech from you, Andrew! Looking forward to it.
Paul Klein

This looks very cool arm was very impressed with it. I think you could do really well in offering this type of video to clients and I could see you selling this to why variety of potential clients and then also using it for Affiliates stuff.
Jon Floyd

Another Million Dollar Winner from Andrew Darius…The Storyxy is the Future Now…With full 3D scenes…We will Make $$$$ selling to our Clients…
John Bolton

I could really use this for my own video agency. Very awesome
Lee Knapp

This is undoubtably the next generation of promo video creation software
After experiencing the awesome power of explaindio, I have been waiting for your next miracle brain wave
I am looking forward to seeing my sales rocket to a new level when this is released.
Andrew – you rock bro
Nick Driscoll

I’ve got quite a lot of video software from these guys but this takes the cake. I love everything they do but I’ve not seen anything like this coming from them. It looks like you are actually in a movie setting. Lifelike is all I can say. This doesn’t even compare to some of the new stuff I’ve seen it combines a lot of the features together that they only sell all by themselves. If you want it all this is it.
Claire Koch

Wow, great to have this. With trusted explaindio with us for years, Storyxy completes the arsenal for video editing and marketing . Cheers for success
Pankaj Chandna

This is the most powerful animation tool I’ve seen. Takes Exxplainer Videos to a new level.
Stanley Fidel

Video is fast taking over the digital landscape. Thanks for coming up with a revolutionary 3D animation software like Storyxy!
Famokun Tope

Wow! Looking at the teaser video I can say this software will enable even a tech novice to create professional quality videos. Waiting for it to launch
Dhruv Rathod

Impressive. Looks like Explaindio has another hit on their hands. It isn’t uncommon to pay up to $1500 per finished minute for fully animated character videos. Learning how to do it for yourself is not only expensive, but the learning curve is exceptionally steep. Obviously, a marketer with access to this software will have an edge and if you are a video marketing agency, having this technology available is a deal-maker. Thanks, Explaindio team for another great tool to add to my video marketing toolbox.
Bonnie Dillabough

Definitely the next generation of video software … Awesome!!!
George Steiner

A dream comes true for all marketers. My mind’s brimming over with ideas for how to use this for my business. Best of all, it’s created by a marketer I have done business with for several years and therefore know first hand the quality of his products.
Kathy Ball

Wow.. 3D with the feel of live action. With the scenes along you can create great stories and real-life character impressions. Trully Jaw Droping software.
Eugene Maxey

Videos have the greatest content future than anything else. More than 80% of the clients are being attracted specifically thru videos. Here we have a great tool to help us create, render and earn money the easiest and faster way.thru video marketing. Storyxy as the name already shows , will generate real time success stories and you will be one of the success stories Storyxy will tell if you go for it. Everybody who will use Storyxy will be a winner of the first degree. Go for this one and apply for and get an early bird copy for a dime price. do it now.
Reinier Montesant


Storyxy OTO OR Upsells:

OTO#1: Storyxy PRO ($69)

You’re about to get access to the most powerful yet easy to use 3d video software that will allow you to create high converting interactive 3d videos in just minutes, but for now,

Storyxy OTO

What if I told you that we have a pro version that will allow you to:

  • Add up to 13 characters per scene.
  • Activate Storyxy’s proprietary ACC technology that will automate camera angles based on speech, give you the ability to set up video as a background or foreground and 360-degree video rendering.
  • Plus as an added bonus, you’ll also get 30 more unique 3d interactive characters loaded right into your store Exe software…..of course this includes up to 70 different unique gestures and movements.

Storyxy comes with everything you need….the software and of course the ability to get three characters per scene, set the camera angles manually and pick from the preloaded selection of backgrounds and the ability to export in HD.

With Th PRO:

  • The creators move you from three characters per scene to up to 13.
  • The creators take the boring manual process of setting camera angles and they automate it with an automatic cinematography change camera that automatically determines who’s speaking and how to position the camera angles.
  • The creators open up your ability to load your videos for the foreground and background.
  • They allow you to export to 360 video.
  • And the big bonus: 30 more premium interactive 3d characters featuring up to 70 gestures and movements all included in the pro package.

OTO#2: Storyxy Enterprise version ($99)

Would you like to sell videos you make with Storyxy for profits?

I’m talking about charging anywhere from $200 to $500 per minute of video you make, you could sell them to your clients or you could even sell them as a freelancer…..

Imagine selling a video for $200 per minute, average video is five minutes….that’s $1,000

With Storyxy, you’ll be pushing out videos in minutes, you could literally create one 5-minute video per week and take home $4,000 a month or $48,000 a year.

You get it, digital marketers and product owners like me are on freelance sites looking for people like you…. people who can create awesome 3d animated videos.

With Storyxy, you get a license to create unlimited videos for personal use…..

And with Storyxy Enterprise version:

  • You will get the license to create and sell unlimited videos for both personal and commercial use.
  • You can sell any video you create with Storyxy or you can use them for your clients as well.
  • You’ll have the full license to use Storyxy however you want.
  • You can sell the videos.
  • You can be a freelancer and find clients.
  • You can use them for your clients as well and you keep 100% of the profits.

OTO#3: Storyxy Library ($39/Month)

Imagine Getting Access To 100 more 3d animated characters + 100 more 3d backgrounds…..

Over the past 18 months as the creators created Storyxy, They have been developing and designing characters and backgrounds to be sold as add-ons for Storyxy and since each character has 70 animations, gestures and facial expressions….

They planned on charging about $50 each per new character plus they created more 3d backgrounds that are optimized for the Storyxy software that they would sell for $30 each as well.

Now, They knew that once everyone jumped into Storyxy, people would be looking for more characters and backgrounds so they wanted to be prepared so that they offer new Storyxy members a VIP access to their Storyxy library that means they will could give you access to each and every character and every background they have in their library and if they add any more, you get access to those as well.

With access to the Storyxy library, you get instant access to 100 characters and 100 3d backgrounds as well… these are optimized for Storyxy.

Storyxy Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of Storyxy?

There are too many cool things about Storyxy that you will find out when you get this program. Grab this amazing software and save lots of money you could have used to design animated videos.

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