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Retainio Review Plus Best Retainio Bonus Offer


Retainio Review – In case you are looking for a detailed Review for Retainio, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of Retainio App to discover everything about it, It’s features, PROS And CONS, Price, Retainio OTO details and how This simple-to-use app Will enable you to Build ‘Micro Buzz’ Styled Viral Sites That Drive Viral Traffic + Generate Sales In 3 Easy Steps!


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Retainio Review Retainio Review – Full Overview:

Creators: Karthik Ramani
Date Of Launch: 2020-06-26
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Price: $32 – $34
Official Website: Click Here
Support: Effective and Fast Response
Bonuses: Yes, Exclusive $6218 Bonuses (See Here)
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Retainio Review – Who Are The Creators?

Karthik Ramani is a well-known name in the field of online marketing who has created many successful marketing tools such as MarketPresso, Extempore, EverFunnels, Conversly and many more successful digital product launches.

Retainio Review – The Main Idea:

Whenever you see something attractive, funny, or informative, the first thing you do is to share it with friends and loved ones.

This is the world that we live in. People are looking for latest news and viral content to share, and whenever they find something interesting, they share it with their friends on social media and other places.

This means that you can use this tool to get traffic.

Imagine gathering all the viral posts, memes, and other viral elements in one site that is public to everyone?
This is very simple when you have the right tools.

If you want a great way to generate traffic and create income, then a micro buzz viral site is the way to go.

This is because you don’t have to spend a lot of money as you just need to register a domain and pay for web hosting.

Also, there is not a lot of time before you can begin to see results.

In fact, you can start building a website today and see traffic in a few days.

This is one of the easiest ways of making money as many people will be interacting with your viral content, and thus you can monetize it through ads or other related offers.

Now, imagine there was a quicker, easier way of creating and monetizing these sites- would you be interested?

The truth is that creating a site where you post viral content is easier but searching for viral content and also monetizing it is another thing,

and now this is where Retainio comes into play………

Read our Retainio review to know how this software can help make things easier for you when it comes to creating and monetizing micro buzz viral sites.

So, What Is Retainio?

This is a great software that will help you build micro-buzz viral sites. In other words, Retainio does the heavy lifting for you so that you can focus on other things.

It will help you build micro-buzz websites, fill it with viral content, monetize it, and even manage it.

What’s more, creating viral, traffic-generating sites with Retainio is very easy;

=> Step 1:
  • choose the elements you want and set up your content the way you want.

Retainio Demo

=> Step 2:
  • Select the options you want to focus on, or your niche.
  • There are various

options you can choose- videos, images, blog posts, or Amazon products.

=> Step 3:

  • publish and share your posts, then sit and watch traffic skyrocket.

It’s as simple as that.

=> See The Power Of Retainio <=

How Does Retainio Software Work?

=>Retainio Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<=

Retainio Review – Full Features and What You Will Get:

All the features you need to generate viral traffic and boost engagement are included in this easy-to-use cloud-based software.

Retainio Features

Here are the main features of Retainio software;


[+] Video:

  • You can find videos on Vimeo, YouTube, or even embed a code on this platform so that your audience can watch viral videos on your website.

[+] Simulated conversation:

  • Do you want to answer your audience questions in a simulated text-style conversation whereby a simulated audience asks a question and you answer it? Well, Retainio has you covered.
  • You can simulate text-style conversation or simulate a message between different parties with Retainio.
  • This software allows you to add images, members, and more.
  • It allows you to give your visitors an idea of what your offer is all about without sounding ‘pushy.’

[+] Quotes:

  • Add some flare to your sites by adding quotes.
  • You can search for quotes and include them.
  • You have the option to include quotes by famous people or even create your own.

[+] Swipe structure:

  • Swiping posts is the current trend when it comes to mobile users.
  • The same way people swipe to the left or right using the phones on Twitter or YouTube, you can do the same with your posts on your site.
  • By creating content structure that allows pages to be swiped, you can boost engagement by making it easier for your audience to consume your content.
  • These behavioral habits are some of the things you can tap to have visitors stick to your site.
  • This will help reduce bounce rates and also increase income earning opportunities.

[+] Autoresponder:

  • You can build a list while still earning through your website.
  • This is because Retainio allows you to add your favorite autoresponder service so as to make it easier for you to build an email list from your Retainio site.
  • There are several templates included for lead generation to automate the process of collecting leads.
  • An email list is a great asset that will take your marketing level to another level.

[+] Automated Amazon affiliate links:

  • Another impressive feature of Retainio is that it automates the process of adding Amazon affiliate links to your content.
  • You just need to add your Amazon affiliate details and Retainio will automatically add related Amazon products to your post with your affiliate links embedded below them.
  • This means that anyone who clicks your Amazon affiliate link will carry your affiliate ID on the cookies for 24 hours.
  • Anything they buy from Amazon during that time frame will earn you a commission.
  • And since Amazon offers bundles of products, you can expect to earn more without having to invest more effort.

[+] Embed on any page:

  • Every post you create with Retainio automatically generates a code you can embed on any page.
  • This means that you can share all your Retainio creations on any platform online.
  • You can use this easy way to share your pages or offers to drive people to your blog and make more commissions.

[+] Giphy, Youzign, and Pixabay:

  • Visuals makes websites and content stand out, and now you can add even more images and resources since Retainio gives you access to Pixabay, Giphy, and YouZign with just a click.
  • What’s more, these integrations are inbuilt inside Retainio, and thus you will be able to use them quickly and easily.

[+] Campaign analytics:

  • Retainio also offers you detailed insights to your campaigns and posts.
  • This way, you will know what works and what doesn’t.
  • You will get to see which content your audience likes and which one they do not resonate with.
  • With such knowledge, you will be able to create content that your audience likes and thus boost your revenue and traffic.

[+] Text editor:

  • Retainio also offers full-fledged text editor to help you design your content in your preferred way.
  • With the inbuilt text editor, you can change font size, make some text bold, italicized, or color as well as emoticons.
  • In other words, you can format your text perfectly with this text editor.

[+] Polls:

  • Create polls in your site to get visitors to interact more.
  • People love polls since they make them feel part and parcel of the conversations.
  • Polls makes them feel that their voice is heard.

[+] Other features;

  • Create a gallery that caches your visitors attention
  • Spin wheel to make your visitors have fun with your content
  • Traffic generation through social media integration
  • Post directly on WordPress from your Retainio software
  • On-demand content lock to spark your visitor’s curiosity
  • Content Extractor to help you spin blog posts.

Retainio Review – What People Are Saying:

Retainio Reviews

Hey Prady & Karthik,
You guys have created something truly useful and beneficial I love the idea!
Buzz niche sites are the IT right now with everyone having to spend time online right now and with your creation there are going to be millions more demand will be huge!
I am very active socially and this has been what everyone, business to personal have been talking about this is perfect timing guys.
This buzz niche site builder will allow beginners to create social interactive and entertaining sites in minutes instead of months
this will go perfectly with my social video production business, I’m all in and I can’t wait!
Charles Adams
I am looking forward to the opportunity that Retainio will give to me. Unbelievable options with this software. The Viral nature of it should boost my traffic and get leads for my business. I can’t wait until tomorrow for the launch.
Larry Lain
Watched the demo. Retainio is an awesome and very innovative product. Great product for anyone looking for a home based business opportunity and make money. I like the feature of pulling affiliate links from Amazon and more.
Chandra Rao
Retainio it just makes easy to start getting Viral traffic to your sites and the tools on it, like to embed videos, create polls, chatbot, quotes creator and make listicles of your products, just make all so easy to start getting tons of sales!
Peter Matt
I am interested in creating an adsense income, and i think the viral site made by this software would allow me to do that.
Peter Collins
Retainio seem like an awesome way to help monetize viral news site with Adsense! 😁
Audray N. Plourde
This is an excellent product for those who want to create a website without any coding knowledge. I am sure many will like this product.
Philip Rithikbalaji
Since it is a Microbuzz Site making software, It can help me to make viral content for my viewer and that way I put huge value to my content as well as my viewer Perspective. Thank You
Apurba Dutta
I am in the process of putting together an Affiliate Marketing Center to offer Software Solutions to Affiliate Marketers.Looking at this from the outside Retainio Commercial seems to be the ultimate Affiliate Tool
Winston Trim
Retainio make easy to get huge traffic for my site and grow my business easily, thank you for making this great product.
Sameer Godase
This is the smartest and most easy way for getting free traffic I have ever heard of. it will help my business and any business in getting engaging traffic all the way.
Tamer Elbanna
I’m doing a complete reboot of 4 online income streams and Retainio looks like the clear winner in making that happen. Traffic is King and I have not seen a better way to create massive online traffic than Retainio.
Larry Palmer
It would help me help a lot more people by sharing useful info and it will help me get more traffic to my own offers that also help others and will save me time on social media.
Angela Fish
Been looking at a “similar” program to this– priced at 10 x this– well done boys!!!
Andrew Hudson
Forget complicated website building and learning a bunch or techniques on getting traffic. Get Retainio and all the major part of your online business and traffic generation is solved. Waste no time as its a freaking good deal to garb it now.
Raziel Raphael
I really Love this Software and would like to be a part of this launch, this is a total no brainier. I believe this will help affiliate beginners struggling to make sales. This Product its going to be powerful.
Pere Alexander
Retainio will give the newbie a chance to feel part of the internet community and join others on a level playing feed and feel like anything is possible and simple to achieve.
Filippo Arcidiacono
It is very interesting at first glance and after asking in-depth question to support I have confidence in this product.
Mikael Jäderberg
Great Piece of software to generate traffic by entertaining and interacting with my audience on trending topics and monetizing them with related ads.
John Aviles
I am already creating an adsense income, and i think the viral site made by this software would allow me to do more
Deepak Singla

Retainio Review- PROS And CONS:



  • In My Opinion, Retainio Platform doesn’t have any serious flaws worth considering.

Retainio Review- Prices:

There are 2 Licenses:

[+] Starter License: $32

[+] Commercial License: $34

Retainio Review- OTO OR Upsells Full Details:



Upsell/OTO#1: Retainio Pro Version ($67 One-Time Payment)

With Retainio Pro, you can unlock more sites, more attention-grabbing elements, and content extraction abilities…….

Here are the additional features that should entice you to get this upgrade;

[+] Create 5 more micro-buzz sites:
  • If you are targeting multiple niches, or you want to diversify your sources of income, Retainio Pro offers a chance to create 5 more sites in addition to the ones already allowed for by the basic license.
[+] Spin wheel:
  • For those who want to make it easier for your visitors to interact with your site and get them to purchase or opt-in to your list, this option offers a better way of poking at their curiosity and making your content irresistible.
  • This feature guarantees interaction.
[+] Content extraction from your desired URL:
  • If you don’t have enough time to create content, this feature will come in handy.
  • It will allow you to put in any URL into Retainio Pro and it will extract the content on the page then spin it to make it unique.
  • This software also customizes and format your content to suit your needs.
[+] Connect 5 more WordPress sites:
  • Many people like WordPress sites and Retainio will allow you to connect five more WordPress sites.
[+] Other features you get with this upgrade include;
  • Ability to create 500 additional campaigns
  • 3 additional themes to help you make your viral site unique
  • Vertical flip to give your viewers a better experience
  • Spin content
  • 15 DFY campaigns
  • And much more.
  • If you want to diversify your sources of revenue and create more micro-buzz sites, this is the upgrade to get.

Upsell/OTO#2: Retainio Agency ($97 One-Time Payment)

You can become a traffic and lead generation agency by working from home once you get this upgrade……
  • This upgrade gives you agency rights and allows to get result fast.
  • With Retainio Agency license, you can offer services like traffic generation, lead generation, social media content creation, viral sites management, Google Analytics, and lead collection campaign services.
  • You can choose to offer these services for recurring fees or a one-time fee for a specified period.
  • The upgrade allows you to manage up to 50 clients simultaneously.
What are you waiting for?

Get this upgrade and become an agency right from your home.

Upsell/OTO#3: Retainio Reseller ($197

 OR $297 One-Time Payment)

You can own a software business without having to create a software thanks to the exclusive reseller rights you get with Retainio Reseller upgrade……
  • This is a great opportunity for you to build passive income by selling this software tool to other marketers and entrepreneurs.
  • The best thing is that you get to keep all the profits you generate with commercial license to prospective clients.
  • Also, you get to keep 50% of commission on your sales.
  • This is your chance to become a software owner without having to build one from scratch!

Retainio Review – My Honest Opionion:

With all these amazing features, Retainio seems to be the real deal when it comes to making money online and generating traffic.
You can use Retainio to create passive money by creating content for low-competition keywords in a few minutes.
This is possible through Content Extractor that allows you to curate blog posts based on keywords you choose.
Also, you can sell leads you get from the signups your sites go. Since it is possible to integrate your autoresponder with Retainio, you will be able to collect leads.
This is another income-generating idea you can consider.
There are many other ways you can use to make money with Retainio, including becoming a content-generating service business and also creating sites for other businesses.
We can recommend it to anyone who is looking for a quick way of making money online.
Get this software today!

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Thanks a lot For Reading My Retainio Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 🙂

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