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 In case you are looking for a detailed Extempore Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of Extempore software to discover everything about it, It’s features, Extempore OTO details and how this breakthrough smartphone app Will enable you to Create Highly Engaging & Profitable Videos Sales Letters, Video Ads, Square Videos For Instagram & spokesperson videos From Your Smartphone In Minutes!


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Extempore Review

Extempore Overview:

Creator: karthik Ramani
Date Of Launch: 2019-05-22
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Is The Creator Of Extempore?

karthik Ramani is a well known name in the field of online marketing who has created many successful marketing software such as HypeSprout, EverFunnel, Conversly and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind Extempore?

Trying to create consistent, quality content online can be tough; this is true if you are trying to create content that generates customers and leads.

Content is king and that’s why we should treat it like royalty. However, after content, traffic comes second because, without it, content will be useless.

In fact, the two goes hand in hand. Without content, you will lose all your traffic.

If you look at the trends in content in recent years, you will notice that they have one thing in common; video…..
  • If you look at popular pieces of content online, you will see that they have a video integrated into them.
  • Videos are one of the top content items that people truly love and interacts with easily and thus draws more traffic.
  • That explains why YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine after Google.
  • Checking YouTube stats will reveal, over 300 hours of videos are uploaded to it every minute and it gets over 5B views every day.
  • If you look at social sites, led by Instagram and Facebook, they are embracing the use of videos. Why? Because videos are not only engaging but interesting to watch.
However, despite the obvious benefits of Videos, there is one restriction, and it comes in making a video, especially the kind that is engaging…..
  • You need to hire designers and have fancy equipment to create quality, engaging videos.
  • For many people, video production is what prevents them from using videos in most of their work.

But now you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to buy fancy video cameras, computers and screens as there is an easier and cheaper alternative.

It is called Extempore…..

With this software app, you don’t need to go through tens of steps to create and publish a highly engaging video as it does so very easily.

Want to learn more about this amazing software? Well, read on my detailed Extempore review.

So, What Is Extempore?

Extempore is a smartphone app that allows you to create quality videos without the need for expensive video equipment.

This app basically replaces the fancy video cameras as it has everything in it to allow you to create great videos, and that’s the beauty of Extempore.

You can pull out your phone, write some notes or script, hit record, and it creates a video for you!

It is incredibly easy to create a video with this app; you just need to follow these steps:

  • Create a story from the easy to use dashboard
  • Click on “my takes” then press the record icon
  • Configure your video settings before you record
  • Click record and start speaking.

=> See The Power Of Extem-pore (Extempore Review Video)<=


How Does Extempore Software Work?

=>Extempore Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<=


Extempore Features:

[+] 5 minutes of videos:

  • With this software, you can record videos of up to 5 minutes in length.
  • This is a sensible length for people who want to create quick tips videos or motivational videos.
  • Just open the app, press record, and start speaking.
  • It’s as simple as that.

[+] Unlimited Takes:

  • Sometimes you have to record a video several times to get it right.
  • And with Extempore, you have an opportunity to record video countless times until you record a satisfactory video.
  • And best of all, your audience will not be told you recorded a video 10 times before getting it right.

[+] PRO-quality videos:

  • You can create the highest quality videos with Extempore with your only limitation being the quality of your phone’s or tablet’s camera.
  • And with most recent mobile devices, they have a quality camera which will make you look like a star.

[+] Easy sharing:

  • Sharing videos you have created with Extempore is easy as there are social media and WhatsApp icons inside the app where you can just share the videos; you don’t need extra software to share or download your videos.
  • This means you can create quality videos and share them instantly with the world or your friends just inside Extempore dashboard.

[+] Dual video recording options:

  • With Extempore, you get to choose the layout you want.
  • If you want to have a personal and close talk with your viewer, you can choose the vertical option.
  • On the other hand, if you want to showcase the background, just go with a horizontal layout.

[+] Full HD video export:

  • One thing that sets Extempore aside from others is the ability to allow you to export videos with their original quality.
  • Most video creation app only allows you to export videos in 480p quality. But with this software, you can rest assured that the videos you export are of the quality you recorded them in.

[+] Single license for the web:

  • With this license, you can use Extempore on any computer as long as you have your logins details.

[+] Single extempore license for IOS and Android:

  • You get a license to use Extempore on any mobile device.

[+] Make square videos:

  • The current rage on Instagram are the square videos, and with this software, you can make square videos for IG.
  • You can create quality videos with this software and publish them instantly from the Extempore dashboard.
  • You don’t need to convert it or edit anything.

[+] Direct YouTube upload:

  • Another great feature about this software is that once you are done creating and editing your video to your specification, you can upload it directly to the 2nd largest search engine (YouTube).
  • In most video software, you will have to download it first to your hard disk then re-upload it to YouTube. But with this software, this will be easier.

[+] Auto stop recording feature:

  • If there is something awkward about recording a video is the few last seconds after you finish recording and the camera is still on.
  • With Extempore, you can automatically stop recording after you are done with your recording. This way, you have a smooth ending for your video.

[+] Adjustable text size for scripts:

  • You can easily adjust the size of script text to a number of sizes you feel comfortable with.
  • You can also have your script scrolling while you record your videos. However, if you feel that you are not keeping up with the scripts, you can override it immediately to avoid being stuck trying to keep up with the speed of the script.

[+] Text marquee speed:

  • If you are a script reader, you have an idea of the average number of words you can speak per minute.
  • With Extempore, you can set the number of words you can speak per minute so that the script can scroll as you speak.
  • If you get it wrong, you can adjust it next time you are recording.

[+] Advanced editing features:

  • You can create great videos thanks to the editing features offered by this software.
  • You will create great videos without having to spend a lot of money.

[+] Other features:

  • You can record videos while your phone is in silent mode to avoid sound interruptions from incoming calls or text message
  • You can choose to record with rear or front camera

Ways You Can Use Extempore In Your Business:

=> Video sales letters:

  • Also known as VSLs, Video sales letters are a great way of selling any service or product.
  • By using this software, you can create a script explaining the benefits of your product or offer.
  • This will boost your conversion and bring in more sales your way.

=> Video Ads:

  • You can create a video for your ads; video ads are more engaging than text ads.
  • With Extempore, you have an opportunity to create a perfect ad since you can record countless times until you get a great video ad.

=> Vlogging:

  • Many people are into video blogging. Instead of writing articles, you can create videos and post them on your blog.

=> Social media:

  • Instagram has been on the rise in recent years regarding the embracement of videos.
  • You can use Extempore to create square videos about your products for your Instagram followers to keep them engaged in your brand.

Extempore Reviews:

See What People Are Saying About Extempore:









This sounds like a really cool product. So now you’ll be able to record and talk about the product at the same time and not wait to get home to upload your video to your computer and read a separate document to describe your product.
Roger Carter
Wow! This mobile app has the ability to make a local business owner appear like a film star on their commercial with their confident, smooth delivery. I can’t wait until it’s available.
Judy Haines
Ever so often, there comes a software that distinguishes itself from the pack and stands out by offering unique features that makes doing something that makes our lives as internet entrepreneurs and marketers, more efficient and beneficial to our online endeavors, this amazing App fits that bill comfortably and checks all the important boxes in providing outstanding features…..Great job Guys
Mike Matthews
I run a non profit foundation that makes a ton of videos, this program would be a game changer for us. Every once in awhile a new product comes along that leapfrogs all the other programs like it, Extempore is one of those products. Looking forward to being able to use it on a daily basis in our foundation.
Joe Lessen
I am really looking forward to this app! I think it will make my videos look more natural rather than mechanical by not looking at a teleprompter while shooting a video! I can’t wait!
Chip Thomas
I am having to change my phone from a windows to an Android Smartphone so I am very interested in your product as I create short training videos and can see the possibilities of creating them on the fly as well as answering support queries.
Tony Prodger
First impressions indicate that I will use this everyday. Go Extempore
Lin Ronald
It would be great to make really good videos while I’m out in the country side and post them straight away only using my mobile phone.
Alfred Charles Gutteridge
Great idea!! Look forward to the webinar hope you added green screen capabilities. Karthik Ramani is the software King 👑!!
Clarence Doggan
Something to be done practically by own hands and by our own smart phones. No need to trap in confusion. The Extempore App has made the all video making process quite easy. We can create pro-quality videos on demand using this app. And have no need to arrange for any expensive Studio Equipment or Video Equipment in first. This App enables us getting rid of both these two expenditures. I think it is a great revolution video/film life.
Syed Aliali
I could see where this app could help me generate some cool buzz about about any product or service I choose to promote.., if you are enthusiastic about your offer and your message is on target it’s a no brainer. Karthik and team always brings it to the table, I am excited guys, great timing and market insight, way to go.
Paul Edward
What an amazing idea! Looking forward to Extempore to go live!
Nimrod Elissar
Teleprompter built in.. fantastic idea for doing a video app that does this.. simple idea but very helpful..
Jeff Bull
This app sounds perfect as an aid to deliver great training via video lives in Facebook and YouTube and all from my phone. Excellent idea and just what’s I have been looking for.
Gareth Thomas
After seeing intro video can say that till now we use to create quality video via laptop or desktop but now with extempore we would be able to create such quality videos with mobile itself, which I can say would be revolutionary.looking forward to use it.thanks
Vivek Kumar
Your team is the one that really knows what the market needs. This tool is what am looking for to get my business to the next level. Thank you very much.
Gley Yahya
I’m excited to find out more about the Extempore app because I can do the recording, editing, and publishing all from the app. Usually this would take multiple tools which can get overwhelming for me.
Dawn Perkins
Great to get this invitation to your webinar on Extempore. For a Technophobe like me Extempore sounds like its a god-send! I’m also glad your videos were short, precise and to the point! Thank you. Can’t wait to attend the webinar and know more about this magical app! See you there.
Fatmatta Boie-Kamara
I have only recently started to dip my toe into smartphone video production. Seriously looking forward to the release of this product to simplify that process.
John Webber
I’ve been hesitant before to create more personalized videos because I don’t have a teleprompter. This has “smoothen” (is that even a word?) the way for anyone to be more comfortable producing videos. Great work on producing a much needed product. Can’t wait to use it.
Margie Zambrana
Looking forward to Extempore. Karthik Ramani & team always develop awesome product.
Daphne To
It’s an amazing product that will help me a lot in my business. I’m looking forward to using Extempore.
Abderrahim Bouideriane
It’s just what I’ve been looking for! I’m ready to start recording, but have been held back for lack of teleprompter. Already have my mic, tripod, special iPhone holder, etc–just need teleprompter. I like that you’ve engineered it to run and record simultaneously. Thanks!
Ilene Dillon
Great Idea to make Video production easier 🙂
Erik Schäfer
This is something that I’ve been looking for and using MANY different apps to make this work, so I’m excited to see this in action
Clif E. Mays
Very exciting! Great to be able to limit the amount of technology needed or to have to manage. Todd you always come up with the best products to make life easier!
Joy Schechter
This will be perfect for getting video testimonials from clients who have a hard time on camera and aren’t sure what to say.
Al Esquivel
Anything that come from Karthik Ramani is solid. I purchased some his funnels and I have no complains. I was looking to use a teleprompter on my phone and this is the product that is going to help do more professional videos. Thanks Karthik for this great app.
Rolando Vargas
I am very familiar with Karthick and his team. He produces Quality Products and is on top of any Customer Service that may come up. He does not Produce something Sell it and move on, he takes care of his customers so that they stay with him because he is a caring and attentive Producer! If you have suggestions for one of his Products and you let the support team know they will Listen. I put my trust in him and have not been disappointed.
Thomas Morrits
Karthik and the Jargon developers created an outstanding product in the Extempore app. It gives me the opportunity to create professional looking videos easily from my smart phone. Love it!
Sorina Durante
Teleprompter for my smart phone?? This would save me so much time. I want one!
Gary Simmons
OMG, a teleprompter? That is a game changer for our industry, and especially for me now that I’ve decided to start “sharing my knowledge” via video to create audiences for myself and my clients, as well as two specific internal projects! The timing could not be more perfect, Karthik!!
I’ve even written this BEFORE I’ve even signed up for your webby…haha! Always love your products and your support team (hello Krish!!)!
Look forward to having this in my arsenal soon!
Ross M. Brezovar
I have had a chance to take a look at all the details from the 3 videos and seems like a game changer – I working in the indie music space and thousands of artist need access to simple ways to produce promo videos for their upcoming gigs tours and releases this will be so cool
Paul K Saunders
Seriously, its 2019 and this is the first of its kind, an App for your phone. Brilliant. Can’t wait…!!!
Jonny Lightfoot
That type of app/tool would be very helpful for weekly interviews with clients to promote their businesses
Jim Loesch
For a long time, I have had an idea for an app that would REALLY be useful. One that is both a teleprompter and a video camera in one. Extempore is EXACTLY what I had in mind. Awesome product.
Ray Lane
Just what was missing, to create a high quality video from your smartphone, because it is what you have at hand and you can capture the everyday life in which you live and also earn extra money. Extempore the solution, take advantage, do not let it pass
Humberto Angel
Karthik and Team – I have just checked out the demo app and was simply blown away. Being able to create high quality videos on the go and straight from your smartphone – now that is what I call a breakthrough. I am convinced this is will be a big hit. Cannot wait to share the good news!
Sarwan Sumon
My clinical partrner and I transport patient 12 hours a on busy London broads. It is very exciting made even more valuable by having the opportunity to make videos from my smart phone while entertaining and caring for my patients on the journey. Brilliant!
Victor Odiatu
Karthik Ramani and all the Jargon Handlers team rock!! They always develop great products and I am sure Extempore will also be a success!!
Jose Ramon Diaz Serrano

This sounds like a game changer in so many ways. The thing I am most excited to see is the teleprompter feature. This will solve the biggest issue I have which is Keeping my focus on the camera. Very excited to see all the other features as well.
Johnny Carcioppolo
Yes, Karthik & Team develop amazing software! I’m excited to use Extempore!!!
Edward Guardino
My go to guys for state of the art marketing technologies. Extempore is another tool that will separate me from my competition!!!
Ed Harris
Extempore is incredible! This groundbreaking software is exactly what I have been waiting for to perfect my videos and broadcasts!!!
Dave Hobley
Video is really big these days & growing. We all need to use it to increase our visibility & build our know, like & trust factors.
One of the biggest problems people experience, when making videos, is to remember what they want to say. This fear stops many people from embracing video to market their products & services.
A teleprompter on your phone is the perfect solution & will allow the presenter to appear more confident & polished. Extempore is the solution I’ve been seeking. I can’t wait to try it & tell my Facebook Group of women entrepreneurs about it. I’ll be adding it to my resource list in my program for women entrepreneurs. This will be a game changer for entrepreneurs who don’t want to pay a fortune to professionals for their videos.
Denise Edelstein

Extempore OTO OR Upsells:


=>Check Extempore OTO Links Here<=


OTO#1: Extempore Pro ($67)

You can unlock more features with Extempore by upgrading to the Pro version….

Here are extra features you can unlock with Extempore Pro:

[+] Branding your videos:

  • With Extempore Pro, you will be able to unlock the branding feature to help you become a powerful influencer in your niche as well as the spokesperson of your brand.
  • You can add your logo and brand name to your videos to boost your brand presence.

[+] Additional stories:

  • With standard version, you are only able to create 10 stories at the same time, but now with a pro, you can manage an additional 15 stories bringing the total to 25 stories at any time.

[+] Add lower thirds and video captions:

  • With Extempore Pro, you can add lower thirds and captions to your videos to help add context to them. There are a variety of captions and lower thirds you can choose from. Pick the type of text and format you want.

[+] Teleprompter mode:

  • You can shoot videos using this mode with Extempore Pro.

[+] Other features:

  • Ability to add background music to your videos by selecting audio of your choice
  • Faster rendering to help you save more time and create videos fast
  • Shoot videos with different backgrounds; you get to remove the green screen background and replace it with amazing background choices.

OTO#2: Agency Version ($97)

To help you get more clients and generate more revenue, you are given access to pre-written converting scripts that will get you up and running when running a video agency business…..
  • Extempore Agency allows you to work with global clients.
  • You can work with clients who are scattered all over the world.
  • With this upgrade, you can manage up to 25 clients at the same time.
  • This means that you will be able to run a video marketing agency easily and manage all your clients from one easy to use dashboard.

For more information about this upgrade, here are a few FAQs:

Q1: What is the purpose of this upgrade?

  • With this upgrade, you will have rights to offer video creation services to other people using Extempore. You can charge whatever price you want for the videos you create and keep all the profits.

Q2: How do I use this upgrade?

  • You just create and edit videos for your clients, then download and send the videos to them.
  • You can also have them shoot videos themselves while you do the advanced editing to make them look professional and interesting.

Q3: What version will my clients have?

  • If you have a commercial version of this software, the clients you allocate slots to will also enjoy the same version except that they will only access the stories you have assigned them.

Q4: How many clients can I manage?

  • You can add up to 25 different clients.

Q5: How many stories can my client create?

  • It is not possible for your clients to create new stories; they can only see and work on the ones you have assigned them.

This is an upgrade you need if you want to become a video agency.

OTO#3: Reseller Rights ($247 OR $397)

My Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of Extempore?

Extempore saves you the cost of buying expensive video cameras and software for making videos.

With it, you can create quality videos with your phone and share them with friends on social media and WhatsApp easily.

If you want to create videos for your Instagram followers, Facebook friends, YouTube viewers, or for your website, Extempore offers you that opportunity.

Download this app today and begin recording great videos.

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Thanks a lot For Reading My Extempore Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 🙂

4 thoughts on “Extempore Review + BEST BONUS + Discount- Create Highly Engaging & Profitable Videos Sales Letters, Video Ads, Square Videos For Instagram & spokesperson videos From Your Smartphone In Minutes!”

  1. John- your review was thorough. One thing that compelled me to purchase through your link was your bonus package.

    I’m looking forward to using several of the bonus video elements (the backgrounds and the background music tracks, among others) that are part of your bonuses.

    I compared your offer with several others and chose yours due to HOW RELEVANT the bonuses seemed with respect to my use of Extempore.

    I don’t make too many of these sofwtare purchases. But if i do again, I’ll check to see if you’ve done a review on the product- would believe you’d deliver value with the review and the associated bonus pack once again.

    Regards, William

  2. I have everything beginning through Agency. Clients can do their own video presentations, being on camera or showing off their business. They can easily edit, add a caption or lower third, and music. They can have their customers do testimonials on the spot.

    Google loves videos, and this is so easy. John quickly got back to me to answer a question. I’ll be watching all his reviews from now on. Art Derfall

  3. John’s reviews are well thought out
    The Bonuses are relating to the products purchased
    He is always helpful with quick reply and useful
    Thanks John


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