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Reddule Review Plus Best Reddule Bonus Offer


 In case you are looking for a detailed Reddule Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of Reddule software to discover everything about it, It’s features, Reddule OTO details and how this revolutionary Reddit marketing software will Enable You To Get 100% FREE Targeted Traffic + Hot Leads From Reddit!


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Reddule Review

Reddule Overview:

Creator: Ben Murray
Date Of Launch: 2018-06-14
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Is The Creator Of Reddule?

Ben Murray is a well known name in the field of online marketing who has Developed many successful marketing tools such as Vidmonial, Alterzon, Fruitphul and many more successful digital product launches..

What Is The Main Idea Behind Reddule?

If you are in marketing, you know how important traffic is when it comes to the growth of your business. If it lacks, no matter how hard you try, your business has no life.

However, even after knowing this, the process of generating massive traffic to your site is a lot more complicated as you will need to master SEO techniques for your site to rank high, marketing strategies to reach out to many people, and list building to gather a ready audience.

In other words, you need to be an expert to draw quality traffic in a short time.

But this is about to change thanks to the Reddule software..….

This brand new software application was launched to save you from the hassles of getting traffic for your site.

Reddule is an all-inclusive application that helps you get targeted traffic from Reddit.

To give you a short background of Reddit, it is an American social news, discussion, and web content rating website whereby registered members submit content to this site in the form of text posts, images, and links.

This content is voted up or down by other Reddit members.

Posts are categorized and organized into boards called subreddits, which cover various topics including movies, music, news, books, food, fitness, video games, science, and image-sharing.

Content with more upvotes appears top of the sub-reddits. If they gather enough votes, the submission will appear on site’s front page.

Reddit administrators try all their best to reduce harassment and moderate this site.

As of February 2018, Reddit had over 542 million monthly visitors (234 million new users, thereby ranking as the 3rd most visited website in the US and 6th in the world.

It has a 57.4% of its users from the US, followed by 7.5% from the UK and 6.3% from Canada.

In 2015, Reddit saw 73.15 million submissions, 82.54 billion page views, 6.89 billion up-votes and 728.85 million comments.

Reddit is such a great social network that can help you get massive traffic.

This explains why many website owners have been striving to earn a part of this traffic, with most of the people failing at this.

That’s why Reddule was created to solve this problem and help you harness the traffic potential of Reddit.

If you want to learn more about this software, here is my Reddule Review;

So, What Is Reddule?

It is unique, in fact, one of its kind, all-in-one solution for getting passive leads and traffic from Reddit while at the same time protecting your user’s reputation on this platform.

It consists of Reddule Traffic Training system which walks you through a systematic method of leveraging Reddit success.

This is based on real-world results, as well as Reddule Cloud App that will help you automate what you will learn in training.

This cloud-based software can help you track keywords and notify you when there is massive traffic on the site so that you can submit your content for maximum traffic exposure.

It helps you create posting schedules and tell you the best time to post.

This software also does Karma tracking and growth and so much more.

It was created by Ben Murray, a masterful expert in the digital marketing field.

He has created other renowned products and software including Vidmonial, Multistore Builder, SociVideo Jukebox, and ConjureGram among others.

==> See The Power Of Reddule (Reddule Review Video)<== 

How Does Reddule Work?

==> Reddule Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==

What You Will Get With Reddule:

Reddule is an all-inclusive solution for helping you get targeted traffic and leads from Reddit.

It is divided into two parts;

1.Reddule Traffic Training System:

  • This will help know how to use this software on Reddit. It Includes a detailed 9 modules videos on how to get the best out of Reddit.
  • Among the things covered in this videos include proven Reddit formula, how to go viral on Reddit with video, avoiding the spam trap on Reddit, automated traffic tricks, and much more.

2.Reddule Cloud App:

  • Re ddule is the first software to help automate leads and traffic from Reddit while using Reddit API.
  • This app provides Karma analytics, keyword alerts, and many other useful features that help users get results.

Reddule Features:

[+] You Will Receive Reddit Keyword Alerts and Email Notifications to Drive Traffic:

  • Re ddule will go through comments and threads on multiple sub-reddits for common keywords and notify you via email when these keywords are posted.
  • You can instantly reply to the comment or thread with a link to your keyword-related content for a quick gain of traffic.

[+] Notifies you the time with the most traffic:

  • In every sub-Reddit that you enter, Re ddule will instantly tell the days of the week and times you need to post so as to enjoy the most traffic with fewer efforts.
  • Experts in Reddit know that each sub-Reddit has its specific time that most of its users come online. This is the time you need to post your content.

[+] It will help you schedule links and posts:

  • You can build scheduling of link posts, text posts, or video posts to any sub-Reddit that you want as well as email reminders when it comes to the optimal time to post.

[+] Find and schedule viral videos:

  • You can combine the power of a viral video and world’s most terrific network to drive traffic, build up your Reddit Karma and much more.

[+] Build and track comment Karma:

  • Reddule helps you ensure your Reddit Karma is high all the times so that your scheduled videos and posts are guaranteed to get a lot of views and few down-votes.

[+] Sort posts:

  • With Re ddule, you can create an archive using Re ddule browser extension of popular posts, sub-Reddits, users, comments, and more.
  • This will ensure you have a fresh list of viral content to post at all time.

[+] Reddule Browser Extension:

  • In one click, you can send back proven ideas that have been received well on Reddit back to Re ddule for you to re-model and tailor them as per your sub-Reddit user’s needs.

[+] Research on unsaturated subreddits:

  • Re ddule helps you track and analyze unsaturated and most relevant sub-Reddits in your niche.

[+] It allows one to add multiple accounts and a commercial license for Reddit:

  • Re ddule is perfect for niche marketing as it can help you create accounts for different niches to reach out to different audiences.
  • It will help you create and manage all your Reddit accounts.


Q1: What am I getting after purchasing Reddule today?

  • If you purchase the commercial license to Re ddule, you will get access to traffic training and access to version 1.0 of Re ddule Cloud App with all features outlined on the official website page.
  • With this license, you will be able to research 2000 trending videos every month, schedule 1000 posts per month, run five keyword tracking campaigns simultaneously, and store 500 sub-Reddit ideas in your archive section.
  • With a personal license, you will be given access to Re ddule cloud app, but you can only use it on your personal Reddit account to schedule 400 posts every month, run three keyword campaign simultaneously, and research 1000 trending videos every month.

Q2: Does this software post content for me automatically?

  • Reddule helps you save time by building content schedules of text posts, link posts, and videos.
  • It also set reminders on when to post.
  • You will need to login to your Reddit account to post manually.

Q3: Does it work on MAC or PC?

  • It is a cloud-based app, and this will work on any device.
  • You can access it from anywhere in the world using any device, as long as you have internet.

Q4: Is there money back guarantee?

  • Yes. Re ddule comes with a 30-day money back policy making it risk-free.
  • If you try it and fails to appeal to you, you can ask for a refund.

Q5: Is there training, support, o monthly fees?

  • Re ddule is simple to use, but there are detailed training videos included that will help you get results.
  • There is also a Reddule Traffic Training course that has entire training on how you can succeed with Reddit.
  • There are no monthly charges.

Reddule Reviews:

See What People Are Saying About this powerful new complete Reddit marketing software & The creator’s others tools:

Reddule Reviews

Reddule Results:

Reddule Results

Reddule OTO OR Upsells:

OTO#1: Platinum Version ($49)

With Reddule Platinum:

  • You will be able to Unlock as many videos to post as you like. With the FE, You can unlock 2000 trending videos monthly for commercial license.
  • You can Unlock as many subreddit ideas as you want for your personal use and for your clients as well. With The FE, You can unlock only 500.
  • You will be able you to Add extra Reddule Accounts.
  • You will get Team PLUS Outsourcer License.
  • And more.

OTO#2: Agency Reseller ($67)

With This oto, Ben Will give you the agency license to sell Re ddule software for your online and offline clients while pocketing all the profits….

OTO#3: Special ($37)

How would you like to generate 244 highly targeted leads for your business in just one day and the best part? you don’t have to spend even a single dollar to generate that…

In fact, Harshal Jadhav spent exactly zero dollar to generate these leads.

When you want to buy something online or offline, you start looking for all sorts of things like social proof, testimonials, reviews and what is better, if it comes from one of your friends all related, you obviously feel much better about that buying decision you are able to make so Harshal and his team put their marketing heads together and along with Rohan’s development team, they went ahead and created this offer for their personal use which was based completely on this viral marketing theory.

As you know, the future of communication is mobile devices so they decided that they will take this to a new level.

After all, 56% of the traffic is driven by mobile devices when compared to only 44% that’s driven by desktop devices so they ensured that their viral marketing system caters to mobile devices as well.

They make sure that they harness the power of mobile messaging apps like whatsapp, Line, WeChat, Telegram and more.


With, you can clone any type of viral campaigns be it: Viral giveaways, viral contest, viral launches or you can even give away coupon codes to your customers and prospects who visit your website so that you can make most out of their visit to your website.

OTO#4: VidViral Special ($19)

Have you ever tried to get traffic, build a list or make sales by uploading videos to social media only to find yourself spinning your wheels and struggling to get results? Yes! you’re not alone.

Recent studies shows FB users watch over 8 billion videos daily…that’s a ton of videos.

Although there’s no question social media marketing with video is a massive opportunity to get free traffic in 2018 and beyond, actually getting that traffic flowing is much easier said than done.

Here’s why… there are big problems with getting traffic on social media leveraging the power of videos…

Because of these problems, millions of videos uploaded to social media never get the attention they deserve.

Good news is, there’s a solution!

In fact, some of the world’s biggest brands and top marketers online have been using this powerful solution for the last several months.

No doubt…if you spend any time on Facebook or other social media networks like snapchat, Instagram, whatsapp, FB and more, you’ve seen it yourself and wondered how they were doing it.

Here’s what they’re doing: they’re adding headers and footers to the videos to Produce PRO, attention grabbing video memes.

We’ve seen these videos around and they’re taking social media by storm. Till now, you need expensive video editing Tool to add these headers and footers to your videos and a pretty solid computer with lots of memory for rendering the videos quickly, but all that changes today.


VidViral is a brand new traffic video tool that converts any video online into a traffic making machine by quickly adding that eye-catching header or footer you see on the top of the video memes online.

With VidViral, You can source videos from Amazon s3, YouTube, Vimeo, dailymotion, videos on your PC or on your mobile so you can quickly find videos, edit them and use them for tons of traffic.

You don’t even need to create your own videos, if you don’t want to.

With VidViral, It is point-and-click easy to add anything you want to any video….doing this used to take some serious video editing skills, but not anymore.

Reddule Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of Reddule?

If you’ve been struggling to get consistent targeted traffic and leads and it seems like everything you try is way oversaturated then, Reddule will be your highly recommended tool.

Reddule is a software I can recommend to anyone who would like to get more traffic from Reddit.

You have a 30-day trial period because of the money back guarantee, and you can use that period to test if it will work for you. There are videos on how to succeed with Reddit as well.

Hopefully, after reading my Reddule review, you have learned more about it, and you are in a position to make an enlightened and informed purchase decision.

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Thanks a lot For Reading My Reddule Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 🙂

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