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 In case you are looking for a detailed Recastly Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of Recastly software to discover everything about it, It’s features, Recastly OTO details and how This brand new Web-based solution will put the power of video profits in your hands…..


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Recastly Review

Recastly Overview:

Creator: Sam Bakker
Date Of Launch: 2018-01-17
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EST
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Official site:
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Is The Creator Of Recastly?

Sam Bakker is the man behind Recastly.

He is a well known name in the field of online marketing who has created many successful internet marketing products and software such as Software Launch System, Outsourcing Mastery, Funnel Secrets and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind Recastly?

Recastly Features


=> Standard Non-Optimized Video with No Subtitles <

=> Optimized Video With Subtitles <



1.Many marketers aren’t aware of the incredible traffic & conversion boosting effects of captions & voiceovers:

  • So they continue to throw time & money into flashy special effects, not realizing the shortcut to profits is incredibly simple.

2.Existing tools to transcribe your videos are limited & often ineffective:

  • YouTube has a subtitle creator, but the accuracy is sketchy. You’ll often spend more time editing than you do selling.
  • Obviously, YT captions don’t work for videos you upload to FB … so you need ANOTHER tool to do that.
  • And creating hardcoded subtitles – the ones that show up everytime on any device – is VERY time consuming and challenging.

3.Current subtitle softwares can actually HURT conversions:

  • Most subtitles appear as multiple lines of text, which can “give away” a surprise or special offer that hasn’t yet appeared visually in your video. This leads to a higher drop-off rate and can actually lower conversions.

4.Hiring a voiceover specialist is EXPENSIVE:

  • And beyond the budget of most marketers. Expect to pay hundreds even for extremely short videos. BUT THE TRAFFIC & CONVERSION BENEFITS ARE TOO BIG TO IGNORE!

Here Comes Recastly…..

So, What Is Recastly?

Get results like these INSTANTLY, from every single video you have now … and release in the future!


  • Expensive softwares, flashy tools and the time it takes to figure them out
  • Anything more than your smartphone or free screen-recording software to create videos that pull in consistent profits
  • ANY budget for video creators or professional voiceover specialists

Simply put, if you want to actually MAKE money with videoInstead of PAYING more & more to create videos that don’t make sales …

THIS is the solution…

==> See The Power Of Recastly (Recastly Review Video)<==

How Does Recastly Software Work?

==> Recastly Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<== 

Video Profits In 4 Short Steps With Recastly:

Recastly Software

Recastly Features:

Recastly is the World’s 1st & EASIEST Software For Maximizing Your Traffic & Profits From ANY Video:

[+] Get More Traffic, WITHOUT Creating More Videos:

  • Add subtitles to your videos and they’ll STAND OUT and grab attention on social media.Transcribe any video into ANY language and reach audiences in foreign countries …literally 10X your traffic to every video.
  • Create UNLIMITED variations of ANY video in minutes … post across multiple YouTube channels and social media accounts to attract targeted audiences in any niche, country or language.

[+] Rank Higher For 100% Free Google Traffic:

  • Search engines love videos with subtitles … because their bots can crawl your content and the result is higher ranking and more free traffic.
  • Recastly lets you CUSTOMIZE your subtitles to include relevant keywords & phrases you want to rank for … meaning even more TARGETED traffic, free of charge.

[+] Industry Leading Transcription Accuracy:

  • The whole point of adding subtitles is to send a CLEAR message … but existing tools often turn your video into garbled nonsense no one can understand.
  • Recastly’s technology delivers you subtitles at over 90% accuracy so your message is clearly received – and you can edit any subtitle line by line.

[+] Keep Your Viewers GLUED To The Screen:

  • Recastly’s unique “word-by-word” subtitles don’t reveal q of your video’s offers until YOU want viewers to see them.
  • In multiple tests this technology has proven to increase engagement and maximize watch time … so more people act on your offers, and you make more money.

[+] Skyrocket Conversions With Fixed Calls To Action On ANY Video:

  • Recastly lets you add customisable text blocks to the top & bottom of your videos that appear THROUGHOUT playback. Users won’t be able to resist your calls-to-action and you’ll get a massive increase in clicks & sales.

[+] Convert More Buyers In ANY Language:

  • Recastly’s voiceovers leverage Amazon Polly – the world’s most advanced automated voice over technology. You get natural sounding human voices in over 50 languages and 20+ accents. Now you can take a single video and use it to make GLOBAL sales by speaking to customers in their language … automatically.

Just how effective is this automated voice over technology?

UNLIMITED Ways To Profit With Recastly:

Customize Any Video And Offer For ANY Audience:

=> Modify Any Transcript Or Subtitle, Line By Line:

  • Want to add your name, a product title, or a certain traffic-driving keyword? Point & click simple inside the dashboard … and get a live preview of how it’ll appear before you publish.

=> Stunning Videos That Stand Out Every Time:

  • Choose from multiple, professional subtitle templates that give your videos a studioqualitylook that make users stop, watch and click. Each template renders perfectly onsocial media, YouTube & mobile.

=> Customized Voiceovers – You Have 100% Control:

  • Want your automated voiceovers to read a certain section slower, faster, louder orquieter? Adjust all of these as well as pitch and inflection – PERFECT to increase conversions on your calls to action. With Recastly, YOU’RE the director and what youwant is what you get.

=> Timestamps: Turn Your Videos Into Highlight Reels & Sell Even More:

  • Every time Recastly makes subtitles for your videos, it creates timestamps of eachsection. Now you can simply copy & paste these into a new video to highlight ANYTHING you want: a new product lineup, customer testimonials, or more. PERFECT for review & sales videos, podcasts and driving traffic to eCom stores.

=> Branding Built-In:

  • Add a logo watermark to your videos that – like the fixed texts – remains in place duringplayback. This is a PROVEN way to build brand recognition – now you can do it withevery video.

=> GRAB Attention & Steal Traffic On Social And Mobile:

  • Recastly lets you customize your video appearance to maximize conversions on socialmedia, YouTube, mobile & your own sites.
  • Simply drag and drop your subtitles & watermarks ANYWHERE you want to get the highest conversions from any audience.

=> Increase Sales With The Personal Touch:

  • The voiceover tech included with Recastly is the most advanced in the industry.But sometimes, you may want a live human voiceover.
  • So we’ve made a unique deal with to get you live human voiceovers any timeyou want … for a fraction of their normal rates.
  • Any language, any accent – provided bythe most respected transcription service on the market. You can order these live voiceovers right inside your dashboard and enjoy a turnaroundin less than 24 hours.

We’re Offering You The Easiest & Fastest Way To Make It Happen With The World’s 1st & EASIEST Way To Monetize ANY Video You Create


=>Special Recastly Unlimited Fast Action Bonuses<=

FAB#1: 3 LIVE Webinars

  • We’ll personally show you how to maximize profit with video, including traffic tips & how to leverage subtitles and voiceovers to increase conversions

FAB#2: Social Media Traffic Guide

  • Discover how to get YOUR videos to stand out in the news feed, maximize organic reach AND increase ROI when using paid video ads

“Recastly Reviews” see what users are saying about Recastly:

Recastly Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q1: Are there any limitations with Recastly?

  • Answer: No – you can create unlimited subtitles and voiceovers for unlimited videos with the software. Customize the appearance, language and layout of as many videos as you like.Meaning you can effectively turn any single video into as many variations as you want, and enjoy ALL the traffic those variations bring.
  • The only limitation you will have with Recastly Front End License is the video length cannot exceed more than 10 minutes of length however if you want to use Recastly to subtitle longer videos then we do have upgrades for that with no limits on video length.

Q2: How Accurate Are Translated Subtitles?

  • Answer: Recastly generates and translates your subtitles in any language. We use Google’s APIs to do this and these are still computer generated translations so they cannot be 100% accurate. However, they are pretty accurate.
  • But if you want translations done by humans who speaks the language natievel, we do offer an professional Translation services for nominal fees as well.

Q3: Is Training Included?

  • Answer: Absolutely! In addition to the 3 LIVE bonus training webinars, you’ll be able to access specific video tutorials right inside your Recastly dashboard.
  • Recastly software is incredibly easy to use, but to make it even easier we’ve included over the shoulder training videos for each step.

Q4: How Long Will It Take For My Subtitles & Voiceovers To Render?

  • Answer: That’ll depend on the length of each video, but our dedicated servers are lightning fast. You’ll never wait more than a few minutes to get BOTH subtitles and auto-generated voiceovers for any video.

Q5: Will Recastly work on my Mac?

  • Answer: 100% – this is a cloud-based software that works on any operating device. Customize your videos from any platform, anytime you want.


Today, on this page … you can get EVERYTHING for a highly discounted, one-timefee.And because we’re so confident in the results this software delivers, we’re happy tooffer you this hassle-free guarantee:

Grab your Recastly license now completely risk-free. Your investment is covered by our no-hassles, money back guarantee. Use the software for 30 full days.

Create subtitles and voiceovers for your existing and new videos … and get an instant increase in traffic, conversions, and profits. See how easy it is to tap into foreign markets, get more free Google traffic, and in general make more money from EVERY video you release.

In the highly unlikely event you don’t feel Recastly lives up to every claim on this page, just let us know. Our dedicated support team will work with you to find a solution … but if you’re still not satisfied, we’ll refund 100% of your low investment. Doesn’t get more fair than that.

Recastly OTO:

OTO#1: Recastly PRO:

You can choose from 2 Licenses the License that suits you:

[+] Recastly Pro Monthly: $27/Month

[+] Recastly Pro Yearly: $97/Year

  • Ability to Upload Videos Longer Than 10 Minutes
  • 5 Additional Templates
  • 5 Templates Added Each Month To Your Account
  • Ability To Turn Off Recastly Branding
  • Download Videos In As It Is Resolution (Even 4k)
  • Download Never Expires


  • No Limit On Video Length


  • Download Videos In Same Resolution (Including 4k)


  • NO Expiry On Your Downloads

[+] High Converting 5 Templates Per Month:

  • More Templates Added To Your Account Each Month

Your standard Recastly license lets you use the software for videos up to X minutes long. Great for branding, list building & promoting entry level products.

But when it comes to making serious money …Longer videos do the serious selling.

Webinars & live broadcasts are THE best formats for converting mid to high ticket offers.

As a Recastly Pro member, you can add subtitles and voiceovers to ANY video, no matter how long … and no matter who made it.

Got a webinar promoting your own high end product? Great.

Found a top-converting webinar for an affiliate offer where all the work’s done for you? Awesome.

Because now you can:

  • Create MULTIPLE high-end profit streams by repurposing webinars & recorded streams…tap into global & mobile audiences that until now were unreachable
  • Drive serious buyers from AROUND THE WORLD to your best premium offers

There’s a MAJOR traffic advantage to using Recastly on longer videos

Longer transcriptions give search engines MORE content to crawl …So you can rank even higher.

PLUS you can target more long tail buyer keywords in your subtitles …and reach audiences your competition can’t.


  • A powerful Recastly feature is the starter pack of subtitle templates. These give your videos a professional look and help them stand out, especially on social media.
  • Here’s the thing. You’ll soon find your Recastly videos are so successful, you’re going to want MORE variety to make sure ALL of your video promos get maximum attention, clicks and conversions.
  • As a Pro member, you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to our complete library of subtitle AND 3D subtitle templates (over 3 in total).
  • Each tested across multiple platforms and proven to increase views & engagement.
  • You have FULL control of where you position these subtitle templates on ANY video …so you can create an OPTIMAL viewing experience that drives more clicks and profits every time


  • Future proofing your income means always being different, and doing things other marketers aren’t.
  • As a Pro member, you’ll get 5 incredible new subtitle templates delivered to your dashboard monthly.
  • So you’ll ALWAYS have videos with a unique look, that stand out across social and mobile platforms.
  • While your competitors are wondering why their videos are getting less action …You’ll be effortlessly driving more traffic, views, clicks and sales.


  • Quality counts, especially in video. With today’s display technology, video resolution is an INCREDIBLY big deal.
  • It’s why Star Wars movie trailers get so many views – the visual effects at these resolutions are incredible and GRAB attention from start to finish.
  • As a Recastly Pro member, you can download videos in FULL resolution – even 4K -straight to your dashboard. Add your subtitles & render complete versions in the same high quality formats…
  • You get STUDIO quality videos that stand head and shoulders above the competition.
  • Now YOU get to be the marketer that stops people in their tracks.


  • The whole “know, like and trust” thing explains a lot about buyer behaviour.
  • And it all starts with being known.
  • As a Pro member, you can remove Recastly branding from your videos for a clean look …


  • Use the included watermark feature to add your company logos to your videos …
  • Now every promotion builds your brand & adds to YOUR authority.

Consider that viewers retain 95% of a message when they see it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in a text … and you know why video branding is a BIG DEAL.


Before long, you’re going to have a LOT of Recastly video campaigns up and running.

As a smart marketer, you’re going to want to access these quickly:

  • To scale winning campaigns and create new variations for new markets
  • To update calls to action, subtitle templates and more to optimize conversions
  • You could try to store ALL these videos yourself
  • Then waste time trying to find a specific video everytime you need to make a change …Or, let us handle it for you. As a Pro member, ALL your videos will FOREVER be stored on our cloud servers …Instantly available in your dash …So you can scale and optimize campaigns in SECONDS.

OTO#2: Recastly Agency:

As a new Recastly member, we’ve created a solution that gets YOU paid for helping an unlimited audience.

This is the 1st ever launch of Recastly, and shortly the price will jump to $197 per month.
What happens to all the business owners that aren’t aware of this solution?
How about the companies looking for someone to manage their video marketing needs?

They need help too, which is why we’re introducing Recastly – Client Edition

Your Recastly Client Edition license lets you offer video SOLUTIONS to as many marketers or businesses as you choose …

  • You keep 100% of the profits
  • And pay NOTHING for software development or marketing materials

PLUS you can rebrand & customize Recastly with your own logo and sell accounts to others.

2 Brand New Income Streams … INSTANTLY

EFFECTIVE video marketing is something businesses really need.

Ask owners of any company if they could use more traffic, exposure and sales … and what do they say?

“Where do I sign?”

Business owners and independent marketers are always looking to get ahead.

To cut costs while increasing revenues.

When you can deliver more traffic, higher conversions & more reach across both social AND mobile platforms … you call the shots.

So we’re giving you TWO ways to cash in with Recastly – Client Edition:

#1: Hands-Free Recurring Monthly Income

This is like having your own software for sale, with none of the hassles.

Simply charge clients for access to their own version of Recastly … we suggest $97 per month, but you can set your own price.

Recastly Client Edition lets you customize & rebrand the software

So it looks like your very own software solution:

  • Upload your own logo to the login page that clients see
  • Use your logo on all emails we send to clients on your behalf when downloads are ready
  • Update the included training videos with your own branding
  • Use your own domain for the login page so customers only ever see your business name & branding
  • Even edit and add your own support URL for the personal touch

Scenario 1. Sign up just 5 clients to make at least $485 in passive profits per month

Scenario 2. 10 clients nets you $970 in PURE monthly profit

Scenario 3. Scale up to 20 clients and you have $1970 in hands-free monthly income

#2 – Job-Replacing Monthly Profits

Business owners and marketers are BUSY.

Many of them don’t want to invest time into doing things themselves.

With your Recastly – Customer Edition license, you can EASILY provide on-demand video services to an unlimited number of clients …And this is where the BIG money comes in.

Show prospects that you can get them more traffic, views, engagement and sales from their videos …
And it’s EASY to charge $500 per month for your service.

With Recastly, it’s simple. Just subtitle their existing videos … add voiceovers to others … and open them up to more social, mobile and global traffic.

This is “win-win” marketing and something you can be proud of. Helping others get solid results, and being paid very well to do it.

Exactly How You’re Going To Create 2 NEW Income Streams:

If you already provide services to clients, upgrading them to your video marketing services is easy. Simply decide whether you want to sell them the software, or charge them monthly to handle their video marketing.

If you don’t have clients, we’re going to show you step-by-step how to get them and profit quickly by providing Recastly services.

  • See where to find prospects … from the comfort of your computer or phone
  • How to contact prospects about your service
  • And use easy closing methods that are less about “selling” than simply sharing information – you’ll be amazed at how quickly people sign themselves up for your solution

So we’re going to give you the EXACT tools to do just that:

[+] First, you get our Recastly Sales Document:

  • This powerful doc converts your prospects into buyers.
  • It covers all the reasons why prospects can’t live without EFFECTIVE video marketing, and why your solution is the best answer.
  • This document has been researched & tested across dozens of niches … when your prospects see it, they’ll ask you how soon they can get started.
  • Feel free to rebrand it and share both in person and electronically.

[+] DFY Sales Materials

  • Any headline or statistic on our sales pages is yours to use when prospecting. We’ve spent THOUSANDS on these materials and they’re proven to convert. Turn a casual discussion over coffee into a sales pitch, just by sharing these pages to prospects.

[+] Your Complete Resource For Signing Up Customers:

  • Most businesses have certain steps they need to take before committing to a recurring payment.
  • So we’re including an “Agreement to Perform Services” that makes you look like a professional, and eliminates any barriers for business owners.
  • This binding legal document covers ALL aspects of your arrangement with clients … guaranteeing you get paid month after month.
  • Of course you can customize it to reflect your business and brand.

[+] Step-By-Step Client Attraction Mastery:

  • Copy the included, proven methods for finding clients WILLING to pay for video marketing on a monthly basis.
  • And our exact strategies for converting prospects into monthly paying clients.

OTO#3: Recastly Video Player:

You can choose from 2 Licenses the License that suits you:

[+] Recastly Player Monthly: $27/Month

[+] Recastly Player Yearly: $97/Year

  • Video Hosting
  • Ability to Retarget
  • 100% Mobile Responsive
  • Point and Click Timeline Editing
  • Viral Sharing
  • Customizable Video Settings
  • Create Unlimited Campaign
  • Works on All Pages
Legally STEAL Traffic From FB & YouTube And Turn It Into PERSONAL Profits…

Recastly Video Player turns your site visitors into profits on autopilot.

By both building your brand and presenting INSTANTLY clickable calls to action, buy buttons, lead forms and so much more … INSIDE your videos!

It’s your COMPLETELY unfair advantage for video marketing.

RVP is cloud-based so there’s nothing to install.

It lets you upload your Recastly videos from any source: YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon S3 or any 3rd party service.

Then you can turn any video into a lead and sales driving machine … with NONE of the distractions of FB or YouTube.

Here’s how:

[+] INSTANT Authority With Stunning Video Player Templates:

  • Customize colors, fonts and layouts to PERFECTLY match your brand. Create an experience viewers will ALWAYS remember and relate to you and your company.

[+] Drag and Drop Clickable Elements Anywhere On Your Videos:

  • Customize Play Buttons
  • Social Sharing Icons
  • Lead Gen Forms
  • Paypal BuyButtons
  • Call To Action Buttons
  • Countdown Timers
  • Custom Texts
  • Custom Images
  • Animations
  • All drag and drop simple with NO coding, no tech skills, no experience needed.

[+] DFY Video Hosting:

  • we’ll host ALL your videos on lightning fast servers to optimize your conversions. No bandwidth overage charges ever again … your videos will load and play INSTANTLY

[+] Retargeting Built In:

  • drop a retargeting pixel on any video so you can dramatically increase long term profits with low cost, high converting ads

[+] 100% Mobile Responsive:

  • each Recastly Video Player video renders perfectly across mobile, tablet and desktop so you can maximize profits from your audience, regardless of device

[+] Point & Click Timeline Editing:

  • easily adjust when various elements appear, and for how long, with the click of your mouse

[+] Viral Sharing:

  • include social icons for FB, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest to get the most possible views to your offers

[+] Customizable Video Settings:

  • set your videos to autoplay, show or hide video controls and much more

[+] Maximize Your Clicks:

  • easily add clickable banner images above or below your video for more conversions

[+] Built-In-Scaling:

  • your dash includes all the stats you need to scale winning campaigns and optimize the rest

[+] Universal Compatibility:

  • Recastly Video Player integrates with WordPress, HTML sites or ANY page building software you currently use

[+] Copy / Paste / Go:

  • Embedding your updated videos on your site is as simple as copy and pasting a few short lines of code

Recastly Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of Recastly?

You’ve Seen The PROFIT Power Of Adding Subtitles & Voiceovers To Your Videos

Imagine The Possibilities When You Get UNLIMITED Traffic & Higher Conversions To EVERY VIDEO:

=> Turn ANY video into a profit channel in multiple markets. Exploit social media, foreign language markets, mobile traffic & more

=> DUPLICATE your eCom stores in minutes to drive higher sales. Convert any eCom video into any language to tap into massive buyer markets UNTOUCHED by your competition.

=> Explode your affiliate, CPA & list building profits

=> 10X your exposure – and profits – simply by sharing your message with a global audience

=> Top learning platforms like Udemy already embrace video caption technology because it converts more prospective students into paying customers …

=> Increase conversions while SAVING money – no need to hire voiceover professionals, use the automated tech included for natural voiceovers that maximize profits

=> Find a review video for a product you’re promoting, customize your subtitles & language … and profit using videos made by others

You’ve seen that this technology has been completely untapped by most marketers.Getting in now gives you a huge 1st mover advantage.To get you the best possible results for moving fast … we’re offering this complete software AND bonus package at a substantial discount.

This low price will NOT last … once this limited launch closes, the price will increase significantly.As more people hear of the benefits of subtitle and voiceover technology, the demand for Recastly software will go up. And to provide quality support to all future customers, we’ll have to increase the price.

==>Recastly Special BONUS LINK<==



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4- You will receive all theses bonuses within 24 hours.

What Are My Customers Saying About My Bonuses And My Support From Previous Reviews?

=>=>Here Are All Bonuses<=<=

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How to Claim My Recastly Bonus?

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5- You will receive all theses bonuses within 24 hours.

Thanks a lot For Reading My Recastly Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 🙂

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