Power Suggest Pro Review & Bonuses – New Research and Market Tool

If you are searching for a honest Power Suggest Pro Review, you have come to the right place. I wrote full Review of Power Suggest Pro to get Full Picture of it, its features and how this new software will enable you to find profitable and low competitive keywords and niches.

Power Suggest Pro Review

Power Suggest Pro Overview:

Creator         : Ted Chen
Release Date: 2014-10-14
Niche             : SEO & Software
Price              :
Refund          :
60 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support        :
Fast Response.
Official site: http://www.powersuggestpro.com/
Bonuses      : Yes, My Special Bonuses
Recommended      :
Skill Level Needed:
All Levels

What Is Power Suggest Pro?

Power Suggest Pro is a new Research and Market Tool that will enable you to find low competitive (easy to rank) niches and keywords that you can build your site a round.

What Are Power Suggest Pro Features?

  • You will be able to discover product ideas and profitable niches, markets and also the sub – niches you can find and target in a single niche.
  • You will be able to find long tail keywords that have low competition.

The importance of long tail keywords is increasing day after day as search engines are gradually changing their focus to the meaning of an entire query that users are typing instead of individual words and this software will enable you to get many long tail keywords.

  • Discover new ideas from the pain points of people

You will know pains, needs, desires of people in a specific niche your want to target so that you can build your site around how to solve these pains points and target needs and desires for the people of the niche you want to target.

  • You will know how to find services and products that your targeted audience are interested in and ready to buy.
  • Extract suggested high quality targeted keywords from 6 main search engines

Power Suggest Pro Uses live keyword suggestions data from different high authority search engines such as YouTube, Google, yahoo, Amazon, Bing and EBay that means you will get traffic not just from Google, but also from the other 5 search engines.

For ex: You can get ideas for video content by typing your targeted keyword and choosing to extract keywords from YouTube search engine.

  • over 150 search ideas built in feature

This Feature will enable you to  generate unlimited content ideas, save your time that you waste to think about the content you will write for your website as you will get detailed, related and up to date keywords that users are typing in the 6 search engines so that you can write your articles about exactly what users are searching for.

  • You can choose from (>210 countries) the country you want to target your keyword search.
  • You will have the ability to search for your targeted keywords in more than 15 main languages.

This feature will give you the keywords that show you pains, needs and desires of the people in the specific country you choose.

  • You can get a list of popular hashtags on social networks such as Pinterest, Google+, Facebook , Instagram and Twitter.
  • You can determine the most popular websites in your chosen niche in any country so that you can know popular services and products that you can promote in your site and discover both partnership and advertising possibilities.
  • You will get high amount of descriptive and highly relevant keywords.

The software will enable you when you come to type the keyword to use the asterisk character as a wildcard so that you can get exact related keywords (that include popular services and product) to your main keyword, enhance your existing services and products or offer related services and products .

  • Enhancing Your PPC (Pay per Click) Campaigns

By choosing only exact keywords that people are typing into any of 6 main search engines to target in your PPC ads, you will decrease your cost-per-click, enhance and increase both your click-through rate and conversion rates.

  • You will be able to quickly and easily export all the keywords you will get to Google Keyword Planner in case of needing to check search volumes.

What People Are Saying About Power Suggest Pro?

 Power Suggest Pro Testimonials

Power Suggest Pro Review conclusion:

In the end, why I highly recommend you to get your copy of Power Suggest Pro?

If you want to build your own website around profitable niche and low competitive easy to rank long tail keyword, get suggested keywords from the main 6 search engines that means getting the most possible highly targeted traffic to your site, you will find Power Suggest Pro is your best choice.

Power Suggest Pro Bonus

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How To Claim My Bonuses ?

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4- You will receive all theses bonuses within 24 hours.

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