Easy Video Suite Review – Closer look to Brit Josh Bartlett’s Tool

If you are looking for a honest Easy video suite review, you have come to the right place. I Made in Depth Review of Easy video suite tool to know all information about it , it’s features and  it’s Creator Brit Josh Bartlett.

Easy Video Suite Review

Easy video suite Overview:

Creator   : Brit Josh Bartlett.
 Niche      : Video Marketing
Price        : 297$
Refund    : 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support  : Unlimited Support.
Official site: http://easyvideosuite.com/
Bonuses      : Yes, Special Bonuses worth $2775.
Delivery      : Instantly after purchase process you will redirect to Easy video suite members area.
Recommended       : Yes
Skill Level Needed: Beginner,Affiliates, Online Marketers

First, who is the Creator of Easy video suite?

 Easy Video SuiteBrit Josh Bartlett is the man behind Easy video suite tool.

He is the creator of audello podcasting software, the first and the second version of Easy Video Player.

A lot of online video marketers achieved a big success in their business with Video Player version 1 and 2 because they were created with high definition features.

Brit Josh took nearly 1 year and half to create his new video marketing software “Easy video suite”.

What Is Easy video suite?

Easy video suite is new all-in-one video marketing software which will enable you to record, edit,track,upload,publish,add events, create beautiful presentations with pre-made templates, track your videos and market them.

What are Easy video suite Features?

  • Video recording

You will be able to Record (up to) HD videos from your webcam or from your screen and get online in seconds.

  • Add buy buttons & calls to action

You will be able to explode sales by embedding Opt in forms, “buy now” buttons and CTA’s directly in your recorded videos.

  • INSTANT Customizable Player!

You will be able to customize your video as you like for ex:

You can have text , images and other html elements appear and disappear to your audience when your video start.

You can make your player look like an iPhone or iPad.

When your video is playing, you can darken the rest of your video page.

  • Insane Web Pages Customization!

Easy video suite software will enable you to create Web Pages to host your videos automatically even if you don’t have your own website,EVS will host your pages immediately.

  • First advanced, live video marketing stats

By using the most advanced video marketing analytics, you will be able to:

stay at the top of your marketing business,watch how your users communicate with your videos,where their attention drops and why,

Who is sharing your content in social media sites”liked and tweeted your video”,how long they are staying, track your video’s earnings”when your videos are making you money”.

You will also get customized advice”based on your results” about your video marketing campaign and how to enhance them.

  • Playlists

You will be able to create video playlists with Easy video suite drag and drop editor.

  • Split testing

You will be able to create video split tests, set performance goals and track results in seconds

  • SEO features

With Easy video suite SEO features, you can easily rank your video at the top of search engine optimizations such as Google and yahoo which give you an advantage to get the most amount of traffic from your competitors.

  • Seamless S3 integration

It is designed to work easily with Amazon S3 to quickly and securely host your videos for a very low cost.

  • Video pages

This feature will enable you to create beautiful video pages for your videos (all drag and drop) in seconds.

  • Video conversion

With video conversation feature, you will not struggle with conversion again because you will have one click web and mobile ready video converter.

All you will have to do is drag your finished video file into the Easy Video Suite desktop app and your video will be automatically formatted for a Web and Mobile-Friendly format which will save your time and money.

  • Timed Events

You will be able to choose the time of your events in and around your videos so that your audience will know when your events will be.

You can also add buy buttons, share-buttons,opt-in forms,buttons,images and graphics to your videos.

  • Security

With Easy video suite advanced security, you will be able to Secure your videos URL, the embed code and all your important information.


With the Drag-and-drop dashboard, you will be able to control your videos even if you don’t have experience.

  • Full iPhone & iPad support

Easy video suite software is fully compatible with HTML5 , android devices,iPhone and iPad which will give you an advantage of reaching out to millions of tablet and mobile viewers!

  • Import YouTube Videos

You will be able to import and use YouTube videos.

  • Build Email Lists

Easy video suite software will enable you to attract more audiences to your videos , build your email lists fast and make money from your videos.

  • Get started in 60 seconds

You will get access to training videos which will walk you through everything in the members area and show you how you can get started in minutes.

Video Walkthrough by an Actual Easy video suite User

Easy video suite Review conclusion:

In the end, why I highly recommend you to get your membership of Easy video suite?

Because Easy video suite is a complete video marketing software which is trusted by Over 10,000 marketers.

It will enable you to do the whole process of creating and marketing  your videos in a very short time which will save your time, money and efforts.


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Bonus #23: Over 55 KILLER Infographics


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Bonus #25: How to Create A Secure Online Ebook




Bonus #26: WP Social Press WordPress Theme


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