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LIVEreel Review Plus Best LIVEreel Bonus Offer


 In case you are looking for a detailed LIVEreel Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of LIVEreel software to discover everything about it, It’s features, LIVEreel OTO details and how this Revolutionary live video Streaming Tool Will Enable you to Skyrocket Your Video Rankings On YouTube, Facebook PLUS Google Leveraging The Power Of Live Streaming!


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LIVEreel Review

LIVEreel Overview:

Creator: Abhi Dwivedi
Date Of Launch: 2018-06-29
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Refund: 14 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Is The Creator Of LIVEreel?

Abhi Dwivedi is a well known name in the field of online marketing who has Developed many successful marketing tools such as VidCuratorFX, VisualReel and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind LIVEreel?

There are marketers out there who are getting 350% more views, more leads and more sales from their videos.

In fact, Facebook sends out a notification to their friends and followers about their videos and YouTube puts their videos on top while you’re still scrambling around for a hundred views on yours so what’s their secret?

It’s live videos!

Yes, live videos are the most powerful way to generate tons of views, engagement and sales online.

You need to be doing live videos right now , but tell me this; when was the last time you actually did a live video? Probably never and I understand that.

Doing live videos is difficult, inconvenient and hard to do them…..

I mean, think about it; you need to hold your camera up all the time, be presentable, act and speak, improvise….it’s not for everyone and it’s a pain so how do you do live videos easily?

Well, imagine if you could upload any of your videos, add your keywords, descriptions, calls to action and customize it just a little bit and telecast that video as a live video on 15 different live video sharing platforms simultaneously…

With all those live videos online each targeting one specific niche keyword for you, Do you think that you might be able to get a few thousand visitors that way to your website or to your affiliate link?
You bet you would!

And LIVEreel Software is what’s going to let you do exactly that…….

So, What Is LIVEreel?

LIVEreel is web-based software that allows one to live stream pre-recorded videos to help them rank up high on Google, Facebook, and YouTube in a just a short time and a couple of clicks.

It allows you to live stream on 15 video platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Funny or die, Upstream, Instagib, Periscope, and much more simultaneously.

You can also set schedules the time you want your video to go live to suit your audience’s time-zone and niche.

With LIVEreel, you can also broadcast your live stream on all your websites and boost traffic that can attract more audience from your websites, landing pages, blogs, and eCommerce sites.

It can also turn a pre-recorded video into a live video and also help you monitor your traffic and engagement rates.

LIVEreel not only makes creating live videos easier but also makes your live videos reach a greater audience. This means you will get bigger traffic, more engagement, leads, and sales.

It was created by Abhi Dwivedi, a famous marketer who has developed many marketing applications such as Simply Viral, Sharp Social, and VideoReel.

==> See The Power Of LIVEreel (LIVEreel Review Video)<==

How Does LIVEreel Software Work?

==> LIVEreel Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==

=> Step 1:

  • click create system
  • In this section, you will be able to create your first live stream with just a few clicks.
  • You can upload your video from various platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and hard drive.

=> Step 2:

  • This involves adding graphics and customizing it using different tools to make your video grab attention when it goes live.
  • You will also be able to add video titles, call-to-actions, and more.

=> Step 3:

  • In this final step, you will be adding your title, keywords, descriptions, and tags to your video to make it rank higher on search engines.
  • You can also select the networks you want your video to live stream.

LIVEreel Features:

Here are the major features of LIVEreel:

[+] Moderate comments and engagement automatically:

  • LIVEreel enables you to automatically moderate comments and engagements your live videos are getting.
  • You can automatically reply to comments and send private messages to your audience to engage them more.
  • This will come in handy when you are getting survey responses or when you are offering giveaways, coupons, or special offers for digital products or eCom.

[+] It helps you build a list and reach to them automatically:

  • With LIVEreel, you can build a list of viewers who have been commenting and engaging with you on Facebook.
  • You can always notify them via a private message every time there is an offer for them, or a new live video is being launched.
  • This will help you get instant viewers for your live video.

[+] Customize your live videos:

  • There are a lot of tools and options you can use to customize your videos on LIVEreel.
  • For instance, there are over 650 background music you can choose from, 100s of frames for your videos, auto-captions in different languages, lower third, and much more.

[+] You can go live on your website or blog:

  • LIVEreel allows you to cast live videos on your websites or blogs.
  • After setting up a love video campaign, you can select “own website” option to live cast your video on your websites and blogs.
  • You only need to copy-paste the code on your website.

[+] It is a set and forget software, and you can schedule when you need to go live:

  • With LIVEreel, you can be virtually live.
  • After selecting the video you want to go live with, schedule the time you want it to go live and the date it should go live.
  • This software application will automatically make your video go live and reply to comments and engagements for you, all while you are away from your PC.

[+] Share your video on different social media sites:

  • With LIVEreel, you can share your live videos to 15 different social media sites so as to reach to a bigger, broader audience.

[+] Schedule and Automation:

  • After you have set your campaigns and schedule the time it should go live, the app will do the rest for you.
  • Simply create what you wish to share and schedule when it should be published. LIVEreel will do the rest of the work for you.

[+] LIVEreel allows you to rank your videos higher on Google and YouTube:

  • The popularity of live videos makes them rank higher on search engines and YouTube.
  • The best thing with this app is that it not only allows your pre-recorded videos to go live but also allows you to start targeting tons of keywords in your specific niche so that you can keep ranking higher and higher

[+] Great tracking and stats report:

  • You can track your stats on social media sites to know which piece of live video got more traffic, engagements, and traffic.
  • This will help you replicate the same in your subsequent videos.

[+] It does not violate Google rules:

  • This application is 100 percent white hat, and it does not violate any TOS in any way. This makes sure your accounts are safe.

[+] It is 100 percent cloud-based app:

  • You don’t need to download or install anything.
  • All you need is to log in to your account, which means you can access this application with any device.


Q1: Does LIVEreel app work on PC or Mac?

  • Being a cloud-based software, it works on any device, and thus you can access it anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.
  • You don’t need to download anything.

Q2: Is there training offered?

  • Although LIVEreel is very simple to use, you are given detailed videos and tutorials to help you learn more about this software.
  • In case of any hitches, you can reach out to their support team.

Q3: How does this app differ from others?

  • Unlike many tools, LIVEreel allows for live streaming of pre-recorded videos.
  • You can also share your video to 15 social media platforms to get more traffic.
  • It is also packed with a lot of great features that makes it easier for you to create stunning live videos.

Q4: Is there a money back guarantee?

  • Yes. It comes with 14-day money back guarantee making it a risk-free investment

Q5: Are there monthly fees?

  • At the moment, there are no monthly fees. Only a one-time time payment.

LIVEreel Reviews:

See What People Are Saying About LIVEreel & The creator’s others tools:

Wow! Fantastic App Livereel this will help me a lot watching the demo makes it easy from start to finish uploading a video customizing it as well then post it to 15 social sites at once, that means you get alot of eyeballs on your video for maximum value.
John DeVuono

LiveReel is definitely a game changer for us… It’s an excellent way to leverage your time and efforts. Utilizing social media is necessary for gaining exposure to our business but it can also be a time consuming activity. This will definitely boost our productivity. Thanks for creating this wonderful solution…
Defenx Internet Security Suite

This will be great to show videos on multiple streams. It seems like it’s newbie friendly, something that I certainly could use!
Graeme Waddell

Anytime I can improve my results and save time, I take a serious interest. LIVEreel will do both. Live video is hard to manage and even harder to pull off well. LIVEreel puts me in charge to create the exact experience for my audience that I want…and it helps me to reach a lot more people without a lot more work. It’s a brilliant concept!
Steve Wilson

What a life saver! I have been running myself crazy making videos, then getting bogged down in all the steps that are necessary to get them souped up and out into the world. It’s so tough to get attention for our videos. But it looks like you’ve built in some pretty clever ways to grab eyeballs. For me, the best part is that you’ve streamlined the steps in a rather intuitive way. I CAN DO THIS!
I know that using your new LIVEREEL features will finally help me get a handle on the entire process. And it will definitely save me time, so I can produce more videos featuring my products and services with fewer frustrations.
I’ve bought a number of Abhi’s products in the past, and you’ve never let me down. So please draw my name and let me test out the can’t-wait-to-have features of LIVEreel.
Faith Lynella

Hello everyone.
First of all we must say that the software proposed by Abhi Dwivedi is perfect and functional, I have already bought two, VidcuratorFX and VidbuilderFX and I feel very good.
So even this Livereel will be for sure. I saw that it is simple and easy to use.
Processing the video with ready-made graphics certainly speeds up the work of marketers.
The virality with the 15 social videos will also be useful, which will speed up our knowledge on the net.
Good job.
Best wishes
Pier Luigi Zuccato

There are many things that to scale them up and grow our business has to be automated. This is the perfect tool to do that. If I can take a live video and make $10 in sales from it then with this tool there is the potential to make 15 times that with the same work and the same video.
The other thing is that live videos are great but being able to edit them before you upload them changes what they can do you and your business. Edit one time and send it to 15 sites. Not write a script and read it 15 times on 15 different sites. Imagine the time and work this saves you and how it can make your business explode.
This is one of the must have tools of 2018.
Bo Tipton

3 important facts :
– Streamed videos are mostly ranks on the top of search results on YouTube
– Live videos have 300% engagement than a regular video post
– Due to recent Facebook API change, several apps are facing problem to go live with a pre-recorded video. My marketing video company and my clients are loosing money and traffic because those apps can’t go live : LIVEreel will be sure help us get more traffic, leads and sales…
Doudoux Barry

Have you noticed this? YouTube mostly ranks streamed videos on the top of search results for every single search terms and Facebook has 300% engagement than a regular video post.Very few online marketers are doing this way and earning 5 to 6 figures online every single month. What I really love about this tool is, we don’t even be on live!!! Also it has over 15 social sites that we can integrate and can stream live in a single dashboard. Which means 15 times more rankings, traffic, leads and sales. More time saver…
If you are not doing live then lets do it easily by this way or other wise you will loose lot of viewers, followers, subscribers, potential customers and buyers.
Also this is a smart way to leverage the power of Fiverr and Upwork to earn consistent daily income by offering live streaming service to strugglers. I love this powerful tool and thanks to LiveReel and developers.
Partha Sarathy

LIVEreel takes video marketing to a whole new level! Maximize your time, on your own schedule and rest assured that the video you created will be hitting the Social Media posts from your pre-scheduled software. It appears like a LIVE feed and allows you to engage with your audience, while you are working on other priorities! Save Time, Save Money, Market to and Network with your Audience with LIVEreel ! The bar has just been raised with LIVEreel ! My respect and thanks to the Developers.
Warren Sen-North America

LiveReel is definitely a game changer. It’s an excellent way to leverage your time and efforts. Utilizing social media is necessary for gaining exposure to your business but it can also be a time draining activity. This will boost productivity in a massive way. Thanks for creating this!
Aldreama Harper

This is a game changer that will help to reach and engage with potential customers with much easier and efficient marketing with many social platforms Plus having an agency license, Wow
John McMillon

LiveReel concept can bring more traffic and leads to my business of course, when done properly especially when I have a winning converting video presentation. And when done in mass scale in different video sites, it’ll bring warm up educated traffic that anticipate my offers, hence resulting better sales
Kuo Yen

LiveReel will save me a Ton of Time and Effort in getting my live videos Out to my customers.
Gene Wiseman

This is a game changer. I was looking for a software like this but couldn’t never find anything out there like this. LIVEreel is going to save me a lot of time when comes to going live on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Periscope. The good thing is that I will be able to go live on all of these platforms at the same time. I’m still in Shocked.
I’m really Looking forward to getting my hands on LIVEreel. LIVEreel also is going to help me get more traffic leads and sales for my business , I can see it now I never seen nothing like this before there’s no other software that can do what LIVEreel can do.
I’m super excited and I know that me and my audience will freaking love this.
I mean my audience are already looking forward to LIVEreel and they can’t wait until LIVEreel is available to the public.
This is going to be the biggest launch ever. Specially in 2018.
Andre Catnott

This will be the BEST YET!! This will make it so much easier to make “LIVE” videos! What a great tool for any internet marketer!
Cynthia Salmons-Lang
This could help my video marketing business. Slick idea!
Patrick Sipperly
Finally, a tool that will help me overcome my video shyness because I can schedule and post to more places at once – WOW, 15 – without feeling like a target by being on just one site. Thank you!
Robert Schoolcraft
Great tool Abhi, this is going to help a lot of people to get exposure through “LIVE” videos, without having to worry about all the technical set up or getting everything ‘perfect’ in a real live video. Just record a video, redo some parts if needed and then schedule the video to go “LIVE’ on so many different sites, and relax.
With LIVE videos getting a lot of attention on FB, YouTube and other sites, tools like this are a must-have. Nice to see these automated engagement triggers to interact with viewers without being there. Keep up the great work!
Kenny Kolijn
This will give anyone who struggles with the platform to reach many customers an excellent and easy way to connect with millions of people around the world. This tool is leveling the plain field for the little guy.No more can now have the very same tools the beig guys have.
Siduduzo Kunene
WoW! Video just keeps getting better and better…
Marcus Griggs
Wow this is what I badly need to grow my business. Just the area I have been struggling with.
Monsco Ebose

What an amazing idea. LIVEreel looks like a swiss army knife for live-videos. Spread your videos through the net and reach a countless number of viewers through the different networks. This must be the secret weapon to start with my im-business right off the ground.
Dirk Müller

With hot targets and prospects flocking into online communities, either to learn or give value, LiveReel will be such a powerful tool to first draw greater attention to your presence, then to your content, that helps you build your brand and your patronage from across social media channels.
I am sure the big players out there are going to jump in on this powerful automation tool.
So why not be one of them? Either you let this opportunity pass you by, and so does your chances of getting good leverage over social media for your business, or you jump right in and grab your own copy… because this is truly a game-changer!
Content for your target audience is almost everywhere.. you can find lots of good content out there! (I can help guide you on this). But ultimately, you need this tool to effortlessly saturate the space with a lot of your good quality content out there.
It’s all about DOMINATION of the social media space. The more (easily) folks find you (and your good authority content), the more chances you have of getting the lion share of attention you and your brand deserves. This also means greater influence, and greater leverage for prospects and sales!
Imagine, as your content (original or curated) gets out there on a regular basis, so effortlessly (thanks to LiveReel), hundreds of people get to see them, enjoy them, engage with them, share them and soon enough they go viral everywhere. Imagine what this does to your business?!
I can’t wait to have my own copy of LiveReel. Join me, let’s grow our businesses together.
Rick San

This is definitely an interesting app. A big time saver as well. As an introvert, it is also nice to know that I don’t have to put my face on camera to live stream directly if I choose not to. Very cool app. I see great potential in its capabilities.
Khrowe Jayne

It’s been well known for a while that live streaming on YouTube has been a great SEO ranking factor, but it’s been such a palaver to do. This is going to make life so much easier and profitable.
Steven Lucas

The ability to broadcast created videos as Live videos on so many networks at once, will help create a real IMPACT in the marketplace. I shall begin using it immediately!
Bodine Balasco


Awesome. More sharing sites means more backlinks to rank my videos. More views , more engagements, more leads and sales. This is just what I need for my video marketing business. And live streaming ranks your videos faster on google and YouTube. Can’t wait to lay my hands on it.
Vijay Mistry


LIVEreel VS Others:

LIVEreel VS Others

LIVEreel Results:

LIVEreel Results

LIVEreel OTO OR Upsells:

OTO#1: LIVEreel Advance ($67)

With LIVEreel advanced, you Will get unparalleled extremely great new features PLUS usages rights…
  • To start off, you will have access to a full commercial PLUS agency license To LIVEreel. Now, you can; start using the app for as many of your clients as you’d like plus start charging them Fees, start a Live video steaming services, help clients Skyrocket Their sales Plus Traffic conversions….This is possibly the simplest way to Quadruple your LIVEreel investment and also make some profits.
  • You also get a fully fleshed ready to use professional business site that you can set up automatically to help you sell live video publishing services.
  • Plus you can create and publish as many live video campaigns as you’d like daily.

OTO#2: LIVEreel CLUB ($37)

OTO#3: LIVEreel SyVID ($27)

OTO#4: LIVEreel ViralSoci Agency ($19.95)

LIVEreel Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of LIVEreel?

The fact that this application will help you rank on the first page of the search engine is enough to show you how valuable it can be.

It offers proven and unique method you can use to reduce workload and cost of creating live videos significantly.

LIVEreel is a software application we can highly recommend. Get it today!

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