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Interactr Evolution Review Plus Best Interactr Evolution Bonus Offer


 In case you are looking for a detailed Interactr Evolution Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of Interactr Evolution Software to discover everything about it, It’s features, Interactr Evolution OTO details and how this This Single Video Technology Will enable you to Create PRO DFY Marketing Videos & Turn ANY Website Link Into a Top-Converting Video IN Minutes!


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Interactr Evolution Review

Interactr Evolution Overview:

Creators: Ryan Phillips
Date Of Launch: 2020-03-10
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Refund: 14 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Are The Creators Of Interactr Evolution?

Ryan Phillips is a well known name in the field of online marketing who has created many successful marketing software such as Videyo, interactr 2.0, Ad Reel, StikiVid and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind InteractrEvolution?

Video is the undisputed king when it comes to online marketing.
Everyone prefer to watch videos rather than read text articles. However, the challenge is that marketers are unable to make interesting, engaging videos. This has led to influx of same old videos that lacks engagement.
That’s why you need to stand out from the crowd by creating interactive videos. An interactive video is a digital video that has features supporting user interaction.
These videos play just like regular videos, but have clickable areas that enable users to take an action.
These clickable areas help to eliminate barriers for your viewers such as redirecting people to external pages.
This helps to generate more leads as viewers will not have a lot of things that distract them from taking action, and this can lead to higher ROI.
By improving viewer experience with interactive videos, results improve and this is what Interactr Evolution helps you achieve………….
This software makes the process of creating interactive videos easier, which means you can create as many as you can without taking a lot of time.
If you want to learn more about this revolutionary platform, here is our detailed InteractrEvolution review.

So, What Is Interactr Evolution?

Interactr Evolution is a revolutionary software that allows you to create interactive videos with clickable hotspots, buttons, forms, and other interactive elements.
This helps to eliminate traditional barriers to taking action, which ultimately helps to increase conversions.
With interactive videos, you get unfair advantage over your competitors as you will be shortening the path in which your viewers take to perform action.
This is a powerful platform for marketers, with great features.
With this software, you can turn any video into a converting machine for your campaigns.
It is also amazingly easy to use and affordable.
You only need to select from the template to use.
Customize by adding your desired interactive elements and optimize your video. InteractrEvolution will deliver an amazing interactive video for you.
With Interactr Evolution, you can create new interactive campaigns for any marketing goal you may have to increase sales, lead generation, and support.
Just choose from the included templates or even start from scratch using the canvas editor provided.
Let’s now discuss the features that makes this software stand out;

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How Does Interactr Evolution Software Work?

==> Interactr Evolution Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==

Interactr Evolution Features:

[+] Clickable Optin Forms:
  • You can effortlessly grow your list faster by increasing lead generation through clickable Optin forms that you attach to your videos.
  • These eliminates the common barriers your subscribers encounters when they want to subscribe to your list.
  • Normally, they are redirected to an external page where they enter their contact details. However, with Interactr Evolution, they will be able to click the opt-in link inside your video and enter their contact details.
[+] Automate product and information clicks:
  • Your customers do not need to watch your promotional videos then click the link to your products below your videos or in the description part of the video.
  • Interactr Evolution makes it easier for you to choose the products and information you are interested in inside the video rather than having to scroll to video description part to find the link.
  • The same applies to informational videos. If you have different modules of your program, you can just insert clickable links in the video where your viewers choose the module to watch rather than having to navigate through different videos in search of the modules they are interested in.
[+] Link multiple demo or training videos:
  • Interactr Evolution also allows you to link different related training videos to allow your customers to select what they need to watch. This helps to improve user experience.
[+] Analytics:
  • With InteractrEvolution, you can easily determine specific behaviors and demographics of your viewers.
  • This valuable intel can help you uncover buying triggers of your customers and prospects, which will increase marketing conversion.
[+] Build buzz for your upcoming promotions:
  • Do you have upcoming product launches, flash sales, or special promos?
  • Then Interactr Evolution can help you create a buzz around these upcoming events. You can add clickable links directing your viewers to your upcoming events whereby they can sign up for these events.
  • This translates to higher conversion and attendance during launching.
[+] Commercial Rights:
  • To put icing on the cake, the developers of this software gives you commercial rights to enable you to use this software to sell interactive videos that you create using this software and keep all the profits.
  • Everyone is using videos, and now you can help marketers boost their conversion by adding interactive elements to their videos using this software.
  • This is a service you can provide and add another stream of income.
  • You can also create interactive video campaigns for your users from scratch.
Other features Interactr Evolution offers include;
[+] Video chapters:
  • to help you organize your training program or informational videos in an accessible way. This helps to boost conversion.
[+] Social sharing:
  • Versatile platform interaction whereby you can connect any autoresponder to this software to automate the process of building lists
  • Detailed analytics whereby you get details of clicks and conversions
  • And much more
Interactr Evolution FAQ:
Q1: What type of videos can I create with InteractrEvolution?
  • You can create all types of videos using this software.
  • Adding videos to your dashboard is easier as you can upload them from your local disk.
Q2: Can this work on any OS?
  • Yes. Interactr Evolution is a cloud-based software, which means it is compatible with Windows, Mac, and any other internet-enable device including your smart phone.
Q3: Is there a limit to the number of interactive videos I can create?
  • No. You can create as many video campaigns as you like.
  • And yes, this includes for your clients thanks to the commercial license.
Q4: Will I get support and training?
  • Yes. Your dashboard has a direct link to support team in case you get stuck.
  • Also, there are over the shoulder video training that you can access in the member’s area.
Interactr Evolution Reviews:

See What People Are Saying About InteractrEvolution:

Interactr Evolution Reviews
Interactr has been awesome for us. Hard to put a $ value on it but it’s made our in app onboarding so sexy. Helps that I was on camera, of course. But this is a kick ass software that has made our life simpler.
Neil Napier

Interactr Evolution OTO OR Upsells:



OTO#1: Interactr Evolution Pro Edition

This upgrade offers more features to help increase conversion…..
Here are features you will get with Interactr Evolution Pro Edition;

[+] DFY Interactive Layer Templates:

  • This upgrade comes with 13 DFY custom interactive templates that are created by experts.
  • All the attention-grabbing effects and animations are put in place for you to use in your campaigns.

[+] In-built surveys and quiz builder:

  • Quizzes and surveys are a better way to boost your engagement and this upgrade offers built-in surveys that you can use to help users fine-tune their product selection.
  • Take your conversion to another level with this powerful feature.

[+] Premium stock video footage:

  • There are over 250,000 royalty-free videos that are created by a team of professional videographers.

You can use any of the videos for your campaigns.

[+] Proven popup technology:

  • By presenting your offers and optin forms at the right time when your viewer has consumed your content will help increase conversion.
  • These upgrades allows you to introduce popups inside the video whenever your audience is about to leave your page or at timed intervals.

[+] DFY templates:

  • You can remove all the guesswork and maximize your conversion with DFY templates that cover different marketing goals.
  • You can plug your links and videos into these templates and the templates will insert interactive elements for you.

[+] 5 Stunning video thumbnails:

  • Thumbnails have been found to have an impact on click-through rate, which is why this upgrade gives you a choice of 5 attention-grabbing video thumbnails to help you attract more video viewers.
  • Enjoy a huge selection of professional call-to-action buttons that have been optimized to maximize clicks.

[+] Custom element animations:

  • Interactive elements are the kings of conversion, and with this pro upgrade, you will be able to maximize attention as you will have eye-catching animated effects.
  • You will get these features and many more.

OTO#2: InteractrEvolution Agency Club Yearly

This upgrade leverages proven tools and expertise of the Interactr Evolution team to help boost your recurring income and also save you the time it takes you to earn….

Here are some of the features you will enjoy with this upgrade;

[+] White label solution:

  • You can build your video consulting brand and add your branding elements to Interactr software so that you can gain expert status from clients and prospects and increase results from premium clients and referral marketing.
  • You are also allowed to enhance your branding by using your own domain.

[+] Agency dashboard for your VAs:

  • You can have your team members help you with work as this upgrade allows you to give access to your sub-users or assistants so that they can help you with work.
  • You can assign team members specific tasks of grant them full access to your dashboard.

[+] Agency Consulting Kit:

  • This tool will help you get more clients in a simplified process with zero guesswork.
  • These are tools that have been proven to generate clients and you can get it in this upgrade.

[+] Deluxe explainer video:

  • This is a scripted and animated video that is optimized to help you market your interactive video creating services.
  • It educates your clients on the benefits of having an interactive video and present your agency as the solution to creating these videos.
  • This video has emotional motivators and thus is likely to convince your audience better.

[+] Landing and sales pages:

  • You will be able to create great, stunning pages that capture contact information from your prospects, and also be able to sell services to them.
  • You can easily customize these pages with your branding, contact information, and logo to make them look like yours.

[+] Sales materials and marketing assets:

  • You will get everything you need to promote your agency including social media posts, graphics, and more.

[+] Sales training blueprint:

  • This will teach you how to convince your prospects better so that they can become well-paying clients.
  • You will get these features and many others in this upgrade.

Interactr Evolution Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of Interactr Evolution?

Video conversion is all about engaging your viewers, and Interactr Evolution can help you skyrocket your engagement by improving user experience.
This software allows you to convert your videos into conversion machine by adding interactive elements such as clickable opt-in links, next video links, and chapters/modules inside the videos. This means your audience doesn’t need to leave your videos to take action.
Therefore, if you are into video marketing, this is a software we can recommend, especially if you want to boost your conversion.

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