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GrooveKart Review Plus Best GrooveKart Bonus Offer


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GrooveKart Review

GrooveKart Overview:

Creator: Mike Filsaime
Date Of Launch: 2018-12-04
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Is The Creator Of GrooveKart?

Mike Filsaime is a well known name in the field of online marketing who hascreated many successful marketing software such as Webinar Jam, Video Genesis and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind GrooveKart?

One of the most growing fields in the online world is the eCommerce sector. Today, virtually everyone is buying things online.

It is easier and convenient to buy online.

This massive migration from offline buying to online buying has made many eCommerce sites come up.

Today, there is cut-throat competition on the side of merchants as they are trying to compete with each other on eCommerce platforms.

While there are many eCommerce sites that allow merchants to showcase their products online, most of them have outdated templates for building stores, are expensive to maintain, and have a poor conversion.

Online merchants are always on the lookout for a platform that offers professional-looking eCommerce store at a friendly price.

Most of the top e-commerce sites do not offer a user-friendly platform for customers which leads to a lot of abandoned carts as well as lower conversion rates.

Merchants have been continually disappointed because of the outdated templates, high cost of running stores, high rate of cart abandonment, and other peculiar features that make them complicated to use.

That’s why John Cornetta & Mike Filsaime saw the need to come up with a better alternative that will solve all these problems.

They named it GrooveKart Software…..

This platform, which has been in the development stage for the last couple of years will be one of the best inventions of recent times.

In contrast to other top eCommerce sites, this software is less complicated and is ridiculously cheap.

It comes with extra features that you won’t need to pay for.

Some of the features you will enjoy with GrooveKart include excessive changing templates, social proof, reviews, timers, funnels, and much more.

The valid social proof feature is one of the best things with this software as it will encourage prospects who are confused to buy your products as it will instill powerful trust in your products and help them make a better buying decision.

Unlike other eCommerce platforms, GrooveKart saves you the extra money you pay to get most of the premium features offered by other expensive apps. It is easy to customize and great for even people who are tech-savvy.

To start with, this software will help you set up an online store within a short time.

It will be competing with big eCommerce sites such as WooCommerce and Shopify, and thus you can expect that it will have better features and more efficient than them.

In other words, GrooveKart is an innovative platform that is designed from the ground to help you make a 6-figure income by selling things online.

This platform offers everything you need to set up a successful online venture. From retargeting and upsells, to proven templates and social proofing, Groove Kart will definitely be a force to reckon.

To help you learn more about this software, here is our complete GrooveKart review.

So, What Is GrooveKart?

GrooveKart is an innovative eCommerce platform that has great features than the leading eCommerce platforms and comes at insanely competitive prices as well.

This software is easier to use, has a better user-friendly interface, and is more affordable.

With a wide variety of built-in features, you will not need to pay for expensive applications again.

It has high-converting templates, social proof, timers, reviews, upsells, bumps, analytics, retargeting, down-sell, funnels, and much more.

You can sell products of varying sizes and colors, and you can also have them organized in different categories.

GrooveKart has powerful shipping features and uses analytics intelligence to tell you products that are performing well in the market. Offering great customization ability as well as a built-in support desk, this is definitely one of the best eCommerce sites.

The best thing with Groove Kart eCommerce Platform is that it allows you to import your Shopify store easily with a few clicks. It is classified as one of the best eCommerce sites on the marketing thanks to additional features like funnels, high-converting templates, analytics, social proofs, and much more.

Read on to know more about its features.

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How Does GrooveKart Software Work?

==> GrooveKart Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==

GrooveKart Features:

[+] Accepts payments from major platforms:

  • GrooveKart allows you to integrate major payment platforms into your online store.
  • And the best thing is that it doesn’t charge extra charges as fee to facilitate payment the way most leading sites do.
  • Also, it is easy to connect. If you have a PayPal or Stripes account, you can easily link it to your store so that you can begin to accept on your terms.
  • This software will also do the processing for you, meaning that you will cease to deal with 3rd party applications. But this will come later in 2019.

It allows for;

=> PayPal integration:

  • PayPal being a faster and safer way to send and receive money makes it an attractive online payment platform for millions of people worldwide.
  • And you can integrate it seamlessly with GrooveKart

=> Integration with Stripe:

  • Stripe is one of the best software platform preferred by many eCommerce businesses.
  • It handles billions of dollars every year, and you can integrate it into your Groove Kart account.

=> integration:

  • You can opt to have this payment platform do the processing work for you.
  • It accepts e-check payments and credit cards online.

[+] No coding needed:

  • You don’t need to have any technical skills experience to use GrooveKart as it is just click-and-sell software.
  • This platform has automated most of the process, and a lot of things involves just a click of a button.
  • You don’t have to do anything big as you only need to upload your products as they do the rest.
  • If you have a product to sell, this site has you covered.

[+] Import your store from Shopify to GrooveKart with one click:

  • GrooveKart developers have made it easier for you to import your store from Shopify to your new Groove Kart account with just a click of a button.
  • They have made it easy for you to make the switch.
  • You will need to enter your details and then choose the products and categories you want to have in your GrooveKart store.

[+] 1-click upsells:

  • You don’t need to have 3rd party applications. With 1-click you can add products to upsell and watch your profits skyrocket.
  • 1-click upsells are a proven way to boost your profits by as high as 35% at checkpoint.
  • The best thing with this Groove Kart is that you can add unlimited upsells without paying for anything else.

[+] Custom domains:

  • The custom domains enable you to use GrooveKart with your own domain and brand.
  • All you need is to have a domain.
  • Therefore, instead of having a domain that reads, with a domain you will have http://YOURBRAND.COM/

[+] Store designer:

  • With Groove Kart, you will have full control of the colors to use in your store, homepage, and navigation. There is a fully-featured store designer to help you do this.
  • This will help you design your store in a way that you see fit.
  • It means your store will not look like another person store.

[+] Coupons and discounts:

  • If you want to be giving limited-time coupons for a percentage or price off, it will be easier with this software.
  • You will need to enter your coupon and discount information, expiry date and a few clicks.
  • This will help increase conversion rates at checkout.

[+] Innovative drag and drop builder:

  • eCommerce has two aspects. When you are selling multiple items with different sizes, categories, and colors, GrooveKart’s regular eCommerce store will suit you. However, when you want to sell items that need a more straightforward marketing copy such as weight loss supplement or a drone, you will want to use a Storeless page. Irrespective of what you want to sell, Groove Kart has you covered.
  • Most of the eCommerce sites online have feature-rich pages. And you are sent over to the store when you click buy. GrooveKart offers you both Storefront eCommerce and Storeless eCommerce.

[+] Add a product or embed checkout pages and then do your upsells and down-sells:

  • When a user buys a product, they will be taken to a thank you page or also back to the store.
  • There are dozens of eCommerce templates that will be added.

[+] Pages, Funnels, and complete sites:

  • There are 250 pre-made blocks, and more eCommerce templates and blocks will be added soon.
  • This will help you to easily create advertorial bridge pages, eCommerce pages, checkout pages, Thank you pages, upsell pages, and more with a few clicks.
  • You will not need to hire web designers, coders, or developers as GrooveKart will make it fast, easy, and fun for you.

[+] Other features will include;

  • Premier product design tool to help you save time making product
  • Better designs to impress your site visitors
  • Easily print one-off customized items
  • There will also be a LayerApp to help you do the organizing and selling work easily

[+] Built-in helpdesk:

  • This will make it easy for your customers to access you right from your store.
  • You can have support ticket system of your choice.
  • This means you will be able to attend to your customers easily and fast. And you don’t need to pay anything extra for this feature.
  • You will find these and many more features once you get GrooveKart.

GrooveKart FAQ:

Q1: What is GrooveKart?

  • This is a new eCommerce platform that has been under development for close to 2 years.
  • It is a better, easier, and affordable eCommerce platform with more inbuilt features.
  • You will also get high-converting templates, scarcity, social proof, funnels, reviews, down-sells, upsells, analytics, and much more.

Q2: Does it have a money-back guarantee?

  • Of course. There is a full money back guarantee of the first 30 days.
  • If you find out that Groove Kart is not as good as promised, you can contact the support team and get your refund. It will be given to you with no questions asked.

Q3: What does BETA mean?

  • This means that the site will be in development for a couple of years from now.
  • However, at the moment, they will be monitoring it to see where it needs to be changed.
  • However, the platform is fully functional, and more add-ons and options will be added before the years come to an end. Of course, not everything is perfect, but in 2-3 months, when they will be out of beta.

Q4: What type of payment is accepted in GrooveKart?

  • At the start, they will allow users to connect through their own merchant accounts which connect through
  • PayPal and Stripe will be coming soon as well as GrooveKart Payment.

Q5: What makes GrooveKart stand out?

  • There are many things that make Groove Kart stand out including offering more ways to make money from your eCommerce stores, having more inbuilt features, over 20 built-in apps and more on the way, free transactions meaning that you will not be charged transaction fees as it is the case with other popular eCommerce platforms.
  • Also, they have built-in 3print on demand systems, and their checkout pages convert better.
  • These and many other features make GrooveKart stand out.

Q6: Why should one use Switchify?

  • You will be paying less with this software and have a better conversion.
  • That’s why they made it easier for Shopify users to switch to Groove Kart easily.
  • Switching from Shopify to GrooveKart has been made easy with Switchify.
  • With a few clicks, you will be able to import all of your images, products, history, and customer data. It just can’t get any better than this.

Q7: What plan is the best?

  • The Annual plan will save you a significant amount.
  • However, all the plans are affordable and suitable for every individual budget.
  • There are also coupons to help you save more when you enroll to GrooveKart beta version.

Q8: Do I need a designer to set up a site?

  • No. There are design templates for many products, and thus you will be able to create your eCommerce site with a few clicks.

Q9: Do I need hosting?

  • No, this has been taken care of.

Q10: Can one use a custom domain?

  • Yes, you can. This will help you customize your site to suit your brand.

Q11: Are GrooveKart pages GDPR compliant?

  • Yes. The pages and stores are fully GDPR compliant.
GrooveKart Fast Action Bonuses:

You will get these amazing bonuses as well;

  • Free ticket to GrooveKon Live to enable you to learn from experts and biggest names about trends in eCommerce. These events will be happening annually.
  • T-Shirt Profits Unleashed course to help you learn how to help you sell tee shirts like a pro.
  • 300+ pre-made premium designs that you can use to sell different products in your store.
  • Free VIP Ticket to Armand Morin’s Live Event to help you learn how to run a successful business online.

GrooveKart Reviews:

See What People Are Saying About Groove Kart & The creator’s others tools:

Dear GrooveKart Team, I just want to say thank you to your awesome world-class support Team 👌🏻😍👍🏻
you’re so quick and helpful, best and Gastes support I’ve ever experienced.
I am happy to be a part of the beta-supporters.
Keep on going and you will become a real Shopify killer 👌🏻🚀
Thank you
Patrick Rahn
Thank you guys for building such an amazing platform! Loving all the features you’ve packed into this platform. My absolute favorite has to be the ability to change the visibility of products.
Also, love the aliexpress option you’ve added in. Really looking forward to getting access to the supplements. Haven’t seen those on any other platform, so super excited about that!
Sham’oon Ahmed Khan
I’ve moved my store from Shopify to GrooveKart simply for the added benefits and up-selling features that come with GrooveKart with no extra charge. This platform seems to have more features, like a spinwheel and exit pop-ups at no extra fee. And I am looking forward to making my own products that I can sell on GK, including digital products.
Cindy Makonin
I was looking at some drop ship competitors ..but didn’t invest in their offers for one reason or another…e.g. the pricing, or the extra steps to build a strong brand without needing lots of third party tools, etc. In effect, I value the ability to use my own domain name and also do both print on demand and/or co branded products plus a store campaign, or a product campaign, or a contest campaign all from… one multi-faceted platform as a great powerful advantage in a m-commerce platform..emphasis on “m-commerce” and “platform”. Plus Mike’s and his partner’s skillset(s) and history in bringing concepts to market and then continuing to support and develop them …is a huge cherry on top of all the other goodies.
Ernst Adams Olivier
Early on I could have jumped on with WebinarJam at an early bird price but didn’t and have since regretted it. So when I saw that the co-creator of WebinarJam Mike Filsame was doing Groove Kart I was already in…such a great surprise though to see how much is bundled in like reviews, social proof, upsells, funnels, templates, etc. Shopify charges more for all that. What’s key though is getting in early with the layer app…now it’s going to be easier than ever to drag experimental designs onto any apparel before you even make it. You know the testing capabilities of this? Having a dedicated app is going make the process not only easier but also have a more polished and professional result. I can test ideas with an audience, pick the designs they have decided on rather then me guessing, build up anticipation and have sales before anything is even created. Plus being able to create matching upsell and downsell items. Groove Kart promises to make this not only profitable and easy but also fun! That’s all without even playing with the Aliexpress integration and other dropship items…
Wyatt J Christman

GrooveKart Pricing:

You can choose from 3 plans the plan that suits you:

[+] Platinum Plan: $99/month

[+] Quarterly Plan: $197/3months

[+] Annual Plan: $497/Year

GrooveKart Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of GrooveKart?

This software has made eCommerce business easier and affordable.

You don’t have to pay transactions fee and add-ons.
Also, there are great features that make store building and running exciting.

There are also amazing bonuses to help you learn more about online business.

It just can’t get better than this! Switch to GrooveKart, so you don’t get left behind.

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