Flixsterz Review + BEST BONUS + Discount- STREAM Your Videos on Every Device + Grow Subscribers Like NETFLIX, Disney+ or Apple TV+!

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Flixsterz REAL User Review Plus Best Flixsterz Bonus Offer


 In case you are looking for a detailed Flixsterz Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of Flixsterz Software to discover everything about it, It’s features, Flixsterz OTO details & Premium BONUSES and how this NEW Video Distribution Platform Will enable you to STREAM Your Videos on Every Device + Grow Subscribers Like NETFLIX, Disney+ or Apple TV+!


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Flixsterz Review


Flixsterz Overview:

Creators: Kimberly & Danny de Vries
Date Of Launch: 2021-09-13
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Are The Creators Of Flixsterz?

Creators Of Flixsterz

Kimberly & Danny de Vries are well-known names in the field of online marketing who have created many successful marketing tools such as WebinarHD, MyPostBuilder, LetMailbox and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind Flixsterz?

The video streaming niche has risen and has now reached unprecedented growth thanks to the growth of fast internet and connectivity.

In fact, the Global Internet Phenomena Report done by Sandvine claimed that 58% of total downstream internet traffic comes from users streaming videos.

This explains why Netflix has become one of the largest down streaming site.

Many other platforms are fighting to get a sizeable spot in what is called a ‘streaming Wars.’

Until now, people only relied on YouTube to stream videos and with annoying ads, it was frustrating.

And now you can create your own streaming service to showcase your videos to your audience.

Own a platform where you can determine the rules and guidelines without fear of getting banned.

This is possible with Flixsterz……..

The good thing with having your own streaming platform is that it will help you grow your email list as anyone who wants to stream videos from your site has to register, and this is how you land a new subscriber.

This is what Flixsterz enables you to do. Keep reading our Flixsterz review to learn more.

So, What Is Flixsterz?

We can term Flixsterz as a software that will help you create your own streaming service.
With your own streaming service, you will be able to grow your subscribers list as your viewers will be required to register to your platform before they can like, share or comment.

With Flixsterz, you can either upload your videos from your local disk or import unlimited videos from YouTube.

The platform has no steep learning curve- even if you are a complete newbie, you will be able to use Flixsterz.

You can import video in three easy steps;

=> Step 1:
  • Copy video link from YouTube
=> Step 2:
  • Paste the video link to your Flixsterz dashboard.
=> Step 3:
  • Edit titles, descriptions, categories, tags, and everything that you want.

How Flixsterz Software WorksInside The Admin Panel Of Flixsterz


==>See The Power Of Flixsterz (Flixsterz Review Video)<==


How Does Flixsterz Software Work?

==>Flixsterz Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==


Flixsterz Features + What’s Included:

[+] Mobile-friendly platform:

  • With most of the internet traffic coming from mobile users, you have to make your site or platform mobile friendly.
  • Flixsterz enables you to create mobile-responsive platforms whereby everyone can stream videos using their devices.

[+] Bulk Import From YouTube:

  • Flixsterz allows you to bulk import as many videos as you want from YouTube.
  • Whether from your own channel or from other channels.
  • All that you need is to enter a keyword like Bluetooth speakers review or dog training, and select the videos that interest you.
  • All the videos you select will be imported to your platform. And if you want to import all videos from a channel, the option is there.

[+] Grow your following:

  • After importing videos from YouTube or uploading from your local disk, you have full control of how to name or describe them.
  • You can include own titles, tags, descriptions, and even categorize them as per your preferences.
  • You can also include affiliate links and make sales by using other people’s videos.
  • This can be termed as ethical video hacking method. Share videos that you have imported from your social media platform and see your subscribers list flourishing.

[+] Social sharing with just a click:

  • Most of the audience you are targeting are hanging out in social media platforms and now you can reach out to them by sharing your imported videos with just a click. Your subscribers list will flourish.

[+] Video distribution for marketers:

  • You can manage all your videos and even categorize them the way you want thanks to the Flixsterz easy-to-use dashboard.
  • With Flixsterz you can manage all comments and all activities from one single dashboard
  • What’s more, you get to see all your activities and data from one-easy-to use platform.

[+] Multi-language platform:

  • Flixsterz supports 8 major languages and thus your non-English speaking subscribers will not find it difficult to interact with you.
  • You will get these and many more features.

Flixsterz FAQ’S:

Q1: Will I need to download or install any software?
  • No. Flixsterz is a web-based software, which means that users only need a browser and internet connection.
  • You don’t need to download or install anything.
Q2: Are there monthly or ongoing fees?
  • At the moment or during this launch period, you can get Flixsterz at a one-time fee. However, the price may change for future customers. Therefore, take advantage of this launch period to avoid paying monthly subscriptions.
Q3: Does Flixsterz work on Mac or Pc?
  • Yes. Flixsterz is a SaaS software and thus can work on any operating system.
  • You just need a browser and internet connection to access your dashboard.
Q4: What is the different between buying Flixsterz with commercial license and one with agency license?

=> Commercial license
  • When you purchase Flixsterz with a commercial license, you are purchasing it for purposes of selling services and products through your Flixsterz account. This means that you can host videos for other people and profit from them.

=> Agency License

  • With agency license, you are able to sell sub-accounts to clients. The agency version comes as an upgrade to people who purchase Flixsterz with a commercial license.

Flixsterz VS Others:

Flixsterz VS Others

Flixsterz Reviews:

See What People Are Saying About Flixsterz:

“I just can’t get enough of Flixsterz. The more I dig into it the more ideas I come up with to use it. Flixsterz does exactly what you said it does. I am really satisfied. I want to get a T-Shirt with Flixsterz on it so I can announce it to everyone!”
– Richard Wing – AgencySnap
“Want your own Netflix-like video setup where your audience can consume your content and videos with ZERO distractions. Where you have control over everything – likes, shares, video settings, Call to Action and more. I look forward to using Flixsterz in my Online Business”
– Ebbe Lind – myOnlineBusiness

Flixsterz OTO OR Upsells:


==>Check Flixsterz OTO’S Purchase Exclusive Bonuses Here<==


OTO#1: Flixsterz Ultimate ($77 Onetime Payment – Use This Couponnext10%off” To Get 10% OFF)

=> Check This OTO SalesPage Here

Take your streaming platform to a whole new level by getting more sources of videos…..
  • With the basic license, you can only import videos from YouTube.However, with the Ultimate Upgrade, you can import videos from other platforms such as Vimeo, Amazon S3, and TikTok.
  • You can even upload your own videos to your video streaming service.
Here is everything you get with Flixsterz Ultimate;

[+] Upload own videos:
  • If you have videos in your local drives, you can upload them to Flixsterz in MP4 format. Just drag and drop your file on the Flixsterz dashboard and enter your description.
[+] Manage your videos:
  • With the basic license, when you upload your videos, the likes and views doesn’t count. However, with the Ultimate Package, you can update your views count and likes to show how popular your videos are
[+] Stream videos to your videos:
  • There is a special embed code offered by Flixsterz to help you publish your videos on any page or platform
[+] Autoresponder:
  • integration to help you follow up with subscribers
[+] Blog posts feature:
  • to help you improve your video sites search rankings
  • There are many reasons to upgrade to Flixsterz Ultimate.
  • You truly need this upgrade.

OTO#2: Flixsterz Pay ($97 Onetime Payment – Use This Couponnext$10off ” To Get $10 OFF)

=> Check This OTO SalesPage Here

This upgrade allows you to monetize your platform or videos……
  • You can provide your audience with valuable videos such as courses, whereby they stream after paying.
  • You will be running a platform the same way Udemy runs its platform.
  • Now, with Flixsterz Business Pay, you can charge your viewers to stream selected valuable videos.
  • This is another way to monetize your videos. You can have people pay you to watch your videos via Stripe or PayPal.
  • Therefore, if you have courses that you would like to offer, tutorials, or even valuable videos that you would like to earn from, this is the upgrade to get.

OTO#3: Flixsterz AGENCY/RESELLER ($197 For 50 USER LICENSES OR $297 For 100 USER LICENSES Onetime Payment)

=> Check This OTO SalesPage Here

How about you commercialize Flixsterz and provide streaming services to local businesses? Yes, you can easily earn money by offering a streaming platform when you get Flixsterz Agency upgrade…..

  • There are other marketers who are looking to engage in streaming wars and now you can offer this service to them.
  • Become a video streaming service that helps local businesses showcase their products through videos you post on your site.
  • The good thing with this upgrade is that it gives you everything you need including DFY dashboard to manage clients, Flixsterz Pro, Flixsterz Ultimate, Flixsterz Pay, a website, 3 sales video, invoice template, and a work agreement.
  • What more could you have asked for? This is your chance to help local businesses showcase their products/services through videos you post on your streaming platform.

Check My Bonus Page Below To Know All The Amazing Bonuses You Will Get With Flixsterz:


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Flixsterz Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of Flixsterz?

If you would like to make a name in the streaming world, you will need to have your own streaming platform.

A platform that supports all types of devices. Flixsterz makes this possible.

This software enables you to have a platform where your audience can stream videos from. If you build a series of addictive videos, you will definitely make your mark in the streaming world.

What’s more, with own streaming platform, you will be able to build and manage your own email list as anyone who would like to interact with your videos will have to register.

You don’t want this streaming wave to pass without you benefiting.

Get Flixsterz for one-time price and build a professional-looking platform like Netflix.

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=>=>Here Are All Bonuses<=<=

Flixsterz Coupon Code 🙂


Use This Code: NEXT
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Flixsterz NEXT Bonus
How to Claim My Flixsterz Bonus?

1- Ensure that you clear cookies in your web browsers

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5- You will get all the available bonuses within 24 hours.

Thanks a lot For Reading My Flixsterz Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 🙂


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