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WebinarHD Review Plus Best WebinarHD Bonus Offer


 In case you are looking for a detailed WebinarHD Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of WebinarHD Software to discover everything about it, It’s features, WebinarHD OTO details and how This Breakthrough Webinar Platform will Enable You To Create Hollywood Style YouTube PLUS Facebook Webinars & Skyrocket Your Conversion + Traffic Without Monthly Costs!


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WebinarHD Review

WebinarHD Overview:

Creators: Kimberly de Vries & Danny De Vries
Date Of Launch: 2018-10-29
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Are The Creators Of WebinarHD?

Kimberly de Vries & Danny De Vries are well known names in the field of online marketing who have created many successful marketing software such as MyPostBuilder, LetMailbox and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind WebinarHD?

Webinars are great and here are reasons many businesses use them;

  • You don’t have to spend a lot.
  • In fact, nothing converts more and better than a webinar; not even videos.
  • Webinars help you connect with your audience on a more personal level than anything, with the exception of live events.
  • With webinars, you can sell anything from service and products to coaching guides and software
  • They help you connect with other big names in the world. You can interact with other thought leaders around the world.
  • You don’t have to be skilled technically or be a great speaker to run a webinar. With reliable software, you can create and run a webinar campaign easily
  • Webinars generate more qualified leads than any other method of marketing
  • They are extremely cost effected, and even small businesses can run webinars. Many small and large entrepreneurs are generating great revenues from webinars.

It is time for you to do the same.

Running webinars is a simple method that will help you generate sales and reach out to many customers.

Unlike in other marketing methods, such as holding live videos, in webinar, you can get instant feedback and close down sales immediately.

However, the restriction comes in webinar layout.

Most of the times, your webinars will have the same layout which can become monotonous.

That’s why WebinarHD software was created to offer layout dynamics…..

With this software, there will be no more layout restriction when it comes to your webinar streams and a whole lot of other benefits.

If you are interested in learning more about this software, here is a detailed WebinarHD review.

So, What Is WebinarHD?

WebinarHD is a one-stream technology that will help you create high-definition dynamic webinars.

This video streaming software will eliminate the hassles of setting up great-looking webinars that engage your audience and get them glued to your webinar.

WebinarHD, being an easy to use webinar system, doesn’t call you to be skillful in operating software as most things are automated.

It will help you draw an audience and build a list.

Its dynamic layouts technology helps you create high-definition webinars and video streams.

Let’s get deeper into our WebinarHD review to know more about how it works and its features.

=>See The Power Of WebinarHD (WebinarHD Review Video)<=

How Does WebinarHD Software Work?

==> WebinarHD Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==

Setting up a WebinarHD is super easy that even a 10-year old can set up a webinar with this software.

You simply need to fill in the title, description, as well as time and date of your webinar and you will be done.

Here are the steps involved in setting up an event with WebinarHD;

Step 1- invite moderators or presenters to your event:

  • With this software, you can invite as many presenters or moderators as possible to join your event; there is no limit.
  • An email will be sent to your presenters telling them how and when to assist you to set up your event.

Step 2- customizing your funnel:

  • You can easily customize your funnel with your colors, logos, videos, and custom image to match your brand.
  • You can also customize your landing pages by adding a video to any respective funnel page.
  • You can also enter a preferred URL for a custom landing page where you want your subscriber will be redirected to.

Step 3- Remind registrants of an upcoming event with the built-in autoresponder:

  • You definitely want every registrant to attend your event, and that’s why you need to send them reminders severally about the event time and date.
  • You may also want to send them replays, and this software makes it easier for you; you will need to fill in the form.

Step 4- Upload any document to your webinar event:

  • You can present any document live smoothly without showing your screen.
  • WebinarHD offers a smooth presentation with slides that you can upload and share them from the modern, cloud servers.

Step 5- Share your webinar:

  • Once you are done setting up an event, you can share it via copy/paste in an email, or directly to major social media platforms including Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

WebinarHD Features:

[+] Dynamic layouts:

  • These layouts enable you to have full control of your online event.
  • You will be controlling how your event will look like to help tailor it as per your audience taste.
  • The various design layouts help boost engagement and sales conversion, and the best thing is that you can change the layout in a single click

[+] Mastermind layout:

  • There is no restriction on the webinar streams you can create.
  • You can invite thoughtful leaders to help you with knowledge by exchanging ideas.
  • With WebinarHD’s Mastermind Layout, you can invite up to 6 co-hosts to help you chat and converse with your audience.
  • You can invite attendees to be your viewers of the mastermind individuals so that they can ask any burning questions.

[+] Live Video Player:

  • This enables you to run recorded presentation as live events during a webinar.
  • WebinarHD will run your recorded presentation as you continue answering questions asked by your attendees.
  • Also, you can play any YouTube video live during a webinar as a live event.
  • If you want to use a webinar you had run again, you can do it again as a live event thanks to the WebinarHD Live Video Player.
  • This feature helps you record and play a recorded presentation like live events.

[+] Insert your own intros and outros during your webinar:

  • You can keep your webinars interesting and alive by paying your own video clips during your live sessions.
  • Play an intro at the start to keep your audience excited and play another one at the end of your webinar to thank them for attending.
  • This software also enables you to take a commercial break to showcase those who have sponsored your event.

[+] Stream your webinar to Facebook or YouTube:

  • With WebinarHD Live Stream, you can stream your webinars to YouTube and Facebook to leverage the free traffic on these platforms.

[+] Single stream technology for instant live streaming:

  • With this software, you will wave goodbye to streaming delays during your live events.
  • The single stream technology provides you with access gaps and minimum latency and also enable you to enjoy convenient feedback and high engagement in real time.
  • It will help you interact easily and quickly with your audience.

[+] Done-for-you registration funnel:

  • There is inbuilt registration funnel that enables you to run your leads through a series of pages to make them register for your event.
  • The registration page allows them to register for your webinar and approve this software to send them a reminder.
  • Upon completion of registration, one is automatically taken to a built-in thank you page where they can click to add your event to their online calendar for them to be sent reminders.
  • You can set up a customized Thank You Page.
  • You can add custom videos to your waiting room page to keep your audience engaged.
  • They can also chat with you or your co-hosts from here.

[+] Integrate with major autoresponders:

  • WebinarHD allows for integration with your favorite autoresponders.
  • It has already integrated with major autoresponders including Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse, and iContact.
  • This helps you get more subscribers as well as follow up on more of them.
  • More autoresponders will be added based on how frequently they are requested.

[+] Auto-recording:

  • This software records your events once you make your webinar live.
  • Once you are done, you will have your recorded presentation in a few minutes.
  • You can download your replays in MP4 format and save it to your preferred destination.
  • There are a host of other features that you will get with this software.

Let’s see what you get once you get WebinarHD;

  • Traffic generating and engaging webinars
  • Web-based WebinarHD software
  • Single-video stream technology
  • Unlimited webinars and co-hosts
  • Done-for-you registration funnel
  • Built-in autoresponder
  • Access to VIP members only group
  • Funnel spokesperson videos
  • 90 WebinarHD training

On top of these, you will get the following bonuses;

[+] Access to an exclusive VIP Facebook Membership:

  • Where you can connect with entrepreneurs, agencies, and other webinar experts that you share similar interests. You can interact and strategize with the best in the industry and get advice on how to get consistent results from your webinars.

[+] Professional Spokesperson videos:

  • whereby Kimberly welcome your attendees and also thank them for attending.

WebinarHD FAQ’S:

Q1: How is this application different from other webinar software?

  • WebinarHD stands out from other software applications designed to create successful webinars as it offers dynamic layouts that other applications don’t offer.
  • Also, its single-stream technology enables it to deliver live and recorded HD video streams without delays to any platform.

Q2: Do attendees need to download any app or software?

  • No, this being a cloud-based application, attendees don’t need to download anything; they can join the events directly from their browsers.

Q3: Are there any ongoing fees?

  • No. For now, you only need to pay a small one-time payment.
  • However, price may change later, and future users will be required to pay monthly subscriptions.
  • When you get WebinarHD now, you will never pay anything else.

Q4: Does WebinarHD tool work on Mac and PC?

  • Being a SaaS software (Software as a service), this software can be accessed to all devices and browsers.
  • It is a cloud-based software and thus can be accessed easily by anyone with an internet connection.

Q5: How can one get assisted in case of a problem?

  • In case of any problems or questions, you can contact support or email them via support@webinarhd.com.
  • Once you open a ticket with the support desk, they will get back to you as soon as possible.

WebinarHD VS Others:

WebinarHD VS Others

WebinarHD Results:

WebinarHD Results

WebinarHD Reviews:

See What People Are Saying About WebinarHD & The creator’s others tools:
Beautiful interface and dashboard, clear and easy to follow steps to create a webinar, quality experience for the registrants, and now integration with favorite autoresponders – well done to the entire team. You have a winner on your hands!
Miles Austin
Hey Kimberly, just checked out WebinarHD, really good software you guys have created there. Was so easy to just pick up and use. UI is nice, works as I imaged before I got into it. A credit to your development team and you as well
Sam Robinson
Hello Kimberly! I’ve talked with Danny and Alex this morning and they helped me with everything!
Can’t wait to see the Facebook Group! I’ve seen the Forever Webinar OTO, I’m upgrading today!
I really want to make you my compliments, you’ve created something amazing! Thanks 😀
Super excited to be part of this Group! Can’t stop talking about WebinarHD since I bought it! And my cat Rumi loves it too! 🙂
Andrea Khaldi
I’m Oluwole from Nigeria and I into MLM and affiliate Marketing. Want to use WebinarHD to perfect my presentation skills to engage quality leads and higher paying clients.
Adedayo Onakanmi
Great information in todays webinar. It went smoothly. Thank you Kimberly and Danny
Patrick Mounter
Hello all my fellow WebinarHD friends. My name is Preston Hatchell. I’m into Video, affiliate marketing, site creation, and a media authority. You already know webinars can be the life blood of any business and training program. However, many of the platforms are really expensive, especially when first getting started. I look forward to WebinarHD continue to provide for our needs at affordable pricing. I look forward to getting know and working with you.
Preston Hatchell

Hi all, just want to introduce myself. I have several businesses, including a website development service and an IM review site. I am also planning to start a new site for job hunters. I expect WebinarHD to be useful for all three of my businesses going forward.
Eric Hammer
The webinar from last night has lived up to all expectations !!
The webinar was very informative ..
I have had the feeling that we were not many people present to this super informative webinar.
Danny and Kimberly could not make it even better than they did.
It felt like being back on the school bench, in the first class, and starting with the alphabet from. A to Z My self.
I got all my doubts answered.
It was not even necessary to ask questions.
These two Master Marketers,
Danny and Kimberly, went from A to Z.
And nothing has been left unanswered ..
Thank you for a good Webinar.
Sandor Tamas

Live webinars have proven to be one of the most productive ways to share your expertise, introduce your products or services to new clients and even to develop deeper relationships with your existing customers. Selecting the platform to deliver and host your webinars has been a headache for us all….until now. I’m Miles Austin from FillTheFunnel…with well over a thousand webinars presented over the last 10 years. I’ve used pretty much every platform available, all the big common names like WebEx, GoToWebinar, WebinarNinja and WebinarJam….I’ve had accounts with all of them then, there are the social platforms like; Facebook live. I was introduced to WebinarHD about a month ago and frankly, I was skeptical….It promised high-definition video streaming, dynamic layouts to accommodate any type of format and ease of use like many of them that have come before so I dug in and I used it heavily to find out for myself. The reason I’m here sharing my experience and my strong recommendation is because it works. WebinarHD has a well-designed dashboard clear, step-by-step webinar creation, integrating; landing pages, welcome pages, countdown timers, YouTube, video play and something they call dynamic layouts which is really cool. For a very low one-time price, you can feel confident tossing your $500 a year webinar platform out the door and one of my favorite capabilities in WebinarHD is available in the first upgrade Forever webinars so you can pre record your webinars and present them at any time in the future and repeat them over and over, if you desire…available for your viewers to sign up and view just like they would in a live webinar. I’ve been paying $300 a year just for that capability alone. Do yourself a favor, get in during WebinarHD launch and kiss those big annual payments for a webinar platform to buy. WebinarHD, I highly recommend it
Miles Austin

WebinarHD OTO OR Upsells:

OTO#1: Forever WebinarHD ($67/Year or $97/Year)

With this WebinarHD upgrade, you will be able to run webinars on complete autopilot. This means getting recurring profits passively….

This upgrade enables you to reuse webinar recordings and chats for a live-live experience.

With Forever WebinarHD, you will be able to;

  • Reuse webinar recording and chats to create a live-like experience
  • Invite an unlimited number of attendees to your webinar
  • Easily setup webinar events
  • Get unlimited profits with live-like webinars
  • Use automated email notifications on signups

Here is how this upgrade work;

  • Choose your schedule for a recurring posting of live-like webinars
  • Customize the registration process
  • Select your autoresponder and set how it will work
  • Select your chat settings
  • When you select a pre-recorded webinar in this upgrade, you can choose to play it and play the chat history sequentially.
  • Questions from attendees will be emailed to you so you can send a response whenever it will be convenient for you.
  • You will also be given a commercial license to give you permission to sell your own products in your webinars and even sell your own account.

OTO#2: PerfectWebinarHD Marketplace ($37/Month)

You can triple your webinar conversion with this upgrade whereby you get training, a marketplace for your webinars, and My Voice Overs….

With PerfectWebinarHD Marketplace upgrade, you get;

  • 6-week training to help you create perfect webinars that convert like crazy
  • Get Kimberly’s one voice over every month. This will help people who are not confident in expressing themselves
  • You will also get monthly coaching calls to maximize your ROI
  • You will learn how to make high-ticket webinars to enable you to get a financial breakthrough
  • You will also be given best funnels to help you build a list
  • Finally, you will be given access to The Webinar Elite, a group of webinar experts and thought leaders.

If you want to get the most out of the webinars you create with WebinarHD, this is the upgrade to go for.

OTO#3: WebinarHD Agency Package ($397 or $497)

You see, thousands of local businesses are looking for new clients every day and haven’t yet understood what power the webinars can bring to their business.

They are still dealing with cold clients that walk into their door not knowing who they are or what will be offered.

Every business needs a window through which people can see what you have on offer and by using webinars, you can achieve just that.

Webinars are prospecting machines that any local business needs to gain more clients and warm them up before the sale whether the sale will happen offline or online.

With WebinarHD Agency version, you will have the platform and the power to offer awesome webinar services to local businesses in your area and with The done-for-you agency material, you are ready to go and hunt for clients using your own webinar to showcase the power of webinars.
  • And today, you get the ability to add up to 200 user licenses under your account…landing your first client will pay you back ten times the investment you make.
  • Honestly, if you want to build a business of your own then, WebinarHD Agency package is the packaged up business that you can start tomorrow.
  • You will get a done-for-you sales presentation, swipes, lead capture site, work agreement, invoice template and even a sales video that will close your leads and gain new clients.

WebinarHD Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of WebinarHD?

What does Hollywood and webinars have in common?

They need to keep your attention and drive you to the sale.

Both have a captive audience which they need to entertain for a relatively long time while movies sell you on the plot, webinars sell you on ideas.

They both use the art of storytelling to get you in the right frame of mind and deliver you the goods …what if you could build the same effects “the Hollywood movies create” and use them in your webinars?

So, The creators went on a quest to determine what keeps the most attention during those blockbuster movies that could be used on your webinars and they found it… it’s the ASL “the average shot length” that plays the most important role in grabbing and keeping attention as our brain processes the information.

In fact, the average shot length in movies has dropped an average of 10 seconds over the last 70 years to less than two seconds to keep the current generations attention span so Kimberly and Danny set out to create you a webinar platform that would enable you to switch between layouts with the push of a button…it wasn’t easy, but they did it.

WebinarHD is the most interactive webinar platform on the planet, a platform that uses dynamic layouts with live video streaming to give your webinars that cutting edge……

With WebinarHD breakthrough technology, you can switch between layouts with ease…from the picture and picture to the masterminds layouts and from the side by side to the interview layout…all with a click of a button…..Gluing your audience to the screen to get them to the sale.

Bottom line; WebinarHD makes you more money….just imagine, what it would be like to deliver the perfect webinar over and over again.

Now, you too can follow in the footsteps of a Russell Brunson, Tai Lopez or Gary V who share their knowledge online for big profits.
With WebinarHD, you can create live stream events and reach out to as many people as possible…That’s why you should Get this software today.

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Thanks a lot For Reading My WebinarHD Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 🙂

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