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 In case you are looking for a detailed FastEye Pages Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of FastEye Pages Software to discover everything about it, It’s features, FastEye Pages OTO details and how this Revolutionary Website and Landing Page Builder will enable you to create Professional Landing Pages, websites and salespages without needing to have Copywriting, Designing & Coding skills…..


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FastEye Pages Review

FastEye Pages Overview:

Creator: Daniel Adetunji
Date Of Launch: 2018-04-20
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Is The Creator Of FastEye Pages?

Daniel Adetunji is a well known name in the field of online marketing who has Developed many successful marketing tools such as SociLeadMessenger, SociLiveStream, SociClicks and many more successful digital product launches..

What Is The Main Idea Behind FastEye Pages?

Let’s Start with defining the difference between a landing page and any other web page:

In fact, there are many experienced marketers who still don’t have a clear picture of exactly what a landing page is and what makes them a vital part of virtually every digital marketing campaign so:

What exactly is a landing page?

A landing page is a single web page designed to prompt a visitor to take one, usually very specific action.

Now what that one specific action is?

It Depends on you and your business. you might want your visitors to:

  • Sign up for your email list
  • Request a free consultation
  • Download a free piece of content like an e-book, report, infographic or case study
  • Watch a video
  • Register for an event or a webinar online
  • Or you may be prompting your visitors to purchase your product or service

Landing pages can be used by your business in these and many more ways.

With landing pages, you’ll capture leads for future marketing opportunities or drive sales of a specific product or service because landing pages make it obvious what your visitors should do.

Most often landing pages do this by making use of a few common features.

Now every landing page is different, but for the most part, landing pages feature a handful of Universal things:

  • One- a compelling headline that promotes the benefit of what you’re offering
  • Two- a strong call-to-action, usually in the form of one or more visible and attractive buttons
  • Three- no navigation bar or unnecessary links
  • Four- no distracting copier content like sidebars, ads or additional calls to action

Marketers drive traffic to these landing pages using a wide variety of access points like pay-per-click ads, social media content, email marketing, links off their main website and offline advertising, just to name a few.

Landing pages are an essential part of any digital marketing campaign because they drive action so, if you want to grow your email list and get more customers, landing pages are one of the most effective uses of your time and money.

Here Comes FastEye Pages Software….

Nowadays, the main complain among marketers is the difficulty in converting traffic into well-paying customers.

One major reason for poor conversion rates is the poor design and layouts of landing pages which create a bad impression of business on the visitors.

Nevertheless, to redesign their pages, they have to incur a lot for the landing page and homepage to be good looking and high-quality.

But today, I want to show you an effective and cost-friendly tool known as FastEye Pages that was created for any marketer who is looking to scale up their business.

Since you have started gaining interest, keep reading my FastEye Pages review to know what it is, the features and benefits.

So, What Is FastEye Pages?

This is a software for anyone who intends to create High converting websites, landing pages and sales pages.

You don’t need any hosting, designing, copywriting skills or coding.

This will cut the cost of hiring a designer and a web developer.

With it’s unique features,  you will definitely find this software useful and convenient, especially if you are a newbie who is just starting his online & offline business.

FastEye Pages includes some unique features such  as embedded YouTube, logo, icons, email  marketing,  Google maps,  API maps, Vimeo, multiple mode support,  iframes, HTML styles and shortcut menu suitable for mobile users.

All these features make this software one of a kind. 

There is no limit on the number of pages you can create with FastEye Pages.

You can get FastEye Pages at onetime payment Price, But after the launch period, the price will be Monthly Or yearly Subscription.

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How Does FastEye Pages Software Work?

==> FastEye Pages Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==


Let’s Discuss the Features and benefits of FastEye Pages in Details:

[+] It Is Component-Based:

  • One of the main outstanding features of FastEye Pages is that it is fully component based.
  • Every feature and design of this software is made with modular component blocks which blend well with your website design.
  • This eliminates the hassles of making and editing designs and appearances of your site.
  • This software app accentuates the design and appearance of your site thanks to it’s component-based approach.
  • It has reusable software components that make it highly efficient and quality.

[+] FastEye Pages is Launch Ready:

  • Among the unique features of this software tool is that it comes with a wide range of selection of ready-made designs.
  • Irrespective of your niche or industry or the feel and structure you want your site to have, you will always find a ready to use templates that meet your design and appearance needs.
  • These ready to use templates makes the process of creating a site with your personalized design a lot easier than editing a word document.

[+] Comes With an Easy Drag and Drop Editor:

  • With this feature, you can create a website that has a precise design, which looks and feels the way you want it.
  • You want your call to actions somewhere, just drag the CTA and drop it where you want it to appear.
  • You need to add an image somewhere, drag and drop it where you want it to appear.
  • You need a text box, a slider, or a custom menu, or you need to do is to drag the item and drop it where it should appear.
  • You can edit and reposition any item you have dragged easily.
  • Within a short time, your website will be up and running.

[+] There Are Tons of Images to Use:

  • FastEye Pages developer made it easier for you when it comes to image search.
  • You don’t need to hunt for high-resolution images to integrate to your content as FastEye Pages has over a million high-quality images you can use on your site.
  • The high-resolution images have been sourced from, and they will give your website a new and professional look that you want.

[+] DIY Designer:

  • With a wide range of customizable settings, including colors, fonts, and page layouts is extremely simple as it can be done with a few clicks.
  • You can make any design to look unique with several clicks. Also, designing page layout involves just a few clicks as well.

[+] Responsive DNA:

  • With FastEye Pages, you will not worry about how your site will look on a mobile device, tablet or any device as the templates are designed to be completely responsive, and will adjust perfectly to fit on devices of varying screen size.
  • They adjust fit perfectly without losing or distorting some content.

[+] Hardware Accelerated Parallax:

  • You can easily add new dimensions to your site using the parallax effect. One can use this feature to impress visitors.

[+] Icons Pack:

  • There are over 100+ icons you can use for your content. Filter and select the best icon from the provided icon pack.
  • They range from filled icons to line icons; all provided to match your needs.

[+] It Is Fully Optimized:

  • The creators crafted each component of this software tool with performance in mind. The carefully optimized site will give you a smooth experience throughout.

[+] Add Your Custom Domain Name:

  • Your domain is among the first things that make an impression on your visitor.
  • This software tool allows you to make the best impression by enabling you to create a customized domain name that matches your niche needs.

[+] Site Analytics:

  • Another great feature offered by FastEye Pages is that it provides site analytics.
  • You can use this software tool to know where most of your visitors come from, page views your site garners, or how well your website ranks against your competitors.
  • These analytics are made possible thanks to Google analytics integration.

[+] Integration:

  • FastEye Pages is also designed to integrate with numerous tools, and APIs such as custom Vimeo and YouTube embeds, Google Maps, Centered logo, multiple color schemes included, off-screen menu types, and so much more.
  • FastEye Pages is also integrated with ActiveCampaign, Oninbox, MailWhiz, Aweber, Getresponse, and other popular autoresponder platforms.
  • Users can get quality images from UnSplash and drag them directly to their FastEye platform without passing through the app.
  • We are talking about access to over one million images here.

FastEye Pages Results:

FastEye Pages Results

FastEye Pages Reviews:

See What People Are Saying About FastEye Pages & The creator’s others tools:

Let me tell you, I’m a digital marketer who needs to be able to build landing pages on the fly. Super simple, easy solution is what I’m looking for and that’s exactly what you get with FastEye Pages. They put together an awesome solution here, the software is top-notch, it is speedy and it is inexpensive so thank you guys so much for the product, you guys did an incredible job.
Rob Reece
AMAZING Page Builder! No internet marketers don’t need a landing page. I know your time is not much, therefore don’t let your time wasted because of technical problems such as: domain, hosting, plugins, themes and others. But the market also demands professionalism in every presentation and loading speed becomes one of the benchmarks. How to reach all those standards? FASTEYE Pages is the answer! Don’t let your competitors move faster than you …
Wahyudi Kristian
FastEye is the perfect name for this tool. Its super fast to make the best looking pages. Even someone without a good eye for design (like me) can’t mess this up. The built in sales copy is a profitable bonus.
Brenda Trott
This amazing product is solving two pressing problem of any business owner, TIME & MONEY. Making marketing more easy with profitability.
Komolafe Folorunsho
Time and Money are the two most sort after commodities in the world today.
FastEye Pages Saves you the time and the money you will need to expand your business in the ever changing Internet world. Increasingly intuative and keeping pace with changing website technology. FastEye Pages is ahead of the game and holds your future….
Take the opportunity now and stay in front.
Juan Boulter

FastEye Pages OTO OR Upsells:

OTO#1: FastEye Pages PRO ($47)

With FastEye Pages Pro, you can create more, sell more and then, profit more.
  • And as you know with FastEye Pages, you can create unlimited pages and websites….now to help you do that even more effectively, the creators are giving away 50 more templates with stunning designs and that means you now have more firepower to create as many pages and websites without being bothered about running out of designs and repeating the templates or having to hire expensive designers or hiring someone on Fiverr to create 50 templates for you at 75 bucks each taking your bill to $3450 nothing like that.
  • You’ll be getting over a thousand new professionally approved icons that would normally cost you $400. This makes a huge difference when you want to create pages that look and feel different.
  • The ability to create unlimited number of pages and websites also means additional work of handling all the new customers and clients that would be coming your way so the creators thought it would be a big help to have someone share that responsibility with you.
  • As a Fast Eye Pages PRO customer, you can now delegate the responsibility of creating pages and websites to your assistant or manager and as your business grows exponentially, you’d at some point think about creating a brand for yourself… what better time to start doing that then right now?
  • The creators know you want to look super pro for your clients and nothing says Pro more than your own custom domain that’s why FastEye Pages PRO allows you to use your own domain on your own websites and pages.
  • After all, your creations should be truly yours.
  • Now, let’s talk about some technical stuff too…. Fast Eye Pages PRO comes with exclusive features like autoresponder integration to gather and segregate leads that you’d be getting to your pages and websites, details site analytics to give you an idea as to what kind of pages and websites are performing and which really are not and 100% responsiveness such as the pages and websites you build they’d load perfectly on the screen of any size “your smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop or any other device. This will add a lot more to your excitement.
  • Well as a Fast Eye Pages PRO customer, you are going to be part of a very exclusive community and as a privileged member of this community, you’re going to have access to some things that no one else does:
  • You’ll be given VIP treatment by the support staff.
  • Any ticket you raise with the support desk automatically gets escalated to the urgent tab.
  • And next, every month you’ll be invited to attend special webinars exclusively for Fast Eye Pages PRO customers….here, you will learn from the creator’s team and other experts how you could use FastEye Pages to make even more money.
  • And finally, you’ll be getting over 30 winning Facebook ads….these are creatives that the creators use to drive traffic to their landing pages…..You simply copy and paste them to drive traffic to your pages and your websites.

OTO#2: FastEye Pages Agency ($27)

The creators invite you to become his partner only and sharing profits with him…it sounds insane right?

Now, you have seen the power of FastEye Pages and you know it’s an amazing tool, but what if I told you that you have the opportunity to have FastEye Pages as your own software, selling it to whomever you want and keeping 100% of the profits, you get all that money with no extra work required.

Even with a team of dedicated developers, Getting a full fledged software to call your own is expensive and tedious….not to mention the time and money you spend in getting the sales pages, sales videos, email swipes, etc ready.

Creating a software costs huge amounts of money in time, marketing and selling that software means more work and more money spent and after you have sold the software, the story does not end there. It’s not like you could just sit back and enjoy watching bank accounts well.

Providing after sales customer support and service is crucial and again costs still more money and more time, but today, you could skip all those steps, get a full fledged software, call it your own, sell it as your own and keep 100% of the profits.

And to help you make the kill, the creators are even going to give you all of their sales and marketing material that they spent thousands of dollars on to get developed.

The creators take care of everything, you simply sit back and watch your PayPal account filling up fast with money, but where’s the catch you must be thinking already? well, the only catch is that there is a cap on the first 100 customers that can get the agency rights to FastEye Pages.

OTO#3: FastEye Pages SyVid ($29.99/Year)

FastEye Pages Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of FastEye Pages?

Have you been wasting most of your time running behind designers and copywriters to help you create a landing page or a website instead of working on growing your business?

Are you tired of explaining to your copywriter what you want only to realize he wasn’t listening at all and turned in a copy that was far from what you wanted? and have your friends and family been complaining that you have started becoming very angry from time to time?

Trying to sell online can be frustrating and can make you angry….now don’t blame yourself – you’re not alone, I’ve been there and I know how it feels.

I wish I had the brains of both the designer and a top-class copywriter so that I would have full control over my business, over my destiny, over my life, but as an entrepreneur, I am tuned to see problems as opportunities.

It’s true that there are drag and drop landing page builders out there, but what about the copywriting part? no one has been able to provide a solution for that until right now.

The creators took it upon themselves and created something that will solve both of these problems in one go.

FastEye Pages is a tool that helps you not only to design your landing pages and websites ultra fast, but it is preloaded with high converting copywriting packages. Now you design your pages the way you want them to look and you write your own copy too.

Everything is drag-and-drop simple…if you can point a computer mouse, you are good to go. FastEye Pages is the world’s first landing page builder that includes high converting copywriting packages, proven to convert headlines, sub headlines, openings, bullets, guarantees, closings, Ps’s, everything’s done for you just pick and use to create complete landing pages and websites within minutes and not just that FastEye Pages even has integrated SEO and free to use stunning images and icons and a lot more.

FastEye Pages has made the process of website creation and design very simple and straightforward.

Generally, what used to be a difficult and overwhelming assignment that is only carried out by specialized experts can now be done by an individual without prior knowledge of coding or website design with just a few clicks.

Presently, with this tool, anyone can make a page themselves with a just few clicks.

For people who intend to venture into online business, FastEye Pages is a handy software to have. Snatch it ASAP!

The creators are providing you with a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

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Thanks a lot For Reading My FastEye Pages Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 🙂

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