Fan Automater Review + BEST BONUS + Discount- Get Hot, Targeted & Real FANS To Your Facebook Fanpages In Just 2 Minutes!

Fan Automater Review Plus Best Fan Automater Bonus Offer


 In case you are looking for a detailed Fan Automater Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of Fan Automater Plugin to discover everything about it, It’s features, Fan Automater OTO details and how This Brand New plugin will Enable You To Get Hot, Targeted & Real FANS To Your Facebook Fanpages In Just 2 Minutes!


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Fan Automater Review

Fan Automater Overview:

Creator: Dan Green
Date Of Launch: 2018-11-15
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Is The Creator Of Fan Automater?

Dan Green is a well known name in the field of internet marketing who has created many successful marketing software such as Video Profiteer, PayMember and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind Fan Automater?

The king of Facebook marketing “Dan Green” is back and he has made it possible for you to grow facebook fan pages on complete auto-pilot.

You can now grow your own fully automated fan pages and get hundreds and thousands of real fans to your fan pages in any niche.

Here Comes Fan Automater Plugin…..

So, What Is Fan Automater?

Dan’s new software posts super relevant content to any fan pages you have every single day on complete auto-pilot.

It helps you grow real followers, it drives traffic back to your website and it does it all without you having to create a Facebook app or do any complicated setup.

This makes Fan Automater the only software that can do all of this in the market today so no more wasting hours posting content to your fan pages, no more struggling trying to get people to like and follow you and no more spending money on any Facebook ads.

=> See The Power Of Fan Automater (Fan Automater Review Video)<=

How Does Fan Automater WP Plugin Work?

==> Fan Automater Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==

After installing and setting up the plug-in on your site, all you have to do is;

=> Step 1:

  • Create a new campaign for your Facebook fan page.

=> Step 2:

  • Choose some hot current sources for your fan page…this could be YouTube channels, RSS feeds or pretty much anything you want

=> Step 3:

  • Turn the campaign on and let Fan Automater WordPress Plugin go to work fully automating your fan page and doing all the hundreds of boring repetitive actions that you normally have to do manually to grow a fan page, but on full auto pilot…it’s that easy.

Fan Automater Features:

Fan Automator posts the most viral possible content to your fan page…content so hot that your fans won’t be able to stop themselves sharing and promoting your fan page for you and Dan has included special advanced ninja training so with just a few minutes work, you’ll be able to get hundreds of real fans for even a brand new fan page.

Yes, that’s right….Dan has developed a super powerful technique designed to work with Fan Automater plugin that with just a few minutes work, delivers you insane results. You can check My in-depth guide On How You can effectively Market your Business on Facebook

Fan Automater Results:

With Fan Automater, the creators have spent $0 growing real fan pages to thousands of fans and they were able to send all this traffic back to their WordPress site direct from their fully automated fan pages.

Just look Below, the creators able to fully automate and then grow a brand new fanpage in a popular niche to hundreds of fans from zero in just a few days…all the contents on this fanpage is posted 100% on autopilot and it’s designed to be ultra engaging with huge organic reach.

Also, look at the huge engagement all of these posts are getting with dozens of likes and shares for every post.

Fan Automater Results

Fan Automater Reviews:

See What People Are Saying About Fan Automater & The creator’s others tools:

I admit it. I hate Facebook. It’s a slow, unwieldy mess with navigation that has all the appeal and efficiency of limp spaghetti. But it’s the number 1 source of advertising that brings profit-pulling engagement. Dan’s Fan Automator makes it easy to automate posts that create real engagement and drive traffic to your website. Traffic that buys! Don’t use Facebook without it.
Phil Lancaster
Looks like a Fan Machine/Fan Marketer software sequel!
I love your old Software and i am sure the Fan Automater will replace them and be even better!
Good work Dan!!!
George Koumoutsos
Dear Mr. Dan I am a fan of his brilliant ideas and his great contributions in our strategies in digital marketing… It is also a reality the tough restrictive policies of Facebook especially in third-party applications that automatically publish on the famous social network, with this novel tool “Fan automater ” We can save the obstacles and publish without Problem, getting some incredible results, whenever it is used with prudence and intelligence.. I hope with open arms his great contribution
Juan Carlos Sanchez
Fan Automater is hands down an awesome time-saver and life-saver in creating a successful online business.
Alex Tsui
I think this is a “must have” for all marketers, website owners, Facebook Users.
Am a german guy live in Spain, we have enough products here, but with Dan’s software I am really happy!
I bought so much products from Dan, never, never, never a product was bullsh….
I trust in Dan and will buy EVERY of his products in future.
@Dan, wish you nothing but success and I hope you will stay in IM for a long long time more.
Thomas Schwinge
I think this plugin ‘Fan Automater’ will be the new winner! I am already a Dan’s software fan for a while now and Dan manage it everytime again to make the different with the sofware!… Hopefully I will also be a ‘winner’ this time
Ray Lppe
Always been a Big Fan of Dan n his software n plugs…Still love Fan Machine/Fan Marketer,done real well with them over 8700, likes on one page…The idea of no Facebook App with Fan Automater is hugh,no API, Dans a marketing man”s friend…I also use Dans Wp Socimate plug, n have nothing but great things to say about it…Can’t Wait for the release of Fan Automater, this will definitely be a game changer! Thanks a million Dan…You are the Man….
Mike Phippen
I have always liked the way Dan puts his software products together and I have had great success using them in the past and that is why I know that Fan Automater is going to be a must purchase for all affiliate marketers that want to grow their FB business!
Graham Stone
WooooooooooW!!! OMG This plugin is the TRUTH!!! Straight FIRE!! I can see a brite 2019 in my future.
Robert Cauthorn
Really cool… Don’t stress… Just bless…….. Me – I will be a great case study after I win this beautiful software….
Derrick Spruiell
I definitely want Fan Automater software. How amazing. Automation is key. Well done to the developers on this one. Absolute Gold.
Nicolas Wheaton
Wow Dan you are amazing. I have been using your tools now for a while and they do what you say they would do. What is great about you is that you always back your products so we are not left out there hanging with nothing and that is a huge plus and says a lot about your integrety.Glad that you found a way around facebook app approvals and make this totally white hat. I am getting a copy. Every internet marketer will benefit from Fan Automater and yes with all that traffic coming into your website practically free, we could see some passive income coming in quickly! Great job and thank you for all you do.
Johnny Chaname
Wonderful strategy! This kind of idea is a great way to mobilize audience and make them part of something special. Congratulations
Belli Osuna
What’s not to love about this SW? FIrst off, not having to mess with FB app connections; writes spin text content to use with RSS feeds; and YT videos posted to your website as well. My only suggestion would be to auto-post to Instagram as well, although I’m sure there’s a wp plugin for that and multi-site management. All in all, I’m excited to see an improvement in rankings and visitors with minimum effort with your tool.
Margie Zambrana
I’ve got about six active FB pages. Constant posting content and engaging visitors is sooooo exhausting. Fan Automater tool looks like it could be the answer to my prayers. 🙂
Quincy Pratt
Fan Automater looks amazing! Dan, I stand by your products. WP Fan Machine was one of the most useful tools I ever bought. Your products do what they say…period. Can’t wait to see how Fan Automater will bring me traffic and engagement…the life blood of every online business!
Jen Eick
Hey Dan, I am your big fan from Singapore and I love all your products! Thank you very much for all that technical support and I hope to win this software. All the best to your launch!
Loo Soon Koon
Looks like you did it again, found an excellent way to automate the process of going from 0 to raving fans for both Facebook and sites. Fantastic. This will really come in handy for a few projects that have been on hold until this. I really like the way Fan Automater software works “with” Facebook and mimics a real person’s activity. Great job!
Terry Martin
Dan, your plugin is a “dream come true”! Getting huge amount of FREE targeted traffic to any niche and any Fan Page without having to build a FB App is an awesome deal. I can’t wait to start using it.
Axel Vaux Verdi
Fan Automater looks like a fantastic way to grow your audience and get people engaged in what you share. Looking at the shown test results it can generate loads of organic traffic to your Facebook Pages, and increase quickly and dramatically your followers and likes, the Facebook way to build a valuable “list” of potential buyers 🙂
Charles van Veen
Hi Dan, l am a loyal customer with a few of your products,wp fan machine,fan marketer and socimate which all need facebook api.
With this new product fan automater will be a brilliant plugin to build your fan pages in different niches plus YOU WON’T NEED A FB API FOR IT TO WORK. GREAT WORK Dan l will be there on launch day grab the fe and oto.
To put my fan pages on auto pilot. Great work Dan.
John DeVuono

Dan, this is amazing software build your fanpages on auto pilot organic people, that means you can get more eye balls on what your promoting and make sales…Fan Automater will be a great software in your arsenal.
John DeVuono

Brilliant as usual Dan! Since I’ve been eating the Keto way for almost a year now, I can’t even believe you got that domain name and I didn’t think of it first And YES, I would LOVE to have this plugin please… I have LOTS of FB pages I’d like to automate & monetize with this!
Kat Clore
I had all the other products from Dan and I was very happy with them. This one seems to be a perfect replacement for the old facebook plugins. Can’t wait to get started.
Heinz Wolek
NO API ! That took knowledge and out-of-box thinking! Fan Automater will make life easier for FB marketers and increase profits with less effort and time. Kudos!
Brian Glen
Brilliant! Dan’s products are top of the line. This plugin will absolutely make your life easier when building FB fan pages without relying on FB with it’s ever changing policies that are quite frankly very frustrating. Now it time to get rolling in business and money!
Rick Levine
Fan Automater is the missing link my online business needed to go from making some money to making money every single day.This tool can save a lot of time inviting right prospects and followers.Great product!
Andy Dubiel
Dan’s Fan Marketer plugin has been one of the best I’ve ever used. I am looking forward to using his newest plugin and it looks to be even better than his previous ones. Thanks.
Jack Stacey
WOW Dan! This is one of the best WordPress plugins that will help me grow my followers organically I’ve seen!! Image what would happen if you used this on a marginal website! 😉 Thanks for creating this software! Can’t wait to get started using it!!
Mark Treager
Hey Dan, this looks interesting and I like that you don’t have to create a Facebook app because that was a big hindrance for me with WPFanMachine. I’d love to try this.
Elsie Boat
I already earned thousands and thousands of dollars only thanks to Dan’s plugins and I can’t wait anymore to get this piece of software in my hands … and it really doesn’t matter is it free or paid (y)
Milan Zagorac
Really cool plugin Dan, and like most of the stuff that you have given away for free like Google Adsense Training, makemoneyon craigslist, Pinboostsecets, YouTube, etc, a quality product. Something I really could use and will add immense value to my business! So is that enough praise to get a free copy or do I have to feed you to the lions if you ever visit South Africa? Just kidding mate. Looking forward to the launch…(hint…hint…one times copy please )
Zaid Patel
Welcome back Dan. I have never found anything to replace the old Fan Machine/Fan Marketer softwares. They quickly built me 4000+ likes page which is still going strong. Can’t wait to get started again. Woo hoo!!
Doug Prentice
I have always been a fan of Dan’s solutions, I have had Fan Machine, Tweet machine, Fan marketer, all of them pro!. When used correctly these bring amazing results. Seems like Fan Automater is taking it to the next level by not relying on FB Apps that change as FB policies change. I am extremely curious and would love to try this and I am sure its pro version for us that manage multiple sites will be an amazing solution.
Rodrigo Garcia
This software can make your life easy. Number of likes are amazing and the good thing is all are organic likes.Using this tool, just spend less time and make more money.
Norwin Lacson
OMG Amazing Plugin Fan Automater. Just plug-n-play ready to go viral online rock n rolling. I love Fanpage machine
Clara Chau
This plugin is awesome! This will be my new secret weapon for viral campaigns
Joseph Moore
Dan’s Software is always amazing. I loved Fanpage machines. This is similar. I will be buying for certain.
Ed Youngblood
I need this! Will change my Facebook fan pages and make this non techie marketer some likes! See you Friday
Anna Williams
we´ll all get with this new plugin more likes , engages and viral traffic for many fan pages and wp sites, ok good vibrations for your new digital art, so waiting for to know more…
Pavol Vizner
This is a WP/FB software that I could use to build my following
Gracee Osann

Fan Automater OTO OR Upsells:

OTO#1: Fan Automater PRO ($27)

OTO#2: Fan Automater Developers/Agency ($47)

OTO#3: Software Bundle ($27)

OTO#4: Fan Automater Reseller ($97)

Fan Automater Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of Fan Automater?

Fan Automator is building a huge highly engaged social audience for you on total autopilot.

With Fan Automator, you can fully automate your fan pages, you can fully automate your wordpress site with fresh new content every day and you can grow real fans and send Facebook traffic right back to your website.

It’s the complete facebook marketing solution for all marketers in any niche.

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Thanks a lot For Reading My Fan Automater Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 🙂

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