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EZ Magic Video Review Plus Best EZ Magic Video Bonus Offer


 In case you are looking for a detailed EZ Magic Video Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of EZ Magic Video Software to discover everything about it, It’s features, EZ Magic Video OTO details and how this new tool Will Enable You To create & sell professional, high converting videos with real spokespersons…..


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EZ Magic Video Review

EZ Magic Video Overview:

Creators: Todd Gross & Matt Bush
Date Of Launch: 2018-05-14
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Are The Creators Of EZ Magic Video?

EZ Magic Video was developed by Matt Bush and Todd Gross.

Todd Gross doesn’t need a lot of introduction because he is probably one of the most popular spokespeople and developers in the video marketing niche.

He has been the face and brain behind dozens of top-selling video-related products.

He is one of the best performing vendors on JVZOO such as VideoRobot. He has a massive following.

The other author, Matt Bush, has worked with Todd on creating several products.

He has many product titles under his belt such as Instant Video Machine, Video Agency Studio, Local Animation Studio, and much more.

What Is The Main Idea Behind EZ Magic Video?

EZ Magic Video Features

So, What Is EZ Magic Video?

EZ Magic Video is a cloud-based software that allows you to combine several videos together to create one professional video with a real spokesperson.

What Is EZ Magic Video

With EZ Magic Video, you’re going to get the the introduction lines, the filler lines “these are lines you can use anywhere”, the closings and these three are really important because the creators are giving you a lot of different ways to open up your video, to close your video, where to direct people to go and the fillers are a lot of great lines too that you can use.

The creators have a section for scarcity because whenever you make a video, it’s always great if you can add some scarcity to it because you want someone to sign up for your list, giving them a reason why they need to do it right now.

For local marketing in EZ Magic Video, The creators have have: Locksmith, Plumber, Real Estate, Child Custody, Pest Control, Computer Repair, Chiropractor, Hair Salon and then of course intros, closings and fillers that you could use anyway.

==> See The Power Of EZ Magic Video (EZ Magic Video Review Video)<==

How Does EZ Magic Video Software Work?

==> EZ Magic Video Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==

Now let me show you exactly how EZ Magic Video works:

  • You select your spokesperson and then you’ll be presented with many many choices where you fill your script by choosing what they will say, pick an opening for your video, you can build your video line by line…. you simply fill the script by using the simple interface and that’s it.
  • There’s so many choices of what EZ Magic Video spokespersons can say, the creators have everything sorted by categories so you can easily find the lines that you’re looking for.
  • The creators are including the most popular online topics and even feature content that you could use to create killer marketing videos from local businesses too and each line also gives you multiple options for the spokesperson.

Because The creators found that videos are more eye-catching when the spokesperson moves around on the screen, they wanted to make sure that they gave you the same ability to make custom videos that were truly fluid…..

That’s why when you go to choose a segment, you will always have four choices:

  • Your spokesperson can appear right in the center of the screen
  • or as a close-up
  • or to the left while matching text appears echoing what they say
  • or you can just have a segment where you only hear the spokesperson talking while you see the text….this allows you to create effective transitions in your video and also makes it more engaging.

Now, let’s choose an ending for our video. Maybe we want people to click a link below our video or call us or visit our website or sign up for our list….once I have my entire script built, I easily save it so I can go back and make changes later if I want.

EZ Magic Video Features:

EZ Magic Video app gives one the ability to create professional, quality videos using real human spokesperson by choosing from thousands of lines built in this software.

This makes it easy for beginners to create their own videos to promote service, product, or anything else.

There is a total of five spokespersons on the basic product purchase, and you can get two more when you upgrade.

There are tons of lines of speech to select from the human spokesperson so that they will say exactly what you need them to say.

EZ Magic Video comes with close to 60 music tracks and 60 backgrounds to choose from. There are two more levels you can upgrade it.

There are also HD training videos to walk you through the process of creating your videos. Well,let’s discuss these features in details;

[+] EZ Magic Video Has more than 2,000 Clips:

  • This software offers over 2,000 video clips that you can use in your video marketing. These clips will help you create videos in a short time.
  • The clips feature real spokespeople that you can use to showcase your product’s features.
  • You can use these clips to make your videos appear unique. The clips are highly customizable and can go with any script that you may want.

[+] It Features a Variety of Backgrounds:

  • There a wide variety of unique, eye-catching backgrounds that you can use for your videos.
  • These backgrounds helps you retain your brand color as you will use a color that resembles that of your brand.
  • Besides, they help you direct focus to certain sections of your videos that you want to highlight.
  • The backgrounds are also customizable, and you can add some color depth to them.
  • This comes in handy when you want to make your videos unique. These backgrounds make your videos look as though they were shot on a location.

[+] A Variety of Soundtracks:

  • For videos to be complete and ear-catching, you need to incorporate a musical sound that compliments your message.
  • EZ Magic Video offers tons of soundtracks that you can use to make your videos fun, entertaining, emotional, or happy.
  • The soundtracks are unique and created by professionals.

EZ Magic Video Magic Video Fast Action Bonuses:

To make this software a great bargain, the creator offers several bonus items.

Here are two major bonuses that come with EZ Magic Video;

FAB#1: Agency License

  • This is an amazing bonus that comes with software. Agency License gives you the ability sell your videos to businesses and marketers as many times as you want.
  • It is offered at $97 and thus being given as a bonus item is a great bargain.

FAB#2: Step-By-Step Training On How To Start Your Own Video Agency

  • You will be taught how to create a profit pulling video agency.
  • In this bonus guide, Matt will walk you through this process and show you how to go out and find marketers and businesses that are looking for videos and ready to pay hundreds of dollars for video commercial. It goes for $97 when offered on its own.
EZ Magic Video Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q1: Can you control how long the last slide or outro clip keeps playing?

  • At this point, it plays for I believe eight seconds, if you want it….if you don’t want to clip at all, that’s fine too.
  • But yes, what the creators would like to do is having the option to be able to have it be anywhere from like three seconds up to 30 seconds.
  • That is a feature that the creators are looking to add, but right now that is not in there, but yes, that would be a really great thing to have and would not be hard for the creators to do.

Q2: Do you have to purchase Camtasia?

  • No, fortunately because The creators of EZ Magic Video didn’t want you to have to go out and spend a couple hundred dollars on Camtasia and have to learn how to use that. The creators made everything as easy as possible for you all.

Q3: How do videos I will create With EZ Magic Video Will look on cell phones and tablets?

  • A great question….so one thing you can do is if you wanted to make a video from your phone, you can absolutely do that.
  • The creators prefer to do it from the computer just because it’s bigger and easier, but you could totally do it from your phone.
  • EZ Magic Video Beta testers got in and made some videos on their phones.

Q4: Do we have the option to have the transcribed text not show up?

  • Absolutely, the way that it works is whenever you go to select, every single clip has four different options: you can have the spokesperson in the center with no text, you can have them close up, you can have them to the left with text to the right or you can have them be just text so this way if you just wanted to make a video that was just text and the spokesperson talking, you could do that.
  • You could make a video that’s just the spokesperson with no text, you could have a video that always has text in it, but the spokesperson some time I think it looks really cool when you switch around between these.

Q5: How the video is given to a customer to download?

  • Once you make the video, you click a button, you download it, it comes to your computer..that’s it. You can always go back to your members area and access your templates so you can make a video for Palmers and If they want you to change something, you don’t have to start over…you can just edit it out from there and redo it…..once you have the mp4 video, The creators will show you in the training how you can provide it to business and how to find businesses to sell these to.

Q6: How I can use two or three spokespersons in the same video?

  • This is one of the features that’s going to be added to EZ Magic Video club. This is something that EZ Magic Video beta testers thought of and that would be so cool….so yes the creators are looking to add this.

Q7: What’s the difference between EZ Magic Video and VideoRobot?

  • That’s a really good question so with VideoRobot, you can have the spokespersons say what you want, but it’s animated and it’s a computer-generated voice, but the thing is especially when working with local businesses, the creators always focus on having actual humans.
  • Having both gives you so many options and when you want to have the human element, you’re able to use this and have that ability to piece it together line by line.

Q8: What kind of backgrounds can you use?

  • When you are making your own videos, you could use whatever you want however I want to encourage you to make the background not be too distracting because it can make it difficult to focus on the spokesperson so I think a lot of darker backgrounds that don’t have too much crazy actions will be better, but you can always experiment.
  • Keep in mind, it only takes a couple minutes to make the video and you can make as many as you want so it’s not like “oh I don’t like this background, I just wasted one of my renders” it’s not like that… You can make as many as you want.

Q9: How many renders do you get With EZ Magic Video?

  • You get unlimited renders.

EZ Magic Video OTO OR Upsells:

OTO#1: EZ Magic Video Deluxe ($47)

Look, you’re going to be amazed at what you’ll be able to do with EZ Magic Video software, but in order to make sure that you have the greatest chance of making the very best videos possible and to make sure that you’re reaching as many customers as possible, you’re going to eventually need more inventory.

With EZ Magic Video FE Version, you already have access to over 2,000 spokesperson clips to create videos with and that’s huge, but what if you could double the amount of spokesperson clips?

With EZ Magic Video Deluxe, you will have the opportunity to greatly expand your magic videos by having more of just about everything….meaning you’ll be able to create more unique videos for more customers….
  • You’ll get additional options for opening and closing lines for your videos and this will give you more flexibility on where to actually direct your viewers.
  • Now, you can get access to special psychological trigger section as well….these are special clips that the creators have created that are focused on drawing your viewers in.
  • And it doesn’t stop there, the EZ Magic Video upgrade also unlocks additional hot topics such as clips about: Facebook ads, membership sites, traffic generation, email marketing, Instagram, ecommerce software, making money from Amazon, selling t-shirts, multi-level marketing, a lot of stuff and then with local market, the creators also give you more intros, more closers, more fillers….just basically more lines you could kind of use for any market usually.
  • And you will also receive access to more options for your local business videos….that includes additional openings and closings for the videos that you want to sell to local business.
  • You’ll even get access to special motion Clips where the spokesperson literally points in the direction you want…..this is especially helpful if you want to get people to take action directly to the left, to the right or below your video.
  • You’re also going to be able to unlock two additional spokespersons.
  • And to make this an absolute no-brainer, The creators are also going to include a truckload of backgrounds that you can put behind your spokespersons including some that are perfect for local business and last but not least, EZ Magic Video Deluxe also unlocks 40 additional music tracks that you can easily add to your videos as well.

OTO#2: EZ Magic Video Agency ($67)

The creators are also including two very special additional components that you’re not going to want to pass up and to be clear these two components are not vital to being successful with EZ Magic Video however.

This is a package that the creators have put together only for those of you that are really a 110% serious about turning EZ Magic Video into a significant overall business……

So first: they are adding a done-for-you video agency website that you could have up and running almost immediately

  • It’s a wordpress site that already has everything in place for you, making it extremely easy for you to sell your videos.
  • It actually features a storefront and once you connect it to your PayPal account, you’ll be able to take orders, receive payments from people of course who want to buy your videos
  • You could just customize it with your name, your email address, perhaps your phone number and anything else that you’d like to say and you’re ready to go and this is all done very easily using the “what you see is what you get” interface. you just select the text that you want to edit right on the website and click Save…that’s it, now this website is already set up to sell your videos.
  • It features built-in demos and everything.
  • In addition to the full-blown website, it also comes with ten landing pages or squeeze pages to grab leads or sell other products through and of course there’s a spot to showcase the videos that you create with EZ Magic Video as well.

The second component of this value-packed opportunity: EZ Magic Video agency also unlocks more than 1,000 additional clips that you could use to sell your services + Videos

  • You could put these videos together so that you can entice clients to grab your services ASAP.
  • You can use these special clips to create videos to help market your video agency you will have access to clips that explain the benefits of video so you can market to local businesses
  • You will even get clips for you to sell additional online services such as search engine optimization and social media services and just like the basic EZ Magic Video, you just put the clips together and boom you have a full video with a spokesperson explaining why the business should hire you.

OTO#3: EZ Magic Video Local ($67)

With EZ Magic Video, You will have the ability to sell the videos that you create because of the commercial license included, but wouldn’t videos targeting local businesses just be perfect for you?

Yes! this opens the door to many more opportunities because local businesses desperately need videos for their marketing and you can be the one to give them that with EZ Magic Video.

Matt has been in the local marketing field for over 90 years…he’s helped many of his students actually make money by selling videos to those businesses and he knows the hottest business types that are looking for these very kinds of commercials to use online.

With EZ Magic Video FE, you will have the ability to create stunning and customizable live-action spokespersons in eight niches and you will have the license to sell these, but how about 12 more niches that are catered specifically to those hottest business types that matt has uncovered?

Todd and Matt want to do everything they can to give you access to as many hungry businesses as possible and give you the best chance of success with their services that’s why they went out and created over 2,000 more clips that you could use to create unique videos for any of those 12 hot niches.

EZ Magic Video local pack unlocks access to all of these markets including: personal injury attorney, credit repair, auto dealer, home remodeler, painter, HVAC “heating venting in air conditioning”, dentist, roofer, cosmetic surgery, water damage restoration, accountant and fitness trainer.

OTO#4: EZ Magic Video Club ($19.95/Month)

Imagine Having the ability to get brand new inventory on trending topics to maximize your potential of EZ Magic Video moving forward? Or even better how would you like to have input as to what the spokespeople actually say?

[+] Over the course of the next 12 months, the creators will be able to inject over 500 new clips each month right into your EZ Magic Video software:

  • making it even easier to create new content for yourself and\/or your clients maximizing the potential to make sale after sale again moving throughout the year…..yes you heard me right: over 500 monthly.
  • This includes new lines for your spokespersons like Todd Gross to say plus additional spokespersons to choose from and more making this the ultimate unlimited spokesperson experience that you probably have been daydreaming about.
  • You could use these new clips to make your own videos or sell them over and over.

You know this is the only way that you will be able to get some of these incredibly exciting categories of Clips such as:

=> Current trends:

  • The creators will be releasing clips that you can integrate into your videos that include recent current events and things happening in the market place.

=> Bitcoin just went up:

  • Bitcoin just took a dive! now you could be like the World Series champions “the 2018 Boston Red Sox”
  • You also get clips in addition to local business niches, clips to expand the niches you already have.
  • With EZ Magic Video club, you’ll be able to keep your spokespersons as up-to-date as possible and have the most options available to you so you can make that perfect video which brings me to my next point and this is my absolute favorite part of this….

[+] You get to have input on these future clips:

  • You are going to be designing as a team what the spokespersons say like that where “what you say actually is what you get”, but you have fresh content coming month after month.
  • You’re going to have so many additional possibilities opening up for you that you can use to enhance your own stunning videos or sell them for money.
  • And as a member of the EZ Magic Video club, you’ll be getting these clips before they are available anywhere else and at a lower cost.
  • You’ll also be getting access to additional backgrounds and music selections on an ongoing basis.
  • Now, this will give you even more options when creating your videos and let’s make this offer better because anyone that gets EZ Magic Video Club right now is going to get not 500 clips per month, but 650…that’s an additional 150 clips each and every month on top of the 500 already included in EZ Magic Video club.
EZ Magic Video Club Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q1: Can you specifically put some text in and get the spokespeople to say what we’re actually going to be saying?

  • Yes, The creators are going to let you choose the topic and specific phrases that you would like the spokespersons to say as long as you can conceive that this would also be interesting to other members of the club.
  • For a very low cost monthly price that only lasts for one year, the creators are going to offer the ability to actually have you give input to them so that they will cater what the spokespeople say based on your input.
  • The creators are also going to create situations where they make clips based on current events so that you’ll be able to show just how up-to-date you are.
  • The creators are also going to add new spokespersons and new music.
  • The club’s gonna be the first place to get access to all this stuff, it will save you a lot of money too because $20 a month that’s really inexpensive especially for what the creators are gonna be offering.

Q2: If I Bought the club $20/Month a month and I just decided to cancel it in three months, do I lose everything?

  • No, every month, it’s like you’re buying it and then you have that…. What you will lose is the opportunity to be able to be in at $20 a month, but if you cancel after two months, you get to keep your clips that you got already…they’re in for good…they’re not going anywhere.

Q3: If I purchased this and I have a virtual assistant, can they access My account?

  • Yes, that’s okay.

Q4: What if you want to get into the club, but you don’t want to get EZ Magic Video Deluxe, Agency OR Local OTO, do you have to have everything else?

  • No, if you wanted to just get the club after you get the FE, that’s fine. You can certainly do that, that’s up to you.

EZ Magic Video Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of EZ Magic Video?

The creators knew that if they were going to create the ability for you to choose what your spokesperson says, they would better give you lots of choices and that’s why they went out and created thousands for you.

The creators have a ton of general segments that fit in with many topics. They offer a nice selection of transition phrases that can be used to connect topics together and of course they have a huge selection of content oriented segments covering the most popular topics out there.

See options on how you can begin your video:

=> Affiliate marketing:

  • Did you know that it is actually possible to make a full time income online through selling other people’s
  • I’m not talking about making a small commission here, but more like 30, 50, sometimes even 75% commissions, when you make a sale.
  • And of course you can do all of this without even
  • Now think about that for a minute, being able to sell things, without having to stock or fulfill it yourself.
  • Just bring in a sale, and collect your commission.

=> General Marketing:

  • The internet has brought about incredible change and opportunity, like never before.
  • Did you know that it is actually possible to make a full time income online, without even leaving your home?
  • And I’m not talking about a small profit here.
  • There are thousands upon thousands of people currently earning incomes through online marketing.
  • If your business is not engaging in video marketing, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity.
  • But just because the path to success is out there, doesn’t mean it will be easy to follow.
  • You need a guide, someone with experience, who knows the way to success.
  • This is something you can do from the comfort of your own home.
  • Looking for the best -locksmith in the area?
  • We would love to help you
  • We specialize in providing locksmith and security services for businesses.
  • Are you in need of a locksmith professional who will be available quickly?
  • Are you in the market for a new home?
  • Are you looking for an experienced custody dispute attorney?
  • Don’t be overwhelmed, help is here.
  • We would love to sit down with you, to determine how we can help.
  • Isn’t it time that you got someone to help you with this?
  • We will work with you, to find the best options for you based on your budget.
  • We take customer satisfaction very seriously
  • We have great news for you, help is out there

=> Facebook marketing:

  • It is easier than you may realize, to utilize Facebook to build your own loyal following.
  • This allows you to get in front of a targeted audience, like
  • It is no surprise that people are able to make full time incomes, just from marketing on Facebook.
  • And while getting started with building a following on Facebook isn’t hard, you do need to know the right things to do.

=> Creating & Selling your own products:

  • Thanks to the internet, it is easy to access a virtually unlimited source of targeted buyers.
  • Think about it, creating a digital product, only has to be done once, and this product can then be sold thousands and thousands of times!
  • Did you know that it is actually possible to have your own digital products, that you can sell online, without the hassles of owning an actual brick and mortar.
  • Remember, your information is safe with us.
  • Never will we share your information with anyone!

=> Private label rights products even cryptocurrency:

  • Should you invest in crypto currencies?
  • Should you invest in bitcoin?
  • Everyone is talking about bitcoin
  • We would love to share more about how crypto currency investing can lead to profits.

=> Making money online

 => eCommerce
And remember, as part of EZ Magic Video special offer, you will also receive in commercial rights which allow you to actually sell the videos you create with EZ Magic Video software and that is HUGE.

You’ll also be able to choose from a wide selection of segments to build your own videos that you could sell to local businesses for hundreds of dollars a piece.

The basic version of EZ Magic Video software comes along with 60 backgrounds and 60 different soundtracks.

You are given an ability to select from the many video clips offered and backgrounds as well.

There is also an option to upgrade where you can receive an additional 40 music tracks. Besides, you will get 60 more backgrounds. Therefore, you will not need to look for other methods to enhance the background of your videos.

This makes EZ Magic Video one of the best video software for marketers and local businesses in today’s world.

You don’t need to possess any special skills to get started with this software.

To make life easier for beginners, there are high-quality training videos offered. They contain step by step instructions that, if followed, can help you get the best possible results.

Whether you are an experienced marker or a newbie in video creation, EZ Magic Video tool will help you to make quality videos for your marketing campaigns with minimum effort and cost.

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