EasyVSL Review & Bonuses – Create High High-Converting VSL in A Very Short Time

Thank You for Your Time and Visiting My EasyVSL Review. I wrote a detailed Review of EasyVSL software to know all details about it, the main idea behind it, its features, how does it work and how it will help you to create high converting VSL in a very short time.

EasyVSL Review

EasyVSL Overview:

Authors: Matt Callen & Mark Thompso
Release Date: Tuesday, January 13th 2015 
Market: Online Marketing & Software
Bonuses: See My Exclusive $2814 Bonuses
Skill Level Needed: Beginners and Advanced
Website: http://easyvsl.com
Recommended: Yes

People Behind  EasyVSL

EasyVSL is a creation of Matt Callen and Mark Thompson, both experienced internet marketers with a history of successful product creations behind them. Including blog networks and apps.

Matt Callen is perhaps best known for his SEO output over the last decade, including Backlink Beast, Niche Revolution and Traffic Recon, whilst Mark Thompson can also boast of a decade in the industry, creating a wide variety of very successful products over the years including Keyword Organizer, Pressplay, Heat Map Tracker and Six Figure Mastermind.

The Main Idea Behind EasyVSL

If you have been involved in internet marketing for more than a few days, you will know that a video sales letter is more effective than text, offering greater engagement and higher conversion rates. However, there are many of us, and I include myself here, who find the idea of creating videos a bit intimidating, whilst some just find it too time consuming, enough to put us off doing it. Now, if you know the benefits of video sales letters but have shied away from making one, for any reason, then EASYVSL, the video sales letter creation tool, maybe just the thing to solve your problem. I’m going to take a close look at it in this EASYVSL review and see whether it is worth your time or not.

What is EasyVSL?

 EasyVSL is a tool for creating video sales letters, allowing you to take full advantage of the benefits of video in your sales funnel, and that is more conversions, higher level of engagement and giving you a better connection to your audience, all in a point and click interface that is easy for anyone to get great results from. It can create landing pages, sales pages and squeeze pages with ease all using the power of video to ensure they are as effective as possible.

This is important, as I’ve mentioned, many of us find the process of creating a video sales letter a challenge, be it time consuming or just technically intimidating, but here is a tool that strips that away and allows us to create high quality video sales letters quickly and simply within an easy to use point and click interface. Now, I like the sounds of this, it solves a genuine problem, at least for me and I suspect many others, so I see value in it. Now we need to see how it works and if it does what it claims.

How Does EasyVSL work?



 EasyVSL is an Adobe Air based application, meaning it can run easily on both Windows and OSX platforms, and allows anyone, even those who have never worked with video at all before, to create video based sales material using an easy to understand workflow and point and click interface.

Using EasyVSL it is possible to create a sales video in as little as 10 minutes, and it’s all very easy to do. Paste text into your slides, pick the color for your backgrounds and so on. Then you choose the animation effects such as slide or fade, you just pick the one you want, EasyVSL does the rest. You can add any other video clips at any point in your presentation, again just drag it into the work, this could be video of you taking to camera or video of a product or anything you want really. Videos are output in high quality MP4 for maximum compatibility with sites, ensuring the whole process is a smooth as possible.

The key point here with EasyVSL is that it is genuinely easy to use, the interface is a simple point and click arrangement and takes little time to understand. It’s a very visual way to work and for me this makes it incredibly easy to get to grips with, you can see what is going on without needing to read endless manuals like the bespoke video editors I have tried (and failed) to get acceptable results from.

What are the features of EasyVSL?

 Having an easy to use video creation tool can benefit marketers everywhere, and EasyVSL has several unique features that really make this possible, and help to provide the highest quality video output for your sales funnel.

  • Mac and Windows compatible – Whatever computer you use, EasyVSL fits right into your workflow without a problem
  • Point and Click Interface – Easy to use, you can learn how to get great results in just a few minutes
  • Wide range of themes to choose from – With more than 25 different themes and backgrounds and over 30 fonts to choose from, there is something to suit every project built right in
  • Save and edit instantly – Even after you publish it, you can edit videos from your dashboard and upload the changes when you want
  • High quality MP4 – The most widely supported bvideo format on the web, allowing fast streaming and direct upload to any HTML5 site
  • Create sales pages or smart videos – Create your sales or squeeze page, or smart videos that you can add to existing content, all with just a few clicks from the same interface
  • Facebook integration – EasyVSL allows you embed videos within Facebook easily, whilst comments are integrated into the system as well.
  • WordPress Compatible – You can upload directly to your WordPress based site from within EasyVSL
  • Built in Analytics – You can track your views and conversions easily from within the software, everything you need to ensure a successful campaign is right at your fingertips
  • Timed HTML Call to Action – Your call to action can appear after asset period of time, allowing you to create offers and a wealth of other possibilities
  • Comprehensive management tools – You can manage all of your video sales letters easily within EasyVSL from a single interface
  • Include other video sources – You can add in other video footage at any point in your creation, providing you with the opportunity to create a mix of styles and add even more engagement with the audience for higher conversion rates

Who is EasyVSL aimed at?

 EasyVSL is aimed at anyone who wants to utilize the power of video within their sales flow, whether they are entirely new to video making or not. For those who have always though video creation was too difficult or time consuming this package offers an easy to use, fast solution to produce high quality video content with an easy to learn and use interface.

For more experienced marketers already making videos it gives the opportunity to drastically cut down the time taken in creating these sales videos, create eye catching graphics without effort and produce higher quality and more dynamic video content easily.

It really does have benefit to anyone who uses, or wants to use, video marketing methods in their next project.

What Are Well Known Names In Internet Marketing Filed Saying About EasyVSL?


What are the OTO’S of EasyVSL Software?

There are three OTO’s for EasyVSL, and we will look at easy individually.

OTO 1 is the Platinum license for EasyVSL, which includes over 50 premium templates, more than 100 extra fonts, 30 audio tracks and lifetime membership to GraphicKickstart which gives access to a massive library of templates and graphic designs.

OTO 2 is PressPlay, a video landing page app that is really the perfect complement to EasyVSL, allowing you to create wonderful looking pages with fully embedded video without any understanding of coding or technical prowess at all. It includes a wide array of fully customizable templates meaning that you can quickly and easily get the perfect look to suit any project you are working on, and of course populate it with high quality videos made using EasyVSL.

OTO 3 is White Label Millionaire Private Package, which includes an array of online marketing products all supplied with full resell rights, these are:

  • WP Lead Capture – Automated creation of lead capture landing pages
  • WP ez POPUP – Create fantastic looking popups with opt-in forms and social share buttons as well as many other content ideas
  • WB FB GFX – Bring your Facebook pages to life with stunning graphics
  • WB Buzz Machine – Uses the meme phenomenon to gain shares for your pages
  • WP Question Opt-In – Allows you to create a question form for your email list building, engaging visitors and gaining more conversions

This package also includes the full White Label Millionaire Video Training System and the huge list of contacts to allow you to get a real head start in the affiliate industry.

 EasyVSL Review Conclusion

As I mentioned at the beginning, this EasyVSL review would look closely at what it can do and how it does it, and whether that makes it a useful tool for your next project. For me, video creation is usually a combination of terror and stress, it takes forever and the results are never something I’m really happy with, and that is just me not fully understanding the medium. Until now. EasyVSL made it very easy not just to create great looking video with audio tracks and everything I wanted, but the simple interface made it easy for me to understand what was going on and how these things changes the way my video looked. That has made the world of difference to me, and if you are in the same boat with video, I cannot recommend this tool highly enough, it is sure to do the same for you.

For those that are more involved with video production, this has something important to offer as well, it can cut production time so drastically you will not know what you have been doing all these years. It’s a true game changer for everyone who uses video sales techniques (Hint: That should be everyone) and makes a fantastic overall package.

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