Heat Map Tracker 2.0 Review & Special Bonuses – Analyze Your Site and Spy on Your Visitors

If you want to read a complete  Heat Map Tracker 2.0  Review , keep reading as I wrote a detailed Review of Heat Map Tracker software to know its creators, its features and why it is a must have tracking software that will help you enhance your online business.

Heat Map Tracker 2.0 Review

Who is the creator of Heat Map Tracker?

Mark ThompsonThe creators of Heat map tracker software are Mark Thompson and Matt Callen. Mark Thompson is a well know name in online marketing field who started working in this field 10 years ago.

He is the creator of lots of internet marketing software and products that helped many people start their own successful online marketing business such as Traffic Backdoor, StayOnSearch, Six Figure Mastermind, PressPlay, Authority Spy and more.

Matt CallenMatt Callen is an expert in Search Engine Optimization, email marketing and creating software.

He created many software that achieved big success such as Niche Revolution, Traffic Recon, HyperVRE, Backlink Beast and AdSpyTracker.


What is Heat Map Tracker Software?

Are you wondering on how to ethically scout your website and understand your customer needs? Well. Here is the way out. Heat Map tracker is “The product” that is basically a new software that when you use, it can increase your earnings radically.

This Heat Map Tracker software allows you to give simple codes in your websites that can accurately pull the details with regard to the usage of your website.

The output being the visitor recording data will for sure help you if you are an affiliate marketer or working in internet marketing field to understand the conversion rates and subscriber rates which will in turn help to generate internet traffic, make leads, increase sales and entice more customers. Google analytics can also help you with this to some extent but they have some drawbacks.

Why Heat Map Tracker is Better Than Google analytics?

  • Google analytics cannot tell you where exactly the user is clicking on your web page, how are they scrolling or how much time they are spending on which section of your website. To put it in a few words, Google analytics will not tell you the entire story of what your customer is doing on your website.
  • This Heat Map Tracker software and visitor tracking not only bridges this gap of google analytics but also assures you to triple your sales in just one day, so i encourage you to Check out the Heat Map Tracker review in next sections to find out how it works, what are the features and how this can be a game changer in your business.

How does Heat Map Tracker work?

This powerful software works in a simple and effective way to optimize your earnings. User interactions with your website is captured and sent over to the Heat Map tracker servers using the cloud computing technology that will instantly show the results on your screen. The installation of this software is quite simple and the best part is that it does not slow down any of your pages and the software is real-time. All you need to do is to add a simple JavaScript tag and you are ready to go.

Different ways of using heat map tracker 2.0 are as below:

  • Navigation Refinement: This becomes extremely important when you have segregated your products under different departments or sections. If navigating to the required products becomes confusing to the end user, it may simply result in losing customers. By installing Heat Map Tracker software, you can exactly understand where is the customer clicking and if the customer is clicking all over the place in order to find the product. Based on this data, you can modify the navigation system and avoid the customer from being misled.
  • Avoiding Banner Blindness: Eye catchy and important headings in the website are made to grab the attention of the user. In spite of this, the user might just overlook it. Heat Map Tracker software detects whether the banners are well perceived or ignored which will help you make changes to the banner and thus avoiding banner blindness.
  • Dead Weight Visuals: A lot of pictures are generally displayed which can either decrease or increase your conversion rates. Once again, the Heat Map Tracker will let you know if the users are actually spotting those images or not and how this is impacting the sales. Based on this report, you can either remove the pictures or change them on your website.
  • Cart abandonment: In order to complete a transaction, you will need certain information from your customer that has to be filled. While doing so, many people may not complete the transaction at all. By having the Heat map tracker software, you can literally see how are customers filling the necessary information and if they are particularly getting stuck in any place. Based on this outcome, you can modify the website requirement and make it more user-friendly.
  • Time on Sight/Engagement: With the amplified emphasis given to search engine optimization, you should be having the right content in your website to be able to get spotted easily by the search engines as well as customers. Heat Map Trackers will make it easy for you and tell you whether the information provided in your website is engaging or not.
  • Above the fold” Testing”:   By the aid of Heat Map Tracker, you can see until which point does the customer actually scrolls down in your website and then based on this scroll report, you can consider to revamp your website by making the necessary changes to the content which will eventually lead the customers to see the entire page in the website.
  • Website Redesign: With the use of all the above features, you can find out the customer’s purpose of visiting your site and what they need. This data will help you to redesign your website and make it work better to you as well as the end user.
  • Site Securities and potential vulnerabilities: You might have certain vulnerable areas in your website where you do not want the users to get through. Being able to watch where your customers are navigating, you can make out if there are any security loop holes and make changes accordingly.
  • Screen Resolution optimization: users may be accessing your website form different devices like desktops, phones or iPad. You will be able to see if there are any issues with the screen resolution and repair it accordingly.
  • Browsing rendering issues: Different browsers like google chrome, internet explorer or firefox and different versions of these browsers can potentially have an effect on your website. You can detect these browser issues and fix it to give a seamless experience to your customers in any browser.
  • Split testing: You can split the data in your website and compare the reports of heat maps, click maps and scroll maps. By doing so you will be able to understand which content is more appealing and which is not.

What are the features of Heat Map Tracker v2.0?

There are different features that are made available for the users as well as the admins. These features are discussed below:

Features enabled for the Users:

  • User Session: This feature will record each and every user session on your webpage which gives us the information on which part of the world the user belongs to, what browser he is using, where he is scrolling, what is their IP address, how long did they spend on each page, date and time of the session, screen size and what path they took to reach a particular page.
  • Heat Map Report: This feature actually tracks your customer’s eyes and will let you know where exactly the customer is clicking on your webpage. This will let you understand what is in trend and what is not. It will also let you have a project dashboard that will present a pictorial and easy to understand data on your website usage.
  • Scroll Map Report: This feature will allow you to understand till which point the end user is checking the website and at which point does the user actually drop off. It gives a percentage of people visiting the different sections of your webpage.
  • Popular pages: This will provide you a pie chart which shows the pages that is commonly visited by the users.
  • Manage Data: This will tell you how much data is stored in the server. In order to keep your server clean, it will also let you pick a specific range of dates and delete the data if it is no more required.
  • Settings: This include the options to whether enable or disable recording, set time and date, track IP address, set session delay options which will stop timing if the person is inactive.

Features enabled for the Admin:

  • Super admin access: This feature will allow the person to have the administrator access who can add or delete users.
  • Package Manager: In case if you are going to resell this product to a client, this feature will let you manage the different accounts and different options that you want to offer to your client.
  • Payment Options: you can choose different payment schedules and modes using this feature
  • Admin settings: Here you can put your paypal address, your own user help sections, your logo which can be used to white label your company.

Heat map Tracker 2.0 VS  Clicktale VS CrazyEgg

Heat map Tracker VS Clicktale VS CrazyEgg

What Are The Price Plans Of Heat Map Tracker?

The Personal License

You will have three choices to get the Personal License (for Personal Sites):

  • $27 Every month: You can install the software on unlimited sites.
  • $97 Every Year: You can install the software on unlimited sites.
  • $297 Onetime payment: You can install the software on unlimited sites.

The Agency License

You will have three choices to get the Agency License for Personal and Clients Sites:

  • $47 Every month: You can install the software on unlimited sites.
  • $197 Every Year: You can install the software on unlimited sites.
  • $397 Onetime payment: You can install the software on unlimited sites.

The Agency License will give you the next additional features:

  • Fully Rebrandable
  • Automated Paypal Invoices to Clients
  • Create Sub-Accounts for your Clients
  • White Label Rights
  • Unlimited Pageviews, Recording, Enhancements and updates.
  • Professional Support

Heat Map Tracker 2.0 Review Conclusion:

If you are targeting to increase your earnings from your site from building email list, promoting affiliate products, CPA offers or services, you will find that heat map tracker is your mast have software as it will enable you to know how your site visitors engage with your site content, posts, pages so that you can enhance your entire website to keep visitors as long as you can, increase your site authority that will lead to increasing your sales and income in the long term.

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