Audello Review & Bonuses – A New podcasting and audio marketing system

If you are searching for a honest Audello Review, you have come to the right place. I Made in Depth Review of Audello Software to get Full Picture of it, it’s features , it’s creator Josh Bartlett and how this system will enable you to make huge profits using the power of podcasting and audio marketing.

Audello Review

Audello Overview:

Creator               : Josh Bartlett.
Date of Release: 2014-10-28
Niche                  : Podcasting Software
Price                   : 1
Refund               :
60 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support             :
Very Good Response.
Official site       :
Bonuses            : Yes, My Very Special
$3486 Bonuses.
Recommended      :
Skill Level Needed:
All Levels

First, who is the Creator of Audello?

audello Josh Bartlett

It is a very importunate thing to know who is the creator of the software,what is his previous experience in the field of internet marketing and if he succeeded to create successful training courses and products before you come to buy his new product.

Josh Bartlett is the man behind audello software. He is an expert in business and internet marketing field who succeeded to help hundreds of companies and people to achieve big success in their online business.

He is specializing in Video Marketing, Software creation, Outsourcing, Marketing, List Building and SEO.

He created many internet marketing software that have achieved big success such as the first and second version of Easy Video Player and Easy video suite.

You may have a knowledge about these successful products and you maybe a current customers for one of them as well.

What Is Audello?

Audello is new audio marketing and podcasting software that will give you the ability to build big email lists  while making huge profits from your email lists by automatically creating, publishing simple podcasts ( audio content) and distributing them to already existing distribution networks to find engaged and highly targeted traffic.

What Is The Main Idea Behind Audello?

The main idea Is how to use the Power of both distribution networks and podcast networks to :
  • Create huge engaged audience for your business.
  • Reach out and find people who are interested in products and the services that you offer.
  • Way to grab subscribers and build targeted email lists and turn your subscribers who are excited to buy your services or products into paying customers.
  • You can do all these for free without having to spend any money on advertisements, PPC, SEO or affiliate marketing.

So, How You Can Take Advantage Of That?

Distribution networks

Distribution networks is advanced search algorithm to automatically filter the users based on interests without having to go and find them .

Using the distribution network such as eBay, App store, iTunes, Google play and amazon will give you the ability to :

  • Directly tap into targeted ready made audiences without having to do all the hard work yourself.
  • Give you instant access to millions of people signed up and ready to buy your content.

Podcast Networks:

  • podcast is growing in these days, more people than ever are listening to podcasts ,it is one of the most regularly and widely consumed types of content on the entire internet and it is also the easiest type of content to create and consume.
  • Podcast is very popular and growing very fast and nearly 25% of American internet users download and listen to podcasts.
  • Because people spend high amount of hours to listen to podcasts, unlimited number of companies become ready to sponsor your podcast.
  •  The main key to succeed with podcast marketing and make huge profits is to have sponsored podcasts.
  • There are many internet marketers who are making 5 figure income each month from their sponsors and podcast marketing such as Lewis Howes, Pat Flynn, Joe Polish and John Lee Dumas.
  • On average , iTunes alone is growing by 500.000 users a day.
  • Podcast players are built on almost every mobile device, apple alone sells 600.000 devices each day and every unit has built in podcasting is been proven that podcast listeners are likely to turn into targeted subscribers and and customers.

Creating Podcasting Content ( using the power of content marketing)

  • It is about giving value for your customers before selling them your products. Providing your customers with high valuable content that will create good will, engagement, strengthen your relationship, brand with them and make them trust you so that they will be more likely to become fans, loyal subscribers, stay focused on what you are doing and finally buy your products or services.
  • Audello software will easily create podcasting content, automatically upload it to podcast and distribution networks that will give you the ability to use the power of audience building, lead generation and getting customers.

How Does Audello Work?

It is a desktop app, iPhone app and web app that will automate the process of:

  • Creating high quality simple podcast content.
  • Uploading the content to current syndication networks.
  • Getting high amount of targeted leads and customers to the content every month from these syndication networks.
  • Converting them into email addresses.
  • Following up with both email marketing and webinar marketing, building huge email lists by leveraging the power of apples content network.
3 Simple Steps To Create Podcasts With Audello:
  • You will go to the dashboard of audello software.
  • You will enter the name of your podcast, the category, your name , email, the description of the podcast, the keywords and the URL for the podcast.
  • After your podcast is set up, audello immediately starts tracking your content and gives you in depth facts and analytics, audience engagement, interactions, geographical data and traffic sources so that you will get exactly picture for what your audience are doing, when they engage with your content and where they come from that will lead to improving your results.

What Are Audello Features?

  • How to build your own subscriber list that is growing day after day (building your email lists with audello software will be your guaranteed way to make money in anytime you want ( you will have subscribers in your email lists and unlimited ideas to make money from them).
  • How to position yourself as an authority in your chosen niche.
  • Get high amount of customers that generate revenue every month.
  • Audello comes with the whole range of extensive audio marketing features that will help you increase your profits from your subscribers.
  • You will learn the distribution networks that apples have provided that will give you big opportunities to easily and quickly get high amount of customers and leads.
  • You can schedule podcasts to be published automatically in specific days that you choose and if you have already a podcast, you can import it into audello as well.
  • Audello also automatically integrates with Skype to easily record interviews and calls.
  • By Using Drag and drop audio player creator, you can customize audio players and playlist with viral features and social sharing in a very short time.
  • By using a powerful page creator, you can select from pre made templates and then add buy buttons, text, images, opt in forms without using any kind of code.
  • A time event creator feature will enable you to add engaging call to action such as opt in forms, buy buttons and viral gateways that have specific time you decide to make your audience take action.
  • Audello software doesn’t need any technical skills or previous experience in email marketing,WordPress installations, RSS feeds, distribution services and technique, webinar marketing or podcast marketing and it is an easy to use even for beginners.
  • By using a built in A/B split testing , You can split test anything you do to know what is working best for you.
  • Audello software will enable you to record audio, interviews and podcast episodes from your mobile device.
  • Josh Bartlett who is the creator of audello software always provide his customers with the needed support team to help the customers deal with any problems they may have with the product and achieve the best results with their marketing campaigns.
  • It will Automatically track your listeners so that you can see exactly what is working what is not working.
  • What gives audello an additional uniqueness is that there aren’t a lot of marketing tools for podcast marketing that show people how to learn podcast marketing and build their podcasting business.
  • You will be able to see particularly where the engagement of your audience is at its highest and you will be able also to see the device that your listeners are actually using.
  • With audio players, You will be able to include a commenting system that links immediately with Facebook and that system will help your podcasts go viral.
  •  Audello software comes with a large selection of responsive audio players that are simple to set up chapters, social sharing, comments and more.
  •  You can create high converting mini audio sales pages in a very short time.

For Who Is Audello Podcasting Software?

Audello Software Is For podcasters, if you are a podcaster who want to
  • Import existing podcasts while tracking them.
  • Quickly and easily create new podcasts and automatically publish them to the biggest podcast directories.
  • Create and customize viral pages, playlists and players for your podcasts.
  • Get access to detailed stats about every listener and your podcasts.
Audello Software Is For audio marketers, if you are an audio marketer who want to:
  • Quickly create engaging info products from audio recordings to be able to collect opt ins.
  • Create timed events during interviews to present buy and call to actions buttons to increase the conversations rate of your sales.
  • Use the power of audio marketing and how it is easy to create and consume audio.
  • Instantly record Skype calls to quickly convert them into audience engaging interviews.

What You Will Get With Audello Software?

You will get access to:

  • The web hub of the software.
  • The free desktop app for both Mac and Windows to give you the ability to upload record and convert audio to your dashboard.
  • A mobile app that you can use to record, convert and upload audio from your own cell phone (it works great with interviewers).
  • Audello comes with case studies and success stories from the biggest names in internet marketing industry. These case studies will show you how they succeeded to build their successful online business using this new software.
  • Audio Engagement Bar Product.
  •  Drag and drop audio player creator.
  •  Easy A/B audio split testing.
  •  Rich audio analytics.
  • Fully customizable audio players and playlists.
  •  Gateways and Engagement-building timed Events.
  •  Unlimited audio “engagement” pages.
  •  60-day Money Back Guarantee.

What Are Audello OTO’S?

There are not any oto’s or upsells for audello, but there will be only a commerical upgrade for one time payment of $97.

Review Conclusion:

In the end, why I highly recommend you to get your copy of audello software?

If your are a podcaster or working in podcast or audio marketing and you are searching for all in one podcasting platform and software that will enable you to do and control the whole process of creating podcast and audio content, publishing it to the Distribution networks, building your email lists with highly targeted listeners and audience and building your podcast business, you will find that audello is your highly recommended choice.

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