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DesignLikePro Review Plus Best DesignLikePro Bonus Offer


 In case you are looking for a detailed DesignLikePro Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of DesignLikePro Plugin to discover everything about it, It’s features, DesignLikePro OTO details and how This Brand new WP Plugin will Enable You To Create Eye Definition Graphics Right From Your WordPress Dashboard With More Than 1,000 FREE Templates!


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DesignLikePro Review

DesignLikePro Overview:

Creator: Daniel Adetunji
Date Of Launch: 2018-07-20
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Is The Creator Of DesignLikePro?

Daniel Adetunji is a well known name in the field of online marketing who has created many successful marketing software such as ViddyGenie, FastEye Pages and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind DesignLikePro?

One of the secrets of successful online businesses is having high-quality, relevant visual content on their sites.

They don’t explain their content in many words as visuals can do that on their behalf.

They show the products or services they are offering instead of trying to explain how it feels or looks.

Even if it is a travel website, they post images of amazing destinations, view from different angles, etc.

By doing this, their visitors get moved and start visualizing themselves in those places.

That’s why such sites keep getting an overwhelming number of visitors.

Even on Amazon, the most successful Amazon listings offer numerous images of their products from multiple angles.

Why? Because the brain process visuals way faster than text.

That’s why commercials have many visuals images showcasing products or services.

However, there is a problem.

If you are a WordPress user, you understand how challenging it is to enhance your content.

For one to publish a visually attractive page, you must have great graphic design skills.

And as everybody knows, being an expert graphic designer calls for months and months of learning trying to master coding and all kinds of skills needed to make those stunning designs.

In short, trying to create graphically attractive pages without any experience is like trying to break a brick wall by banging your head against it.

That’s why many WordPress owners hire graphic designers when they want to create stunning visuals or pages.

But this is about to change as someone saw this difficulty and came up with a product that automates this process.

It is called DesignLikePro Plugin…..

With this WordPress plugin, you will be able to add aesthetic appeal to your website and ditch those plaintexts content that repels your visitors.

Your web guests will like your content and get attracted to your eye-catching graphics.

And because adding graphics to your WordPress site is often a tedious process, this plugin has made it extremely easier as you can now create high-definition plugins from your WordPress Dashboard.

This plugin integrates well with WordPress and gives you access to some of the best design options online.

If you are interested in learning more about this plugin, here is my DesignLikePro review.

So, What Is DesignLikePro?

DesignLikePro is a unique, innovative plugin that allows you to create great-looking content without hiring an expert graphic designer.

This click-and-drag platform enables you to create eye-catching graphics pages right from your WordPress dashboard.

With Design Like Pro, you will have premade templates- 1000+ high-converting templates that you can use in various niches. Besides that, you will have access to a site builder and great graphic elements.

This will help you innovate your site in your desired way without hiring an expert.

This plugin was created by Daniel Adetunji, a renowned vendor of multiple software.

He has created many popular products including SociLeadMessenger and Viddie Genie.

All his last products have had great successes, and this plugin too will be a hit in the market.

==> See The Power Of Design Like Pro (DesignLikePro Review Video)<==

How Does DesignLikePro WP Plugin Work?

==> DesignLikePro Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==

1.Choose a template or start from scratch:

  • There are many templates you can choose from based on what you intend to create.
  • There are templates for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest posts, YouTube channel art, Gift Certificates, Infographics, and much more.
  • You can also choose a blank canvas to start with and add elements using the drag-n-drop editor.

2.Edit your template or image:

  • You can make changes to whatever you don’t like in your creation- be it images, badges, call-to-action, banners, colors, and buttons.
  • You can move elements by dragging and dropping it anywhere you want.

3.Update your creation to your WordPress or download it to your hard drive:

  • After making the changes, you can choose to update it to your site to replace the old one, right from your WordPress dashboard, or you can save the image as PNG or JPEG on your computer.

DesignLikePro Features:

[+] Insert images with one-click:

  • All the images you have created using this plugin can be inserted into any page or post on your website. This saves time.
  • After inserting, you will just click “update” on your WordPress dashboard, and the image will be inserted right away.
  • You have the freedom to place them where you want.

[+] Wide variety of images available:

  • There is an in-built library of a wide variety of images.
  • You can find the right image for your next graphic by entering a keyword.
  • The user-friendly editor enables you to change the elements you want.
  • With DesignLikePro, you can create an unlimited number of graphics.
  • You can create many and download them on your computer for future use.

[+] Save your images to your WP gallery:

  • Since you can create an unlimited number of graphics with this plugin, you can save them directly to your WordPress gallery for use in the future.

[+] You can edit images directly in your WordPress dashboard:

  • You don’t need to download an image on your computer and then upload it to your editor for editing. Simply drag an image to the editor and edit it from there.
  • You can change the badges, colors, text, colors and anything you feel like.

[+] Great Editor:

  • With DesignLikePro, you will have access to any tool a designer needs to create a stunning image. Every element you need to edit your image and improve it is in this tool.
  • It is more like Photoshop, with the only difference being that it is simpler to use.
  • Not forgetting it is easy to use and accessible from your WordPress dashboard.

[+] Add an image to another image:

  • There is an advanced layering feature in this plugin that allows you to add multiple elements on the same image.
  • You can have a text or an image covering a part of another image.
  • This helps you create professional images that you can resell as well.

[+] Optimize and compress images:

  • Most of the designing tools lack the ability to compress or optimize images.
  • This causes many websites to load slower especially when accessed via mobile phones or tablets which leads to loss of customers and revenues.
  • However,DesignLikePro has optimized images that enable you to rank higher on Google.
  • You can compress this images without distorting their resolutions.

[+] More templates added every week:

  • There are more templates added every day to help you have more varieties.
  • This makes it a great tool for non-designers.

DesignLikePro Features

DesignLikePro FAQ:

Q1: Is there a limit to the images I can create with this plugin?

  • No. You can edit an unlimited number of images.
  • The author of this tool understands that website owners need many visuals to complement their content. That’s why they never put any limitation to the graphics you can create with this plugin.

Q2: Can install this plugin on multiple sites?

  • Well, this depends on the type of license that you choose.
  • There is a single site license and also unlimited sites license.

Q3: What if I need more templates?

  • There are so many templates you can choose from, and more are added on a weekly basis.
  • DesignLikePro does not charge anything for extra templates.
  • All the new templates take into consideration the latest trends in the market.

Q4: Is there a guarantee?

  • Absolutely. Design Like Pro comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • In case you feel this plugin doesn’t suit you, you can message the support team, and your refund will be processed without any questions asked.

Q1: Can I buy this plugin later?

  • There is a limited offer that is time-sensitive. Sooner or later, the price will go up.

DesignLikePro Reviews:

See What People Are Saying About Design Like Pro & The creator’s others tools:

Great Graphic tool, very easy to use for immediate results… I definitely recommend DesignLikePro
Xavier Michel Vauluisant

I think this product will not let the creators of Canva, etc. sleep for a long while… Daniel and team identified one of the huge problems, and came up with the best solution ever! Way to go guys, keep shining!!
Rohit Rajani

Nice product…. Any software from Daniel is a ”Must get”
Highly recommended..
Elvis Uzoma

Bang! This plugin will be amazing by making blogging more easier while design copyright free and unique blog banners with no hassle right from my WordPress dashboard. I can’t wait to have DesignLikePro and be free from graphic designer ish.
Adedokun Hadi

Wooow, its like canva in your own wordpress….it can save lot of my time
Syaiful Alam
This sounds fantastic, the answer I am looking for to create Instagram posts that people will respond to and follow.
John Price

Wow.. awesome.. this is one of the plugins that can help graphics work easily and quickly
Andrian Firmanto


If you are struggling to do graphic designing or don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket hiring expensive designers, DesignLikePro is your one stop solution.
Sandy Nayak

Wow awesome, you have knocked it out the park with this one. Danny Ade always makes great products that people can rely on and this looks like the best one yet, great work!
Dan Green

I love DesignLikePro. A really amazing plugin that makes lazy “designers” like me do incredible designs. It helps me save a lot of time as well.
Onaivi Dania

As a blogger, I find it hard to get good graphics due to copyright infringement issues, but since I got access to Design Like Pro, I stopped finding it hard. This has been the best thing that I have gotten. I no longer crack my head to get graphics. Thank you DesignLikePro!
Somtoo Okwueze

Design like pro is really good software to make good graphics in just minutes, I really like it very good job daniel
Rudy Rudra

Daniel have really pulled this one out of the bag. DesignLikeProis hands down the easiest way to create Graphics I’ve ever seen.Now I don’t have to waste my time figuring out complex software.
Akbar Shahnoei

Wow.. awesome.. this is one of the plugins that can help graphics work easily and quickly
Andy Hermawan

very cool. i need wordpress plugin that can help my work become easier
Agus Sakti

Having checked DesignLikePro over and given it some careful thought I have come to the conclusion that this is a Must Have. Particularly for the young aspiring webentrepreneurs who are hoping to make a living in the Internet,
Tommy Stuart

Now, you don’t have to hire a graphic designer to do simple stuff. Its easy and no more hard work required anymore All the best guys! Love this…
Bilal Khan

Hey, it’s Abhinav Yadav…. I’d like to shoot this quick testimonial for DesignLikePro. I was fortunate enough to get beta access to DesignLikePro and I have been experimenting with this, I’ve seen some amazing results so far and I am super pleased with the product. Design Like Pro will allow you to get access to more than 1,000 free templates and built-in images, adding graphics on WordPress blogs without any professional knowledge of designing and coding, drag-and-drop graphic editor and most important; video training included in design like pro and many other wonderful and amazing benefits. I highly recommend this product.
I think DesignLikePro sure is a game changer. Canva customized for WordPress. And watching the video, i think what I have loved more is the fact that it seems to work very fast and works in both posts, pages, other post type and even 3rd party plugins like VC. Need i add more? This is a baaangg!
Joshua Love-Mensah


DesignLikePro OTO OR Upsells:

OTO#1: DesignLikePro Developers License ($47)

OTO#2: DesignLikePro Resellers License ($97)

OTO#3: DesignLikePro Huge collection of High Quality Stock Photos ($37)

OTO#4: DesignLikePro Graphics Vault ($47)

DesignLikePro Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of DesignLikePro?

By using DesignLikePro, you will be accessing a massive number of pre-made templates that you can use as well as other designer tools.

On top of that, this plugin is pocket-friendly and integrate seamlessly with WordPress.

Chances are that you will not come along something like this again and an offer like this again.

So why not seize this opportunity today?

And now that you are convinced that this plugin is the right one for making your site appealing, what are you waiting for?

This plugin will not stay cheap, and thus it makes sense to get it immediately.

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Thanks a lot For Reading My DesignLikePro Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 🙂

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