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Crazykala 2.0 Review Plus Best Crazykala 2.0 Bonus Offer


 In case you are looking for a detailed Crazykala 2.0 Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of Crazykala 2.0 Software to discover everything about it, It’s features, Crazykala 2.0 OTO details and how This brand new Graphic Designing Suite will give you the ability to easily create Professional Graphics In Minutes….


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Crazykala 2.0 Review

Crazykala 2.0 Overview:

Product Creator: Gaurab Borah
Product Name: Crazykala 2.0
Launch Date:: March 27, 2018
Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
Niche: Software
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6412 Bonuses
Recommended: Highly Recommended for All Marketers
Skill Level Needed: Newbie, Intermediate, and Advanced

Who Is The Creator Of Crazykala 2.0?

Gaurab Borah is the creator of Crazykala 2.0. He is the man behind Vidinflux, Newcommerce Suite, Simple CPA Siphon 2.0, CPA Cash Demon and several very successful product launches

What Is The Main Idea Behind Crazykala 2.0?

Did you know that web pages and blogs with images get 95% more views than those without? Well, this fact is true since images capture more attention than bare content.

We are in an age of “visual culture,” but most entrepreneurs are still paying a lot of money and struggling to get quality graphic images.

Most of the graphic tools available are hard to operate and some overly pricey, while the free ones lack some important features needed to make great online graphic images.

However, there is a new sheriff in town called Crazykala 2.0…

So, What Is Crazykala 2.0?

Crazykala 2.0 graphic tool uses fully featured and compact click-and-drag editor to create professional infographics.

Anyone with a website needs this tool if they want to create creative and engaging graphical images.

In a world where readers are attracted to content with great, relevant images, having a great graphic designer tool is a must-have.

Crazykala 2.0 helps you create stunning graphics, visually appealing images, and sleek, beautiful designs.

Crazykala 2.0 has a huge library of arts, free icons and shapes, design elements, draw design, swirls, amazing filters, access to countless copyrighted free images, amazing filters, and hundreds of fonts.

When choosing a graphic tool, one of the most important things to consider is the designs it offers.

Visual appearance is among the first things that engage a reader on your page and also plays a crucial role in creating perception regarding your brand.

To beat your competitors when it comes to visitor engagement, you should have a strong graphic design and visual presence, and with Crazykala 2.0, you will not be spending hours finding the right image to complement your content.

You will not need to spend money buying expensive graphics and stock images as you will be spoilt for choices.

You will also need not to hire virtual assistants, graphic designers, or image editors to edit your images.

Crazykala 2.0 will save you from working with heavy software or costly web graphics which require you to learn how to use them.

With Crazykala 2.0, you don’t need to have any graphic design knowledge or experience to use it.

You can come up with beautiful designs and high-converting infographics in a short time.

Not mentioning the huge amount of money and time you will be saving.

This graphic tool comes with step-by-step video tutorials to help you get started.

Want to learn more about Crazykala 2.0 and why it is becoming a popular tool for website and blog owners?

Well, continue reading our Crazykala 2.0 review to learn about its features.

==> See The Power Of Crazykala 2.0 (Crazykala 2.0 Review Video)<==

How Does Crazykala 2.0 Work?

==> Crazykala 2.0 Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==

Crazykala 2.0 Features:

[+] 10M+ Free Images:

  • Finding the right image to complement your blog content can be hard, but with Crazykala 2.0, you get to enjoy over 10 million royalty-free images from various top sources.
  • The process of finding the best image to suit your blog can take a long time, and you may find yourself scouring 10s of websites.
  • However, with Crazykala 2.0 amazing graphical tool, you will enjoy loads of images within seconds which will help you save a lot of your time.

[+] You Can Rotate, Edit, Crop, and Resize With Just A Click:

  • Most of the times, the images you find online are not fitting, and thus you may have to resize, crop, or even edit it.
  • Crazykala 2.0 has a special feature for this work and helps you get the right shape and size of the image you want.

[+] Full-Complete Image Editor:

  • This is one of the most outstanding features of Crazykala 2.0 that makes it stands out from the rest. The full-features click and drag editor allows you to create, re-touch, edit, add effects, and optimize any image you want. The feature is simple and effective.

[+] Unlimited Layers:

  • Very few online image editing suites offer unlimited layers when editing advanced tasks, but with Crazykala 2.0, you will get to enjoy it fully and create complex images super-fast.

[+] 100+ Special Text Fonts:

  • When it comes to the presentation of content on infographics, fonts play a vital role.
  • There are more than 100 attractive fonts that will make your infographic look great and engaging to boost your online presence.
  • With such a huge variety, you can apply a combination of 100+ effects to your images and create a variety of graphics for yourself.

[+] 20+ Instagram-Quality Features:

  • Instagram is among the fastest rising social media platforms, and one of their strongest features is its built-in image filters.
  • Crazykala 2.0 has more than 20 filters that will make your images stand out from the rest.
  • The best thing about these filters is that you can apply them with just a click.

[+] 1000+ Backgrounds:

  • There are 1000+ of backgrounds available on this tool.
  • You can enjoy different color combination, texture, and loads of image with Crazykala 2.0.
  • Therefore, you will not have a problem finding a desired background for your images.

[+] 300+ DFY High Converting Graphics & Design Templates:

  • There are more than 300 ready-made high-converting templates of different categories ads and banners.
  • You will enjoy high-converting, tried and tested templates from various categories of ads and banners for Pinterest, Facebook, Website, Instagram, etc.
  • There are plenty of in-built templates that you can edit and use in a short time which save you time you would have used to adjust canvas size to fit a particular ad/banner layout to make it presentable.
  • Gaurab Borah, the creator of Crazykala 2.0 editor suite, has prepared all these templates for you; all you have to do is edit and publish.

[+] Zoom In and Zoom Out:

  • Crazykala 2.0 also has an inbuilt zoom in/zoom out feature that you can use to shape up your art perfectly with precision.

[+] My Designs Feature:

  • You can auto-save all your designs as templates for future references so that you don’t have to do repetitive things from scratch all the time.
  • You can make your desired design once and use it for an unlimited number of times without investing a lot of time on it later on.
  • This is definitely a time-saver and an important feature for any graphic editor and professional designer.

[+] Thousands Of Shapes:

  • You will enjoy a wide variety of shapes you can use in different niches including design elements, shape, swirls, draw designs, arts, and retro.

” Crazykala 2.0 Reviews” See Some People are saying about Crazykala 2.0 :

Crazykala 2.0 is the best graphic designing product I’ve ever seen! Everything has been laid out and designed with elegance and simplicity. I could design a super attractive banner for my next product launch within seconds! The product is worth every dime and is highly recommended! I’ve already asked my graphic designer to make use of this awesome product to save our time, effort and money!
The market needs this!
This product is your best product ever! Hats off guys!
Nishkarsh Sharma

This is incredible. The best tool I have ever used. I was able to create stunning graphics for my latest launch. This is an awesome tool that every marketer needs
Finn Goswami

I’m impressed with the ease CrazyKala 2.0 offers. I just played around with it and was able to create awesome awesome graphics all by myself. It’s an amazingly done software and gets my highest recommendation!
Shubham Kumar

Crazykala has been a fantastic product. Spot on tool that offers the ease and convenience to its users.
As a beta user, I was a bit skeptical about this tool as my past experiences weren’t so good.
But when I started using this tool, I couldn’t believe my luck.
With the help of CrazyKala 2.0 I could design a cover of my Kindle book and even my friends totally loved the cover.
This tool is a must have on the shelf of every internet marketer as it can be used with 0 previous experience.
PS. I’m going to soon design a few more covers of Kindle books. But guess what?
I’ll be charging for those covers, thanks to Crazy kala!
Srijan Bhardwaj

Being a graphics designer, I know how much important the details are for my graphics and clients’ too… Crazy Kala team have put nothing but the best … it saves a lot of time for me too when I create even super professional graphics… Loved the beta version… keep the good work up guys … all the best
Pankaj Malav

Really TOP NOTCH! Right when you login to crazykala 2.0 it’s so easy you can get your 8 year old kid to do the work for you. I would recommend this as a must have tool for anyone in the internet marketing arena.
Choo Dickerson

Super easy tool to use, perfect tool to become an instant seller on Fiverr or any other Freelancing site. Best of all, I am not even an expert designer and I made some pretty profesional designs Forsure a no brainer in any bsuiness
Karsten Haldan

Not a Graphic Designer, No Technical Skills, Not Photoshop or any other Graphics Software Savvy
Crazy Kala is a Simple and Easy to Use Cloud Based Graphics Software using which you can create graphics with just clicks!
Dr Amit Pareek

Another great product which i found to be very useful.. Super easy tool to use. Cool software! I have used it to prepare, banners, graphics for my business.. And it is really very easy to create graphics at a go.
Andy Ashish Anand

I just wanted to give a shout out for how useful and easy to use Crazy Kala is. I used to spend up to an hour putting together posts for my fanpage WorldsBiggestBroncosFan. Now it only takes five minutes or so to make cool, high res images for posts, ads or backgrounds. Thanks guys for putting together such a great product. (picture included created with Crazy Kala. )
Deanna Key

This is an incredible. The best tool I have ever used. I was able to create stunning graphics for my latest launch. This is an awesome tool that every marketer needs
Finn Goswami

Great graphics software ! Easy to use . I have enjoyed a lot
Ayan Biswas

One of my biggest trouble was designing infographics,ads etc.It would take a major portion of my working time.Crazykala 2.0 helped me to save that time and spend on some other productive work im good at.
Krishanu Borah

Crazy kala is very simple and easy to use . You can create high quality graphics just a few clicks. It’s a awosome tool.
Dipanjan Goswami

Amazing software, eagerly waiting for this launch ,
Yogesh Choudhary

Graphics was the main constraint, for which i was unable to improve my business module.. but thanks to Crazy kala, i am doing better now
Richi Milan

Crazy Kala will help my business faster with faster design in marketing material. Want to get free copy if possible
Gani Wenanto

As we all know that graphics are most important content for a website, banners, social media post and many places. I have used many graphics software like this but as shown in video it is awesome and easy to use. Get help in marketing via this great software.
Hari Shankar Pansari

Crazy Kala will help my business faster with faster design in marketing material. Want to get free copy if possible
Salman H Saikote

THis will help me to get my T-shirt design web banners and social media posting
Jahidur Rahman Masud

I’ve been looking for software like this for ages! Just a simple click and my social post is ready. Great job on the making this bad boy!
Kangmas Pramudito

Great graphics software ! Easy to use . I have enjoyed a lot
Zulfakar Yakub

Great software. Crazy kala will let me to do very fast designs with many templates.
JoAn Guevara

This will help by making my websites and social media more appealing through high quality graphics
Dunny Sana

I haven’t gotten a copy yet, but I definitely want an easy-to-use, powerful and versatile graphics software that’ll make my work stand out and look professional. I’m looking forward to finding out that Crazy Kala is all they say it is. That would certainly make a world of difference, creatively and economically, to me. It would also save me some valuable time.
Apostle T. Reuben Urhobo

Wao! I don’t have to be stranded again relying on graphics designers everyone I need a job done. Can’t wait to have this.
Ayo-idowu Towolawi

I am a web designer and I also do digital marketing. I need to design many flayer, ads and so many things. getting Crazy kala will solve many problems.
Rouf Tarek

It is an incredible. The best tool I have ever used. I was able to create stunning graphics for my latest launch. This is an awesome tool that every marketer needs
Zakariya Pas Ch

I handle digital marketing for start up and creating content can be a challenge. Crazy kala’s easy-to-use graphics design interface will make me a while lot more effective and help me create more engaging content.
Alfred ‘blaq’ Olajide

Designing is hard when using those complex Softwares, but with your features, It would be super cool and easy to use.
Benjamin Nana Granville

Quality and user friendlyness is probably the need of the hour. Crazy kala attempts to provide the complete solution.
Ramgopal Pulgurti

I actually work with some designs but I’m no better today as from the day I started. This would help me to do m work and maybe inspire me to do better designs
Lucas Campesatto
Crazykala 2.0 is awesome. It can save time. And time is money. so ultimatly its can save money. Amazing tool for graphics and online professionals.
Shahbaz Saim Attari

This is amazing!!! With Crazykala, I am well on my way to a whole new world of time saving, easy to use professional graphics design for my clients.
Emmanuel Chukwu Harrison

Highly recommended, such software can produce high quality visuals for your business
Vincent Degamo

CRAZYKALA 2.0 is amazing!!!… I love to design and I know that CRAZYKALA is what I need to achieve sucess. I want to go to another level.
Josh Missly Hardbread

CrazyKala will help me to make my T-Shirts designs easier and will enable me to make the designs without using the complex softwares like photoshop
Ali Ahmed

CRAZYKALA 2.0 aims to help me develop better marketing tools for my business. The main objective will be to achieve a visual section that attracts more followers to the Facebook page of my business.
Gaston Cordoba

Looks awesome…and I’ll use this for ALL my promos and design elements.
Kevin Nelson
With Crazykala 2.0 software, we do not need to stock images but more importantly, it is that we can disign as we want and use it to give the desired look for our blog!
Joe Beneme
Crazykala 2.0 would make creation & monetization SO much easier for everyone trying to market online
I Love Online Bussiness Opportunities
Crazykala 2.0 Will help me a lot in designing my own graphics
Manmohan Dutt
This is simply a must have tool and a no brainer to use it.
Dave Tan
Hey, what an Awesome product…Crazy kala will help my business in so many ways, design many different infographics for my social platforms…Fantastic
John DeVuono
I have always struggled to create great Instagram posts, but with Crazykala, the problem has been solved. Fantastic product.
Martin Hotz
Crazykala 2.0 would save me so much time. Also I could make my images the way I want them. It will bring the creativity out. I am excited!
Tracie Day
Great tool for making that important graphics for a really efficient campaign . I want it !
Dan Odelberg
Affordable graphics are a key to a great website. Without spending thru the nose, they have been very hard to acquire as I am not an artsy sort of guy. And then when you get them back, there are always revisions to wait for. Looking forward to this and finally being able to do it myself.
George Devendorf
Solid. Crazykala 2.0 is great and will help with creating all kinds of graphic designs. Been looking out for something like this for a long long time.
Ludwig Richardson
This is definately help with creating graphics for my ads. Looks awesome.
Carlos Magana
A program like Crazykala 2.0 would help me to get my brainy ideas into a useful sales tool. Converting ideas into presentable stunning graphics would be AWESOME!
Holger Speth

Crazykala 2.0 OTO (Upsells):

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Same battle-tested templates which helped the creators and their clients generate over millions of dollars in the last 2 years….all it takes is click, Edit, publish and leverage The power of these market proven templates to make more profits today and long term

I want to introduce you to Crazykala 2.0 templates Club Pro:

Whopping 83% of users upgraded to Crazykala template Club during the beta launch

Here’s What You Will Get With Crazykala 2.0 templates Club Pro:

#1: 600 premium high converting graphics

  • Why make templates from scratch when you can leverage the best converting templates
  • You’ll have access to our 600 premium high converting graphics in multiple niches.
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#2: 5000 4k HD images for visually appealing graphics

  • Shutterstock charges you a minimum of $3 for one such image, but here Pro user gets hold of these beautiful and sleek 5000 HD images….imagine the market cost Of this package and how big this deal is here.

#3: 3000 powerful vectors and icons

  • 3000 vectors, icons and shapes to add great visual appeal to your marketing graphics. These funky, unique and state-of-the-art creative shapes will gaze attention of onlookers.

#4: Selling rights for Club pro graphics pack in original or modified version

  • Why just if you want your customers to feel the same success in business and sky-high conversions, you are allowed to edit Pro templates and sell these same platinum graphics for 100% profits….simply edit, make it unique and sell for profits.

#5: extended warranty of one year on Crazykala along with upgrades to upcoming versions for free

  • we are known for providing one of the best support in the industry so expect the best from us in the next year.
  • we’ll resolve all your query with round-the-clock support for one year….yes 365 days plus you’ll be entitled to get all upgraded version of Crazykala in next one year without any extra cost.

#6: webinar from 7 fig marketer Jai Sharma “The Original Creator” on how to Skyrocket your profits with Crazykala template Club Pro

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In order to succeed online, you need traffic…without traffic, there is no business…..we all know it.

Imagine taking the infographic you created for your business and posting it along with your website link to 15 different traffic streams…all on autopilot.

You need to set up these traffic streams just once.

You can use these traffic streams to drive traffic to any link, any website, any offers, any landing pages, any businesses.

OTO#3: Crazykala 2.0 Reseller Rights ($147 For 100 Licenses OR $197 For 250 Licenses)

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  • Each one of your clients will have the ability to Leverage the power of both (Crazykala 2.0 + Crazykala 2.0 Template Club Pro).

Crazykala 2.0 Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of Crazykala 2.0?

If you are searching for an all-in-one solution that will help you create stunning graphics, converting ads, sleek, beautiful designs, book covers, visually appealing web banners, flyers, business cards, T-shirt designs, and social media covers within minutes, then Crazykala 2.0 is a tool we can highly recommend to you.

Crazykala 2.0 will help you create professional-looking website graphics that are polished with customized log and great imagery as well as retina-responsive design of your blog/website.

Get Crazykala 2.0 today and become a pro graphic designer.

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