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Vidinflux Review Plus Best Vidinflux Bonus Offer


 In case you are looking for a detailed Vidinflux Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of Vidinflux software to discover everything about it, It’s features, Vidinflux OTO details and how This brand new video creation Software will enable you to build traffic sucking social videos in 1 Minute!


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Vidinflux Review

Vidinflux Overview:

Creators: Gaurab Borah, Tom Yevsikov & Finn Goswami
Date Of Launch: 2018-01-27
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EST
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Are The Creators Of Vidinflux?

Gaurab Borah, Tom Yevsikov & Finn Goswami are the Creators of Vidinflux. They are well known names in the field of online marketing who have created many successful internet marketing products and software such as ClickBack Rewards, Instant eCom Profits, Freecom Blueprint 2.0, Madsense Reborn, RankCipher, OmniEngine and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind Vidinflux?

Vidinflux Software


IMAGINE: Your Offer, Page Or Brand In Front Of ALL This Traffic Using Social VIDEOS Like This:

Social Videos Get More Attention, Clicks & Shares..

Vidinflux Reviews

Go to FB and watch the videos that are most engaged with, most interact with.
Those aren’t any NORMAL videos..

Those are..SOCIAL videos.

They look different, they use social elements, they use moving elements, the use frames, layers, GIF’S..


One Of The TOP Social Media Influencers, Gary V, Can’t Get Enough Of These Social Videos (And Ours Are Better)
Vidinflux Bonus

Gone are the days where you upload a nice video with a pretty face or some shocking element..

Today you need SOCIAL videos to get all that video traffic.

We Recognized This Opportunity & We Set Out To Get The SAME Results, FASTER.

We Made It EASY To Tap Into All That Video Traffic!

Below are the few examples of how we turned normal, boring videos into highly engaging & converting social videos in minutes…



Here Comes Vidinflux Software…..

We decided to create this because we understood the POTENTIAL of online video traffic, and video traffic on FB in particular.

So, What Is Vidinflux?

Tom Yevsikov went ahead and he did the only thing he can possibly do, he has partnered up with marketing experts Gaurab Borah and Finn Goswami and together they created a software that allows you to create unlimited traffic sucking social videos in 60 seconds and allows you to tap into billions of video visitors without spending a dime on traffic or having any technical know-how.

Introducing…. Vidinflux

The only software that makes getting video traffic and creating a magnetic traffic getting and captivating point-and-click easy and these social videos look perfect on mobile which is something that other solutions always failed to do.

You see, technically, you CAN create these social videos from absolute scratch without using Vid influx.

The Hard Way – Use Camtasia

  • To create effective, proven & traffic sucking social videos you will need to buy a software called Camtasia (Currently hundreds of dollars more expensive than Vid Influx)
  • Create your own video, record, or use an animation software.
  • Add social elements, make sure they are the right dimensions, the right size.

Animate those social elements.

Do your own GIF research.

And then finally, also create “layers” using Camtasia which is A HELL to learn.

Then, you need to manually go ahead and publish your post on FB, without scheduling.

And do it again and again and again.

Our software also fetches the content btw.

So you can do all this, spend hundreds of dollars, dozens of hours, PER campaign.

Or you can use..

The Easy Way – Use…Vidinflux

==> See The Power Of Vidinflux (Vidinflux Review Video)<==

 How Does Vidinflux Software Work? 

==> Vidinflux Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==

Vidinflux Works In 3 Easy Steps:

Vidinflux Video Examples:

(Example: Local & Offline Businesses)



(Example: Internet Marketing Niche)



(Example: Sports Niche)



(Example: Health Niche, CPA Offer)



(Example: Dog & Pets Niche)



Vidinflux Results:

Beta Tester Makes $4195.75 In Commissions, 5985 Clicks & 63.7k FB Fans Using Vidinflux Software!

How We Got Over 400% RESULTS In 1 Minute Using Vid influx Social Videos!

Cheaper Ad Costs, More Views, More Engagement, More Traffic & More Sales Spending Just 1 Min Creating A Social Video With Vid influx! 

Vidinflux Results

Vidinflux Reviews” see what users are saying about Vid influx:

After checking out the demo I am amazed at everything this software can do. Taking videos and using non copyrighted ones of course. But being able to customize them, add calls to action, graphics makes this a no-brainer. Sharing functionality is great to get traffic for free.i will use this to spice up my videos for YouTube videos, and to get people to my rampages and sites. This software can help all if us make better videos but it goes so much further. Don’t want to be on camera or make videos then the problems solved. Tween and customize and your set, I can’t wait to use this.
Scott Lichau
Wow, this is what i’m looking for.
I need to ‘feed’ my FB pages with social videos daily which can lead lots of traffic.
Believe VIDINFLUX can help me.
Ji Lang Lee

I started using Vidinflux last week and it has become my favourite tool since. Social videos work, but I used to have hard time creating them earlier manually.
This has saved me tons of time and getting me 3-4x results from Facebook, Youtube and other channels. I’m loving all the FREE traffic.
– Jai Sharma (6 figure marketer, Top Vendor)

Vidinflux is a powerful software to engage with your visitors & friends, It’s so easy to create your videos, share it to your social media accounts and see all the stats like shares, likes in my dashboard.
And the best things that I can’t find any other software with the animation feature. This is incredible, I can easily create funny videos that would convert to go viral. I recommend you to use Vidinflux to make your videos go viral, increase engagement with your visitors, and convert them into profits. Cheers!!
– Ikhlas Alatas (Internet Marketer)

If you have traffic problems, then this is the #1 software you must own in 2018. With recent FB updates, my CPA income was halved last month. Then Gaurab told me about Vidinflux and results on my recent campaigns have been very very promising.
These videos gets shared, liked and commented on easily. All you need is a little creativity and you could wonders with it. Loved it.
Ram Rawat (CPA Marketer)

First of all this will help me to create viral videos which will bring in greater engagement and greater engagement means more traffic and traffic in this case is 100% Free. Second it spits out videos in 60 seconds WITHOUT any technical knowhow..The other option would be to buy Camtasia and do all the tasks manually. Third the launcn time Bonuses are a real treat-including the one touch social syndication tool. Fourth the commercial license helps you to make $500 at least for these kind of videos! A must -have since it is a real time -saver and monster money maker!
Deepak Thomas

Hey, this is just what I was looking for, the fact that I Love the ease of use of VidInflux is so much simpler to use than my other videos software programs I own. No more wasted time trying different programs templates to see how they’ll look and trying to get them arranged inside properly. Being able to create a graphic in VidInflux and then pop it into the various Social Networks alone is a time saver. I have a lot of videos software programs, and just seeing what VidInflux can do for my Business, WOW! It makes creating videos easier that I would not even have thought about. Every business owner needs VidInflux. It is going to take ALL my businesses to another level altogether.
Robson Domingos


Vidinflux OTO:

OTO#1: Vidinflux PRO

Make 3x MORE Money, Get 1,000% MORE Traffic & Engagement INSTANTLY Without Changing A Damn Thing!

[+] Unbox Our Special Treasure Box That Gets You MORE Reach, Gives You MORE Automation And Makes You Look MORE Professional:

Live Video Is Statistically PROVEN To Beat Non Live Video 100% Of The Time Resulting In More Traffic, Engagement & Sales INSTANTLY.

Here Are Some Statistics Published By Go-Globe, And More Live Video Research Websites:

  • Facebook lives videos are watched 3x LONGER than “non live” videos.
  • 67% of viewers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a live video vs a non live video
  • 79% of viewers feel that live video is more interactive and more “personal”, leading to better trust and more clicks.
  • Using Live Video Allows You To Get REAL TIME User Feedback.
  • Facebook Paid Publishers And Celebrities $50 Million To Use Facebook Live, which means that they PROMOTE live videos hard, resulting in MORE traffic.
  • Live videos get 10x MORE comments than normal videos. The Potential Is INSANE..But We Made It Even BETTER.

[+] You Also Get An Upgraded Canvas With 20 DFY, Vibrant, Captivating, Professional & LIVE Specific Templates That Will Get You MORE Traffic & Trust:

There is a HUGE difference between live videos and non live videos when it comes to “SOCIALIZING” Them.

Live videos require DIFFERENT type of graphics.

Graphics that look professional, gives your more Authority, that make it seem “LIVE”, that are VIBRANT and CAPTIVATING in a way that’s SPECIFIC to Live video.

[+] Your current Version of VidInflux does NOT have these LIVE specific designs and templates.

[+] But In The Treasure Box, You Can PUT Your Live Social Videos On Steroids

[+] Plus, With The Treasure Box Upgrade, Not Only You Can Publish LIVE Video In 1 Click, But You Can Also Auto Reply To ANY Comment On Your Video & Get INSANE Amounts Of Clicks & Sales.

You see, live videos get 10x the amount of comments that non live videos get.

That is a goldmine right there.

[+] Well, when you upgrade to the Treasure Box today, you can make Vidinflux auto reply to ANY comment on your video, with your chosen template or custom text.

This results in INSANE clicks and sales to YOU, without any work at ALL.

This is Essentially Putting Social Videos On Steroids And Get MORE Traffic, From The SAME Effort.

So Vid influx allows you to create traffic sucking videos in 60 secs.

[+] But the treasure box upgrade allows you to take it to the NEXT level, and publish them as live, auto reply to comments & you get an UPGRADED canvas with 20 “LIVE SPECIFIC” design templates.

OTO#2: Vidinflux DFY

Get Traffic 8X Faster & Have Everything Completely Done For You!
  • Our DFY Club Makes Sure You Are Handed With DOZENS Of Captivating & Traffic Sucking Social Templates That Are PROVEN To Get Results!
  • Starting today, you can get 35 DONE FOR YOU, Professional, fully fledged social video templates you can load into a video in 1 click.
  • NO Mistakes
  • NO Testing
  • NO Wasting Time!
  • Imagine logging into the software, selecting a video, a template and within 20 seconds you can have a PROVEN, traffic sucking social video with drop dead gorgeous and captivating design… already tested for you!
  • Or imagine getting the design right 100% of the time!
  • This Is Completely DONE FOR YOU!

Currently In 9 Niches, More Niches Are Added ALL The Time!

  • Sports
  • Health
  • Make Money
  • Education
  • Travel
  • Ecom
  • Home Loan
  • Beauty
  • Pet Care
  • Webinar
  • Giveaways

OTO#3: Vidinflux Reseller Rights

Get UNLIMITED reseller rights to take VidInflux, Upgrade #1 and The Templates From Upgrade #2 and SELL UNLIMITED copies of it, keep 100% of profits and build a HUGE buyers list easily!

We’re giving you the ability to take Vid Influx, the first upgrade and the 35 templates of the second upgrade and, charge WHATEVER the heck you want to charge.

Making just ONE sale will cover the amount you’ll pay for the license.

We’ll give you a special access to resell the product, the sales materials, swipes, EVERYTHING, and we will be doing the support FOR YOU!

Vidinflux Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of Vidinflux?

According to Forbes there are about 500 million people watching videos on Facebook every day and if you’re watching this video today it means that you’re about to tap into that market in just 60 seconds of work

  • So how you can tap into these 500 million daily visitors without spending a single dime on traffic and in just 60 seconds of work?
  • How You can create unlimited traffic sucking social videos and video ads without any technical know-how in just one minute and tap into all that traffic without ever logging into Facebook?
Video has a significant advantage when it comes to traffic and engagement especially in the social media space…..
  • Did you know that social video generates 1,200 % more viral traffic than text and images combined?
  • Facebook blatantly promotes video on people’s newsfeeds to a point where there is over a 400% increase in video on your news feeds vs Everything else?

The point is if you’re not using videos in your marketing, you’re losing on all this traffic, but let’s be real here…. we’ve known about the benefits of video for a long time now and many of us actually post videos out there, but 99% of the time we get no traffic and no engagement not to mention leads or sales.

We never go viral and we have to do everything manually… The reason you’re not seeing the results you want to see is because today you need a different kind of video….you need social videos

Social videos are the next generation of videos and they’re getting more attention, clicks and shares. They stand out and keep viewers glued to the screen… big brands, celebrities, entrepreneurs and social media giants use them all the time because they know they work

Small fan pages became engagement and money powerhouses the minute they inserted social videos

So, If you are searching for A new video creator tool that will enable you to Create Traffic SUCKING Videos In 60 Seconds FLAT Without Any Technical Know How & Get 100% Free Traffic, Leads & Sales EFFORTLESSLY As Soon As TODAY!, then Vidinflux will be your highly recommended choice.

Get Mass Control Over HUGE Audiences With This One Simple Software..

=> Step 1:

  • Create Attention Getting Social Vids In 1 minute

=> Step 2:

  • Publish For Easy Traffic From Facebook

=> Step 3:

  • Set On Autopilot For Each Campaign To Run For You

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What Are My Customers Saying About My Bonuses And My Support From Previous Reviews?

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Thanks a lot For Reading My Vidinflux Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 🙂

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