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Canvas Review Plus Best Canvas Bonus Offer


 In case you are looking for a detailed Canvas Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of Canvas by DropMock to discover everything about it, It’s features, Canvas OTO details and how This amazing piece Of software will allow you to create Facebook video headers for your business Fan pages.


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Canvas Review

Canvas Overview:

Creators: Jamie Ohler & Simon Warner
Date Of Launch: 2017-12-28
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EST
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Official site:
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Are The Creators Of Canvas?

Jamie Ohler & Simon Warner are the men behind Canvas.

They are well known names in the field of online marketing who has created many successful internet marketing products and software such as FlowLeads, Product Launch Bootcamp, Intel Manager, Software Bundle and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind Canvas?

  • Are you ready to take your Facebook business fan page headers to the next level using the power of video?
  • Actually, do you want to know what’s better than that?

Creating these spectacular, eye-catching and jaw-dropping video headers for local business owners.

Here Comes Canvas…..

So, What Is Canvas?

The door has been flung open for savvy marketers like yourself to capitalize on this newly released and profit producing opportunity!

Choose wisely and you could walk away with a COMMERCIAL LICENSE in 2 minutes from now, create your first video header in 10 minutes, and be selling it within the hour…

There has not been an opportunity to create a BUYING FRENZY from local businesses like we have right now with video headers, since the fanpage was first released to the world!

We are talking about a FIRST TO MARKET movers advantage!

To top it off, these fan page video headers make you look like a Cutting Edge, Top Notch, Video Production Company that every business will want to work with.

TO PUT THE ICING ON THE CAKE FOR YOU, Canvas is brought to you by a Leader in our industry with a reputation for Success and Customer Service:


==> See The Power Of Canvas (Canvas Review Video)<==

How Does Canvas Work?

==> Canvas Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==

Canvas by DropMock Works As Easy As 1,2,3:

=> Step #1:

Canvas Reviews
  • Choose a template

=> Step #2:

Canvas Templates
  • Edit and weave in your own content.

=> Step #3:

Canvas Features
  • Create and render your stunning Facebook video header.

GET YOUR HANDS ON Canvas by DropMock:

  • And create Stunning, Professional Facebook Business Fan Page Video Headers that YOU can be proud of:
  • The Future for Facebook Fan Page Video Headers is here and you can start right away by getting your hands on this powerful software today

Canvas Video Headers will absolutely stun your customers and have them begging you for more:

How Would You Like To Be Able To Sell An UNLIMITED Amount Of Canvas Templates?



After many discussions, we have decided to also provide you a Commercial License.

This Commercial License will give you the right to lock down customer after customer without the need to pay any additional license fees!

All you need to do is sell one Canvas Video Header and it will double or triple your investment today

Lets Go Over EVERYTHING You Get When You Invest In Canvas by DropMock Today:

[+] Canvas The MOST Advanced Facebook Video Header Creation Software On The Market Today.

[+] 20 Professionally Designed And Streamlined Video Header Templates

[+] A Commercial License – Giving You The Ability To Sell An Unlimited Quantity Of Canvas Video Headers.

[+] Hands On LIVE Training On How To Create, Sell, and DOMINATE Your Local Market With This FIRST TO MARKET Opportunity!

See what people are saying about this powerful tool “Canvas Reviews” & The creator’s Previous Tools:

Staying ahead of the competition in the fitness niche is a MUST. Especially when marketing your brand and using social media. Canvas by DropMock has allowed me to step up my fanpage without needing to be technically savvy. I love my video header!
-FitTeen Maddy
We use video headers in our clients’ fan pages and websites because video (and reviews) are the two most powerful marketing elements online. Video is compelling and engaging, getting visitors to ‘stick’ on the page or website longer.
– Lowell Sheets, Marketing Magician and CEO
WOWZA! You have DONE IT AGAIN by creating an awesome product that keep us AHEAD of the Marketing Curve… So simple yet powerful. Stand above the crowd and grab this amazing lil’ software now; you won’t regret it!
– Mark Call, Entrepreneur and Internet Marketer

I love creative video and image tools, so me too am very curious! I would love to know how to create awesome fanpage video headers!
Inga-Lill Sandström
Canvas is awesome! This would be easier (and faster) than creating the FB videos in Camtasia.
Brian K Saunders
I will be able to save sooo much time and grow my business tremendously! I love your products and I know this one will be even better
Briana White
I work with many clients who are creative and often very subjective to the design and content element of their website,and i like to stay ahead of my competition with design, seo,and able to offer a different solution to demanding clients
Chris Friswell
The Grange School, Shrewsbury

Wow! This software would make my life so much easier. There are so many features. Must have this product.
Grahame Smith
Owner by Pest Control Services

This is awesome. First of it’s kind. very ideal for super lazy marketers!
Chinedu Igbokwe
To be true I have just started the task of adding 100 shops online by xmas in a number of niche’s and with central hubs for each niche and this software would shave hours of my required to=ime and help me to achieve my targets – Its taken me 4 days to get 6 sites nearly completed and this would remove the hardest part of that development
Jock Tiernan
This will save me a lot of time with a more like DFY type design. So if you save time you save money. It would make your online bushiness run a lot smoother and faster to set up.
Barry Durling
Phoenix College

Hey, the multi language feature will be a great help for me because I am working not in the English speaking market.
Eliana Matthey

FLEXY would be perfect for me as I’am disabled & have problems with my hands , it will allso help me to teach my grand children all about building web pages & help with their home work .
John Duffy
James Hamilton Academy

I, too, am disabled and have the problem of almost no feeling in my hands. From a past 80wpm, I now spend most of my time typing correcting mis-spelled words. FLEXY sounds like it would be boon to me.
Richard Hill

Oh my gosh – I will now be able to create pages EVEN before I wake up! (And my 9 year old will be able to start his own business before he’s 10!
Daniel Forde-Pogson

So many businesses have a Facebook page and don’t handle their cover well. It’s like they have space on a billboard, and don’t realize it’s the most valuable marketing space they have on Facebook. Looking forward to opening their eyes with Canvas!
Robert Gough

I’ve been doing Facebook Headers videos for my clients for while now, but a software, that can speed this process up will be an awesome time benefit…, complete game changer for my agency.
Stefan Clarke

I already have Dropmock, Pitch, Kinetic and the store can not wait to see what Canvas can do.
Chris Pepperall


Canvas OTO:

OTO#1: Canvas Template Collective:

Get 10 brand new never-been-released-to-the-Marketing-Community Canvas Templates each and every month to keep you leaps ahead of other Marketing Agencies….

With your successful investment in Canvas, you are minutes away from creating your 1st profit-producing video header.

Canvas Can Have Businesses Eager To Work With You Month After Month Wanting New and Exciting Video Headers To Keep Them Fresh and Relevant.

With 10 brand new cutting-edge Canvas Video Header Templates, you will stand ready to service the demand…

These brand new never been released before Canvas Video Header Templates are a MUST to drive INSANE Repeat Business.

We are talking about another way to KEEP your FIRST TO MARKET movers advantage on BRAND NEW Video Header Templates each month!

Let’s have a quick conversation….

You see, when the local business community catches wind of what you are able to produce at such a high level for there Facebook Business Pages they will be begging for more and sharing with their colleagues how amazingly talented you are

(SHHHH… Do not tell them you use Canvas.)

Here is where the challenge comes in…

As you grow and need to provide more and more variety to your ever expanding customer base and of course your current customers will want NEW and EXCITING designs as well.


Today is your lucky day!

START 2018 with a MASSIVE JUMP START over your Competition by Joining an Elite Group of Savvy Marketers that are part of Canvas….

Canvas will have you the talk of the town with local businesses…

Canvas Elite will catapult you into SUPER STAR Status!!!


  • Each and every month, our Team of Professional Designers and Video Creation Experts will create 10 JAW-Dropping Canvas Video Headers that you can use right away to keep you ahead of the market.

Do you want to know something AWESOME???

NO ONE else will even have a clue as to how you do it and your competition will be held SPEECHLESS.

By being part of Canvas Elite, you can be rest assured that you have a Team of Professionals hard at work each and every day to create MIND-BLOWING Templates that will be the envy of all that see them.

As a Special Offer for you to make this SMART Business Decision, our team would like to give you your First 10 Brand NEW Video Header Templates right now!

Here are a few of the MANY Benefits of being a Member of CANVAS ELITE:

[+] Your Template Collection will have more appeal:

  • You instantly gain access to more opportunity with extra stunning templates. The number of potential clients exponentially grows and you can make even more money right out of the gates.

[+] Your business will be GROWING each month:

  • By being part of Canvas Elite your business will be forced to consistently GROW. Your Customers DEMAND It and Now You Will Be Able To Fulfill Their Need While Your Business


  • Your 10 brand new stunning, expertly designed video header templates will be rushed to your inbox every month, you will have a competitive advantage over EVERY marketing company in town. By stimulating your Canvas template inventory each and every month, Your competition will be left behind wondering how in the world you are able to do it!

[+] Save tons of money, time and frustration:

  • You are NOW a member of The Elite, this instantly unlocks access to 10 exclusive templates right away made by our team of professionals. No need to search for expensive templates are hire a freelancer. We have taken all this off your plater and made it SIMPLE for you to just make money.
  • As a Canvas Elite Member, your cost is Only $1.70 Per Template.
  • On top of all of that… By joining this Elite Group of Brilliant Marketers, we are going to give you EXTRA Templates right away.


  • 10 breathtaking Exclusive Video Header Templates rushed to your inbox every single month
  • A BONUS 10 EXTRA Exclusive Templates inside your Canvas Account INSTANTLY
  • Lift all limits on your video creation options with 100 Renders included

The moment this launch period is over, CANVAS ELITE will SKYROCKET to a monthly cost of $47 per month or $397 per year. (Still a fantastic deal for any savvy marketer yet the price you can LOCK in today is a no brainer.)

ALSO, please take note that you will also be grandfathered in for this extremely low, low price forever. This means your costs will never go up.

There will NEVER be another opportunity to get an exclusive membership to be part of CANVAS ELITE and you will never be able to get access to these templates outside of this select group of smart marketers.

Here Is What You Should Think About:

  • Sell Just One CANVAS ELITE Video Header And It Will More Than Pay For Your ELITE Membership, For The Next 12 Months!
  • No Other Marketing Agency Will Have These STUNNING Templates, Which Gives You A MASSIVE Advantage Over Your Competition – So Grab Them And Stay Ahead Of The Pack STARTING Right Now.

OTO#2: Canvas Force You To Success – PRO Facebook Training:

If you have an extra couple minutes, I would love for you to stick around and learn about our Force You To Success – PRO Facebook Training….PLUS, AN EXCLUSIVE OFFER FOR 500 EXTRA FACEBOOK VIDEO HEADER RENDERS….

Facebook Video Headers are so new, we all must come together and learn the proper techniques and strategies that will ensure QUICK progress and HOW TO PROFIT in the fastest way possible.

OK, quick question….

Does it seem to you like the Local Marketing scene has become extremely crowded over the past 2 years and that everyone and their brother has started doing some kind of Local Marketing?

Yeah, I Agree! It is completely NUTS!

So, you and I have to do things that will make us STAND – WAY ABOVE The Crowd.

I will always remember Jamie as the guy who not only “gave his customers fish but also taught them how to fish”. Not only do your webinars give us information we can put into action but we can take that knowledge and build our own dreams. I look forward to seeing both of our dreams grow.
– Char Cook, Co-Founder of BizEffects Videos and Viking Jewelry Life
Superb! Tons of fresh hot information about creating FB ads nobody really teaches you (other than in here!). You think you know it all until…. My clients are going to absolutely love this!
– Yarden Nezer Harel, Self-employed

And what’s great is that we have a commitment to assist you in getting setup, running full steam ahead, and in profit in the fastest time possible.

To accomplish this, we must work together.

That is why we have decided to work hand and hand with you for 2 straight days to have you throw the learning curve out the window and streamline your efforts for quick returns on your investment.

I will be showing you a systematic way to grow your company with Facebook Video Headers:

  • How to create jaw-dropping video headers the quickest and easiest ways possible without wasting hours learning on your own.
  • How to land your first 3 clients overnight.
  • How to run Facebook Video Ads promoting your NEW product.
  • How to capture this local market in a custom audience on Facebook
  • How to market to these CASH RICH businesses after the holiday for pennies – Remember, this is the time of year most businesses have money to invest!
  • Why you should create a Facebook Video Header for your favorite real estate agent or broker right away to monopolize the local small business community.
  • Why 500 Extra Renders are the GAS for the Inferno that you will ignite by joining us for these 2 exclusive days.
  • and so much more that will have your head spinning!
  • This is why we will be recording these LIVE sessions for you, so that you can go back and watch this EXCLUSIVE training over and over again.

As you get busier and busier with your business, you can even share this training with your team and virtual assistants.

By deciding you will invest in yourself and your company with our: FORCE YOU TO SUCCESS – PRO FACEBOOK TRAINING

NOT ONLY will you get 2 back-to-back days of training, you will also receive 500 EXTRA Video Header Renders to make it almost impossible for you not to succeed…


  • 2 Action Packed Days Of Up To The Minute Facebook Training
  • 500 Extra Video Renders for your Facebook Video Headers
  • 500 BONUS Video Renders for your Facebook Video Headers

Canvas Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of Canvas?

Just recently Facebook quietly rolled out a massive enhancement to business fan pages and most marketers are completely in the dark.

  • Did you miss out on the Google Ad words craze?
  • How about websites for local businesses?
  • Were you able to get in on the huge Social Media Management Craze?

So many times over the past few years we have had enormous opportunity to jump in on a new craze and that is happening again and you will not miss out if you learn how to get involved today.

Finally, you are going to be able to get in on something so new and special that every business in your local market will want and needs!

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Thanks a lot For Reading My Canvas Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 🙂

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