Automation Hero Review & Bonuses – New Marketing Automation System

In case you are looking for a honest Automation Hero Review, you have come to the right place. I made  a complete Review of Automation Hero system to get Full Picture of it, it’s features and how does it work.

Automation Hero Review

Automation Hero Overview:

Creator         : Jason Wardrop
Launch Date: 2014-10-27
Niche             : Affiliate Marketing
Price              : 19 $
Refund          : 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support        : Fast Response.
Official site :
Bonuses      : Yes, my  $2814 Special Bonuses
Recommended      : Yes

What Is Automation Hero?

Automation Hero is the newest landing page builder and Sales Funnel System that will enable you to create high converting pages and Complete Sales Funnels in a very short time while being able to customize them as well and post your marketing pages and posts to huge number of biggest social media sites.

What Are Automation Hero Features?

{+} It is a simple to use drag and drop builder that is proven to create high quality pages such as:

  • Sales pages
  • Landing pages
  • Upsell pages
  • Squeeze pages

{+}Social Media Tools

Automation Hero will automatically post posts to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook at the time that you choose. Posting posts to social media sites will lead to getting more targeted visitors to your offers or site who are likely to buy your offers.

{+} CRM (Customer relationship management)

  • It will enable you to organize and manage your own email lists, create new tags for every new lead so that you will know what to send every lead to increase your conversions.

{+} Marketing Automation

  • Marketing Automation feature will give you the ability to increase your Sales by 20% from sending the highly effective message to the Right Person at the Right Time and you will see an increase in Sales Ready Leads by 50% at 33% Lower Cost.

{+} Split Testing

  • This feature will enable you to easily make split testing so that you can know which pages and leads are converting better that will lead to increasing your profits with automation hero .

{+} Detailed Analytics

  • This feature will show you the campaign that converts best so that you will be able to decide where you have to spend your money to create profitable and high converting campaigns.

{+} You can set up different offers so that if one of your visitors didn’t buy your first offer, you can send him to different offers sales pages.

{+} You don’t have to download, install or set up Automation Hero every time you want to create your marketing pages because you can create all your pages from the dashboard of automation hero system.

All you will have to do is connecting your social accounts with the system and then the whole process will be done automatically.

{+} It doesn’t need you to have skills or previous experience in designing or coding.

{+} It is a flexible design that works with mobile devices, tablet and personal computer.

{+} You will save both of your money and time that you waste to hire designers or programmers to design any kind of these pages.

{+} You can use these landing pages to build email list by giving away free reports, sell your eBooks, products or promote affiliate services and products.

{+} If you want to sell your eBooks or products, Automation Hero system will enable you to put your name and picture (as an author) in the sales page for your eBook or product and edit other options.

{+} Every week, you will get access to new landing pages.

{+} Every month, you will have new Social Tools that will enable you to increase your leads that will be generated on new social sites. Here is also a new way to increase your leads on podcast sites.

{+} Jason Wardrop who is the creator of this system will walk you through the whole process of creating your first marketing page, email follow up and social media posts.

How Does Automation Hero Work?

  • You will select a site template for your created page and customize it to suit your chosen campaign and if you will use this page on PC, tablet or any of mobile devices.
  • You will set up your email follow up and customize your messages and follow up with every lead and sales that you get.

You can increase your sales opportunities by having the ability to put text messages, Tweets, Facebook posts or emails in your follow up.

  • Launch your campaign.
  • The system will instantly post your  created messages to  huge number of social media platforms.

Review conclusion:

In the end, why I highly recommend you to get your membership at Automation Hero System?

 If you want to use the power of social media marketing to increase your earnings or build your social media business online, you will find that Automation Hero system is your recommended choice as you will be able to use this system to automatically schedule,

create and post  your marketing campaigns to different social media platforms and deliver your campaigns to the huge number of social media users that means earning monthly income while building your money making email lists.

Automation Hero Bonus

How To Deliver Your Bonuses ?

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4- You will receive all above bonuses within 24 hours.

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