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YTSuite REAL User Review Plus Best YTSuite Bonus Offer

In case you are looking for a detailed YTSuite Review, Bonus and discount, keep reading as I wrote an in-depth review of YTSuite Software to discover everything about it, It’s features, YTSuite OTO details & Premium BONUSES and how This [New Drag/Drop Video Tech] Will enable you to create highly profitable Adwords and YouTube advertising campaigns for local businesses….Help Desperate Local Businesses Offline & Online Leave Dying Facebook Ads for YouTube Ads.

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YTSuite Review


YTSuite Overview:

Creators: Ben Murray
Date Of Launch: 2022-05-31
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes,
Special $6218 Bonuses
100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels


Who Are The Creators Of YTSuite?

Ben Murray is a well-known name in the field of online marketing who has created many successful marketing tools such as Reputor, Forrk, VideoGameSuite, Rewardsly and many more successful digital product launches.

What Is The Main Idea Behind YTSuite?

In the last couple of years, many small businesses relied on Facebook ads to drive traffic, leads, and sales to their businesses.

However, things have changed since Facebook started rebranding to Meta Verse, meaning their ads no longer work as before. This has left them struggling since they don’t know how to set up YouTube ads and Google Ads.

Here’s an opportunity for you to help them run YouTube ads and help drive traffic to their websites and eCommerce pages.

If you want to grab this opportunity, then YTSuite will suit you………….

Keep reading our YTSuite review to know more about this software and how you can make money using it.

So, What Is YTSuite?

YTSuite is an all-in-one video technology that allows you to run YouTube Ads for small businesses.

With this software, you can create exciting small clips using the DFY video templates that you later submit to Adwords and YouTube.

In other words, YTSuite is all-in-one newbie-friendly app that does everything you need to create high converting AdWords and YouTube campaigns.

The app comes with agency rights to allow you run YouTube advertising agency and make money.

Here’s how easy it is to create YouTube ads campaigns for clients using YTSuite:

Step 1 – Create a YouTube-optimized lead video:
inside The Dashboard Of YTSuite
How YTSuite Software Works
YTSuite Drag And Drop Video Creator
YTSuite DFY Video Templates
  • YTSuite gives you an option to create an optimized YouTube video ad using the DFY templates available in local business niches.
  • The templates are optimized specially for Adwords and YouTube ads and they are customizable.
Step 2 – Find money-saving Adwords topics, keywords, and placements:
Find Adwords Keywords With YTSuite
  • After making YouTube ads, YTSuite then lets you find the best, most profitable audiences you can show your ads to and save money.
Step 3 – Create Adwords-optimized pages:
YTSuite Lead Page Builder
  • YTSuite creates and Adwords-approved lead page for each video ad you make.
  • Choose from the local business niche templates, and customize it, then host them on YTSuite.
Step 4 – Auto-submit campaigns to Adwords account and get paid:
  • After creating Adwords campaign, you then submit it to the client’s Adwords account. Charge them per lead, campaign setup, or monthly fees.

How Does YTSuite Software Work?


==>YTSuite Demo Video [Full Walkthrpugh]<==



YTSuite Features + What’s Included:

[+] Smart video creation engine:
  • YTSuite offers tens of DFY templates you can use to create video ads.
  • You can also create one from scratching. The good thing is that these 20+ DFY ads come with everything you need including voiceovers, music, stock clips, graphics, and more, and they are all fully customizable.
[+] Find affordable YouTube placement:
  • Adwords allows one to choose videos, pages, or specific channels to place your ads on. If you hack your way here, you can drastically cut the cost of running ads. YTSuite makes it easier for you to find profitable placement for your client’s campaigns.
[+] Find profitable Adwords topics:
  • Adwords uses A.I. to create audiences you can show your ads. YTSuite makes it easier for you to find most relevant topics to include your campaigns.
[+] Find profitable Longtail keywords:
  • Keywords can help you save money and increase conversion. YTSuite has a keyword finder that lets you find untapped and most relevant keywords to show ads on.
[+] DFY landing page templates:
  • You can create lead generation pages hosted on YTSuite servers that match your video ads to increase conversions. The good thing is that these pages are Adwords approved.
[+] Autosubmit campaigns:
  • Let YTSuite create and submit video ads campaign to YouTube for you in one click.
[+] Autoresponder:
  • Integrate your client’s autoresponder so that they can capture and send leads from YTSuite’s landing pages.
[+] Client’s finder:
  • YTSuite find prequalified clients that are desperate for sales and leads that you can target and propose your YouTube advertising agency to.
[+] Other features:
  • Adwords training to show you how to run profitable Adwords and YouTube ad campaigns.
  • 24/7 support and tutorials.
  • Beginner-friendly platform.
  • Autoresponder integration.
  • Cloud-based platform.
  • Drag-n-drop technology.
  • Agency rights included.


YTSuite FAQ’S:

Q1: Are there monthly fees?
  • No. YTSuite is available for a low, one-time price during this launch period. Once the offer ends, the app will come at a monthly fees for future buyers.
Q2: Does YTSuite work for PC and Mac?
  • Yes. YTSuite is a fully cloud-based app and thus will work on any operating system with a browser and internet connection.


YTSuite Training Videos

Q3: Is there a money-back guarantee?
  • Yes. Your purchase is risk-free and thus you can simply ask for a refund within 30 days.

YTSuite OTO OR Upsells:


OTO#1: YTSuite “Fast Pass” OTO Bundle Deal [Get All Upgrades OR OTOS At $2997 $227 Onetime Payment)


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Get the YTSuite ‘Fast Pass’ Offer and Get All the OTOs, Features, & Bonuses for a Discounted One-Time Price……
  • Unlock all of the upgrades to YTSuite everyone else will have to buy separately.That includes all the special bonuses offered in each upgrade.
You’ll Get All These Upgrades That Will Put You ON SPEED DIAL:
Upgrade #1: YTSuite Professional – $597.00 VALUE, SOLD FOR $127.00

This upgraded, more advanced edition of YTSuite includes…
  • Create unlimited videos.
  • Create and host unlimited lead pages.
  • Run unlimited lead campaigns.
  • Capture unlimited leads.
  • Premium video clips to use in videos.
  • Host pages on clients’ domain.
  • Run webinar lead campaigns.
  • VIP Professional bonuses.
  • VIP video rendering time.
Upgrade #2: YTSuite DFY – $1997.00 VALUE, SOLD FOR $197.00

Our team will help guarantee you land your first YouTube client in a special DFY offer which includes…
  • Outsourcers License + Integrate Team member technology.
  • DFY SOP Whitelabel Campaign – get standard operating procedures to use or sell to clients about using Adwords & running a video advertising campaign.
  • DFY video lead campaigns in the best niches (includes DFY videos templates and more lead pages).
  • Access to DFY YouTube channel growth easy-edit site for clients.
  • DFY YouTube Agency Site about YT advertising – includes e-commerce technology, 5 year hosting plan, testimonials, and more.
  • DFY Agency YouTube videos – help land clients with DFY YouTube lead videos for your own agency.
  • $20,000 Adwords Case Study – see how we made 20k with YouTube video ads in a few days.
  • Plus, YTSuite comes with one-on-one support to help guarantee success. We’ll help you get your first ads campaign up, help understand anything better in the training, and generate your first leads.
Upgrade #3: YTSuite Elite – $1997.00 VALUE, SOLD FOR $127.00

This most advanced edition of YTSuite includes…
  • Unlimited agency account license.
  • The ability to whitelabel the app with custom logo, branding, and more.
  • DFY YouTube Leadmagnet Proposal – Get a high-end proposal with DFY images & content to land clients.
  • Unlimited Video Storage – host unlimited numbers of lead videos on our cloud server Unlimited Outsourcer License – integrate unlimited team members & VAs Advanced Reseller Rights – resell YTSuite for with our DFY setup.
  • Video Agency Suite – get a set of cold email swipes, teleswipes, print-on-demonand materials contract, legal agreement, and more to start getting agency clients.
  • Elite VIP bonuses.
Upgrade #4: Agency Marketplace Bundle – $597.00 VALUE, SOLD FOR $67.00

The biggest bundle of agency assets ever put together. Inside you’ll get whitelabel rights to:
  • Template bundle – 500+ different local niche sites with 1-click installation, includes hundreds of WordPress & HTML local templates.
  • Graphics bundle – 5000+ agency graphics to use in videos & sales pages.
  • PLR bundle – Whitelabel rights to 200+ leadmagents & agency marketing products.
  • Use this to create full websites for clients, video marketing products & more.
Upgrade #5: MotoCom Special – $597.00 VALUE, SOLD FOR $67.00

Upgrade #6: MotoKart Special – $597.00 VALUE, SOLD FOR $67.00


OTO#2: YTSuite Professional ($97 Onetime Payment)


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Explode Your Profit Potential With the Unlimited Licenses & Ultra Premium Features Available to Professional Members…..

[+] Create Unlimited Videos:
  • Create unlimited lead videos for as many clients as you want.
[+] Search Unlimited Keywords, Topics, and Placements:
  • Make your campaigns for more profitable with much more rich data.
[+] Create Unlimited Lead Pages:
  • Create lots of lead pages including multiple lead pages per client.
[+] Access to Premium Video Clips Library:
  • Make your videos WOW clients & make them better than other YouTube ads users.
[+] Create Unlimited Lead Campaigns and Capture Unlimited Leads:
  • Take on bigger clients now that will pay more per month.
[+] More Templates in Our Most Profitable Niches:
  • Plus, unlock more video and landing pages templates. These are in our most profitable and hottest niches to really ramp up your results. These are in our most untapped, profitable niches like ‘psychic’, ‘deck refinisher’ ‘pool service’ and more.
[+] Host Pages on the Client’s Domain:
  • You can integrate your client’s domain easily and host the landing pages on their domain instead of YTSuite’s.
[+] Search Unlimited Keywords, Topics, and Placements:
  • Plus, make each Adwords campaign super profitable with the ability to search and upload unlimited keywords, placements, and topics.
[+] Priority Render Time:
  • Your lead videos will be rendered faster and before regular members of YTSuite to save time.


OTO#3: YTSuite DFY ($67 Onetime Payment)


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Let Our Experienced Team Setup Your YouTube Agency & Land Your First Client for You…..
We’ll Even Setup DFY YouTube Lead Campaigns With Whitelabel Lead Magnets to Get Clients:

[+] Adwords Whitelabel SOP Bundle – $997 Value:
  • You’ll get whitelabel rights to highly-valuable SOPs (standard operating procedures) and DFY templates that instruct clients on how to run a profitable Adwords ads campaign from scratch.
  • Use these as step-by-step instructions on how to properly work with a client, whitelable the reports and sell them as a package, or give them away as valuable lead magnets to land the clients in the first place.
  • Everything is covered from reverse engineering a competitor’s strategy, to setting up remarketing campaigns, to onboarding questionnaire templates etc.
[+] YouTube Agency Website with Customization:
  • Get a state-of-the-art agency website to sell your services.
[+] DFY Client-Getting Traffic Campaign:
  • Use our DFY YouTube video ads to land your first client fast.
[+] Team Member Technology:
  • Allow unlimited team members and VAs to do the work for you.
[+] 20k Adwords Case Study:
  • See how we’ve made 20k in a short amount of time with YOuTube ads & Adwords.
[+] Outsourcer’s License + Team Member Integration Ability – $997 Value :
  • With the DFY upgrade, you can build an agency complete with freelancers and full-time team members that will do the work for you.
  • Don’t get stuck creating and managing all the campaigns and all yourself.
[+] Create VA & Team Accounts:
  • With just a click, you can integrate freelancers and team members to log in with. Add or delete their accounts with ease.
[+] DFY YouTube Agency Site & Lead System:
  • Within Minutes, You’ll Be Able To Drive Clients To Your Own Customized Agency Site Specifically For Building A Restaurant Agency Business, Complete With DFY YouTube Ads.
[+] $20,000+ Adwords Case Study – $497 Value:
  • Want to ramp up your results with YouTube and Adwords Ads? You’ll get a special ‘behind-the-scenes’ case study of how we were able to generate $20,000+ in just 1 hour using YouTube ads!
  • You’ll see the campaign type we used, who we targeted, and learn how you can replicate this crazy result with your own products or your client’s products, too.
[+] VIP One-on-One Help –$997 Value:
  • Our team will work with you one-on-one to guarantee you get results and start profiting.
  • Want to help guarantee you land your first client and starting building an agency business you can be proud of? We’ll ‘hold your hand’ and guide you through anything confusing so you can finally be a success.


OTO#4: YTSuite Elite ($97 Onetime Payment)


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Sell YTSuite To Clients For 100% Profit With Advanced Whitelabel Technology – Sell Access as Your Own Software….
[+] Whitelabel The Software As Your Own with the Easiest Whitelabel Tech. Ever:
  • Customize the app as your own, including adding your own logo and sell access to clients. No other whitelabel technology goes as far as ours does to make the app 100% look your own.
  • No one will know you’re associated with the main YTSuite app. This is essential for growing your own business with full control over the pricing, positioning, lead generation, and more.Add Unlimited Agency Clients – $697 Value:
  • You’ll be able to add unlimited clients to YTSuite to let them set up the campaigns how they want. Sell the app for any price you want to as many clients as you want to make monthly income.
[+] Add Unlimited Team Members – $297 Value:
  • Grow your agency as large as you want now. You never have to worry about how big you can scale with the ability to add unlimited team members.
[+] Advanced DFY Reseller Rights – $497 Value:
  • With the Elite upgrade, you’ll also get the ability to sell access to the YTSuite funnel and keep 100% of the profit of any sale you make.
  • Don’t want to land clients from scratch? Then just send traffic to our already DFY funnel we’ve invested $20,000+ dollars on.
[+] Reseller Material Access – $297 Value:
  • You’ll get full access to our proven sales funnel, sales letters, swipes for clients and affiliates, VSLs, and more to customize under your own brand if you choose. Again, these cost us over $20,000 to create ourselves.
[+] YTSuite Agency Outsourcing Suite – $197 Value:
  • Want to know exactly how to have other people build your agency business and find clients for you? Learn exactly how to outsource your video agency services (even if you don’t think you have money to hire anyone) with this brand-new training.
[+] Unlimited Video Cloud Hosting – $997 Value:
  • Video hosting is ultra expensive. But now, you can host your videos on YTSuite services inside the app for as long as you need. NO need to download if you run out of storage space with this amazing upgrade.


OTO#5: YTSuite – Agency Marketplace Bundle ($27 Onetime Payment)


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Get Our Secret ‘Done-For-You’ Biggest Agency Materials Bundle Worth Over 6 Figures In Value!
  • Unlimited Access to 3 MarketPlaces.
  • – 317+ WordPress Themes, 120+ HTML Templates.
  • – 20+ PSD, 500+ Logos & Graphics.
  • – 200+ Private Label Rights Products.
  • Commercial Rights multiply your income streams without paying extra.
  • INSTANTLY create top-converting websites in ANY niche.


OTO#6: MotoCom Special Offer ($29 Onetime Payment)


=> Check This OTO SalesPage Here


MotoCom is the most advanced local website builder on the planet. Go beyond just landing pages and build matching agency sites. Motocom comes with 100+ premium built-in sites to preview or use in the best local niches, 100+ pre-built custom shortcodes, prebuilt headers, footers, SEO optimization, and far more….
  • MotoCom Advanced Upgraded Theme.
  • 10 Hot Niches with 100+ Layouts.
  • New Drag/Drop Builder Tech.
  • Advanced WordPress Add-Ons.
  • Affiliate System.
  • Lightning Loading w/ No Downtime.
  • Automated Backup.
  • Built-in Updated Security.
  • Mobile Friendly.
  • Automated Updates.
  • SEO & Social-Meta Friendly Tech.
  • Integration with All Major Autoresponders.


OTO#7: MotoKart Special Offer ($29 Onetime Payment)


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MotoCart is the most advanced digital store builder on the planet. Quickly build stores that showcase and sell your agency services or help sell the services of local businesses….
  • MotoKart Agency Site Builder.
  • PreLoad 300+ Hot Selling Products.
  • Set-Up Accounts For Agency Clients.
  • Charge A Sign-Up Fee + Commissions.
  • Multiple Agency Store Layouts.
  • SEO Optimized & Fully Mobile Responsive.
  • 1-Click eCommerce Integration.
  • Commercial Rights Included.
  • One-Click Order & Delivery.
  • Automatic Upgrades.
  • Sell Unlimited Digital Products.
  • Unlimited Site Licnese.


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YTSuite Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly recommend you to get your Copy of YTSuite?

YouTube is a good place to advertise your business, and now you can help small businesses that are struggling with sales and leads advertise on YouTube.

With YTSuite, you don’t have to be an expert as the software makes high-converting video ads that can be posted on YouTube.

The good thing is that this software makes it easier to find businesses that are struggling with leads and sales.

After spotting these business, you can cold pitch and advertise your services. Once they give you a go-ahead, YTSuite will do most of the work for you.

This is a good way of making money online.

Get YTSuite today for a low, one-time price!


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Thanks a lot For Reading My YTSuite Review, I hope you all the best In your IM Business 😊

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